Jan 30, 2012

Libya to review its ambassadors abroad

Libya reviews its ambassadors abroad. "An official" at the Libyan Foreign Ministry said " The [the unelected] government reassess its ambassadors around the world and their ties to the late leader Muammar Gaddafi. "
The news agency "Reuters" quoted the official, who requested anonymity : "There is a plan to re-evaluate the embassies and there is a list of new ambassadors and embassy workers."

A lot of ambassadors who defected after the outbreak of armed conflict between the regime and opposition supporters, have continued to hold office under the new leadership. "The official" continued: "These are the ones who would be re-evaluated for their positions," he said, adding that the ambassadors in some countries have resigned in anticipation of this move.

Source: Arabic RT http://arabic.rt.com/news_all_news/news/577308/
Mustafa Abdel Jalil:  How "sweety"face ?
This is probably an attempt by the NTC to distance itself from the former "regime"  after the latest outbreak of violence in Benghazi and Tripoli, when some of their former supporters demanded that those officials who held positions in the Government before the NATO facilitated armed rebellion, resign and not be involved in the transitional government.  There are also rumors that the "epidemic" spread of defections early in the conflict was not so epidemic after all. 

It is possible that some of those ambassadors were opposing the NATO involvement in Libyan internal affairs.
In my opinion, the Libyan people would be wise to ask themselves who are the ones who ignited the violence among brothers in the first place, with their lies and using their ties to different NGO's for human rights [ http://www.laguerrehumanitaire.fr/english]

It is the same counrty - Libya:before and after 
These lies led to UN Resolution 1973 authorizing " all necessary measures to protect civilians in Libya". It is those people that should never be allowed to make decisions regarding Libya. They are the "rotten fruits" of the former government , and that is why they orchestrated all that propaganda that led Libyans to a bloody civil war. Who stands behind the Libyan Youth Movement?

Who led the media war, altering the evidence of rebel and Al Qaeda brutality over Libyan Army, making it seam like they were executed by the regime via African mercenaries (another media invention).

Who used social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to spread those rumors? 
Why did the so called "humanitarian organizations" such as Amnesty International and HRW based their reports on "hear-say"?
Who will rebuild Libya after the destruction, close lucrative deals for oil exploitation and who knows what other resources? 
Who repeatedly uses the "divide et impera" rule to amass even more foreign wealth?

It is about time that some Libyans who still believe the NTC fairy tale, ask themselves those questions. 
When they do, maybe they will understand that the only way for Libya to set itself free from foreign and domestic parasites, is to do some introspection, acknowledge its own mistakes in the past, and refuse to do The Empire a favor and remain a divided society, like it is now. 
There must be some common national interest that can unite all the Libyans again. But, for that to happen, people must trust the system and its institutions, and that is not the case now, neither among those who participated in the armed rebellion, nor among those who defended the values of Jamahiriya and its symbol- Gaddafi. 
Proud to be Libyan: Muammar Al Gaddafi  
When people don't trust the national system of government and its mechanisms, the society and its values decay.  If unpopular NTC continue insisting on their western notions of "parliamentary democracy", the society will become further divided.

Feel the difference
While we should cherish individuality and tradition, and respect the uniqueness of every human being, if we are to be a strong nation, we must have a common cause and higher values that express the people in whole and not just one group or the other.


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