Jan 19, 2012

Vice President beaten again, after pointing gun at students

Update 19.01.2012.
Testimonies of the students which have been assaulted within the University of Garyounis by Vice President Goukh and his guard. This video was filmed inside the Bureau of Security Investigations in Benghazi .
Tragic and hypocritical - Vice Pres Goukh CRIES after getting beaten by students,cause he pointed gun at them 

19.12.2012. Benghazi, Libya 
by Libya S.O.S.
Vice President and public spokesman of the Libyan NTC, Abdel Hafiz Goukh ( (best friend of John McCain) has been beaten twice in just two days.
He was on official visit this morning to Benghazi's University of Garyounis (Faculty of Science), where student's ceremony was held. Goukh was unsatisfied with some of the participants who attended the ceremony.

He became angry when some of them called him a "NATO mercenary", so he started a quarrel. Vice President of new Libyan 'government' took out his personal gun and pointed it at the students in the audiance.

Students reacted by beating him severely. One of the students was wounded by the bullet, and after that a Libyan Democratic Vice President was escorted by NATO.
NATO mercenaries later opened fire and started beating students to disperse the protests. (read about his other beating, two days ago, when his car was stolen as well)

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He was attacked in Benghazi, when armed man seized his luxury car. According to same sources, just before the attack, Goukh was seen leaving a well known restaurant in Benghazi. Armed men followed him, repeatedly beaten him, leaving him lying in a pool of blood, before they seized the NTC Vice President's luxury car, model "Lexus" and fled towards an unknown destination.-> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/01/libyan-rebels-threaten-new-government.html

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