Nov 3, 2012

FOX News vs Reuters : J. Christopher Stevens, U.S. Ambassador To Libya, And 3 Embassy Staffers Killed In Attack On American Consulate In Benghazi

I want to save this chess game for me [ just like notes] while Libyan children dying,   and many Libyans have become homeless.
Obama vs Romney?

J. Christopher Stevens, U.S. Ambassador To Libya, And 3 Embassy Staffers Killed In Attack On American Consulate In Benghazi

Despite a carefully narrated version of events rolled out late this week by the CIA claiming agents jumped into action as soon as they were notified of calls for help in Benghazi, security officials on the ground say calls for help went out considerably earlier -- and signs of an attack were mounting even before that.

Nov 2, 2012

Siege of Bani Walid: Foreign fighters, phosphorus bombs and nerve gas – RT sources

New Libyan government is “a major step” in creating a stable Libya says Italy. [01.11.2012.]

Source: RT com
The besieged Libyan city of Bani Walid has been plunged into chaos. RT sources say that the former Gaddafi regime stronghold is under attack by militias bolstered by foreign mercenaries, and they used banned weapons like white phosphorous.

#Libya #crime Bani Walid Dr Who Stated Gas Attack Symptoms Reported Killed

It has been reported this Dr Meleshe Shandoly has been killed today in Bani Walid by Alqaeda with a knife because he is from Warfalla tribe and sits on a council.

Bani Walid, Libya [29.10.2012.] by Green Komitet

Source: Green Komitet  Message for media

The city is still fighting, its defenders are gradually sweeping rebels.

After the NATO (most likely USA) special forces attack on the night of October 25 and 26 the defenders had to pull back further into the city, into Dahra and Souk districts.

 Other territories were ravaged by May 28 Brigade bandits which is comprised of local criminals and Libya's Shield Brigade band where the majority are mercenaries from Egypt, Tunis, Qatar and the Saudi Arabia and other countries. Besides local al-Quaeda militants joined in the ravaging.

The bandits which rob and burn housed, kill civilians, had been since October 26 destroying any evidence of that night attack. 

NATO Bombing Of Libya Seven Times Worse Than Hitler’s Of Europe, $150 Billion Stolen

The sum which Gaddafi and his associates had in bank accounts, and which the West, in fact, has stolen – $ 150bln – might have been enough to reconstruct the Libyan infrastructure after the damage caused by the bombs – if not fully, then, at least, partially. But now, that money has disappeared.

“It would be wrong to say that only the West has stolen the money of the former Libyan regime. It is known that those people who fought against Gaddafi and who are now in power in Libya have conveyed many trucks literally stuffed with money abroad.”

“When the West threw bombs on Libya, Western politicians said that this allegedly was done to help Libyans oust the tyrant and establish democracy in their country. Now, it has turned out that these words were mere demagogy. The real aim of the West was to try to steal Libya’s riches.

Libya news [backup libyasos] 21. October - 24. October 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 24. October 2012.
=Daily video LibyaSOS & friends!media
Old Gaddafi Bastion is in our hearts ! Try to catch us!
The 'last pro-Gaddafi stronghold' is in our hearts ! Try to catch us!

= LAST REPORT : Bani Walid 19.30 GMT - 24 Oct
= Life and death in Bani Walid, LIbya - resident of BANI WALID 
Amid worrying news reports from Bani Walid in Libya, our colleague Mona Mahmood has been talking to Abd al-Nasser Alim, a resident in the city.

What is happening in Bani Walid is beyond the imagination. It is a tragedy.The so-called Libyan army, which are in reality a bunch of thugs, are behaving like locusts. They are attacking everything in their way.

Libya news [backup libyasos] 15. October - 20. October 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 20. October 2012.
=Daily video LibyaSOS & frineds!media
Since Libya and Syria,
I have never seen nor heard so much "UNCONFIRMED NEWS" and "UNCONFIRMED SOURCES".
The Media´s love them... [@RajaChemayel]
Dr. MOUSSA IBRAHIM :  English Translation - Moussa Ibrahim audio message 20.10.2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 07. October - 14. October 2012.

=  The Apotheosis of St. Christopher of Libya by Maximilian Forte
Even a gentle breeze against a U.S. flag is enough agitation of their patriotic molecules for it to start raining praise. Patriotic, militaristic, imperial“Americans” simply cannot get over themselves–but that’s not the worst part. 
The worst part is they expect the rest of us to genuflect. Any time one of theirs dies in a war of their choosing, they automatically ascend to heaven as“heroes”. American + death = hero.
They are exact replicas of the fundamentalists with whom they lock horns: death is always martyrdom.
Hillary Clinton Sends Lackey to House Committee to Cover Her Involvement in Benghazi Attack
Stevens was involved in arms deals with the NTC who supports the Salafi extremist movement in Saudi Arabia as well as selling weaponry to the Muslim Brotherhood. Ironically, these factions sent their men to murder Stevens at the gated-villa in Benghazi after Clinton reduced security and told the Libyan forces to stand down.
Since this attack, Clinton has been working hard to cover her tracks and involvement in creating the perfect scenario that would facilitate the attack which occurred. The State Department initially said that cryptic warnings of an impending attack on Benghazi was relayed, yet devoid of a time frame and therefore ignored.
US ambassador Chris Stevens killed in Benghazi, Libya
Stevens was involved in arms deals with the NTC who supports the Salafi extremist movement in Saudi Arabia as well as selling weaponry to the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Libya news [backup libyasos] 01. October - 07. October 2012

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 07. October 2012.
=Daily video LibyaSOS & frineds!media

Happy birthday Russian president Vladimir Putin !!!! 
Long life dear friend.
Putin presented version of how Gaddafi was killed [ a dubious place for NATO]

=  Syria: Syria’s Ayn El Isa village was in the control of the rebels when the mortar shells were fired to the Akcakale


We say NO to Libya trying Saif Gaddafi
The New Libyan government insists on trying Saif in Libya where he will not be given a fair trail. Saif has not been granted access to a lawyer or family members. Also please sign care2 petition at the following link.
= VIDEO: Big Bani Walid rally against the occupation of the city, 5.10.2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 24. September - 30. September 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 30. September 2012.
=Daily video LibyaSOS & frineds!media
Hunger strike called for prisoners held without charge and languishing in militia jails in Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata starting on 1 Oct
As a result of "democratic elections", Libya is ruled by Magarief and Abushagur, while Jibril got the overwhelming majority of the votes. Cool [LibyanReality]
A French agent behind the death of Gaddafi
Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra, has reported, citing diplomatic sources in the Libya capital Tripoli, that a foreign assassin killed Qaddafi, and that the assassin was likely to have been French.

According to well-placed sources in Libya, a Frenchman infiltrated a violent mob which was mutilating the captured Qaddafi last year and proceeded to shoot him in the head.

October 2011 SIRTE  
[a) NATO said that they dind't know where is Colonel? 
b) Gaddafi had satellite phone with him this day!
 c) NATO knew Gaddafi was in convoy ]
MI6 agents and CIA officers on the ground were also providing intelligence and it is believed that Gaddafi was given a code name in the same way that US forces used the name Geronimo during the operation to kill Osama bin Laden.

Since the fall of Tripoli in August, intelligence services have been searching for Gaddafi across Libya and beyond using agents, special forces and eavesdropping equipment.
US and British special forces had trawled through Gaddafi’s former desert stronghold around Sirte and the south of Libya without finding him.
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