Jan 16, 2012

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [15.01.2012.]

(1) Daily marches and revolt against NATO rebels continue in the city of Tarhouna Libya, schools and universities refused to sing NATO mercenaries anthem, and vowed to defend the honor of Moammar Al Gadhaffi by chanting Allah, Moammar and Libya that is it and no one else.

(2) Rebels are still making false accusation, lies due to lack of basic services of water, electricity and fuel, all attributed to their failure in shortage of water, they said Gadhaffi brigades are responsible for all shortages of water.
(3) Unprecdented attacks took place at the headquarters of the Turkish Mercenary society near the city of Sirte, the resistance destroyed 8 heavily armed PICKUP trucks carrying air aircraft machine gun systems, killed between 18 of the rebels, destroyed 11 cars, and the resistance also freed 8 prisoners in the compound. The NATO rats commander Jamal Al-Sharif who was stationed at the Southern region of Sirte was killed in the operation.

(4) War broke out between Libyan resistance and the Gharyan bandits, 16 bandits were killed, the bandots in vengeance returned to destroy peoples property, killing two girls with RPG, and wounding 24 people.

(5) The French drew cartoons and satire around Tripoli calling Libyans the dumbest people of 2012 on the face of the earth for over throwing their own government, destroying all social services and national infrastructure, describing Libyans as absurd and insane people, even though the French were the cheer leaders of regime change in Libya.

(6) Explosions rocked Tripoli, Janzour and airport road yesterday in the destruction of more rebel weapons depots.

(7) Al Tahami held in Egypt by the rebels, Al Tahami who held significant security position during the green administration in Tripoli has been tortured, beaten beyond belief by rebels in Egypt, the Egyptian governments inaction during the brutal action of rebels still remain in question.

(8) Students at Tarhouna University developed green flags, and chanted Allah, Moammar, and Libya.

(9) Rebels tried to erect a road block near Sabha, when citizens encountered the first rebel road block early in the morning, they asked, are you a Libyan?. The rebels responded by saying no, then the Libyan nationalist motorists said, if not get out of Libya, Allah, Moammar and Libya from Sabha.

Stand against imperialism, they instituted slavery and today they blind nations with a sea of corruption. Fight your government, isolate them and give power back to the people.
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