Jan 7, 2012

Libyan Liberation Front News [07.01.2012.]

Future of Libya ?
(1) Water shortages have been exprienced in many regions of Tripoli today as well as electric power outages on daily basis and for extended long hours in most Libyan cities, incresing the suffering of Libyan people as rebels continue to use utilities and basic services as a weapon.

(2) Imperialists have been drawing plans to divide Libya, new plans have been drawn to make local calls from Tripoli to Benghazi and Fezzan as long distance calls.

(3) Bashir is said to be in Tripoli or making plans to visit with rebels in Tripoli, when he entered the city, and how are still unclear, his presence is setting overlapping standards, new Libya by the rebels and Bashir have become a threat to neighboring countries. Bashir also has been hosting fugitive Richard Dicker, Director of the so-called international justice, Beshir being welcomed on board to Libya raises many issues of shame, it's disturbing that a president of the State Council of shame hosts a fugitive with an arrest warrant; for committing serious violations on human rights.

(4) Libyan Liberation Front expresses solidarity with rioting Nigerian youth in their quest to take control and possesion of their land, natural resources and order. Multi-national corporations & the CIA should not focus on using Boko Haram to divert Nigerian peoples attention. These Islamic fanatics are often financed by foreign elements with different agenda, making Nigerians to committing suicide by bombing themselves, the major purpose of these multi-national corporations is to bring in instability and puppets to infringe the rights of citizens and take over their natural resources.

(5) Fighting still rages in many of the fiercely contested areas of Sabha between Green Resistance and the rebels.

Wishing our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia, Palestine, Russian, Serbs and many other Orthodox christians, the best of Orthodox Christmass celebrations.
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