Jan 26, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 09. January - 19. January 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 19.  January  2012.
****MY LIFE WITH GADDAFI FAMILY. How like Gaddfi's familly life
Miodrag Djordjevic was Gaddafi's personal cook for 20 years. ->http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-life-with-gaddafi-family.html
Gaddafi's Achievements in Libya! (1969-2011)
"We shall remember Gaddafi our whole lives as a great fighter, a revolutionary and a martyr. They assassinated him. It is another outrage." - Hugo Chavez
 "If he resists and does not yield to their demands, he will enter history as one of the great figures of the Arab nations." - Fidel Castro 

03h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
02h/ NO Flag of shame in #Bani Walid – they burnt everyone - video ->http://youtu.be/ycq7D1t5ses
01h/ #African Cup #Football 2012 : Saadi Gaddafi in national team of Niger
00h/ Inside story of the UK's secret mission to beat Gaddafi [BBC] - The British campaign to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi's regime had its public face - with aircraft dropping bombs, or Royal Navy ships appearing in Libyan waters, but it also had a secret aspect. - > http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-16573516
Evidence we had from April 2011. - no surprise videos with NTC NATO MERCENARIES -
24h/ Nato accused of war crimes in Libya [Independent]  - New report criticises Western forces for bombing civilian targets in Sirte during conflict. The report, published today by the Arab Organisation for Human Rights together and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights with the International Legal Assistance Consortium, follows extensive fact-finding work carried out by law and war crimes experts. -> http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/nato-accused-of-war-crimes-in-libya-6291566.html
23h/ Mass demonstrations in Tunisia and trapping thousands of Tunisians to the headquarters of the Emir of Qatar, demanding the immediate departureof the territory of the Tunisian.->
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waFrcqbbauQ22h/ We have ssen Jalil was  today in Tripoli -and we made photo evidence
Post card from New Libya 
22h/ - Libyan embassy in #Tunisia has closed, due to attacks by wounded and neglected ppl
- Rumor has it that #Libyan Minister of Health Dr. Fatma al-Hamrouch, resigned and decided to return to Ireland [she is citizen of Ireland]
21h/ Nazis were executed for what the US is doing today - In the past decade, Washington has killed, maimed, dislocated, and made widows and orphans millions of Muslims in six countries, all in the name of the “war on terror.” Washington’s attacks on the countries constitute naked aggression and impact primarily civilian populations and infrastructure and, thereby, constitute war crimes under law. Nazis were executed precisely for what Washington is doing today. -> http://www.wariscrime.com/2011/10/01/news/nazis-were-executed-for-what-the-us-is-doing-today/
20h/ #Libya says illegal #immigration has resumed across its borders (note how this journo lies in the end of the article that Gaddafiblackmailed EU with money in order to stop illegal flow of African immigrants to EU before. In reality, EU is crying for Gaddafi now. Although they are trying to diminish in public his tremendous contribution in preventing illegal immigration to EU from Africa.. EU can truly enjoy in illegal immigrants and asylants now, press lies won't change a problem they made to themselves) - Libya says illegal immigration has resumed across its borders - >http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20120119/world/libyan-official-says-illegal-immigration-has-resumed.40304319h/ Criminalizing Gaddafi Support
What was the alleged crime? A serious one - supoporting, being connected to, working for, fighting for ... the national government of his nation. When did the law making that a crime take effect, who signed it, and on what authority?Having a government job - even in the military - is not a crime, even if that government had been declared illegitimate by protesters, terrorists, rebel fighters, liars and demonizers, human rights groups, the media, Nouri al Mesmari and Ibrahim Dabbashi, then France, Qatar, and then much of the world and NATO's collective air muscle.
18h/ Libyan Resistance and western hypocrisy
It is clear that their goal is to create an informational mess and hide news about the Libyan Jamahirya Government launching; to offend Saif, Libyan Resistance and all Libyan people who will choose their leaders themselves as well.Barak Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy are criminals. The military forces of their countries are taking part in the robbery of Libya and the elimination of civilians, an ongoing crime for almost 11 months now.
17h/ Time runs out for effective probe of brutal Gaddafi murder -  Aisha Gaddafi has hired Nick Kaufman, an Israeli lawyer, to force the International Criminal Court to investigate the full circumstances of her father’s death. ->http://rt.com/news/gaddafi-murder-trial-icc-145/
16h/ House of Charman of the Board was formerly a college for girls, but its now used by Council of Shame #Tripoli
Council of Shame's headquarters in Plateu #Tripoli is now permanently destroyed by resistance
15h/ URGENT #News -Dr. Hamza: 7.000 #US #troops arrived to the #military base in Southern #Libya ,that base is jointly owned by #French & US troops btw
15h/ Vice President & #PR of new #Libya governm, Abdel Hafiz Goukh was severely beaten for the second time in 2 days, this time by students at #University of Garyounis (this morning)
First time ->He was attacked in Benghazi, when armed man seized his luxury car. According to same sources, just before the attack, Goukh was seen leaving a well known restaurant in Benghazi. Armed men followed him, repeatedly beaten him, leaving him lying in a pool of blood, before they seized the NTC Vice President's luxury car, model "Lexus" and fled towards an unknown destination. - > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/libyan-rebels-threaten-new-government.html
15h/ #Libya - this is how #NTC graffiti usualy look like,like they were done by proffesionals, while green graffiti look like they were scribbled by normal people
14h/ New #Libya government dispersing #student protests in #Tripoliwith bullets and beating students http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilOEXx4108s
13h/ Report Libya last night 
-  a group of families departured Misurata and are headed to the eastern region because of the tense security situation and fears of the Misuratans that strong attack on the city will happen
-clashes in #Tripoli tonight / Two #NATO mercenaries killed in a Tripoli hospital
Declaration of the state of emergency in #Tripoli is reported among people
Clashes in the Friday market and on the coast road #Tripoli
#Tripoli - large explosion shakes Abu Salim Bakadf camp and the smoke rising from there
‎- #Tripoli - Brave sons & daughters of the night,in a guerrilla operation, stormed the #NATO den & seized many weapons [Libya S.O.S FB page]
12h/#Libya  #Video of clashes in Omar Mukhtar Street - #Tripoli - at 7.20pm , causes unknown. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gm5oqUAvc8
11h/ #NATO rapped over 'war crimes' in #Libya -
Following interviews with eyewitnesses and victims of the Libyan war and after examining areas bombarded by NATO fighter jets, the report states that the Western military alliance targeted a number of civilian areas instead of military sites, particularly in the city of Sirte, during its war in the North African country.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 18.  January  2012.
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
24h/ Report Libya
- at the moment #helicopters are hovering on the skies of #Tripoli
- Last night Eastern rebels threatened on #Benghazi #radio with a new #revolution on #Feb17 #2012,to overthrow #NTC
- Yesterday there was a shooting in the market in Traghan- two persons died, some were injured
- #Libya #rebels are #hashish #drug dealers - #Photo Proof
Feb 17 rebels are hashish and drug dealers
 - #Libya #Liberation #Army killed #NATO puppet Mohamed Salem Alnoisari in the city of #Gharyan yesterday
Mustafa Kodrbuh, During the media episode last night appealed to all people and #Libya tribes to begin with #civildisobedience in order to teach #NATO lovers that they and their Board of Shame are unwelcome
 - #RussiaToday -Lavrov: #USA was fully involved in the #military operation in #Libya ,they were not just observers
- Lizzie Phelan// #NEWS FROM #LIBYA : Shootout in Mitiga hospital where former prime minister Dr Abuzaid #Dorda has been held in appalling conditions for nearly 4 months. We are still waiting news on Dr Dorda's condition.
Flying of the warplanes around Jendouba region, between the cities of Asabah & Gheryan. The question here is, how come warplanes are flying when #NATO destroyed all Libyan warplanes?? Where do the planes come from and what they intend to do?
- #Photo #MustSee -This is how #schools in #Libya look after Gaddafi. Thank u #NATO  [ Libya S.O.S. FB page  - >https://www.facebook.com/pages/Libya-SOS/297509086955875 ]
NATO NTC Ddemocracy came in Libya's school

23h/ Libya: The New Al-Qaeda Stronghold - According to Western counter-terrorism officials, al-Qaeda terrorists have established a 200-strong fighting force near the Egyptian border in eastern Libya. The al-Qaeda terrorists, who  arrived in Libya in early 2011
The jihadists are purportedly led by a veteran al-Qaeda fighter known simply as “AA,” a terrorist insurgent who began his terror career fighting Soviet forces in Afghanistan before coming to Britain to recruit Muslims for al-Qaeda.

In 2005 “AA” had been detained by British authorities as a suspect in the July 2005 London subway bombing that killed 52 people and wounded more than 700.[now they wrote about ALQAEDA IN Libya because Belhadj want to send british at the court? ] -> http://frontpagemag.com/2012/01/18/libya-the-new-al-qaeda-stronghold/
22h/ Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani has made a secret visit to Israel despite the fact that Doha and Tel Aviv have no political relations, a video has revealed. ->http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://www.presstv.ir/detail/221741.html
Two months after the end of the war in Libya, Benghazi residents complain of marginalization of their city, and the return to the capital central Tripoli, as some say that living conditions have not improved.
21h/ JALIL - #Fun #Photo #Libya - New 'leader' Jalil cant sleep At home,  so he is sleeping & snoring while on #TV programs
Abdul Jalil NTC new Libya
20h/ SIRTE, LIBYA -Number of citizens in #Sirte wounded in an explosion.The source from Ibn Sina #Hospital said that they received 5 wounded from the area of Saffron near the beach, after the explosion and some of them seriously injuried. They were injured while trying to clean the waste remains of #NATO bombs.
20h/ MALTA - The Government of Malta has categorically denied claimsthat "12,000 U.S. troops (are) stationed in Malta and they are about to make their descent into Libya".
19h/ #US TO TRAIN " #LIBYAN #ARMY" - >
18h/ What is driving #Libya rebels? Quest for #freedom or #drugs ? Have a look how Nasser rebel brigade prepares for "Freedom Fighting" #FFhttp://youtu.be/XsYdhvH40y4
17h/ GROUND INVASION OF LIBYA HAS STARTED TO SECURE $20 OIL PER BARREL http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/ground-invasion-of-libya-has-started-to.html
16h/  Libyan rebels threaten a new government  - According to Libyan media sources, there was an attack on the Vice President and public spokesman of the Libyan NTC, Abdel Hafiz Goukh. He was attacked in Benghazi, when armed man seized his luxury car. According to same sources, just before the attack, Goukh was seen leaving a well known restaurant in Benghazi. Armed men followed him, repeatedly beaten him, leaving him lying in a pool of blood, before they seized the NTC Vice President's luxury car, model "Lexus" and fled towards an unknown destination. -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/libyan-rebels-threaten-new-government.html
15h/ #Libya #Feb17 rebels stealing & looting homes in #BaniWalid in broad daylight.
This video shows the wickedness of those who call themselves #revolutionaries . Let the world see their #revolution of #freedom and honesty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZG8IxsyKPk

14h/ #Libya: So if you are #Gaddafi loyalist, you have to be disarmed, arrested, killed, otherwise you can keep your weapons and loot everything on your way... Democracy, NatoTC style! [BBC] A weekend of clashes in Libya between rival armed groups leaves at least two people dead and more than 40 injured, as truce efforts fail. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-16570594
13h/ Black libyan genocide with the help of UN in Libya http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyF6j2-AMiQ

12h/ From the group "Libyan army to protect Muammar Gaddafi": Men from our green army with (soundproofed) weapons entered several sensitive sites and seized files and plans of interest to several countriesand photographed Ballvedao operation and the tape of UN about Syria.
21 NATO mercenaries were killed in the operation.
11h/ [to late] Russia demands a thorough investigation into the NATO operation in Libya, the Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov told reporters in Moscow earlier today.
According to the official, this kind of investigation will help draw a true picture of what happened in the North African country. The diplomat said that Russia had already called the UN Security Council attention to the consequences of NATO airstrikes.
We know of heavy civilian losses, but unfortunately the NATO leaders keep claiming the opposite, Gatilov said. ->http://english.ruvr.ru/2012/01/17/64007154.html
02h/ TUNISIA -  Wounded Libyans stormed #Libya Embassy in #Tunisia
01h/ TRIPOLI, LIBYA  - Sound of an explosion rocked the walls and door of Bab Azizia. Violent clashes with small and medium arms in Bin Ghashir

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 17.  January  2012.
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
24h/  #Libya  NTC #criminals #killers aka #rebels #feb17 Engage in Widespread Abuse of #Prisoners - > http://youtu.be/FP6tYhhWIZM
23h/ Libyan Liberation Frontline News [17.01.2012.] - >http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/libyan-liberation-frontline-news_17.html
22h/ Vultures are  coming - Anwar Mohammed Gargash, State Minister for Foreign Affairs  UAE arrived in, Tripoli, today afternoon, heading the UAE's high profile delegation, including the public institutions and private sector representatives [no doubt – now they have freedom to stole of Libyan people without consequences], in a two-day visit.
The visit coincides with the launch of Etihad Airways flights, which will weekly fly three trips between Abu Dhabi and Tripoli
The Libyan Traior’s Minister welcomed [no doubt] the visiting UAE delegation, commending the [disgraceful] stance of the UAE leadership and people, which would not be forgotten by the NCT and bandits, citing the UAE's support to NATO LED NTC / alqaeda criminals  during their war against Libyan people.
21h/ Mustapha Abdeljalil Will visit in the next FEW hours GharyanFOLLOWING violent clashes and rebel fighters Between Gharyan and Al Ashabi
21h/ #Libya: Two Algerian security sources  was being held by #alQaeda.
There was no immediate comment from officials in Libya's interim government on the incident.

Khelfi, governor of the Illizi region about 1,700 km (1,000 miles) southeast of the Algerian capital, was driving away from a meeting on the Libyan border on Monday afternoon when three armed men stopped his convoy, the Interior Ministry said.

The attackers released his driver and an aide, but took the governor in the direction of the Libyan border, a ministry statement said. He later made telephone contact with his family.
A kidnapped Algerian regional governor has been freed after his captors were intercepted inside Libya
20h/ It's well worth taking another look at 'The Assassination of #Gaddafi ' by James Corbett (GRTV.ca, 31 October 2011). This is an extract: "In the case of the 1988 #Lockerbie bombing, the chief Scottish investigator later admitted that the main piece of evidence in the case, the bomb timer, had actually been planted at the scene by a CIA agent, the 'expert' who examined the timer admitted to manufacturing it himself, and the star witness who connected the bomb to the suitcase later admitted having received $2 million to lie on the stand." http://youtu.be/2zDY3jvcp44

19h/ SIRTE. LIBYA:  No #schools , no applications, no #books in #Sirte, #NATO destroyed all schools.This is how begining of school year looks in #Libya thanks to NATO's humanitarian bombing. http://youtu.be/AhPT-_3OwMc

18h/ Imperial War Museum considering putting Lockerbie Trial witness box on display  - Christof Lehmann :Absolutely valid question. What war is this witness box supposed to be associated with ?
Let´s see....
The fraudulent war on an emotion called terror?
The fraudulent humanitarian bombing of Libya?
The fraudulent war on Syria based on so called evidence of Syrian involvement?
... The same goes for Iran ?
Just guessing, but what about asking the director of the museum ?
If you send him / her a letter, by all means, ask on my behalf too. :)

17h/ BANI WALID, LIBYA: #Video shows moment when #NATO bombed cultural heritage- fortress of #BaniWalid in #Libya http://youtu.be/9CMYJVCVEQo
16h/ Tunisia:  #Tunisa calling for the death of Qaradawi- (controversial #Egyptian Islamic theologian aka western-backed brainwasher). He is well known for his programme, ash-Shariah wal-Hayat ("Shariah and Life"), broadcasted on Al Jazeera #AJE , which has an estimated audience of 60 mil ppl worldwide. He is one of the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood. Generally Muslims hate him, but yet he had his disgusting share in "Arab Spring" as a person of brainwashing influence. In 2004, 2,500 Muslim academics from Iraq, Palestine and even Saudi Arabia condemned Qaradawi, and accused him of giving "Islam a bad name". He did much harm to Libya as well.
15h/ BANI WALID, LIBYA: Some unidentified aircraft, fairly small, flying on low altitude over Bani Walid yesterday. There are many airplanes like this flying around #Libya without permission of air control, their purpose is unknown.http://youtu.be/NRudKEQtdzw

14h/ #Libyan #Minister of #Health smuggled from #Libya to #Irelandbecause of protests and strikes by doctors. Protests organized by the Federation of Libyan Physicians urged Keeb's Minister of health Fatima Ahamroch to abruptly flee from Libya last night and return to her home country * Ireland * on the pretext of visiting her family to the dismay of the medical community in Libya. Ahamroch ran away from her responsibilities and showed a disregard for the demands of the protesters who said they are going to spread protests in front of the hospitals in Tripoli, Zawiyah, Misurata and Benghazi.
13h/ This #video shows NTV BANDITS under #NATO leadership in #Libya // Moment when Misurata's #AlQaeda attacked residents of Sirte with NATO help. Destroying schools, hospitals, homes. http://youtu.be/XN5j_mb2-pA

02h/ 1st #US " #peacekeeping " ground invasion troops, which arrived 1h ago to #Libya already setting up mobile camps & equipment around #oil rafineries02
01h/  #USA has begun a ground troop invasion of #Libya . Libyan #FM said that 6000 #US troops landed at #Mitiga base.
Libya S.O.S. resistance news 16.  January  2012.
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
23h/ Ron Paul Our CIA kill Gaddafi in Libya came Al Qaeda - >http://youtu.be/xrRIpx8cKqA
22h/ Libya Tripoli: clashes between armed gangs that occurred in the downtown resulted with deaths of two bandits. [nothing new]
21h/ Martin Luther King, Jr. " A time comes when silence is betrayal."(January 15, 1929-April 4, 1968)  - Now I am thinking: "Who want to teach me about democracy? State who have segregation and The Ku Klux Klan in 20th century (only before 50-55 years) will teach me about democracy and human rights?  State whose soldiers pissing on murdered  local people  will teach me about humanity?
 I can not accept it.
Ethical cleansing and genocide against black Libyans for Clinton, is the logical thing ". http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/martin-luther-king-jr-time-comes-when.html
20h/ U.S. military confirms authenticity of Wikileaks video showing of Iraq killings  -  Bradley Manning will spend the rest of his life in a Military Prisonfor releasing the following tape to WikiLeaks. The soldiers in this video were cleared of any charges of wrongdoing. How does that make you feel?[Exposing The Truth ] - > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/us-military-confirms-authenticity-of.html
19h/ Every night more pro-Gadhafi graffiti appears on street walls, buildings 

18h/ LIBYA, GHARYAN:  Picture from hospital today

17h/ Where are the internet "freedom fighters"?
Why they do not push us all “doubting Thomases” into a corner, indicating the progress of the "revolution within the revolution"? So quickly did they lose interest in the rebellion which embodied the great hope of mankind (as they claimed)? -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/where-are-internet-freedom-fighters.html
16h/ Libyan Liberation  Frontline News [15.01.2012.] ->
15h/ "Free Libya" charades
14h/ Swiss special forces are set to guard the country’s embassy in Tripoli from the middle of January.
But details of soldier numbers and units will not be revealed for security reasons, said Adrian Sollberger, foreign ministry spokesman. - >http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/politics/internal_affairs/Commandos_prepare_for_service_in_Tripoli_.html
13h/ Whose hands are behind those dramatic YouTube pictures?
The Newsfakers - The purpose of manipulating the media coverage is to persuade the West and its Arab allies that conditions in Syria are approaching the point when they can repeat their success in Libya. Hence the fog of disinformation pumped out through the internet. ->http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/01/16/the-newsfakers/
12h/ Libya and Syria in the Year Zero - Moreover, the dissolution of the extensive welfare state of the Jamahiriya regime, the appropriation of Libyan oil by the multinationals in definitely more favorable terms than the 30% profit they were allowed to derive from the agreements concluded with the old regime, the need to "free" the labour market and educate the "too-coddled" Libyan worker in new harsh realities of industrial relations within the system of the internationalized market economy, are factors which undermine decisivelythe financial means which the Transitional Council has at its disposal to obtain legitimacy for its newly acquired power. If we add to the above the meteoric rise of the "Islamic emirate" of Tripoli, where fanatical Muslims feel strong enough to desecrate the graves of “heretical” Sufi theologians and enforce the closing down of fashion shows in order to purify the “sinful” capital in the eyes of God, then one understands that the future that awaits the non-privileged social strata of the country, probably does not include the reorganization of the Libyan society according to libertarian standards.  - >http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2012/01/491156.html

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 15.  January  2012.
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
00h/ NTC traitors will change Libyan banknote  with Sarkozy's  or Obama's faces..we don't know yes.. but for sure
Libyans will  cry a long, long, long for an independent and sovereign Libya with Gaddafi
Banknote when Libya was free and independent state

24h/ #TRIPOLI , #Libya — Rival #NATO-led #NTC gangs  clashed 3 killed + 50 people were wounded on Sunday, and heavy weapons, including mortars, were used in the fighting.
23h/ Report Libya: there is No electricity in Zawiyah... weather is very Cold in Libya... NTC is Torturing civilian families.
Report Libya: no power or electricity in Sabha now for 2 Days.. As NTC cut entire south of Libya off the Energy Grid.
Report Libya: Large explosion and Alot of Gunshots are heard around Tripoli University. militia infighting near the university. [Somali Support 2]
22h/ Libyan Central Bank: West Still Hasn’t Returned $20 Billion in ‘Freed’ Assets [?]
Governor al-Seddiq Omar al-Kabir, the head of Libya’s Central Bank, denied reports coming out of the nation’s foreign ministry that the West had returned $20 billion in seized assets to the new Libyan government. - >http://news.antiwar.com/2012/01/13/libyan-central-bank-west-still-hasnt-returned-20-billion-in-freed-assets/
5 days ago
TRIPOLI  Libya has received roughly $20 billion in assets frozen during the conflict that ousted him, the foreign minister said on Tuesday. Libyan Foreign Minister Ashur bin Khayyal said - >http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5hBBR8unkJUHj_29s6aUGERjkqyoQ?docId=CNG.f4e1bfc0979449aa1eadf5548e2284b5.771
21h/ DERNA, LIBYA: Derna to last night, a group of unknown gunmen attacked the headquarters of the NTC, the rebel battalion Boumedkour Nasser.
These armed men fired on the rebels with heavy weapons and RPG causing the destruction of a pickup and wounded a rebel.
After an exchange of gunfire, the group withdrew quickly. ->http://youtu.be/hWU_eNtmNWg

20h/ Girl  was kill by the barbarin of Gherian .
19h/ Simple life of Leader Gaddafi. I’d like to see Jalil’s , Jirbils, Tarhuni’s houses in USA. Can we see houses of ugly fat Qatari rullers, Repressive Saudi rulers or UAE .. Only poor soul need rich houses Rich soul need simple things.
Or houses of Salzy, Cameron or Obama - > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzlKLGmEf-M
MY LIFE WITH GADDAFI FAMILY. How like Gaddfi's familly life
Miodrag Djordjevic was Gaddafi's personal cook for 20 years. ->http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-life-with-gaddafi-family.html
18h/ Is there Gaddafi’s blood on Obama’s hands? - But more important is Putin’s resuscitation of the allegation that the Barack Obama administration deliberately murdered Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Pentagon has given the waffly explanation that US had no troops on the ground. But Putin didn’t say so, either. He spoke of drone attack. Howzaat? 
Of course, no one is going to haul Obama to the Hague as a war criminal -http://blogs.rediff.com/mkbhadrakumar/2011/12/16/is-there-gaddafis-blood-on-obamas-hands/
17h/ Democracy is coming in Libya. Damages after Clashes between Al Asabii gangs and Gharyan gangs. - > http://youtu.be/jAnqm75Zbn4 /
16h/ The Political Scene in the New Libya - There are various parties and movements in the political scene in Libya, ranging from moderate Islamic groups to fundamentalists, and from liberal, secularists groups to regional and tribal loyalties.
First, the royalists and these are calling for the Sanusi Monarch to be restored in Libya.
Second, the nationalists’ movement, which was formed in the 70s of the previous century and of which Gaddafi, was a great advocate and supporter until he decided to give up on Arabs and change his plans of unity to Africa
Third, the Islamists’ movements and these are usually classified as moderate such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Sufism, or fundamentalists such as the Islamic fighting group and many other extremists groups.
Fourth, the Liberal movements and the most known of these is the Democratic Coalition that was established by the leading opposition figure Mansour Alkikha
Fifth, the youth movements and these are considered as the driving force behind the February 17 revolution that toppled Gaddafi and his regime. ->http://www.middle-east-online.com/english/?id=50026
15h/ JANZUR, LIBYA: Janzur 12 01. 2012. http://youtu.be/2YRsrw6hnuc
14h/ BENGHAZI, LIBYA: United4Libya RT: The daughter of my friend's neighbour has been kidnapped today in #Tripoli leaving fears and panic in #Bengashir area"=RATS
13h/ SABHA, LIBYA: In Sabha few days ago a house fell down, it was crushed from nato bombing & 2 babies died (they were sleeping)
12h/ CAIRO, EGYPT: Egypt military ruler to visit Libya   - Among other issues the parties will discuss the possibility of extraditing some former members of the Gaddafi regime who are now in Egypt, the Al-Ahram newspaper reports, quoting a Libyan official. - His talks with Libya's interim rulers, including Prime Minister Abdel Rahim al-Kib, will include "Egypt's participation in the reconstruction of Libya" as well as Libyan investments in Egypt. Several cabinet ministers were to travel to Libya on Saturday ahead of Tantawi, including the ministers of electricity, tourism, planning and labour. Libya is home to a huge community of Egyptian expatriates

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 14.  January  2012.
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
23h/ Hanae Al Chibani popular journalist has returned to the radio antenna Elfateh Libya (radio strength). She has apologized for her absence due to the invasion of Libya . It was becouse of the manhunt for all active members of the Libyan.
She promised to help Green the Resistance to liberate the country from the clutches of the rebels.
22hMercenaries and NTC bandits want more cash for ousting Gaddafi in the nine-month conflict
21h/ Gaddafi's Achievements in Libya! (1969-2011)
"We shall remember Gaddafi our whole lives as a great fighter, a revolutionary and a martyr. They assassinated him. It is another outrage." - Hugo Chavez

"If he resists and does not yield to their demands, he will enter history as one of the great figures of the Arab nations." - Fidel Castro 

20h/ Libya: "The Price of Freedom" Highest Standard of Living in Africa - When in 1969 the U.S. and the British-backed King Idris was overthrown, Libya was still a poor, undeveloped country weighed down by its colonial past despite ongoing oil exports that began in 1961. The gradual nationalization of oil production allowed for accelerated economic development and rapid improvements in living conditions.  - http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/libya-price-of-freedom-highest-standard.html
19h/ Libyan Liberation Frontline News [14.01.2012.] - >http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/libyan-liberation-frontline-news_14.html
18h/ Libya........ Clashes between Al Asabii gangs and Gharyan gangs. Destroyed  several houses and a school - which resulted in the death of a girl  in the schoolyard.

17h/ Flag of traitor can be useful .... for floor cleaning - >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVo_BOMUORE

16h/  NATO used its forces to the maximum to take Tripoli -
...foreign snipers and killers, who had come to Libya from all over the world. According to him, all of them came to Tripoli to make money by aiming their guns at rebellious people.
In the Italian newspaper also said that Ale was a member of the special team in which there was also a French legionary [Sarkozy soldiers], a Briton from SAS [Cameron soldiers] and two US marines [Obamas soldiers] . All of them were veterans, whose skills were far better than that of Gaddafi's "mercenaries" [REGULAR LIBYAN ARMY ].
 NATO sources said that there were as many as 4,000 US marines [Obama’s soldiers] deployed near the Libyan shores during the operation. White House officials say that those marines [Obama’s soldiers]  did not take part in the Libyan "revolution." Was it really so?
It is worthy of note that there were reports saying that Gaddafi's soldiers[REGULAR LIBYAN ARMY]  downed helicopters with NATO commandos on board. It was also reported that the Libyan army had captured European mercenaries during the standoff. [video material is on YouTube]- >http://english.pravda.ru/world/asia/13-01-2012/120229-nato_tripoli-0/
       My answer is 
How Amnesty International spread rumors and fuelled media disinformation during NATO attacks on Libya in 2011 Video proofs with NATO NTC mercenaries > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-amnesty-international-spread-rumors.html
15h/ Somali migrants are seen in Tripoli, Libya, Friday, Jan. 13, 2012. A Libyan “security official” says border guards have caught 51 Somalis who were trying to sail to Europe when their boat broke down. Karim Al-Traiki, said Friday the group set sail overnight on an inflatable raft, but their engine stalled at sea, forcing some to swim to shore to ask for help. Libyan guards motored out to retrieve the others. (AP Photo/Rami al-Shaheibi)

16h/ TRIPOLI: Every night more pro-Gadhafi graffiti appears on street walls, buildings and around Green Saqare
16h/ BENGHAZI: American special forces gathered in military base "Benina", in order to intimidate and crush anti-NTC protesters. #Algeria ISP
15h/ Opinion World: Iraq + afghanistan + Somalia... NATO brought democracy to them.. what are we voting for ?? whats left to vote in ?
Report Libya: source spoke to Militia's they told him they did not kill him as he is protected by NATO.. but his time will come they said.[SomaliaSupport2 Libya]
14h/ #Germany demands payment from #NTC by 1/14/2012 at the latest. Today, 1/14/2012: American forces begin to occupy #Libya. Mere coincidence?
Confirmed by #Algeria ISP. Heavy battles in the region of Jaref and Green flags in every part of the city, it says.[SaintJust88 Amin]
13h/ Algiers (11/1/2012) - A Libyan, who said he was a fighter among Libyan Army , was brought before the Criminal Court in Sidi M’hamed after being arrested by security services on charges of entering the Algerian soil illegally and without documents.
The last words of the Libyan were influential, as he said “Kill me in Algeria if necessary, but do not deport me to Libya because my fate will be death at the hands of NTC fighters. I want to continue the rest of my life in Algeria”.
12h/ On January 12, 2012, Dr. Hamza Touhami said the Misurata rebels have tried to access the oil platform in Brega. They were destroyed by NATO Apache helicopters. All the oil rigs in Libya have been occupied by special forces of NATO.
There are warships in all Libyan ports.
Western troops are returning to Libya in the wake of UN ‘peacekeepers’.
11h/ Clashes between rebels and the city of Gharyan[yesterday] , have been used heavy weapons such as missiles and anti-aircraft weapon - 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Tripoli, against a militia from al-Asabia, about 10 miles (16 kilometers) to the southwest.

Ahmed al-Sharif of the Gharyan gangs said his bandits had gone to arrest people suspected of having ties to the former Gadhafi regime. Al-Asabia gangs refused to hand the suspects over, triggering a shootout that saw the two sides firing guns and rockets at each other.

01h/ LIBYA and the NTC: 12,000 U.S. troops to Libya[by Cynthia McKinney]  - Now, from Libya, reports are that even while the Misrata rebels(NATO allies responsible for the murder of hundreds of Libyans, including Moatessem Qaddafi) attempted to scale the petroleum platforms in Brega(an important oil town in Libya), they were annihilated by the Apache helicopters of their own NATO allies.  A resistance Libyan doctor-become-journalist reported yesterday that all of the petroleum platforms are occupied by NATO and that warships occupy Libya's ports.  Photographs show Italian encampments in the desert with an announcement that the French are to follow.

Another news outlet reports that Qataris and Emiratees are the engineers now at the oil plants, turning away desperate Libyan workers.  While long lines exist for Libyan drivers to get their gas, foreign troops ensure the black gold's export.  Libyans lack enough food and the basics, the country has been turned upside down, and contaminated with uranium while the true number of dead and unaccounted for remains high  and unknown.  Thousands of young Libyans, supporters of the Jahamiriya, languish under torture and assassination in a Misrata prison where a humanitarian disaster is about to unfold because Misrata rebels want to kill them all and have already attacked the prison once to do so.  An urgent appeal to contact the International Red Cross was issued yesterday -> http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=28645

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 13.  January  2012.
 00h/ From Gaddafi's Favoured Son to Bargaining Chip - Saif Al-Islam's Fall From Grace - The Zintan militia, the one that captured Saif al-Islam and is keeping him locked up, is no different. Except that they have something even more valuable than weapons. They have Gaddafi's son, the most important remaining living symbol of Gaddafi's regime in Libya, and his next steps will be up to Zintan's leadership. Saif al-Islam will go where Zintan decides he should go, as opposed to whatever the ICC, the NTC or the rest of Libya might want. -> http://allafrica.com/stories/201201111050.html
24h/ Misrata rebels tried to force their way to oil platforms.
Resistance fighters fired subversive operation, damaging part of the pipeline, which bear responsibility for the protection of French troop
Oil shipments from the area have been suspended

23h/ Libyan Liberation Frontline News [13.01.2012.] ->http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/libyan-liberation-frontline-news_13.html
22h/ How Amnesty International spread rumors and fuelled media disinformation during NATO attacks on Libya in 2011 Mainstream media promote war, including bloodlust killing and destruction, prettifying it to seem just, no matter how much lying, distortion, and deceit it takes to do it. ->http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-amnesty-international-spread-rumors.html
20h/  TAWARGHA CAMP - Libya Thousands of Tawerghans forced into camps -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5TKwhhj-TE
The City of Tawergha is ghost town after NATO  humanitaran intervention and NTC/AlQaeda genocide of citizens. Everybody are  talking about genicide comitment by NTC gangs but we will not forget NATO aricraft start with "action" of ethnic cleansing. 
19h/ BENGHAZI -Antiquity theft from the Museum of the city of Benghazi(eighty thousand an ancient currency, and sculptures gold) worth millions of dollars.
18h/ ZINTEN - A #camp for #Italian #companies in the south next to the #Libyan Acacus Mountains, protected by the rebels Zinten.
18h/  ZINTEN - Zinten welcomed more than 1000 French under the pretext of dismantling weapons while Libya has no nuclear weapons ? A Western occupation under the slogan of the reconstruction of Libya.
17h/ SOUTH BORDER LIBYA - 200 #Misrata armed gangs  are moving in a large convoy of trucks filled with weapons and ammunition, to the south to"control the Libyan border" or smuggling weapons
16h/ JANZUR -the headquarters of the television Janzour and the seat of local NTC have been targeted by shells causing great damage.
The main highway has been closed as fighting continues between Libyan Resistance   and NATO Mercenaries. The clashes broke out when Resistance fighters attacked the main Mercenary base in Janzour using RPGs injuring many fighters in the process.
15h/ SIRTE - People complain about the destruction of their homes in the city of Sirte.

14h/ #Lesson 1 in NTC’s LIBYA "How to be slave and puppet." - #children are drawing flag of Libyan masters

13h/ South Africa President Criticizes UN Over Libya  - South African President Jacob Zuma told the U.N. Security Council that it "completely ignored" the African Union when it allowed NATO's bombing campaign to oust Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.
"A problem which was confined to one country, Libya, has now grown to be a regional problem. The lesson we should draw from the Libyan experience is that greater political coherence and a common vision between the A.U. and the U.N. are critical in the resolution of African conflicts," Zuma said. - >http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/south-africa-president-criticizes-libya-15349015
12h/ Mark Kornblau, spokesman for the U.S. Mission:" "The international action in Libya saved tens of thousands of innocent civilians [?] from slaughter, and the subsequent overthrow by the Libyan people of a brutal dictator has inspired people across the region and the world to pursue their own universal human rights and freedoms," Kornblau said in a statement.
11h/ [hog wash] UK - Ministers' role in the Libyan renditions must not be kept secret  -  Libya's Islamist military chief Abdel Hakim Belhadj
Abdel Hakim Belhadj claims MI6 was involved in his rendition.
A key, unanswered, question lies intriguingly behind the startling revelation that the police are investigating evidence that senior MI6 officers were directly involved in the rendition of two prominent Libyan dissidents to Tripoli where, they say, they were tortured by Muammar Gaddafi's secret police. - >http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/libertycentral/2012/jan/13/ministers-role-libyan-renditions

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 12.  January  2012. 
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
24h/ 12.000 US-Armists in Malta about to occupy Libya (most likely Benghazi or Tripoli).
Brega: Libyan engineers replaced by people from France and Gulf. Misrata-Militias tried to return but were destroyed by NATO. #Algeria ISP [SaintJust88 Amin]
23h/ Is it clear?

22h/ Libya had the highest living standard in Africa. ... The "United Nations Development Program (UNDP) confirms that the country has excellent prospects for achieving United Nations development goals by 2015. NATO's war will have already dashed those hopes. A collapse like the one in Iraq now threatens the country.  Refugees - people from Tawargha town [had more than 30 000 citizen] . Misrata gangs make Tawargha ghost town, and Libyans are homelessThank you NATO ! and NTC barbarians. You are really saving civilians all around the World!- > http://youtu.be/lj3szt6PxG8

21h/ Clashes between armed militias and the heroes of #Benghazi who said that they are with sons of the leader and that they will liberate Eastern Libya / Bullets and explosions can be heard for the last one hour and a half !
20h/#Libya - Large funeral was held yesterday for a noble #poet Abed Abukhmadh, ex-Secretary of Popular Conference in #Ajdabya ,the one who was found dead 2-3 days ago in #Cairo (drowned under suspicious conditions, fully dressed, barefoot, with money in his pockets)
19h/ 10 January illegitimate Government of Libya has signed an illegal agreement with the United Nations, which authorizes the entry of foreign troops on its territory. All Libyans, friends or enemies, who reject any foreign intervention in the Affairs of Libya, should unite their voices to the protest.

The Government, which the Libyans did not choose, signed the agreement as a matter of urgency, because without foreign interference, it is unable to govern the country. Under the pretext of disarmament and arms control in Libya now can include foreign troops, could be arrested and killed any Libyan.This Convention was signed by the "quiet", without any discussion with the representatives of the tribes. The Government today published details of the agreement, to provide cover for the input of the occupying forces. ->http://ja-za-kaddafi.livejournal.com/899345.html
17h/ #Libya, Tripoli : strange movement of warplanes violating the sound barrier over #Tripoli today
16h/ #Libya : Yesterday  - an assasination attempt at Fathi Abdul Jalil (brother of traitor Libyan PM) . Material damage was done to his house, but no informations yet if there were any casualties.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Lq-_cc-gPM

15h/ Repost Libya Last Night:
Tripoli : sounsd of explosions and shooting in Gargaresh.
Army Allaotunai moving from Tripoli to Mizdah. For the resistance to take precautions
Janzour : highway closed,there is fighting with weapons and launch vehicles.
Mizdah: City of Mizdah in complete darkness now
Mizdah: the smuggling of injured key rat who was wounded in front of his house tonight, to al-Faqih, Gheryan ,after Mizdah city hospital got freed and closed for rebel alliance.
Board of Mizdah military acknowledges his loss of control over the city and request the support of the Libyan capital.
 Resistance fighting traitors in Mizdah, heavy clashes. Traitors really scared, seeking help from Tripoli's rats
Mizdah: Resistance broke into weapon wearhouse and sized a lot of weapons. Including at least 14 Toyota's modified for combat.
14h/ Libya to turn into ‘Dubai of the Maghreb” ? [ Dubai is only one town and private emirat of one family where western firms have investitions, where Pakistans worker work for 200 dolars per month, where , for expl, one  emir  have 7 merecedes , in 7 different colours (for every day in week one), and what is about sharia law? ...]
According to the economist, Tripoli may become “an important hub for air transport in Africa, Maghreb, Middle East and Europe, just as the case now of the UAE.” Zaptieh mentioned that there are still many unexploited areas which have a growth potential as they are considered attractive investment opportunities for Western companies. These sector include mainly “tourism and light industry.” [Light te industy? Did they killing Libyans becouse of Light industry?] - > http://www.albawaba.com/en/node/408700
My oppinion is here "The NEXT DUBAI": PRICE OF THOUSANDS OF DEAD LIBYANS -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/11/next-dubai-price-of-thousands-of-dead.html
13h/ In this video people are mentioning prices on green market. Let us see what are differences between today's prices, they are mentioned in this video, and prices before and at the beginning of the war. Prices are in Libyan dinars. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeJ3AtNOJ58
First are listed the curent prices and then the former ones:
olives 2.5-1.75/kg
red hot chilli peppers 2.5-1.25/kg
parsley 0.5-0.5
carrot small bunch 1.5-0.75; large bun...ch 2.5-1.75
horse bean 1.5-1.0/kg
peas 10-4.5/3kg
lemon 2.0-2.0/3kg
orange 1.5-1.0/kg
garlic 4.0-2.0/kg
potato 10.0-4.0/4kg
onion 8.0-3.0/4kg
tomato 5.0-5.0/4kg
1 head of cauliflower 1.0-1.0
mangold 1.0-0.75/ 2 bunches
bananas 1.75-1.25/kg
pears 2.0-2.0/kg
tangerines (domestic) 1.0-1.0/kg
red orange 1.0-0.75/kg

12h/ The Revolution Will Be Televised, and Manipulated - Using a handheld transceiver, the journalist aired live communication between a Libyan commander and his troops in a Tripoli neighborhood targeted by a massive air assault. Millions of people listened, as surely did NATO military intelligence, to sensitive information disclosed by an overpowered, largely defeated army. The Doha-based news anchor sought further elaboration, and the reporter readily provided all the details he knew.

Did Abdel-Azim Mohammed, a journalist reputed for his gutsy reports from Iraq’s Fallujah, violate the rules of journalism by transmitting information that could aid one party against another, and worse, cost human lives?
In the channel’s coverage of Libya, NATO’s unwarranted bombing campaignreceived little reporting. The targeting of black Africans (covered by some Western and African media) earned little airtime at Aljazeera Arabic.
Ever-available guests were often immediately dispatched to dismiss any reports of maltreatment of captured soldiers accused of being ‘loyal to Muammar al-Qaddafi’. Aljazeera had indeed striven to present a perfect scenario of a perfect revolution ->http://palestinechronicle.com/view_article_details.php?id=17376
11h/ The former rebels, turned NTC officials, still feel the backlash of civil unrest.  The Zintan rebels still have the airport in their possession.
Libya is trying to move on from the internal warfare and the NTC traitors is attempting to rein in the different types of armed groups throughout the fractured nation.
A recent altercation between rival armed gangs aka “ex-rebels” involved the militias of Misrata and Tripoli. Four men died in this conflict. Experts say their is a probability of an internal war as rival parties compete for power.
In Zawiyan is now a local military group composed of armed gangs aka former rebels.
Libyan groups, including terrorist organizations linked to Al-Qaeda,  are looking to gain control of the country.
10h/ West Coast warship coming home with “incredible tales” - itpatrolled the Libyan coast with NATO allies last fall, and later hunted for terrorists .[ Question who are terrorists in this war ?] "Over three patrols totalling 58 days Vancouver travelled the Libyan coast, from Tobruk to Tripoli, conducting operations such as escorting mine sweepers, boarding vessels of interest and gathering information on Gadhafi forces' movements," Peats, an Esquimalt resident, said adding that ****Vancouver's crew boarded three vessels.
The frigate left CFB Esquimalt last July, carrying about 250 mercenaries of Alliance, including an air crew and Sea King helicopter from 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron in Pat Bay.
In fact, the ship's crew collected intelligence that, along with data compiled by other allies, allowed NATO to conduct air strikes to take out scud-missile launch sites, Peats said.
That operation ended Oct. 31, but the work didn't. The Canadian government announced it would maintain a presence in the politically charged region until the end of 2012, as part of the counter-terrorism [?] mission, known as Operation Active Endeavour.->http://www.goldstreamgazette.com/news/137054508.html
09h/ Los Angeles Times: Libya's nasty new friend [in USA have “concerns” about NTC traitors?]  - Libya's leadership is reportedly seeking advice from Bashir on ways to integrate former insurgents into the nation's military and police forces. There may be nobody on Earth less qualified to offer such guidance. Bashir is a master at displacing and destroying whole communities in the name of disarming insurgents, and in arming proxy militias to carry out his regime's genocidal work. Taking him on as a consultant on community policing is like soliciting cooking advice from Hannibal Lecter. ->http://www.limaohio.com/opinion/bashir-77583-libya-advice.html

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 11.  January  2012.
 01h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
00h/ US Marines have been caught on film - urinating on dead Afghans.-An eye-opening video clip that made it online Wednesday may cause a scandal on par with what erupted with the Abu Ghraib photographs of 2004. Now US Marines have been caught on film - urinating on dead Afghans. ->http://rt.com/usa/news/us-afghan-urinate-military-571/
24h/ Ex- #Libya Prime minister Baghdadi Mahmoudi's trial in #Tunisia has been postponed for Feb14th . #Court of First Instance in Tozeur, southern Tunisia, has delayed the trial for February. He is facing the charges of crossing the border illegally. It was delayed at the request of the defense in order to prepare for the hearing and a claim that his passport will be brought, which is impounded in the Interior Ministry.
Libya Prime minister Baghdadi Mahmoudi
23h/ A WORD FROM BANI WALID: IS TRIPOLI REALLY FREE? - So the Tripoliof which some people rhapsodize about and their love for it and its beauty, was made the way it is - during Gaddafi's reign. All the institutions, hospitals, schools, lovely monuments were built during his reign, he centralized it and built it, giving it a character which it has today. Changing the names of the streets now, will not change the history and the character of that city, of which many our so proud of. During Gaddafi's reign Tripoli became crowded lovely city, and today it became a traitor city, it must be that inhabitants are too used and addicted on Italian religion of driving out our families and occupying the country. - > http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/word-from-bani-walid-is-tripoli-really.html
22h/ #censure #freedom #speech #Libya #NTC #Zangetna website is Blocked in #Libya #dictatorship #brutall plz spread the wordhttp://www.zangetna.com/
22h/ SomaliaSupport2 Libya
Report Libya: confirmed NATO has struck Zintan 3 Times today. one of it at Weapons store other two hits were at army camp.
My official position is to Wait for Statement by Yusuf Shakir. on the issue of Interm government..
Zintan Brigade captured a strategic area in east Tripoli after it fought with Belhaj brigade.
Belhadj threatened To make a Coup d'etat against NTC.. Belhadj brigade using Tripoli military council is threatening the NTC
21h/ The Werfalla and people of Bani Walid are welcoming every displaced person in Libya, especially the Tawhorgha, and Mwashashet who have been displaced by the rebels of Misrata, and Benghazi. Taworgha people displaced on foot, they have been walking the vast Sahara, many ran to the deserts to seek shelter. This act of insanity by the rebels is ...not about how to liberate the powerless, but our faith Allah/God with all the sacrifices will make us not stop fighting the enermy. ...Is this just for Justice and equality or an outburst of debirate displacement and revenge and murder?. For Allah/God I leaned in and out of respect for the tribes of Bani Walid for being fair enough, they have announced acceptance of all displaced persons in the Jamahiriya, beloved folks and honorable Walmshashet, Taworgha whose houses and community have been looted and abandoned.[Stephen G]
20h/ NATO - In the Name Of Humanity (My name and Yours) Was In Libya Protecting Civilians, Specially Benghazi Civilians! Thanks a Lot NATO! I Will Not Forget What You Have done to My Name In My Name. NEVER!-http://f-se.blogspot.com/2011/11/f-se-nato-in-name-of-humanity-my-name.html
19h/ Reflecting on Libya by Eyewitness Lizzie Phelan  -
It has been well documented throughout the history of the west’s imperialist wars how this intimate relationship between the media and the ruling classallows the latter to use “reporters” as its eyes and ears on the ground. In Libya,this was no different and some independent researchers and journalists on the ground unsurprisingly uncovered evidence that when “journalists” were taken to visit bombing sites
Al Jazeera and other mainstream channels that the rebels had “taken” Tripoli, I was driving through the capital myself heading eventually to the Rixos. My friend had received a phone call that a couple of rebels had popped up inSouq al Juma where sleeper cells were known to be based, but as I could see for myself around me, the city was very far from “taken”. - >http://lizzie-phelan.blogspot.com/2012/01/dear-friends-many-of-you-will-have.html
I want to post one more link [
Elite British Military website boasts of Brit training of Syrian terrorists]  on Libya S.O.S. FB page give to me "explanation"
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18h/ NTC dictatorship news - Libyan #women are planning demonstrations in #Tripoli & #Benghazi to #protest the new #election #law in #libya
17h/  [hog wash media] HIP - HOP by USA - Libyan Islamists gaining strength - The opaque nature of the Libyan opposition and the important role within it played by Islamists were two reasons that The Heritage Foundation recommended last spring that the United States adopt a cautious policy towards the Libyan rebel coalition. It would be a shame if Gadhafi's “authoritarian regime”, as bad as it was, is replaced with a totalitarian Islamist regime that poses even greater threats to the United States, its allies, and the Libyan people. - > http://www.ocregister.com/opinion/libyan-334855-islamist-gadhafi.html
16h/ TAWARGHA GENOCIDE - Several days ago posted on the pages of Facebook this picture and the NATO servants from Misrata claimed that it wasa mass grave of family from Misurata who was killed and buried in area of Tawergha but the Truth that a the picture belong to the family of Mr. Saleh Alchukshak Altawarghy who died(killed) along with 4 members of his family and 3 of his guests where the House was bombed by militias from Misurata during the invasion of the town of Tawergha on 12/08/2011.
The family of Mr. Saleh Alchukshak Altawarghy
15h/ TRIPOLI - MURDER OF FRENCH WEAPON DEALER - French weapons dealer de Samie, a former Foreign Legionaire and NATO mercenary shot in Libya – Paris confirmed - The French foreign ministry on Monday confirmed that a French citizen had been shot dead in the Libyan capital Tripoli. NTC authorities have arrested a suspect in the killing of de Samie in Tripoli
"The arrested  NTC criminal, Mohammed al-Kurdi,  is a drug." [Usually for  NATO led rebels .]
14h/ SAIF AL ISLAM, NTC, ICC  - A deadline has nearly elapsed for Libya to give the International Criminals information about the health and status of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.
The ICC criminals,  based in in The Hague, has indicted him for “crimes against humanity” but Libya’s new leaders say they want him to stand trial in Libya.
The ICC criminals could refer Libya to the UN Security NATO Council if it does not respond to its request on Tuesday.
13h/   War Favours: New Libya welcomes leader wanted for genocide  -  > http://youtu.be/coE3_wtlOuE

12hSUDAN - Sudanese presiden Bashir [ war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide] Bashir has disclosed following Gaddafi’s downfall that his country provided military help to the NTC during NATO – led war in Libya throughout most of this year.

During his visit last week, Bashir offered the NTC help with building a national army and integrating the bandits. He also discussed securing the borders and joint efforts to prevent smuggling of stolen  weapons by NTC criminal gangs and mercenaries .
In Libya, a former NTC official suggested that receiving Bashir is more of a pragmatic decision.
“I personally agree that there is a moral [ Are NTC know fabout moral?] obligation to arrest Bashir, but this is not the position of the Libyan government right now – they are racing against time to restore law and order and stability to the country so the considerations of the government are different… and the world should not forget that the Libyan revolution and people received considerable support from the government of Sudan in overthrowing Gaddafi,” he said. - >http://www.sudantribune.com/U-S-conveys-to-Libya-its,41242
11h/ TRIPOLI - Deputy Interior Ministry Omar Khadraoui confirmed that the so-called Misurata rebels was drunk at New Year's Night in Tripoli ..... Also confirmed that the number of people killed was not more than three andwounded 16! (Arabic) http://youtu.be/lj3szt6PxG8
10h/ DEPLETED URANIUM -  Flash back - NATO war crime against humanity, depleted uranium -  With the Libyan rebels rejecting an African Union peace plan, there seems to be no end in sight for the conflict, in the country. The opposition is still relying on coalition forces to help its cause, but it seems it could prove more of a hindrance. It's been claimed the allies have used depleted uranium, the substance which causes cancer and mutations in those affected. -> http://youtu.be/WDrBh-qMOGY

09h/ Invasion is continuing - The United Nations and the NTC today signed an [sale] agreement  establishing framework under which the UN mission set up last year to support [looting] the country’s post-conflict [NATO' war] reconstruction efforts will operate.

The status of mission agreement between the UN [MMF] Support [ looting]Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the Libya’s  [unlegitimate]  Government lays out the rights [Central Bank] , responsibilities [MMF] and procedures for both signatories, with respect to the deployment, presence and safety of UNSMIL operations and personnel in fulfilling the mission’s Security Council-authorized mandate.
“Today, Libya will be listened to with respect [like puppet] at the United Nations, and Libyans will be recognized as people [till now Libyans were ALIENS? or what] who have "courageously" [to betray their homeland - (some of us)] asserted their dignity [humility], and in doing so have risked [to live under UN / NATO bombing ] – or in too many cases, laid down – their lives [like in genocide of Twargha or massacre in Sirte , or Zintan or Soroman ...]comitment by NATO or NATO-led remels],”said Mr. Martin. - >http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=40914&Cr=libya&Cr1=

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 10.  January  2012.
 Libya Eyewitness journalist Rolando Segura   don't forget - >http://youtu.be/V2HsfsoweJo

24h/ CAIRO, Jan. 10. / ITAR-TASS /. United States and several European countries unfrozen assets  $ 20 billion of Linyan people [for nato – led mercenaries  ]. The Libyan Foreign Minister Ben Achour Khayal said today.

"I can not give an exact figure, but I know that the first tranche of about $ 20 billion," - said the foreign minister. According to Khayal, the money already received by the Central Bank of Libya, but still did not take place independently verified.

By some estimates, just under the Qaddafi regime of sanctions against the UN Security Council has blocked about $ 150 billion of Libyan people.
Democratizing the Middle East
23h/ Last defenders of Misrata     
Take care of yourself 'Yayouma' Mom, my friend Wayl, Rabie...
    I hope that Allah will keep me alive and that I will live long enough to see my home again. But if I do not come back, I ask for the forgiveness from all of those against which I might have sinned.. It's only us now, day is nice. Look.. how demolished Misrata is.
22h/ ICC   CRIMINALS  - Official public reducted version of the transmission of the request of Libya for extension of time limit to submit observations regarding the arrest of Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi
You can read and  Download .PDF document -> http://www.icc-cpi.int/iccdocs/doc/doc1297341.pdf
21h/ #Qatar Armed Forces transfering Turkish #military equipment to #Libya Interior Ministry (donated by Turkish government) - >http://www.almanaralink.com/press/?p=7969
20h/ #News #Libya Operation of an eye that costed $ 350 now costs 55,000 dollars!!! Corruption of the new government! Health Ministry report reveals misuse of financial resources after the so-called 'liberation' of Libya. Yes, they liberated Libyans from free healthcare, high standard of living and all other social benefits and common sense!
19h/ According to ISP this is how #NTC currently wants to share and divide #Libya in following autonomous provinces , encouraging #separatism ..

1 / Province of Greater Tripoli.
2 / Province of Jabel Nafoussa.
3 / Province of the great Misrata.
4 / Province Fezene.
5 / The province of Barka
18h/ Libyan Liberation Frontline News [10.01.2012.] ->http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/libyan-liberation-frontline-news.html
17h/ #Libya Dr. Hamza said in his speech that there are:
160,000 dead Libyans (including all sides);
60,000 dead from Libyan army;
40,000 handicapped;
1,8 milions refugees;
Oil is sold on the black market in a country which is the most oil-rich country in Africa.
16h/ (Spanish) LIBIA: Ultimo informe del Gobierno (09/01/2012): Solo la verdad y lealtad a la patria Libia, nos asegura que ¡¡ VENCEREMOS!!!
Pida a las organizaciones siguientes:
Los números de teléfono de la Cruz Roja en Libia son (No. tel. Red Cross Libya):
9221 092320
Pida a las organizaciones siguientes: 
1. Visita a la prisión para asegurar la situación de los presos
2. Contacto con los funcionarios Misrata hacerlos responsables por la seguridad de los internos.
3. Solicitar una investigación sobre el ataque. [Libia SOS] -> http://libia-sos.blogspot.com/2012/01/libia-ultimo-informe-del-gobierno_09.html
15h/ Report Libya by SomaliaSupport2 [09 .01.2012]  - >http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/report-libya-by-somaliasupport2-09.html
14h/ Libya: New Potemkin facades - When Empress Catherine II visited the Crimea in 1787, Russian minister Grigory Potemkin created hollow facades of non-existent villages along the desolate banks of the Dnieper River in order to fool and impress the monarch with fake conquests, trying to enhance his standing in the empress' eyes.

Similarly, today the CNT in Libya, also called the "rabble rat council" by locals, is trying to fool and impress the world with fake conquests, erecting hollow facades of non-existent law and order, peace and prosperity in post-Gaddafi Libya. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While the western press either keeps silent about the current state of affairs in Libya or dutifully reports what the NATO propaganda machine dictates, the Resistance Fighters of Green Libya have started their own media networks underground, transmitting regular frontline news to the world via Algeria ISP in French.

The four major Resistance networks in Libya are Akhbar Elmokawama Libya, Haraka Elmokawama Libya, Chabeb Libya Elahrar, Dhida Yawme 17 Fibrayr Fi Libya (Against the 17th of February in Libya). [Pravda,ru] - >http://english.pravda.ru/world/africa/09-01-2012/120181-Libya_New_Potemkin_facades-0/
13h/  [Hog wash Libya government: $8b to reintegrate fighters - A Libyan government committee will help integrate bandits and criminals and killers  back into civilian life using $8 billion dollars allocated to it to get started, the committee head said Monday. [They have money for gangs , but no for school’s books and Twargha refugees]- > http://articles.boston.com/2012-01-09/news/30608289_1_fighters-libya-militias
Quiz:Find the difference
Libyans are refugees in their country 2011/12

Libyans in Italian concentration camps
12h/ Human Rights Watch slammed over anti-Israeli and pro-Gaddafi reports -
The NGO Monitor released an analysis of the Human Rights Watch (HRW) work in 2011, revealing some rather alarming statistics and producing some serious accusations. Monitor focussed on HRW's reporting on Middle East and North Africa (MENA), with a special emphasis on the Arab-Israeli conflict and the role of the HRW in Libya.

NGO Monitor pointed out the disproportionate attention that HRW devotes to 'Israel and the Occupied Territories'; statistically, this region attracted more attention in 2011 than Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, or Iraq. It was for the first time since 1995 that HRW did not publish a major report on Israel and that it published an almost equal number of documents criticising Israel and the Palestinians, but with a continuing bias on Israel. [NewEuropeOnLine] - >http://www.neurope.eu/article/human-rights-watch-slammed-over-anti-israeli-and-pro-gaddafi-reports
11h/ SAUDI ARABIJA - Saudi Arabia: Racist society, terrorism exporter, nuclear weapons capable - Iran, Iraq and North Korea may have been labeled "the axis of evil" by President George W. Bush but it is Saudi Arabia that is the center of the Satanic universe here on Earth.[Pravda.ru] - >http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/05-01-2012/120160-saudi_arabia-0/
10h/ USA - U.S. pushing world to the brink of world war - Meanwhile, Libya attempts to free itself from this "freedom and democracy" scourge brought to Libya by thousands of terrorists: murderers, psychopaths, head chopping nut cases that enjoy bodily mutilation even when the body is already dead, raping women, looting, burning. Oh, the joy of freedom and demon-crazy compliments of NATO Nazis. [Pravad.ru]-> http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/09-01-2012/120180-us_pushing_world_to_brink_of_world_war-0/

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 09.  January  2012.
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
A simple search of biographies of Libyan opposition officials, who have now become leaders of Libya, reveals an interesting variety of so-called National Transitional Council, divided between the former officials in the Gaddafi regime,who were, until recently, praising his name and the green book, and between the mercenaries and opportunists who's loyalty goes under the slogan ''Who pays the most?'' - >
23h/ NTC dictatorship and racsm in Libya - Thousands inocent civilians (most black Libyans) jailed in Libya for failing to swap sides - >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3f-XTyQqsKQ
22h/ Today, a group of #NATO Misurata #mercenaries was shooting inside the Faculty of #Engineering ..This has resulted in injuries of gathered students and number of students reacted by destroying cars of the insurgents and detaining them near the main gate of the #University
21h/ Help victims of Libya Pedophile - please identify this innocent girl !!!
Please indentify a little girl
a video has emerged showing a little girl being molested and raped by a grown man alongside another woman, there is a high chance that she might be one of the abducted children, sold to Pedophiles. Please identify this innocent child, the sooner we identify her, the faster we can help her.[OZYISM] http://ozyism.blogspot.com/2012/01/help-victims-of-pedophile-please.html
And this should be remembered Libya: -105 Children Kidnapped in Misrata Orphanage  - The Telesur reporter said that “several sources have affirmed that the 105 children were taken out of the country in a ship that could be Turkish, French or Italian. - >
Libya rebels: Human Trafficing mafia in Benghazi  ->http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/07/libya-rebels-human-trafficing-mafia-in.html
20h/ Attention! An attack on a prison in Misrata (the so-called prison-school, which contains about a thousand prisoners from the former force of armed men and supporters of the martyr Muammar Gaddafi) where mortars targeted and destroyed part of it, news say that rebels in Misrata implement plans to eliminate all the prisoners in a pretext that the resistance will try to release the prisoners. And there are reports of dead and wounded among the prisoners. This should be published everywhere, especially for the Red Cross and Amnesty International to protect prisoners! [Jazira Chuibekova , Konstantyn S. via AlGERIA - ISP]
19h/ NATO's puppet defense minister issued today his instructions to evacuate the World Islamic Call Society and its educational, cultural and information facilities. Workers are prevented from entering association's headquarters which is surrounded by a battalion of NATO mercenaries known battalion of 'lightning'
18h/ ZLITEN - Clashes broke out in the city of Zliten between #NATO servants and Resistance at General Conference today.. green flags were raised.
18h/ Director of #Arab Comercial #Bank, Dhawo El Hamdi , was kidnappedin #Tripoli , according to some Libyan press sources
18h/ Sirte is under conditions of severe #poverty and #diseases are spreading. A real humanitarian disaster, thanks to #NATO and their dogs. Will the tribes manage to organize national campaign to aid the people of Sirte?
17h/ HALA MISRATI in prison  - New #Video came up on youtube, claiming that it is Hala Misrati in captivity being recorded, she is captured by #NATO #mercenaries . It is confirmed that she has been tortured and raped. Human rights organisations did nothing and still do nothing to save her.This shows their hypocrisy. Just compare this situation and the silence of those organisations with Iman Al Obeidi situation,she is a famous proffesional Libyan prostitute , who was supported by all human rights organisations in the world for her orchestrated fake rape allegations - >http://youtu.be/Nx_Zn7URwjg

16h/ @cdoebbler Report Libya:
**  Human rights and human development at worst level in Libya in past fifty years.
**  NATO-led rebels fail to provide air trials to thousands for arbitrarilydetained Libyans.
**  NATO-led rebels says Libyans must live under their foreign controlled occupation or fight to remove them. What will Libyans choose?
** Do Libyans really want to be governed by people responsible for killing more than 100,000 Libyans & destroying standard of living?
**  Is US behind the detention and denial of fair trial to Saif al-Islam?
**  NATO-led rebel says US government ordered killing of Muammar Qadafi.
**  Human Right Watch discussed visit to Saif al-Islam with US government that is behind power denying fair trial.
** NATO-led rebel leaders--under influence from NATO governments--saythey don't care of Saif al-Islam gets a fair trial.
**  Amnesty International says Libya can't hold fair trial for any of almost10,000 detainees.
**  NATO-led rebels allegedly covering up involvement of US in the summary execution of Muammar Qadafi.
**  NATO-led rebels treat detainees worse Libyan government ever treated detainees.
15h/ SomaliaSupport2 #Libya #Report
Mutassim Brigade has done 7 attacks on North Misrata brigade inside of the city of Misrata yesterday in Revenge of Moatassem
** Green resistance has defeated many Belhaj alqaeda fighters and lawless militia's in Zawiyah.. many of them are being buried
** Tribes are helping Green resistance attack the Belhaj alqaeda fighters and Militia's..The people hate NTC as criminal looters
** Source speaking to Rebel said "Mutassim Brigade are like shadows..they attack and then dissappear." were very scared of them
** Abd Jalil and Tunisian Representative had to leave Misrata had to leave the city earlier then expected due to security reasons
Heroic brothers Moatassem and Khamis Al Gaddafi
14h/ Sirya -  After Qatar succeeded in destroying Libya by supporting the terrorist groups with money and weapons through establishing a military airlift between Doha and Banigazi, Qatar nowadays is trying to implement the same deadly scenario in Syria...
The Syrian terrorist oppositions are being supplied with arms shipped via a military airlift that was established between the Qatari capital Doha and the city of Antalya in Turkey...

13h/ TRIPOLI: A French ex-serviceman now NTC mercenary  has been found shot dead [yesterday] in his apartment in central Tripoli, sources in Libyan security and at the French embassy told [no nato boots in libya??]
12h/ Libya, battle for Tripoli: Tales of death and tales of despair - Well, let me tell you something Electra, my best friend lives in…(1*), and by the time they had been organizing over there that very big Pro Gaddafi demonstration, I had asked him: ‘Why don’t you burn US flags and Obama’s pictures throughout the demonstration?’ and you know, he was immensely shocked that I could had asked something like that! Burn flags … burn Obama’s pictures… that was absolutely not done, how could I ever had thought of something like that ! I still see him, looking at me in total surprise and telling me...-> http://resisting4ever.wordpress.com/2012/01/08/libya-tales-of-death-and-tales-of-despair/
11h/ Tripoli - Libya's 1.2 million schoolchildren returned to classrooms nationwide. For sure they will study what happened in Libya last year.  The conflict took a heavy toll on Libya’s education system, with schools closed, damaged and used for military and humanitarian purposes. Many children suffered deep scars from the violence and the loss of loved ones. Many of school are destroyed by NATO bombing or by NATO-led rebels attack.
A total of 27 million revised textbooks are being printed, 10 million of which are already being distributed by the Ministry of Education throughout the country.[NTC criminals  han’t money to pay to Tounisa for stamp – and here we are. With gaddafi libyans had ffree education – now libyan  chidlren hav’t even school books] Severely distressed children and their families are receiving psycho-social support and work is underway to track internally-displaced and other vulnerable children to ensure that they are enrolled. ->  http://www.ghanamma.com/2012/01/libya-conflict-over-1-2-million-children-to-return-to-school/
10h/  Omar al-Bashir is an international fugitive from an arrest warrant for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimesOmar al-Bashirafraid for the Libyan people [?!]
 President Omar al-Bashir  President  of SUDAN [ COUTRY WITH HIGH PROSPERITY , GOOD CONDITION FOR LIFE AND HIGH LIVING  STANDARD]warned that Libya must be wary of the remnants of Moamer Kadhafi's regime  - Bashir Warns of Gaddafi's Libya Remnants [AllAfrica] - >http://allafrica.com/stories/201201090058.html
09h/ German warplanes did not make any forays over Libya but spy and agents were on teren during the NATO-supported conflict that ousted Moammar Gadhafi last year. Now the German foreign minister has ventured into Tripoli to discuss the future and German   interests in rape of Libya.
Germany pledges to help Libyan transition to democracy [Deutchewelle]  -http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,15652961,00.html
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