Jan 18, 2012


Lesson No 1 : "How to urinating on dead native people."
 by Libya S.O.S.
Libyan [Illegal] Defense Minister : "We received an offer from US, to train Libyan desert troops, we need that cause we must be prepared for emergency situations"

Defense Minister Osama Aljowaily said that "Libya had received an offer for the training of Special Desert Forces and the Libyan air force by US troops."
Aljowaily stressed in a press interview that "the U.S. side expressed its full readiness for the training of Libyan forces," explaining that "most of the world expressed its readiness to assist Libya to rebuild and establish a pluralistic democratic system that respects human rights, but he stressed that he was not talking about any deals to arm the Libyan army. " [ and Pluralistic Democratic System will be reached with a millitary drill from US troops??]

He pointed out that "the combat doctrine for the country's new army would be purely defensive and not offensive as it was before," [To whom was it offensive before??]

"We will not interfere in the affairs of nations, because this is rejected by the Libyan people, who suffered from the whims of Gaddafi and the international community as well." 
[Libya or Gaddafi have never interfered in the affairs of other nations! But the other nations interfered in the Libyan internal affairs, you hypocrite! "Whims of Gaddafi" - lol]

He called for a "must draw the line between freedom and chaos in his country," noting that "the purpose of revolution is to achieve freedom and social justice to the citizents." "But we must work for emergency situations, we are in a crisis. "

[ And the emergency situation means that : rebellion against new government is going out of hand, people want to reverse the revolution, so US drilled (domestic) special forces are needed to quash all the demonstrations, right of speech, right of association, right to protest, so the US can extract the oil more smoothly ]
Source: Al Manara Link
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