Jan 16, 2012

Where are the internet "freedom fighters" ?

Is it really surprising that the tide of blog posts, comments and texts dedicated to the Libyan "revolution" that flooded alternative media outlets (in full compliance with the dominant line of mainstream media, if we may add) for as long as hostilities lasted, almost completely disappeared after the success of the NATO operation and the influx of the “thuwar”  (fighters) from Zintan and Mizrata into the capital Tripoli and Bani Walid?
All the armies of passionate "insurrectionary" bloggers who for months were asking for the head of the tyrant on a plate and demanded in their websites from all anarchist and libertarians an unconditional oath of loyalty to the cause of "liberation" of the Libyans, simply withdrew their interest from the troubled country, just at the moment when the "revolution triumphed" and the radical restructuring of Libyan society could - in theory at least - finally begin!

During the nine months of war, many  groups, collectives and individuals who refused to offer “earth and water” to the NATO infantry (stressing that no emancipatory process could prevail in Libya since the "rebellion" was quick to tie its fortunes to the chariot of the transnational elite through inviting NATO intervention) had to suffer the invective and vitriolic attacks of the Internet “freedom fighters” who dismissed them off hand as "apologists of tyranny," as "the regime's mouthpieces" and "vicious propagandists of the massacre of Libyan civilians".

When warned repeatedly of the reactionary social composition of the insurgent forces , of the racist pogroms unleashed against African immigrants and black Libyans, of the intense wahhabite theological influences within the ranks of militants and of the political hegemony over the movement attained by the bourgeois gang of Benghazi, the online “freedom fighters” argued in favour of the existence of a mass "proletarian" ghost-component of the insurrection, which supposedly did not agree either with NATO, or the shadow government of Abdel-Jalil and would make the "revolution" in Libya. It would suffice that Gaddafi should be deposed from power, even if his demise were to be the direct outcome of a NATO raid against Libya.

What is the reason then that the internet "freedom fighters", those who stressed the plebeian origins and the emancipatory dimension of the Libyan uprising (which was about to expire before the invasion of the transnational elite and was barely kept alive by the artificial “life-support” of the NATO air-bombardment campaign), no longer bombard us with news and posts in the alternative media concerning “Year Zero” of the Libyan Revolution? 
One wonders why they do not keep us informed about the radical achievements of the revolution in the country, ever since the tyrant was wiped out.
Why they do not push us all “doubting Thomases” into a corner, indicating the progress of the "revolution within the revolution", the rise of the counterpower of popular committees, and of progressive anti-imperialist measures applied “from below” against the "modernizing" reforms of the collaborationist Transitional Council.

So quickly did they lose interest in the rebellion which embodied the great hope of mankind (as they claimed)? 
Why is radio silence maintained on the part of insurrectionist “mujahedeen” in the time of their final triumph? [1]

Maybe .. they have next job: to spread [form their office] lies and rumors about Sirya?

[1] counter-empire: : http://counter-empire.blogspot.com/2012/01/blog-post.html
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