Jan 10, 2012

Report Libya by SomaliaSupport2 [09 .01.2012]


NTC is spreading lies that "Libyan jets" are returning and flying.. this is just a excuse for the NATO jets still bombing.

Issue Saif: ICC placed no Pressure on NTC to hand over the Bashir wanted ICC criminal.. yet ICC complains to others to hand him (Saif) over.
 ** Report Zintan: Saif Al Islam is in Good health and among his brothers as he stated countless times and Reconfirmed by Yusuf Shakir
Issue Zintan: Spoken to different sources that visited Zintan and people from Qaddafa tribe..They all reconfirm Statements by Yusuf shakir. 

** Militia's and NTC Al Qaeda still commiting brutal rape of women on a daily basis.. countless incidents of rape.. complete chaos in Libya now!
**  Video's are now emerging of missing Libyan Small girls being raped after they were abducted from Libya during the war.
** Moatassem Brigade has done 7 attacks on North Misrata brigade inside of the city of Misrata yesterday in Revenge of Moatassem
** Green resistance has defeated many Belhaj alqaeda fighters and lawless militia's in Zawiyah.. many of them are being buried
** Tribes are helping Green resistance attack the Belhaj alqaeda fighters and Militia's..The people hate NTC as criminal looters
** Source speaking to Rebel said "Moastassem Brigade are like shadows..they attack and then dissappear." were very scared of them
**  Moatassem Gaddafi brigade has killed many North misrata fighters in Misrata and in Sirte.
** Abd Jalil and Tunisian Representative had to leave Misrata had to leave the city earlier then expected due to security reasons
**  Clashes in Zawiyah, and Sirte, and Khums, and Tripoli outskirts. The Green resistance fought against Militia's.
**  Very heavy fighting at Zawiyah as Some bel haj Alqaeda entered city.. The people and Green resistance are defending Zawiyah.
**  Tobruk has no NTC officials or NTC fighters in their city.. Obeidi tribe removed NTC weeks ago from the east libya city.
** NTC only loots the Oil and leaves Libyan people without food and elecriticity and poisoned water. 
NATO only cares of the Oil.

**  Recent Visits by Bashir has been Instrumental in Pushing for genocide of Libyan people.. he came to demand action from NTC.
** Germany a Major Importer of Libyan Oil. Arrived to do very much what Sudan is doing. Pushing the NTC to get its act together.

**  Source speaking to Rebels that were under influence of drugs...They said to them
** Libyan Tribes are furious at profits of 6 billion dollars of recent oil sales..but all the money dissappeared in NTC corruption.
**  Libyan Tribes their people are living without Electricity in winter and shortages of food and high fuel costs and no money.
**  Source speaking in Libya said "Rebels are very afraid now that all tribes are attacking them. They have very little places to hide".
** Tribes and Libyan People are fighting to regain a Normal life out of this chaos.. They view NTC as a destruction force of of life.Their Lives.
** Source in Libya says:
"I worry for situations In Libya, the living conditions are getting worse and worse..many places are unlivable".

** Libyans complain that UN forces and NATO special forces are also taking part in rape attacks on Libyan women in Libya.
** There is no law or courts in Libya...Abdul  Jalil said that No fighter will be punished for any crimes committed.. In short chaos.
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