Jan 18, 2012

Libyan rebels threaten a new government

Abdel Hafiz Goukh and U.S. Sen. John McCain

According to Libyan media sources, there was an attack on the Vice President and public spokesman of the Libyan NTC, Abdel Hafiz Goukh. He was attacked in Benghazi, when armed man seized his luxury car. According to same sources, just before the attack, Goukh was seen leaving a well known restaurant in Benghazi. Armed men followed him, repeatedly beaten him, leaving him lying in a pool of blood, before they seized the NTC Vice President's luxury car, model "Lexus" and fled towards an unknown destination.
Libyan authorities were silent about the attack, discretion was largely imposed on the incident,the central hypothesis that Libyan Liberation Army is behind the attack is excluded, from the perspective that the attackers had deliberately left the "Goukh" alive, it is more likely that the elements of angry rebels were behind the attack, which might be a message addressed to the leaders of the new Libya.

On the other hand, the Chinese News Agency, said that French warplanes returned yesterday, flying back into Libyan airspace, particularly over areas of the western mountains

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