Jan 5, 2012

Report Libya: Dr Yusuf Shakir gives us an update [04.01.2012.]

Thank you 108morris108

Dr Yusuf Shakir is a long time Television presenter for Libyan television.  
He gives us an update; 
Sabha now has green flags.
He says NATO has stopped bombing, but there are a couple of Apache helicopters there for support. 
No order at all in Tripoli. 
And there is a lot of violence escalating between militias. 
Misrata Brigades are trying to control the country, they have many prisoners and weapons.
Qatar has overstretched itself and will not last, it does not represent an Arab agenda.
He corrects me when I say "Greens" because the majority of Libyans are for the Jamariyah. 
The liberals have been thrown out. 
Prisoners (including Journalists) are tortured, and radicals have taken over, but they are fighting amongst themselves.

The Zintan Brigades are treating Saif Al Islam well and are on the right path, they control the Airport. 
There is some uncertainty about whether Gaddafi was indeed assassinated?
Libyan rebels are helping the Syrian militants.
All the organisations, UN, Amnesty etc are controlled by the superpower (US).
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