Jan 13, 2012

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [13.01.2012.]

Libya location map-oil & gas 2011
 Sirte: “Revenge for the battalion of the Resistance”: on the road of the town a ambush to the rebels, consisting of a column of trucks (6 vehicles, armed to the teeth). Members of the Resistance totally destroyed the convoy of trucks and killed 26 rebels. Unfortunately, the battalion lost three fighters.
Misurata rebels continue their attacks on civilians. They continue their many barbaric atrocities, murder and torture.
Benghazi: in the city is continuing the protest against the NTC, lawlessness and looting. Clash between rebels and forces of resistance. In the city were heard exploding grenades and shots.
Al - Bayda: Youth Resistance conducted sabotage operations locally, laying mines on their checkpoints on the outskirts of the city.
(1) Leader of Libyan Liberation front Hattar Gamal Longhe and many other resistance leaders and cells have asked our people to embrace national unity, desist all imperialist pressures.
(2) Libyan Resistance Intelligence agencies have confirmed the presence of 12,000 American mercenaries and cut throat soldiers stationed in Malta about to be deployed in East Libya.

(3) The National Traitors Council of the NATO appointed proxy government of Libya has received $20 billion USD from stolen Libyan public funds, the hungry proxy government has shown no signs stabilizing the condition of Libyan citizens.

(4) NTC continues to exert blame on Libyan Resistance Movement for the immense destruction brought to the country under the barrel of the gun, it's NTC rebellion that brought destruction to Libya not the resistance movement.

(5) NATO chiefs will be meeting in their attempts to recolonize Libya, eyes are all over Libyan aquifer water supplies, oil, gypsum and many other minerals produced by Libyan masses.

(6) America and Israeli are camouflaging as UN on their mission to enter Libya.

(7) Attacks on NATO targets, governments that serve them, NTC and their collaborators will continue till Libya is stable, the resistance is not placing orders on which governments should serve NTC or not, but every applicable foreign government seen as threat to the resistance in Libya will be attacked.

(8) Libyan Liberation movement rejects the current state of African Union and Arab league, these bodies have become undemocratic serving imperialist interests, they are not fit to serve masses of the continent, war will rage inside and outside Libya till Libyans retain complete control of their own destiny and government.

We end here today. Resistance at every expense.
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