Jan 26, 2012

Report Libya 26.January 2012.

24h/ Ms. Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in its report to the Security Council about the human rights situation in Libya .Charges against NATO forces on the killing of civilians during operations of NATO forces in Libya are being investigated by an independent international commission in 25 of the month of January / January 2011 by the Human Rights Council at the United Nations.
And members of the committee will present their final report to the Human Rights Council in the 9 of March -> http://arabic.ruvr.ru/2012/01/26/64647408.html
23h/ Isn't it strange that so many human rights organisations started suddenly [and finally] reporting about horrible tortures of Libyan green prisoners? Where have they been the WHOLE last year while we cried, yelled, begged and screamed at them to help out or at least report on the evidence we've sent them?? Is this done now suddenly in order to prepare JUSTIFICATION for open ground invasion, cause "Libyans can't sort themselves out on their own", or I'm missing on something here? This is really strange, they knew all this since a year ago, but refused to publish it untill now. Must be some political reason for giving a green light
‎23h/ NATO has no plans to return to Libya " Nato Secretary General Rasmussen - said today. [ Photo from Sirte ]
Sirte Libya 
22h/ Photo of a missing girl Libya
Photo of a missing girl Libya
21h/ URGENT - #Libya - Clashes with heavy weapons in Zawiyah between different  armed gangs aka rebel brigades. Causes unknown. Several roads closed including main square. People panicking there.
‎20h/ #Tunisia city of Ben Guerdane showing its support for green #Libya , flying huge green flags and playing songs of former Libyan TV

19h/ #Libya -deaths and kidnapping in the streets every night, everything is destroyed completely, no education, no health, no security, food extremely expensive, countries of the entire world stoped all banking transactions with Libya because it is under the control of armed gangs, Libya is destroyed permanently. totally destroyed. However nato SLAVES are saying that Libya is.... finally free !!!!!!!

17h/ TRIPOLI PROTESTS #Breaking: #Tripoli #AlgeriaSquare protesters close #Headquarters of local council and block roads, demanding the resignation of council
#Libya: Reports indicate that members of Tripoli criminal gangs engaged in a scuffle inside #Radisson Hotel in #Tripoli
17h/ BENGHAZI: A vehicle in which burned girl's body was found in the neighbourhood of Almajuri in Benghazi on Thursday morning ...
It is not yet confirmed if the body is of the girl which was reported kidnapped two days ago (Abdel-Salaam Hassan) or of another child. People are waiting for investigation results which will reveal the identity of the victim

16h/ Video - Libya recognized a tribal-based local government in the Bani Walid on Wednesday, illustrating the power of tribal leaders over the fragile interim government. Fighters from the Warfallah tribe -- the dominant tribe in Bani Walid and the most populous in Libya -- drove out a pro-government militia from the town this week.
Elders in Bani Walid said they were appointing their own local government and rejected any interference from the authorities in the capital, Tripoli. On Monday, the fighters drove out militias loyal to Libya's ruling National Transitional Council (NTC)
About 200 elders who gathered in a mosque decided to abolish an NTC-appointed military council for the town and appoint their own local council, in direct defiance of the authority of the government in Tripoli.

15h/ #Photo of a girl who was found burned in #Benghazi #Libya today. Sorry for the horrible scene
‎Photo of a girl who was found burned in Benghazi Libya today
14h/  TRIPOLI - According to eyewitnesses from Tripoli that are protesting in Algerian Square- #Tripoli rats battalion, heavily armed with weapons blocked the local headquarters of the Tripoli Council and the road leading to it ,demanding the resignation the President of local Tripoli and his companions.
13h/ Resistance killed an agent (Abdul Qader Mohammed ),a field commander of the one of the gangs of Misurata in the Spring Valley area (Alsqraloouhd)
12h/ Unofficialy- CAUTION .. mobile phone tracking Surveillance system was installed by satellite and the main focus of the system is identifying the location of the persons, as well as surveillance of the conversations. Range of the system's 50 kilometers square
11h‎/ #AlQaeda terrorist & #NATO 's mercenaries Balhadj who now heads the military council of #Tripoli traveled to the south of #Tunisia which irritated some political activists
A political analyst Mohammed said that the movement of the Renaissance secretly invited him to visit Tunisia, where the ruling party held several meetings in the cities of Ben Guerdane, Djerba and Zarzis.

He said, "It seems that this call took place in the framework of joint cooperation between the Islamic movements, but it may be a desperate attempt to polish the image of a bin Abdul Hakim Belhadj, whose popularity greatly declined in the recent period." -> http://www.magharebia.com/cocoon/awi/xhtml1/ar/features/awi/features/2012/01/25/feature-03
10h/  This video has not been showed in any media but before each video was presented by the NATO rebels, the media around the world showed on their channels. This happened at a small area in Tripoli, named Abu salim region. You can not imagine how many rockets were hit by NATO in order for the NATO rebels to come in this region. Where is the security Council to protect civilians that claimed NATO came for them? [We are all Muammar Gaddafi]

09h/ Good morning 63 members of unelected govt of Libiya, 21 members HIDDEN [ drebha]
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