Jan 11, 2012


Some foolish man came out shouting that "Tripoli is free from Rafla", also shouting "We will erase Bani Walid" . They already displaced and transfered us to the refugee tents. That's where the people of Libya live today, the ones who were enjoying a quiet life and dignity. In the age of injustice, these tents resemble concentration camps which were set up by Italians for our ancestors at the time of the occupation, which gives us a sense of déjà vu. Only greedy people can force innocent Libyans to these camps, the ones who do not have even one tiny bit of compassion. Many Libyans now do not have the right to speak, so how can they respond to us. Those who placed us here and left us homeless are the ones living in suites.

How can a foolish man uttering such words be normal, it seems that it is difficult to find a reasonable person now, the educated one who could be advised, or just wise enough to condone it, but in contrast everyone is circulating what the loudest fool says, stressing the need to implement many of what he asks for!
Photo 1.  "Libyan children living as refugees in their own country 2011. Where are justice, freedom and equality of which they screamed about into our ears?"
 Photo 2.  "Libyans in Italian concentration camps, the same as the ones today"

You and others like you from Tripoli should consider to look at the history of your ancestors and the history of the city itself. Perhaps you are not aware that all the battles that you and others like you, are celebrating and boasting about, were not won by your ancestors, those who have welcomed the invaders,Turks and Italians, with cheers, prayers, dancing and gifts. 

You might not be aware that all those battles and victories that you are now proud of , were won by the ancient tribes, and that you are trying to show off at their expense.

You may not know that Fighters of the tribes on horses surrounded Tripoli to defend and support inhabitants, while your ancestors each time stayed on the beach with the invaders. You may not know that the Bani Walid and Rafla Fighters had participated in the fightings to defend the dust of your city.
Photo 3. "Libyan Rafla tribes-Fighters on their quest to defend Tripoli from Italians and Turks"

Honorable people from Tripoli fought in the battles, but they were few, and the weight of the Fighters from the outside determined the destinies of the battles.
These people have to know that the Fighters of Bani Walid were in the forefront of every battle. We should remind each other about that, and anyone else who wants to know. 
Lets have a look at the rest of the battles:
Al Shat was on October 23, 1911 AD.
Bomilina October 26, 1911 AD.
Alhachan battle, for which we do not have date.
Gargaresh battle, one of the major battles fought by nationalists on January 18, 1912 AD.
Battle of Ain Zara on January 28, 1912.
Battle Almchacth on September 9, 1917 AD.
Battle of Al Suwanee Aadm on September 20, 1917 AD.

We will talk in detail about all of those battles later on, God willing.
They are the reason why your mouths do not have the right to open and demand expelling of the Rafla.
Photo 4.  "Al Faqih, the Grand Mufti lifted his hand to greet Mussolini's Deutsche Fascists. He did that, rather than praying to God to grant victory to Fighters, helping them in the liberation of Libya"
Photo 5. "Million Libyans marched to welcome Duce (the Conqueror) Mussolini"
Photo 6. "Young Italian fascist women marching on Libyan streets"
Photo 7.  "Mussolini walking around Libya, cheered by traitors"

Thus, Our ancestors were martyred in defense of your ancestors from Tripoli and other parts of Libya. Even when Bani Walid got occupied, Fighters withdrew to the territory of Fezzan in southern Libya and continued their struggle and fightings until the full liberation of Libya.

So the Tripoli of which some people rhapsodize about and their love for it and its beauty, was made the way it is - during Gaddafi's reign. All the institutions, hospitals, schools, lovely monuments were built during his reign, he centralized it and built it, giving it a character which it has today. 
Changing the names of the streets now, will not change the history and the character of that city, of which many our so proud of. During Gaddafi's reign Tripoli became crowded lovely city, and today it became a traitor city, it must be that inhabitants are too used and addicted on Italian religion of driving out our families and occupying the country.
Perhaps remembering that they were pinning our ancestors with nails in the prisons of Ustica and others, obliged you to raise all their flags today? Tripoli started its traitor business with the grand welcoming reception of conqueror Mussolini, and ended up with welcoming today's conqueror Bernard Levy, a Guardian parent of many traitors, with the exception of all honorable people.

I remind you what history preserved for us, that in a year of famine and occupation (1911-1912) many Fighters and Libyans were forced to eat grass and herbs because of the severity of drought and poverty, but did not think about the betrayal of their country or compromising their dignity.

The commentary on this image which was published on one of the pages, certainly does not reflect everyone's opinion but it reflects the view and the opinion of some people who themselves follow such an approach in attacking the Bani Walid.
I will not try to speak if the position of Bani Walid in relation to Libya is valid or a mistake, because that debate is useless and will not yield anything but wasting time. Everyone knows that people were changing sides on daily basis, but Rafla did not put its head in the sand for the consideration of betraying its principles and dignity, Rafla were always in the first battle lines,regardless of age, not just its children but also the grandparents. When the Capital fell and the regime fell apart, many tribes which were on the same path, quickly cleared their names and raised the flag of surrender, humiliating themselves, their country and their ancestors.

During the arrests and the desecration of sanctities, it was Rafla people which were dying for the Covenant, who did not betray untill the end, despite the differences in the military, the lack of support lines, and intensive Crusader’s bombing. We did not lose the battle on our knees. 
The loss does not mean anything, but our strong position means the fulfillment of the Covenant , and payment of the price for an open mind
And here we are today, enjoying in more secure city than all the places of Libya, although the fiercest battles were fought here. We did not tuck our heads in the sand, being content with cheering while we had Tornados over our heads and intensive bombing with Apaches. We did not open the way for them to do their subsequent criminal tasks, such as robbery and arson in the homes of citizens.

Now those ostriches who were putting their heads in the sand, cry about living in costant fear of arsons, murders and looting, but they deserve what they got. The history will tell one day who Rafla were, the history will speak about Bani Walid. Present time only speaks about those who displayed their courage on the screens, who disappeared and were keeping a low profile until the time came to mop behind NATO aircrafts.
Bani Walid did not trade its stand, it was firm and consistent throughout.

I want to mention also raising of the flags, and cheering in the marches, racing with others to prove their support for the colonizers, to quickly jump into the boat with others who were not only traitors, but were dealers in our crisis, with all the greed which history will remember of. History will not forget them for who they are. We have always been entitled to answer to anyone who was attacking us. We could chose between the concept of belonging to our tribe and our city in the way in which we were brought up, or the concept of democracy and freedom of expression which you wanted.  
The funny thing is that you now have to refrain from using your tongue because you serve the invaders, who are masters of your destiny.

Bani Walid and Rafla have never been and will never be anyone's servants.

Remember these words always.
Libya , Bani Walid 2011
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