Jan 5, 2012

Libyan Liberation Front News [05.01.2012.]

Revolution Feb17 Libya
(1) NTC has lost control of it's ground intelligence inside Tripoli, it's a clear demonstration of proxy government failure, and the presence of over 200 foreign intelligence agencies on the ground inside Tripoli, this was the result of intensive 11 day maximum ground operations by the green army inside Tripoli and surrounding suburbs, more than 721 NTC militia soldiers were eliminated in this process, including the fatal shootings on the streets, most of the dead were gangs from Misrata and Benghazi. Special Green Falcon forces were responsible for this operation, 2 martyrs from green forces, 9 civilians died in the operation and 5 injured taken to hospital.

(2) Abdel Jalil issued a false statement, saying Libyans are requesting the presence of foreign boots on the ground, no Libyans voted to ask for foreign boots in Libya, the presence of foreign forces in Libya today is not acceptable, Libyans want foreign forces out, and Libya to Libyans to resolve the internal conflicts of civil war.

(3) 102 Green falcon prisoners have been rescued to safety in Zilten, they were helped by the green army and the volunteers in Zilten.

(4) 3 successive blasts of explosion rocked Tripoli suburbs of Abu Slim, followed sounds of small fire.

(5) Green army attacked French and Italian agents with two high speed helicopter gunships near BREGAH, killing 23 western mercenary agents at the BREGAH terminal, and also 51 Misrata gangs were killed on their way to BREGAH.

(7) Green Army has advised people to beware about travels to Libya, the mice/rats have developed links to trick supporters by making false advertisement about safety in Libya under NTC and tourism normalcy, in fact tour operators have no safety inside Libya, many foreign tourists have perished inside Libya since the start of the war, and many continue to die.

(8) The impurities of NATO have caused Libyan children and elderly people to beg for food around foreign hotels, talking about the crisis in Greece, Somalia, Darfur and Sub Saharan Africa, Libya is quickly dis-integrating into anarchy, people do not understand they have become prey to Israeli, American and European multinational corporations, and North American involvement in Libya cannot solve the hunger crisis. The crisis in Libya is equivalent to that of Greece, France. Elderly Greeks bring bread from garbage in the Northern port city of Thesalonica, in Libya nobody was allowed under the green law to eat in the garbage and sleep outside, food, housing and basic hygience was a human right, every citizen entitled to basic food and hygiene money from $500 to $750 every month to every Libby electronic direct deposit into bank accounts or debit cards.

(9) The story of Saif Al Islam will be aired today on Aljamahiriyah television.

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