Jan 2, 2012

Libyan Liberation Front News [01.01.2012]

(1) Zintan has refused extradition of Saif to NTC & ICC.
(2) City of Sabha, Bani Walid, Tarhouna and Zilten continue to proudly display Green flag, and also marched during the re-opening of Al Jamahiriyah TV channel.
(3) NTC rebels have made threats against Egypt by closing Egyptian Embassy, consulate and borders. NTC claimed Egyptians resumption of the Al Jamahiriyah on Nilesat violates their establishment status.
(4) Explosions rocked Sabha, targeting weapons manufacturing and repair workshops used by NTC rebels ( rat weapons workshops).
(5) Hala Misrati was shown on TV still in captivity, she looks pregnant and tired.
(6) Information has been circulating that Saif Al Islam has got married in Zintan, he made the mountains his home.
(7) Abdel Jalil’s guards shot at protestors demonstrating for lack of social services in Benghazi, and he accused them of being agents of Gadhaffi.
(8) NTC tried invain to re-enter Tobruk, they were beat back with countless wave of armed Resistance and fire power.
(9) Rebels from Misrata were killed in Sirte by the Green Resistance movement, civilians also accidently were caught on cross fire. We end todays report by wishing every person happy prosperous and a peaceful 2012.

The Libyan [NATO-led] gangs have their nerve, threatening Egypt over their press freedoms, while the bandits  are war criminals and genocides…the longer they are supported by the United States, and EU dictatorships, the more emboldened they will become.
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