Jan 21, 2012

And urgent exclusive: conflicting reports about the resignation of Mustafa Abdul Jalil

Translate by Libya S.O.S.
Bomb in Benghazi 21.01.2012.
Web site (Revolution of Libya) has information that Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Chairman of the Transitional National Assembly told some of those close to him and some members of the Council, that he is going to announce resignation from his post in protest against what took place at the headquarters of the Council earlier on Saturday, an attempt to storm in and an attack with grenades .

An official of the Council told the site (Revolution of Libya) has information that Abdul Jalil is seriously considering retirement after what he described as an unfortunate event, that these developments are
an indication of rejection of the Council and its low popularity in the street in Libya. He noted that several Arab and Western countries are currently having high-level contacts with Abdul Jalil and interim Prime Minister, Dr. Abdul Rahim Keeb in order to discourage Abdul Jalil from his resignation at this time.
But some Libyan dignitaries, who spoke by telephone with Chancellor Abdul Jalil quoted him to Revolution of Libya site) and in contrast confirmed his commitment to his job and that he did not intend to resign despite mounting protests against him. Earlier, angry protesters smashed the car of Abdul Jalil, and suddenly broke into the headquarters of the Council, prompting Abdul Jalil and members of the Council to escape through the back door.

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