Dec 24, 2011

Libya news [backup libyasos] 11. December - 18. December 2011.

Qadhafi  - courage, honesty, heroism, pride

Libya resistance news:18.  December  2011.
00h/ Many good articles you can find on LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->
24h/ Libyan Liberation Front Frontline news:
(1) Libyan green resistance attacked the compound of Belhaj Alqaeda brigades in Tripoli, number of terrorists killed has not been established.
(2) People of Gharyan are combining with green army to form large battalions in order to attack Belhaj brigades.
(3) Zintan brigades has fought and defeated Heftar brigades in two major fronts around Tripoli. Hefter has been making clear he will attack Zentan forces.
(4) Americans are preparing a force of 10 000 soldiers [aka security teams] to deploy in Libya, an act of aggression against the green army.
(5) People of Tarhouna took up arms against North Misrata brigades, men and women went to the frontlines, the people defeated the Misrata gangs.
(6) Saif Al Islam was playing soccer at stadium in Zentan with his armed guards.
(7) Libyan people continue to demonstrate against NATC demanding freedom and social services.
Always Green and always Libya.
21h/ Anatomy of a NATO War Crime - Dr. Franklin Lamb Sorman Libya. A quiet and peaceful Libyan town, Sorman is located 45 miles west of Tripoli, near the Mediterranean coast, in the Zawiya District of the Tripolitania region in northwestern Libya. Many of the town’s children grew up exploring the 3rd Century truly magnificent Roman Ruins at nearby Sabratha. - >
20h/ Errant NATO Airstrikes in Libya: 13 Cases
"An on-the-ground examination by The New York Times of sites across Libya that were the targets of NATO airstrikes found evidence that the air campaign was not as flawless as NATO has described. The Times found credible accounts of dozens of civilians killed in several distinct attacks, of an attack on rebels and an ambulance that NATO explicitly denied, and of structures that seem to have been hit by mistake." - >
19h/ The City of Tawergha, Libya genocide - December 2011  ->

18h/ EVIL has just reached its climax!! US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the U.S. ambassador to Libya Gene Cretz and Gen. Carter Ham, commander of U.S. leadership in Africa , taking part in a ceremony to lay a wreath of flowers on 13 grave for sailors invaders belonging to the U.S. Navy who died in 1804 in the cemetery of the Protestants in the December 17, 2011 in Tripoli , Libya.

16h/ [hogwash] In Strikes on Libya by NATO, an Unspoken Civilian Toll ->
15h/ Green Resistance Info Source code just beamed in alerting General Barrani Ichkal killed by the resistance. It was him who betrayed Libya in opening the doors of Tripoli. Mohamed Barrani Ichkal had a mission to protect and guard the gates of Tripoli, On August 21, 2011, he opened the doors to the battalion Abdelhakim Belhadj which allowed the rapid fall of certain parts of Tripoli.
14h/ Libya - Saif AlIslam Gaddafi
After announcing a rumor of a supposed exfiltration Seif Al-Islam, we can say that he walked today in the streets of Zintan, just surrounded by heavily armed guards and without handcuffs.

Reportedly, the brigades of Zintan wanted to silence the rumor that they would not show their prisoner to the Red Cross because he was suffering abuse. Also, he had to break anothe...r rumor about the fear of attack from Tripoli. Indeed, it is stated that the son Hafter who missed his hold-up in Aman Bank with his men, wanted to fund militias to go to capture and remove Seif.

We now know also that many events took place in Zawiyah in recent days, calling loudly, the release of Saif Al-Islam.
Libya - Activation of software for the control of internet companies in Libya by Qatari and Jordanian (December 17, 2011)
Jordanian and Qatari companies monopolizing the telecom sector in Libya have installed software to monitor Internet in Libya and block some sites of resistance.
Democracy begins in Libya. They want to muzzle the green strength. This resistance is not overcome sooner or later.
12h/ LATEST NEWS@ US department of state plans to #deploy more than ten thousand soldiers in Libya, meanwhile #Pentagon officials meet libyan counterpart today in tripoli as they secretely signed conventions uncluding F-16 jet plane deal.. experts consider that as part of conflict between west and russia.
11h/ USA opened an AbuGhraib branch in Libya Misurata . They are torturing even underage Libyan children and women in this prison. They are planing to open it in #Alzentan as well.
10h/ HORRIBLE PHOTO EVIDENCE OF TORTURE BY #Libya REBELS -Look at the wounds on Abdel Moneim Mohammed Alohishi inflicted in #Tripoli prison, this hero was tortured by #NATO scum. #HRW
Evidence of torture: Prisoners in "new" Libya
09h/ Here is a text about scandals in Morroco Sheik Zayed hospital with #Libya rebels . Pissed off nurses & doctors desperate. Wounded rebels in #Turkey hospitals also made scandals concerning orgies with women, harrasment of nurses by drunk wounded rebels, breaking rear doors to sneak around etc..
08h/Lets not forget why #Turkey expelled Libyan wounded men. One of #Libya rebels raped a nurse -
07h/ Dr.Shakir said that Hala Misrati, famous #Libya reporter,was raped 17 times by rebels, and she is STILL in captivity, although rebels tried to decept the public into believing that she escaped to #Tunisia . She is in #Tripoli Sijn Jdida prison. And her life is at risk! #HRW

Libya resistance news:17.  December  2011.
00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->
24h/ WHO IS MYSTERIOUS KILLER OF GADDAFI?... Yes? You are making progress. This evil green light led to the murder.. - >
23h/ Libya Liberation Frontline News [17.12.2011.] -
21h/ Armed gangs in #Libya cheated citizents at the Salah Al-Ghali "ceremony concert" .They collected money, but there was no ceremony , when people started shouting they got expelled. Money not returned. ->

20h/ SIRTE - Horror schools in #Sirte #Libya - children have no schools in Sirte- watch @youtube video -- HEARTBREAKING ->

19h/ Detail from Office of the Supreme Security Committee in "NEW" #Libya. Full story about what happened in the #Libya #Bank yesterday -  shooting,blood on floor, testimonies of security officers #Libya #Hifter ->
18h/ TRIPOLI - The last 3 days in #Libya combat helicopters and small jets are flying in circular motion along the same path all the time, around specific routs over #Tripoli and airport. Are they doing it cause big #Pentagon rat is coming to destroy Libyan air-deffense missile system as expected, or cause they want to #spy and intimidate Alzentan with whom Hifter clashed over airport? We dont know.
17h/ BREAKING- Office of Al Lie-zeera in #Tripoli #Libya came under grenade attack!!! #AJE was attacked at 18:30 friday evening :) PHOTO of a hand granade which destroyed the office of Al Lie zeera in #Tripoli #Libya @AJEstream
Office of Al Lies-zeera in Tripoli, Libya
16h/ According to Akhbar Elmokawama Libya the head of the green resistance front El Chakika was a victim of an assassination attempt. He promises a revenge against the rebels from Souk al Joma and Kardji.
The front of El Chakika is one of important battalions of the Libyan Liberation Army.
This battalion will release a new class of fighters after the finishing of training, knowing that their trainers are Russians
15h/ #Libya rat, who appeared in Dr.Shakir's interview, and threatened to target hotel where Saif Gaddafi is located, is killed! His surname is Ben Saber.
14h/  #Sirte #Libya December 2011
Sirte  - you can not see banners in English like on start of "fake" revolution in Benghazi
 13h/ "NEW" Libya  Video from huge protests in #Libya - people regreting revolution. ANGRY at #NTC ,a fake new government ->

12h/ Compliments to #NATO & #Qatar ! Due to their 'help', #Libya today is now one of the most #dangerous & #poorest countries in the #world . #Libyans are no longer able to feed the increased number of #beggars in the Libyan cities. 
11h/ It is confirmed by green resistance that one of the sons of #Hifter Khalifa, who serves as defense minister in the current Libyan Government, led an armed gang which carried out armed robberies on #banks in #Tripoli , including the Bank of Safety. It should be noted that Hifter was a resident of #US for a quarter of a century and obtained his position from #NATO after the occupation of #Libya . Photo was taken at the bank where the shooting started in which Hifter's thief son was wounded in the leg, and later kidnapped by resistance from the hospital.
The son of Hifter Khalifa led an armed gang which carried out armed robberies on banks in #Tripoli
10h/ TRIPOLI - #Lawlessnes in #Libya : Couple of days ago, armed gangs brought severely wounded girl to #Tripoli hospital, doctor said that her condition is too severe and its not possible to save her. Gangs killed a #doctor and wounded another one which tried to protect him.
09h/ BANI WALID - Citizents of #BaniWalid celebrating tonight, 2 occasions: defeating traitors,regaining back the city and welcoming released green prisoners #Libya->

08h/ BENGHAZI - Eastern Libyans who were main oponents of #Gaddafi , already feeling nostalgic about him, some say "now we understand, what we had was prosperity and peace, we were blind before". #NTC is angry at #Benghazi protesters who have called for 'new revolution', while showing banners of hanged Jalil.
Potests in Libya against NTC
Libya resistance news:16.  December  2011.
00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->
23h/ US ambassador to Libya was directly involved in co-ordinating military operations between Misrata brigades and rebels in Zawiyah. This information has been provided by Libyan Intelligence to Dr- Shaker. He released all the conversation today to Libyan public.->
22h/ Libya's government has not asked NATO to investigate.
"There is no need for a NATO investigation," Dabbashi said. "Usually it is acceptable that there will be some civilian casualties because of some errors."[PARTIOTS of LIBYA  ] - >
21h/ The Finance Minister Who Robbed A Bank - Ali Tarhouni tells the media in Benghazi that Qatar agreed to give the rebels money for weapons and other items in exchange for the oil they control. ->
20h/ LONDON, Dec 15 (Reuters) - Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) named 10 companies that will get priority access to term supplies of its crude oil in 2012, including
traditional buyers among European refiners that stood by the country's new leaders in its civil war. [THIS IS REALLY GOOD PRINCIPE of DEMOCRACY]
  A senior source at the NOC said that the following companies would definitely receive crude oil volumes next year: Repsol, Total, Eni, Royal Dutch Shell, OMV, ConocoPhillips, Saras,BP, Galp and Exxon Mobil.     ->
19h/ Libya Flash News: The rebels kill two surgeons at the hospital in Tripoli
- The NTC refused the resignation of Mustafa Abdeljalil
17h/ Libya, Tripoli -  Fathi Baaja (Benghazi NTC) and Salem Gnan (Nalut NTC) have resigned.
Rebel`s checkpoint was attacked on the Tripoli-Sebha road, two of the attackers were captured.
 Son of Khalifa Hiftar was arrested after being involved in an incident (shooting in bank?) in Tripoli. He has been handed over to the Higher Security Council of Tripoli.
16h/ Libya: US and Swiss officials try to block communications of Libyans and foreigners protesting NATO occupation of Libya.
ICC requests permission to investigate arbitrary killing to Muammar Qadafi, US and NATO threaten ICC and try to block investigation.[cdoebbler ]
15h/ Algerians arrest 87 Libyan bandits aka rebels, accuse them of smuggling drugs & weapons. ->
14h/ Tunisia reopened its Ras Jidr crossing with Libya Thursday after Tripoli took steps to prevent the kind of incidents that led to the border's closure two weeks ago - >
13h/ It was an operation to eliminate the Libyan leader:ICC (II) ->
12h/ ICC 'suspects' Gaddafi’s death was war crime "The death of Muammar Gaddafi is one of the issues to be clarified – what happened – because there are serious suspicions that it was a war crime," Luis Moreno Ocampo said on Thursday.  [Yes - and NATO monster main role in this murder! Who will be JUDGE?]- >
It was an operation to eliminate the Libyan leader, planned by the North Atlantic alliance (I)  - >

Putin presented version of how Gaddafi was killed [ a dubious place for NATO] -

It is becoming increasingly accepted that water promises to be to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th century: the precious commodity that determines the wealth of nations. Western military intervention in Iraq, Libya and imminently Syria is driven as much by a thirst to profit from water as it is by a desire to pilfer oil, trade arms and gain lucrative no-bid reconstruction contracts. The military invasions are ostensibly aimed at liberation.
British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond recently let the cat out of the bag by officially confirming that Britain will make returns of £200 billion from reconstruction contracts in Libya, all from a mere £300 million investment. According to the US based Centre for Public Integrity, western nations stand to make up to US$1trillion from privatizing, harnessing, purifying and distributing water in a region where water often sells for far more than oil.( read full article ...)
07h/LIBYA, Bani WALID - Thankfully in very large festive atmosphere today received prisoners of Bani Walid who imprisoned in Gharyan  - heroes are in BaniWalid.
06h/ Libya, SIRTE: Children are hungry , homes are ruins , people are have only bad words for traitor whose sold homeland 15.dec 2011 people in #Sirte #Libya

05h/ TRIPOLI  - The #Tripoli #Massacres: Dr. Salem al-Farjani -I have a friend (permission to name you, Dave?) to thank for this tip and the intital research, to which I added a fair amount. It was thanks to my work he saw the significance when he stumbled across this character Dr. Salem al-Farjani. In two important ways this man may be relevant to our understanding of the mysterious massacres across the capitol in August and September. First, the text: - >
04h/Libya , BENGHAZI  - Benghazi rebels in 6000 to prevent a revolution from Friday
 -  The presence of 6,000 rebels in the city of Benghazi pretext to impose security, but all people know that this reinforcement of rebels in the streets and neighborhoods to avoid revolution is tomorrow, Friday. This day is marked for the insistence of the Libyans to bring down Mustapha Abdeljalil. ALGERIA ISP a source confirmed
03h/ Libya news [backup libyasos] 25. November - 01. December 2011. - >

Libya resistance news:15.  December  2011.
Aisha Gaddafi
 21h/ Putin presented version of how Gaddafi was killed [ a dubious place for NATO] -

20h/ Libya Liberation Front Frontline News [15.12.2011.]  - >
19h/  Report Libya: conflicting Message over Resignation Abd some say he was Forced to stay by NATO..but message that he resigned remains.
2. Report Libya: sources say ..there was a assassination attempt on Abd jalil. This including mass rejection by Militia's may have effected him.
3. Report Libya: mass Protests against NTC and Militia across libya.. Chanting Allah wa Muamar wa Libya wa Bas.. for second day today.
4. Report Libya: Benghazi militia and NTC using Heavy weapons and firing into crowds to disperse Mass Protests and also Pro-Gaddafi supporters.
5. Report Libya: Bel Haj ALQAEDA said "we have great influence now and Certain groups should understand that" possible veiled threat to Zintan.
6. Report Libya: Bel haj Alqaeda said "everyone disrespects everyone..nobody recognizes anyone.Nobody trusts each other NTC will end like this".
7. Report Libya: NTC speaker said "we are going To hard times" when asked about situation of Libya and NTC.
8. Report Libya: Green resistance fought in Tripoli outskirts all were dressed as Rebels as is standard today. Rebels complain of Confusion.
9. Report Libya: Green resistance attacked convoys at Ras lanuf and Brega. Stopping Oil tankers and Rebel pickup trucks for hours.
10. Report Libya: 10 militia Fighters were killed in bab ben Ghashir neighborhood clashes. as they were mistaken as Green resistance fighters.
11. Report Libya: NTC Ajdabiyah official warned against any protests... But Ajdabiyah is Run 100% by local militia's and nobody listens to NTC.
12. Report Libya: North Misrata brigades clashed with each other for Control inside of Misrata. City is mostly destroyed by infighting.
13. Report Libya: caller left Misrata said "there are no services. rape and Murder is publicly done infront of Families. we left hell behind".
14. Report Libya: Benghazi militia's Fear the City of Ajdabiyah as it stands between them and Brega and are preparing to occupy it by Force. Benghazi militia Groups wish to conquer Ajdabiyah in order to secure access to Brega. During Recent war, the city of Ajdabiyah has Built a sizeable militia groups. Possible clashes between Benghazi vs Ajdabiyah
15. Report Libya: zintan fighter was Burned then hanged then his burned corpse was beheaded by Hefter militia Groups backed by USA.
16. Report Libya: Green resistance Fighters promised major Changes in Coming days and Vowed to continue Legacy of the martyr Muamar Gaddafi 

Libya resistance news:14.  December  2011.
00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->
24h/ The French Vulutre  Alain Juppe, Paris, fly to Libya in 24-hour visit for talks with President of the "Transitional National Assembly," Mustafa Abdul Jalil - A spokesman for the French Foreign Ministry Bernard Valero said "the visit will be an opportunity to confirm the renewal of France, which led the early days of the international coalition to protect the Libyans, which will also be on their side in the reconstruction." ->
23h/ Benghazi: From cradle to grave of the NTC? STRANGE? NOW ARE slogans IN ARABIC - without ALJAZEERA CAMERAS , without MODELS for PHOTOS where is Qatari Circus now?!? ->
22h/ Algeria stops Libyan weapons smugglers. The seven men arrested tried to pass themselves off as former Libya rebels on patrol, but the officials said there were too many weapons in the trucks. The trucks contained assault rifles, Katyusha rockets and ammunition of various calibers. [yesterday]
21h/ / Rival militia groups are becoming increasing entrenched in Libya and won't hand in their weapons until they trust the government, according to a new report by the International Crisis Group.
The report found that around 125,000 Libyans are armed and are loyal to one of up to 300 rival gangs
NATO puppet Mustafa Abdul Jalil 7Libyan traitor
20h/ As expected, NATO puppet Mustafa Abdul Jalil has resigned as fighting continues across the country, and protests slowly gain momentum.
In an odd twist of events, Jalil has asked for his son to take his possession, as if Libya is a Kingdom. Analysts believe that Jalil has stolen enough of Libya's wealth to retire for another century, billions of US dollars have been leached by Jalil's masters, and observers believe that Jalil has gained a small proportion of that wealth. [Ozyism] / but NTC didn't except :o(
19h/ Mahmoud Jibril said in a speech on the radio of Tripoli that it has signed a resolution for the rebels to a budget request of $ 10 billion without having a feasibility study or a work program and was surprised that the NTC approved without any question at the time of the creation of this new government represents a real disaster.
18h/ Tunisia has closed its two main border crossings with #Libya, saying #Tripoli was failing to control unruly militias. Air traffic controller staged strike that also caused a traffic jem Air traffic controllers walked off their jobs on Tuesday morning because they were unhappy about the appointment of new management, an aviation source said.-
17h/ Libya, humanitarian disaster: African Migrants Caught In Brutal Libyan Limbo "They tied our hands behind our backs, beat us up and locked us in jail," Igbinosa recalls. "I told them I was not a fighter, but they could not believe us. They treat us so badly there, so many people even died inside the prison there.->
15h/ LIBYA, BENGHAZI Libyans don't trust Western crownies ruling them The streets of Benghazi are once again the focal point for crowds of angry Libyans - only this time they are protesting against the country's new government. For two days, tens of thousands of protesters have been demanding more transparency and honesty from the National Transitional Council. The demonstrators are infuriated by secrecy surrounding the country's decision-making and finances.- >

07h/ The Turkish authorities have decided to expel several Libyan rebels hospitalised in Turkey for having attempted to rape Turkish nurses who were extending them medical treatment.
The reason is simple: the returnees were directly involved in sexual scandals in Turkey where they had been hospitalised for medical care.
This development came in the trail of a similar decision by the Moroccan authorities to expel Libyan rebels who had also sexually harassed Moroccan nurses in Moroccan hospitals. - >
06h/ Libya - Tripoli Helicopters (December 13, 2011)
ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar Libya, Tripoli, helicopters flying over the sky above the air base Maeitika fearing the invasion of the base by rebels Zenten.
03h/ Aisha Gaddafi  is pressing U.N. war-crimes prosecutors to investigate the October deaths of her father and one of her brothers during Libya's civil war.

In a letter released Tuesday, Aisha Gadhafi's lawyer questioned whether the International Criminal Court has taken any steps to investigate the deaths of Gaddafi and his son Mutassim. The attorney, Nick Kaufman, said both were captured alive at a time when they posed no threat to anyone, only to be murdered in the most horrific fashion after their capture.”

"If your office is not currently investigating the aforementioned crimes, could you explain why and what steps have you taken to ensure that the Libyan authorities are, themselves, investigating the matter properly and in accordance with international investigative standards?" Kaufman wrote to the court's chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo.

03h/ Benghazi- clashes in Dollar street area,between Boshna and Trbuls supporters and NTC, they are preparing demonstrations against NTC tomorow as well.
TRIPOLI - Alzentan has huge dissagreements with NTC after clashes at the airport02h/ LAST 20 years Mister Djordjevic was PERSONAL COOK OF COLONEL Gaddafi. He said: Gaddafi is take a care about worker and family and people in Libya. Last days Gaddafi was disapointed becouse had traitor leaved Green Libya day by day. Colonel knew (and before)  that can be some problem with Jalil in Benghazi - but from start he believed that everything will be OK . but later Gaddafi  was  sad becouse of traitors of Libya. The man you see is personal cook of Gaddafi family and he is talking about colonels personality..He told that he is verty simple man as his family too..He talks about his daughter Hana and especially about what Gaddafi likes to eat,these are old libyan specialities..
01h/ Gaddafi, the man who came to dinner - For the sake of truth, I will give you here another side to the Libyan story. Just imagine a country where there is no electricity bill. Electricity is free to all its citizens. There is no interest on loans; banks were state owned and loans given at zero percent interest by law. Having a home was considered a human right. - >

Libya resistance news:13.  December  2011.
00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->
Moammar Al Qadhafi - a  student
24h/  LIBYA,TRIPOLI: Old Ways Under a New Flag -#Libya "Is this the #freedom and peace the #rebels were supposed to bring us?" he asks, after going through yet another militia-run checkpoint. "Are these the new leaders of Libya?" A fake smile and the tricolour flag hanging from the rear-view mirror are his political licence to ply his taxi. - >
24h/ Libyan ambassador in #Switzerland recognizes that ICC havn’t evidence of alleged crimes of#Gaddafi #regime - >
23h/ Dr. Yusuf Shakir said in his speech that those who say this are the revolutionaries are just criminals out of prisons.The scenario for the capture of Maoummer Gaddafi is Hollywood. On the day of the fall of Sirte, the Libyan leader’s convoy was bombed by NATO planes. They hit the first and last cars and cars leaving the guide and his son. They threw him a gas bomb. They captured the Libyan leader and his son Moatassem and they have delivered to the rebels. Dr. Shakir confirms that the guide was betrayed by his closest circle
Abdelhakim Belhadj captured in Malaysia by the CIA and delivered to Libya. Koussa Moussa, the head of information has made sure that Belhadj out of the prison, two days before the launch of the plot on Libya.
(VIDEO) Independent Libya reporter Dr.Shakir 12.12.11 in arabic lang. ->
22h/ Cyber war on US drones? Another spy craft goes down, now in Seyshelles  - With America still scrambling to explain why and how they lost a drone aircraft over Iran last week, the Pentagon is trying to make sense of how another high-tech unmanned spy craft crashed Tuesday morning in Seychelles.- >
21h/ Libya after Gaddafi  post-Gadafi democracy  Prostitution & Drugs blooming in Tripoli Libya after Gaddafi .. Video of a raid on prostitution/drug - >
20h/ Libyan activists demand transparency from National Transitional Council ->
18h/ Libya and the Infamy of Freedom and Democracy - The phone call from Libya : “We were blinded by a well organized propaganda machine, blinded by our greed and envy of the neighbor who had a little more than we had, blinded by the belief that Democracy meant even more freedom and justice than what we already had. We were so indoctrinated by Western Propaganda that we tended to believe that being European was something special, something privileged, something we wanted to be. As if importing the failures of the socioeconomic and political model that was collapsing in Europe would bring us freedom and prosperity. This was the dumbest case of African and Arab self-destruction”. - >
17h/ Update : NATO eliminated  Gaddafi?
It was an operation to eliminate the Libyan leader, planned by the North Atlantic alliance (I)  - >
16h/ BENGHAZI:  Some 20,000 protesters marched through Benghazi today in the largest demonstration against the NTC so far. In comments to Libyan television stations, protesters also complained that salaries were not being paid and that the city had been without a government since the NTC moved to Tripoli.->
15h/  TRIPOLI: Libyans March in Tripoli, Benghazi Calling for Less Secrecy  (Bloomberg) -- Libyans took to the streets of Tripoli and the eastern city of Benghazi, accusing the ruling National Transitional Council of being too secretive about its membership structure and finances.
We sacrificed a lot in this war,” Salwa Bugaighis, a lawyer in Benghazi and a former member of the NTC before she resigned in August over a lack of transparency in its decision- making process, said in an interview. We want democracy.” [ well … this is democracy! What you want more?!?] - >
13h/ Libya Descending Into Chaos And Civil War: Experts - The rebels brought no new ideology, they’re simply carving up the power pie, says expert in Oriental Studies Andrei Volodin:

“They’re divided into various factions that have no idea what unity and territorial integrity are. No foreign country would interfere into the conflict at this stage as the West is too weak. Moreover, this conflict was triggered by the West. Thus, if Libya falls apart, the US, France, the UK and other intruders will be responsible.”
Experts are also skeptical about the NTC powers as it’s quite heterogeneous, comprising both liberals and radical Islamists who pursue their own aims, says Oriental researcher Sergei Demidenko:

Libya is loose as a state and it will continue to get deeper into economic and political chaos. No democratic elections or Constitution would help as Libya’s society is split and hardly unifiable. As for the tribes, they are entering a new level of hostility and sometimes break all their laws and codes.”
Now experts are mostly negative about Libya’s future and believe that it could break up into parts. ->
12h/  U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday - Panetta said Libya reflects the ongoing changes in the region after the Arab Spring, and said the U.S. wants to help Libyans move in the right direction as the people take back their country. With military assistance from the U.S. and NATO, Libyans ousted and later killed longtime leader Moammar Gadhafi earlier this year. - >
 11h/ NTC [traitor of Libya] news - Libyan City of Benghazi to Become Economic Capital, NTC Says TRIPOLI, Libya — Libya’s new leaders said Monday they hope to have a working army and police force up and running in 100 days time[ I like to see that ], and said ministries would be relocated to cities across the country in a bid to decentralize national authority.
In a statement read out by Abdelraziq al-Ardy, an NTC representative from Tripoli, the NTC has decided that Benghazi, the eastern city where the anti-Gadhafi uprising broke out, will serve as Libya’s economic hub, with the economy and oil ministries [ how interesing is this liol and money NOTHING MORE ro less  ha!] relocated there. Misrata, a business hub that played a key role in the fight against Gadhafi’s forces, will be home to the Finance Ministry, while the eastern city of Darna will host the Culture Ministry, he said.
Most of the remaining ministries will be in Tripoli, he said.
02h/ Libyan Liberation Frontline News [12.12.2011.] - >
News about Saif Al Islam Gadhaffi & the demands from Zentan [26./28./29. 11.2011.] - >
01h/ Saif Al Islam Gaddafi: Americans tried to tempt me to turn against my father ->
01h/ Qatar Admits It Fought Alongside Libyan Rebels against Gaddafi ->

Libya resistance news:12.  December  2011.
00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->
24h/ 26 CAPTURED REBELS CAN BE EXCHANGED FOR SAIF AL ISLAM ,IF ZINTANS REBELS ACCEPT THAT - The Green fighters tribes Mchachiya require an exchange of prisoners for the release of Seif El Islam . The fighters of the tribes of Mchachiya
Liberation Army of Libya have captured more than 26 rebels in the region Zenten El Hamada. Green Fighters require an exchange of the Zentan prisoners with Saif Gaddafi [ALGERIA ISP / Zenten According Canal (PRO CNT)]
Saif Al Islam , Muammar  and Saadi Al Gaddafi
23h/ TRIPOLI  - The internal forces are already divided over the country. Captured by the Tripoli airport. Sky Libya closed for civilian aircraft. Airport trying to liberate the "unknown armed men." Gangs  was set false checkpoint, which is in time to stop the car. The Provisional Government of Libya has closed the air traffic throughout the country. ->
22h/ 21th century - A Saudi woman has been executed for practising "witchcraft and sorcery", the country's interior ministry says.
21h/ This is a letter written on 22.09.2011 to Rafiq Mujahid from Maketbth: 
"I am writing to you from under the olive tree, from the Mujahid mountains of Bani Walid. I did not wash my body of pure blood, glued to me from the wounds of the martyrs on yesterday's battle, faces still horribly smiling, a features of the hot summer morning, and the smell of their wounds remains. God's presence is rising in chest, and their legendary beauty almost hurts . One of the martyrs, a boy fighter around 17 years old, fataly wounded by the treacherous French shrapnel, pulled my hand which I extended to him, and a tear fell from my eyes on his body. Maybe it got lost in the space of distance between the narrator and the martyr. God is my son, Walid ... God is Aashbab of honorable Libya"
20h/ Tawergha was a weidespread rassistical cleansing and Massacr on black people comitted by Nato-led Rebels. GENOCIDE, RACISM, ETHIC CLEASING of TAWARGHA - CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY by NATO's darling REBELS in LIBYA - ->
19h/ Now - stolen Libyan assets will give criminal interest loans to African nations! There will be NO African Bank and African Monetary Fund! Sad days for Africans ! Standard & Poor's (S&P) agency is reviewing credit ratings on 50 banks in the Middle East and North Africa under a new set of criteria that could result in higher funding costs for lenders in the region.

S&P's associate director of financial institutions Timucin Engin said he expects more activity in debt capital markets as bank lending struggles, Reuters reported on Sunday.

We look at 25 banks in the [P]GCC region. We also rate banks in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon so across the MENA, we look at 50 credits,” Engin said.[ Niakoi Niakakav]  EXPOSED fake #Libya social sites acitivists ! Being payed to act as Libyan rebels & comment in shifts!!
Fake twitter, Facebook accounts for "uprising"
Fake accounts for "uprising"
 Around 2,000 Libyans are protesting in the eastern city of Benghazi to demand transparency and justice from the country's new leaders.

16h / LIBYA , TRIPOLI - (Reuters) - Rival militias in an area south-west of the Libyan capital exchanged heavy gunfire on Monday after a dispute flared up between them that local residents said had killed at least four people.
15h/ LIBYA , ZINTAN  - An official in Zintan,, said El-Mashasha BANDITS  had killed a family from Zintan on Monday as they drove through an area controlled by the tribe.
14h / LIBYA, SABHA -Violent clashes between the arms of the military veterans of the liberation of Libya and the rebels.
Misurata city residents are demanding to leave Khalifa Al-Zawawi

12h/ LIBYA, ZAWIA  The rebels of the population revenge by burning buildings -  the rebels set fire to buildings including the number of apartments is 60 apartments. They expelled all its inhabitants, and the reason is revenge after the death of one of the rebels Ouled Sakr yesterday.
11h/ LIBYA,TWARGHA  - The 30,000 people living in a town in northern Libya have been driven out of their homes, in what appears to have been an act of revenge for their role in the three-month siege of the city of Misrata. So what really happened in the town of Tawergha, are the accusations of brutality against the town's residents fair and what does it say about hopes for national unity?[NOW they write??now?] - >
Look how nice homes MAKE GADDAFI. And now? What now make NATO/NTC/ALQAEDA?!?
Tawargha - after NATO/NTC crime
10h/ Libya takes first step towards creating media system –[Libya don’t worry becouse you havent FOOD AND MEDICAMENTS] - You will have HOGWASH MEDIA -

Libya resistance news:11.  December  2011.
00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->
24h/ 40 #Libyan #bandits of #Belhaj #gangs #arrested by #Syrian army at #Turkish-Syrian border. ->

23h/ Libya news summary 11.12.2011. [AfriSinergy]  - Breaking News - Libya NTC Being Hunted
22h/ SIDI BIN NUR, LIBYA: A top US official said on Sunday that a team of US and Libyan [?] bomb-disposal specialists has secured about 5,000 surface-to-air missiles stockpiled. Shapiro said the United States has already spent six million dollars in its efforts to secure [?]  these weapons.  [Don't worry USA you keep Libyan money - Libyan people will pay to you.]
21h/ NATO/ NTC DEMOCRACY COMING  - According to the International Labour Organization, Libya is  facing the biggest unemployment crisis in a generation.
The problem is all the more acute because two in three people in the region are under the age of 30. They all need to find work but the economies do not have the jobs for them.
Many young bandits  are reluctant to give up their weapons and now there is growing frustration by the public over the number of guns people are carrying and heavy weaponry still on the streets of cities like Tripoli.
"It's going to be difficult. I'm sorry to be pessimistic but lots of young people think that here is the revolution, it's done, now we're going to be rich, we're going to be prosperous," says Ali Tekbali, a Professor at the University of Tripoli. [NTC traitors sold homeland for nothing!]
20h/ MUST SEE: Libya This is how heroic city Sirte looks like now after NATO siege & brave defence fights led by Leader Gaddafi ->

19h/ Qatar info: "U.S. officials consider Doha a close ally. Qatar hosts U.S. Central Command and has the Gulf's only Israeli Interests Section. Mr. al-Sallabi moved to Doha to join the roster of politically active "ALQAEDA" Islamic theologians hosted by Qataris. Qatar said during the rebel training, interacted with about 30 Western liaison officers, including Britons, French and several Americans.
A team of about 60 Qataris helped set up rebel command centers in Benghazi, the mountain city of Zintan and later in Tripoli- NATO/QATAR. Qatar funneled much of its aid through Ali al-Sallabi, say NTC-allied officials. Qatar funneled Weapons to Bel haj ALQAEDA and Salabi. In Misrata's Baraka Hotel, framed portraits of Qatar's emir and crown prince are displayed where Col. Gadhafi's portrait once hung.
Qatar becoming de facto the first GCC state to grant official recognition to Israel. Qatar has US military Base..
Qatar is merely small State... its money is all in US accounts.. Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani met with Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu during The Libya war. Qatar emir hamed and Prime minister Olmert were discussing together libya war. Qatar and ZIonist Gang have great relationship. Qatar Foreign Minister Says "no plans To Cut Trade ties with israel" ( at the moment despite the wave of violence rocking the Palestinian territories) Qatar just proves more that ALQAEDA = israel. [SomaliaSuport2]
18h/ Gunfight erupts near Tripoli airport : Two hurt - A gunfight erupted near Tripoli international airport in which two people were wounded on Saturday, a Libyan army official and a former rebel told "There were clashes between thwars (revolutionaries) from Tripoli and thwars from Zintan (brigade) to take control of the airport," Kamuka, who works in the administration department, told AFP.
"They confiscated two pick-up trucks loaded with anti-aircraft guns. They tried to take control of the checkpoint. They wounded two of our fighters and arrested two others," he said. - > 
17h/ Governor of Central Libya Bank pays his friend 75000 Libyan dinars- PROOF
Governor of Central Libya Bank pays his friend 75000 Libyan dinars

16h/ Doha, Qatar: In an unprecedented cooperation between a university and a country to envision a new national media system, representatives of Libya’s post-revolution government and media have gathered today in Doha for a session convened by Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) being called Media Vision for Libya: A “Good Offices” Conference. Dr.Everette E.  Dennis worked with organizations involved in supporting press freedom in post-communist Eastern Europe - now he will TEACH traitors how LOOK INDEPENDET HOGWASH “JORNALISM”
15h/ Libya leaders send UN new appeal to unfreeze funds - TRIPOLI, Dec 10 (Reuters) - Senior figures in Libya's new leadership have written a letter to the United Nations asking it to release funds still frozen three months after the country's civil war ended. Elkaber said he had signed the letter along with Mustafa Abdel Jalil, chairman of the National Transitional Council (NTC), interim Prime Minister Abdurrahim El-Keib and Finance Minister Hassan Ziglam.
Yet by late November only about $18 billion of the $150 billion in seized assets had been released by special dispensations of the U.N. Security Council's sanctions committee. Diplomats said last month that of the $18 billion, only about $3 billion had been made available to Tripoli [I am soooo sorry]

"We need this money to manage the country," [xaxaxa] the central bank governor said on the sidelines of a conference. - >
14h/ Genocide and the destruction of Sirte - of NATO , his hired terrorists and criminals and the support of so-called - "The Security Council"! Let those responsible to be cursed, and their descendants to bear the shame of generations what their ancestors have done !
13h/ War-torn Libya shelters jobless Gazans.Israel's blockade of Gaza has left thousands jobless with two in three locals living in poverty. The situation is so desperate that even Libya, fresh from a bloody civil war, is being seen as a land of opportunity by over 5,000 Palestinians. - >
12h/ South Africa , Abuja President JacobZuma said yesrterday that the campaign carried out by #NATO in Libya left a wound on the continent which will take a long time to heal.
"We must consider how to ensure no repetition of what happened in Libya."
South African President gave a lecture on the anniversary of Nigerian politician and former Vice-President, shiho Musa Yar'Adua, who was believed killed during his prison term after being accused of plotting a coup against the late military dictator Sani Abacha in 1997.
10h/ Gunmen try to assassinate head of Libyan army - TRIPOLI, Libya — Gunmen tried to kill the head of the Libyan army Saturday in a bold daylight attack in the country's capital, setting off hours of intense gunbattles along the main highway to the airport. Assailants in Tripoli also attacked one of Libya's largest military bases. -
09h/ Five wounded in clashes in Libyan capital -
08h/ Hillary "War Zone" Clinton: A Burger short of the Barbie - Now what does Hillary Clinton have to say about that? Jumping on the bandwagon as she did in her "war zone" welcome by a brass band in Bosnia, she calls for a "full investigation" after making an even more absurd claim that Vladimir Putin has suffered a "setback" while expressing her "serious concerns". If getting 50% of the vote is a "setback" then Hillary "War Zone" Clinton is a burger short of the Barbie. -

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