Jan 4, 2012

Libyan Liberation Front News [04.01.2012.]

(1) Air flights in and out of Tripoli international remain suspended due to multiple usage of anti aircraft artillery by militia groups.

(2) The body of Mustafa El Akili was taken to Benghazi, he was gun down in fighting between Libyan Liberation Front fighters and the rebels in an attempt to release prisoners in El Jadida complex in Tripoli. He was commander of some renegade battalions from Benghazi.

(3) The small black clan of Tekle in the Fatih District of Sabha ambushed rebels from Misrata who previously took control over their food processing factories, and also occupy Tekle farms. They taught the rebels serious lesson and unforgettable episode by killing 183 rebels, and taken 205 prisoner.

(4) Libyan liberation army decided to finish up with Abdelmajid Mazak in hospital, he is the battalion commander for the Defense of Misrata, he was exterminated by the Green Southern Command.

(5) Based on information received by Libyan Liberation Command, brought in by Elmokawama, Dr. Hamaza Touhami has confirmed, Syria did not recognize the NTC. The green flag flies very high over the Libyan Embassy in Damascus.

Be good, stay alive and have a happy start of 2012. This is it for today from the green field report, we bring information to you after thorough research and confirmation, we also encourage citizen reports, citizen journalism to dismantle corporate media based on deceit, debauchery and imperialism.

Report by SomaliaSupport2 Libya

Report Libya: Yusuf Shakir says "i informed the brothers in Zintan of what happened with "fighting" Hefter and What will happen."

Important Statement: Dr.Hamza confirmed that Yusuf Shakir is with the Green resistance and that Rumors against him are spread by NATO.

Report Libya: heavy fighting in Tripoli Southern and Eastern areas and Near a Military base at outskirts of Tripoli.

Report Libya: Misrata brigades are attacking each other in City of Misrata. Militia's started stopping each other at checkpoints.

Report Libya: Green resistance is currently fighting against North misrata brigade at Sirte. To free the city and its Suffering population.

Report Libya: according to Source in Sirte over 200 people died in recent 2 days of fighting.. There are no hospitals and clashes are heavy

Report Libya: Sirte is humanitarian disaster...no medical supplies or Functioning hospitals. Shortages of Food and electricity in winter

Report Libya: North Misrata Brigades are killing People randomly in Sirte.. only 30% of the city Remains due to NATO airstrikes.

Report Libya: very heavy fighting in Sirte.. People of Sirte are fighting with all they have and Green resistance sent Reinforcements there.

Here's a summary of the latest interview with Dr. Hamza Thami:::
Dr. Hamza Thami Spoke on Libyan FM Radio: He said that the news that were circulating among NATO's rebels about deviation of the path of Dr. Yusuf Shakir on the issue of the Libyan resistance are untrue and that he is still with the resistance. He also called for targeting of any foreign occupier on Libyan ground. He also said that Mr. Ahmed Al Shatir is with the green flag , his home is filled with pictures of Muammar Gaddafi. He said that presenters are in good health but have no news about the captive presenter Hala Misrati, which was tortured and raped by NTC gangs, and may be pregnant according to the last released video of her. According to his speech, Libyan channel will open soon, God willing, to reveal the facts and the crimes of NATO's criminal gangs. God is with us, the ones who own Libyan land.. and will give us victory, the Revolutionary Struggle continues
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