Jan 18, 2012


On the 20th of October 2011, in a convoy of cars which was struck by NATO bombs near Sirte, many people died.
Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was hurt and later brutally killed, Major General Jounis was martyred, and many other freedom-loving people lost their lives under the rain of invader's bombs in their hometown.

In this particular video the savagery of NATO mercenary-foot soldiers who came to loot what was left of a convoy and dead bodies, imediatelly after NATO stopped the bombing, is tragically obvious, and should be kept for next generations to see and remember.
Slapping the face of a dead person is obviously a new Islamic tradition invented by these new democrats.
Stealing watches and personal belongings from dead bodies is another new Islamic principle of NATO puppets.
Spraying face of a martyr with blue color, shooting and all other unimaginable ways of desecrating a dead body..
Are these the new preachers of humanity? Democracy seekers? Or just sadistic savages, payed by NATO (well, couple of months later from this event, they are still not payed, so they are protesting against their new bosses who tricked them big time).
Major General Abu-Bakr Younis Jaber
Major General Abu-Bakr Younis Jaber has proved his patriotism and bravery many times, he was a man of high standing and loyal principles, and one of the rare people of such position who did not betray  homeland by bowing and cheering for NATO bombs, the last man standing.
And what invader's foot 'soldiers' have proved?
Even their beloved west is mocking their hypocrisy, even they are horrified by the cruelty of the ones who put three martyrs, Colonel Muammer, brave Motassim Gaddafi and General Jounis, in a fridge on a public display, after long tortures.
As Motassim Gaddafi said : "My wounds are my medals" And what did you get?
Your wounds will be longterm, you will get them from depleted-uranium, you and your children.. and those will be a cancer medals of shame.
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