Jan 9, 2012


A simple search of biographies of Libyan opposition officials, who have now become leaders of Libya, reveals an interesting variety of so-called National Transitional Council, divided between the former officials in the Gaddafi regime,who were, until recently, praising his name and the green book, and between the mercenaries and opportunists who's loyalty goes under the slogan ''Who pays the most?''
Mustafa Abdul Jalil , Libya

Mustafa Abdul Jalil

Although Abdul Jalil was the first defector from the Libyan Governmant when the Libyan 'uprising' was in its infancy, but the history of his career testifies that he was loyal to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. The fact is that Abdul Jalil belonged to the category of Libyan officials, reform advocates, which were led by Saif al-Islam, calling for gradual political opening. 
Mustafa Abdul Jalil participated in many activities sponsored by the Gaddafi Foundation charity, which was headed by the son of Colonel, Saif al-Islam. In this context, Abdul Jalil, just weeks before the NATO-backed revolution against the Libyan Governmant, distributed awards and honorary degrees to a number of honored by the Saif's Foundation. The event has received significant media coverage by the Libyan media.
The photos showing joyful Abdul Jalil accompanied by officials of the Gaddafi Foundation, still exists. The path of Mustafa Abdul Jalil, is however less black and misfortunate than that of a number of other officials and leaders of the Transitional Council, for example Abdelfattah Yunis al-Obeidi was killed after feb17 by Al Qaeda. However, Libyans consider him as primarily responsible for the massacre of Abu Salim prison in Tripoli, when allegedly more than 1,200 prisoners were killed, belonging to Al Qaeda and LIFG, when police tried to quell the prison rebellion by shooting at the prisoners. Although no evidence of this 'massacre' exists. Bones found by human rights organisation near the prison about six months ago, were proven to be camel's bones, and not of Al Qaeda prisoners.
Abdul Hafeez al Goukh was next on LIFG list

Abdul Hafeez al Goukh

After the assassination of Libyan Interior Minister Abdul-Fattah Younis, by the''jihadists'', Abdul Hafeez Goukh, vice chairman of the NTC and its spokesman, reduced his presence in Benghazi and other places, as well as minimized his public appearance on satellite channels, after he was previously recording more than 4 TV interviews on a daily basis. Some believe that reason for the disappearance of Goukh is his awareness that he was next on Libyan Al Qaeda (LIFG) black list.
It is enough to know that the name of Goukh does not have the warm welcome and acceptance of two senior Islamists and their families in the cities of eastern Libya. The fact is that the lawyer Abdul Hafiz al Goukh lied the relatives of victims of Abu Salim prison, and promised them that they will obtain large sums of money, but he was every time disappearing from the view, once the receipt of their fees was due. 
His father, Abdul Hafiz al Goukh was also a champion of moral and political scandals, while he was serving his diplomatic posts in Cairo and Beirut in the seventies and eighties. In the Lebanese capital of Beirut, the father of Abdul Hafiz al Goukh was well known for his emotional adventures, and more than once caught in the acts of abusing alcohol, cannabis and women. The internal situation in Lebanon during the civil war made the Libyan ambassador in Beirut flee from there more than once. It is believed that he was involved in bombing of an airliner, while he was serving in Egypt, which was flying from the city of Benghazi to Cairo, an incident which raised a finger on Libyan regime. He was also accused in the case of the disappearance of the Lebanese Shiite Algoqh Musa al-Sadr, who was kidnapped while Goukh was still ambassador in Lebanon. 
(Isn't it strange that all the defectors from Gaddafi's government were involved in terrorist acts before? The same acts which Gaddafi refused to admit that they were done by Libyan government.. and here we fast forward to 2012, and notice that the people who were main suspects are now working for US secret services and NTC.. Coincidence? Could it be that Gaddafi was set up by them in coordination with the US (by making terrorist acts) in order to frame Gaddafi as a terrorist worth overthrowing, as Gaddafi was saying? After all US government was plotting against him in all the unimaginable ways for the last 35 years.. )
Khalifa Hifter was in Libyan Army until betrayal

Khalifa Hifter

Not much is known about Colonel Khalifa Hifter. He was in Libyan military  until his betrayal during the War between Libya and Chad. Colonel Hfiter rebeled against the Gaddafi and turned himself in to a asset of U.S. intelligence, they in turn ensured the protection of him, and recruited him to lead the mercenary forces against Qaddafi regime at the time. After a couple of years of terrorist career, he emigrated to the U.S., where he lived for more than twenty years in the Pennsylvania, specifically in the area where luxury homes are located, close to the headquarters of the CIA.
loyalty goes under the slogan ''Who pays the most?''

Mahmoud Meloni

Melon is at the moment on the position of Information Officer in the Executive Office of the NTC, a position equivalent to the post of Minister of Information. However, these tasks did not prevent Melon to keep his job as manager editor of the Arabic version of the magazine "Foreign Policy of America", a magazine dealing with elites, cadres very close to decision-making circles in Washington. Melon, who just recently became known for his frenzied campaign against Algeria, remained for a long time hidden from public view, even within Libya. He had earlier served as a member of the Board in a Network Department of Qatar's ''Al Jazeera', in addition to his job as managing editor of the Arabic version of "Newsweek" magazine. Just check out our other posts and you will see how much damage Al Jazeera has done to Libya..

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