Feb 28, 2012

New Libyan "democratic" leader Jalil wants blood of all Gaddafi family members

Jalil: "Libya will not forgive those who refuse to hand over symbols of Qaddafi regime."
Gaddafi's family with Indira Gandhi
President of the Libyan National Transitional Council , or better to be called US Retaliatory Council -Mustafa Abdul Jalil said that "the Libyan people will never forgive those who are reluctant to hand over criminals" of the ex-Libyan regime of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Feb 25, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 14. February - 20. February 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 20.  February  2012.
Free Libya - Free World - Free Humanity
Breaking news Libya - Egyptian border:  Report about the Clashes with firearms and stones between Libyan NATO mercenaries and Egyptians in Salloum Land Port ...

Salloum Land Port has seen clashes in the afternoon between around 200 Egyptians and Libyans in the "arc", located between the West Gate and East Gate Salloum Land Port, Libyans fired blank shots at the Egyptians hurling stones.

Libya news [backup libyasos] 07. February - 13. February 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 13.  February  2012.
Muammar Al Gaddafi - HERO
23h/ Tripoli: Racist mistreatment of the ambassador from Niger
Libyan racist NATO mercenaries have expelled honorable Niger's ambassador in Tripoli because his government accepted Saadi Gaddafi [who was btw not involved in Libyan war], and who's only "crime" has been a recent call to AlArabya TV in which he warned of an uprising in Libya, reffering to the situation on the ground and the mood of Libyans which are unsatisfied with a new government. -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/02/racist-mistreatment-of-ambassador-from.html
21h/ #Warfalla tribe from #BaniWalid #Libya is denying rumours that they gonna sabotage Man Made River. They say they would never repeat sick actions of feb17 twisted minds, and endanger livelihood of their children. They didnt do it in the middle of the war, when they were under siege, why would they do it now?

Libya news [backup libyasos] 30. January - 06. February 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 06.  February  2012.
We have seen HEROES  Mu'tasim Billah, Khamis and Saif al-Islam, led by Muammar Gaddafi, in military clothes, fighting under NATO planes bombs, and Mohammed Abdullah Sanusi in the front rows of the Libyan army at that time ...The question here is: Where are the sons of Younis and Abdul Jalil and Goukh and other "revolutionaries" ???"
Heroic Gaddafi Family 
 00h/  Updates    BREAKING NEWS: Misrata brigades launched an attack on Janzour refugee camp - >http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2012/02/breaking-news-misrata-brigades-launched.html

Feb 24, 2012

Mousa Kousa, former Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs pursued in Qatar

Remember Mousa Kousa "OUR MAN IN TRIPOLI"? A former Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs, who defected and fled to London to become a key informant for NATO / Qatar / CNT.

Images of the television channel "Al Jazeera" showed the BBC journalists in the restaurant of a 5-star hotel in Doha,Qatar, verbally attacking  Mousa Kousa  by asking questions about the killings he has done in Libya. 

Feb 23, 2012


Kufra is the largest province in Libya, approximately one fifth (20%) of the country. 
It is in the south-east, and it is the only place in Libya which borders the 3 countries with hundreds of kilometers long borders. 
photo by Maps of World [ link ]    
This region which is famous for its basin and many oasis in the middle of the Sahara is a link between Sudan, Chad and Libya. Safe passage to Africa. Centre of Libyan import and export.

Feb 22, 2012

Report Libya 22. February 2012.

Kuffra Update.

(1) Bodies of Libyan rebels have been left unclaimed inside Aozou strip in Chad, since rebels entered via Sudan to force natives of Chad, taking all the men and leaving women and children to languish around the Sahara, Chad responded with full military foce, helicopters and Chadian forces have entered 753 km inside Libya, 93 Libyan rebels bodies lay in the Aozou strip on the Chadian territory, Chad took armed measures against the rebels, capturing over 320 Libyan rebels, the rebels also took one Chadian army officer to Benghazi, they beat the Chadian army with marks over his face.

Report Libya 21. February 2012.

*** TUNISIA  - #Libya PM Baghdadi Mahmoudi 151 days in jail without legal basis #illegal #immoral #inhuman
He did not betray his country and flag and its history ... But now languishing in Tunisia prison without guilt and without any legal basis, since September 19, 2011 ... 151 days in jail ...every prison day is a dagger planted in honor of Tunisia and the Arab Identity and against the principles of Islam
Libya PM Baghdadi Mahmoudi 

Canada & Co helped NATO enable ouster of Gadhafi from Libya


The radio on board HMCS Charlottetown crackled with the news. The Canadian warship's boarding party had struck pay dirt — a vessel in international waters loaded with weapons and ammunition trying to sneak into Libya.
It was May of 2011, three months into Libya's civil war, and NATO had set up a ring of 20 warships to enforce a United Nations arms embargo. No weapons, military supplies or ammunition were to reach Libya, either for troops loyal to the country's leader, Moammar Gadhafi, or for rebels now fighting to overthrow him.
"There are loads of weapons and munitions, more than I thought," the boarding officer radioed back to Charlottetown's commander, Craig Skjerpen. "From small ammunition to 105 howitzer rounds and lots of explosives."
The Libyan rebels operating the ship openly acknowledged they were delivering the weapons to their forces in Misrata.
Skjerpen radioed NATO headquarters for instructions. The response was swift: let the ship sail on so the crew could deliver their deadly cargo.
A NATO senior officer, Italian Vice-Admiral Rinaldo Veri, had boasted just weeks earlier that the alliance's blockade HAD closed the door on the flow of arms into Libya.
Not quite. While the UN embargo was clearly aimed at preventing the delivery of weapons both to Gadhafi and those fighting him, NATO looked the other way when it came to the rebels. 
NATO carrying ammunition and weapon in MISRATA

Feb 19, 2012

British media use ‘puppy dog’ imagery to sell genocidal attack on Libya

by Martin Iqbal 
Warning: this article contains graphic imagery of a very distressing nature.
After devastating Libya and partaking in the murder of an estimated 100,000 Libyan men, women and children, RAF pilots return home to their families in the UK. In a deeply obscene news update, the Daily Mail is literally using ‘puppy dog’ imagery to cynically whitewash the murderous war crimes that these British pilots have committed.
The article of November 1st, titled: ‘Overjoyed spaniel welcomes home her master as Libya Tornado crews returncontains heartwarming photos of an RAF pilot’s spaniel dog(1) being reunited with her master. The “touching scenes” include another RAF pilot’s three year-old son “looking on proudly, dressed in his miniature RAF uniform.
In the report, RAF Wing Commander Andy Turk repeats the ‘no boots’ lie, “Because there were no British troops, it was very important that the RAF maintained our intelligence and surveillance“. 

Report Libya 18. February 2012.

 A Libyan Toubou in Kuffra singing for Libyan Resistance

We are born here.
We live here.
We die here.
No to aggression.

No room for aggressors.
No room for invaders and imperialists.
Kuffra is not the place of agression.

The people here detest aggression.
Yousuf was killed by the aggressor he went to join.
The aggressor knows no peace.
This is our land, the history of eternity knows us.

Our soul lives in this sand, this is our land. 
We will never and not will compromise. 

[Translation by Stephen Gule]

Feb 18, 2012

Angelina Jolie – In the land of blood and honey

Angelina Jolie, American actress and UN ambassador of goodwill, whose visit to one side in the conflict in Libya was supposed to be a blessing for the whole Libya, has just made her debut movie about Balkan wars, in which she portrayed Serbs as villains and mass rapists.

This fashionably anorexic ex-junky and a mixed product of Hollywood and Council of Foreign Relations who likes to carry the blood of people on necklaces, and malnurished children in her hands as a latest accessories, has hoped that her latest political adventure will become a blockbuster. 

But sadly, due to her incompetent directing and the fact which was confirmed by Angelina – that she never heard of Bosnian war untill couple of months ago, movie ended up as a flop. 
Angelina Jolie - weapon of the NATO/ USA  military inetrventions
In the mean time, we are still waiting for Angelina Jolie to adopt one sick and malnurished American child, cause there are plenty of those in her home country. But hey, it wouldn’t be PR-wise if Angelina Jolie would walk around the globe with one sick and malnurished American child, what kind of picture would that paint on USA. 

Where is Hala Misrati? Is she alive?

Update 19.02.2012.
Kidnappers luckily felt compelled to denounce that, so here is a video showing Hala Misrati alive, saying she "lives in good conditions". 
[ Hero Hala is alive on video posted today]

Update 18.02.2012.
Yesterday, we heard the rumor about the death of Hala Misrati.

We haven't managed to confirm or refute this, since her whereabouts are still unknown, almost six months after the rebels captured her. 
The last we heard of her was from Dr. Yousuf Shakir who said  that she was in el Jadida prison and mistreated by the rebels. 
Halla Misrati
Since then, to our knowledge, there has been no criminal charge against her, no legal representative and no trial, and the last time we saw an evidence of her being alive was 30. December 2011.

To our knowledge, there hasn't been any serious attempt by Amnesty International, HRW or any other so called "human rights organization" to contact her and report on her treatment in captivity. 
In fact, there is a menacing silence from all those organizations that are usually concerned about the mistreatment and arbitrary arrests of journalists. 
The last time any mainstream media bothered to mention Hala Misrati, was when she was kidnapped, in August, 2011

Even then, it was not to show concern as to why a female journalist is taken into captivity, but to somehow glee over her fate, because she was intelligent enough to question the Iman Obeidi's "fable of rape" that was so instrumental to the western interventionism in Libya. Back then, when Hala warned people of the fallacy of that tale, she was labelled "a very strong mouthpiece for the pro-Gadhafi forces" by certain Dina Eltahawy, a researcher for Amnesty International, nonetheless...

If NTC is such a poster for democracy, why don't they answer these questions:
 - Where is Hala Misrati?
- Is she alive? 
- What are the charges against her?
- Was she granted a lawyer?
- Was she granted a visit from her family members 
or a regular communication with them? 
- Does she have a medical treatment? 
- When is her trial due?

I would be surprised if NTC answers any of these questions, because they are not so much a poster for democracy, as just plain POSER! 

However, while we can not bring ourselves to hope for some information from NTC, we can ask Amnesty International, HRW, Red Cross and Red Crescent, Reporters Without Borders and similar organizations who profess their devotion to human life, human rights and freedom of information, to do their job for once and prove to themselves they are not just empty words and instruments for regime changes all over the World. 

Let them, just once, convince us that they have some semblance of integrity and act outside of clearly pre-carved agenda.

Hala Misrati, state TV host, kidnapped by rebels in Tripoli, Libya  [Updates  August -February] 

Update 17.02.2012.
What is the difference between the two  human beings 
you can ask Amnesty Inetrnational and HRW Reporters Without Borders etc...

Libyan so-called freedom-fighters have killed Libyan TV presenter Hala Misrati, after torturing and raping her in jail [unconfirmed] .
HRW & Amnesty did nothing.[confirmed]
Death of Libyan presenter "Hala Misrati" in one of the prisons in Tripoli, Libya under mysterious circumstances, as stated by the Associated Press of America on Friday ...

Why HRW and Amnesty International didn't say nothing about 
Hala Mistrati ?
"She's clearly a very strong mouthpiece for the pro-Gadhafi forces," said Dina Eltahawy, a researcher for  [NEUTRAL] Amnesty International, which has issued an urgent alert to try find al-Aqbani. 

Ouch!  I  remeber ....
"Iman, in the end, is a liar," Misrati said, accusing al-Obeidi [propaganda doll] of pulling a media stunt. She dismissed her claims, saying no Arab woman would bring shame on her family by publicly admitting to rape. She told viewers that it was rebels who were raping women in the eastern territories they control. Misrati urged al-Obeidi to come clean with the truth because her claims were fueling the "bombardment" of Libya.
"Even sometimes a whore has nationalism toward her homeland, when she knows her homeland is in danger!" Misrati sneered. "Even a whore!"
Misrati has since vowed to "uncover" al-Obeidi's real life.

Do you remember Iman Al Obeidi? And case Rixos Hotel? 
NATO's Libya war: RAPE AS WEAPON [Iman al-Obeidi] 

17. February 2012. Reuters: "Flags and hope on Libya's uneasy anniversary"

Take a look at the at photo, also Green Square was almost empty.
Last year, green flag was long 3 km, and on march was million people.
 What is now in "free" Libya ?
[We are all Muammar Gaddafi]
Libya Tripoli 17. February 2012.
Reuters propaganda: Abdelwafi Mohammed, 25, a recent university graduate beamed as he pointed to those around him: "I feel like all the Libyans feel happiness and joy. We don't have any fears. Our spirits are high. This is a blow to the Gaddafi loyalists."

Feb 17, 2012

Report Libya 16. February 2012.

*** Racist demolition in #Libya the same as in #Palestine -Houses of black #Tawargha people bulldozered by new government.
Public was accustomed to seeing this in Gaza, where the Israel is demolishing houses of Palestinians with bulldozers as part of the punishment. Today the same method and the same punishment, but in Libya, particularly in Misurata, where bulldozers are demolishing houses of black Tawargha Libyans. [Libyan political dialogue]
Bulldozers are demolishing houses of black Tawargha Libyans  

Video of a Libyan who was killed by Al Jazeera (AJE)

Martyr Hisham was labelled as 'black mercenary' by Al Jazeera (AJE) "jounalist" AJE in February 2011. 
 Rest in Peace hero Hisham, we will not forget you.

Feb17 economic achievements

Exactly a year after the start of Libyan conflict, Libyan economy is a victim of the absence of political stability and security, a situation which has led to a bitter exodus of foreign direct investment, which was zero during the last year, after reaching 4 billion dollars in 2010 while Gaddafi was alive. 

According to AlArabya, foreign missions are starting to visit Libya now to check the possibility of the resumption of activities, as China plans to restart the 50 abruptly canceled projects of 26 companies worth $ 19 billion in various sectors including real estate, oil and telecommunications. Among the 25 Austrian companies that were operating in Libya before the conflict, 13 companies returned, two working in the oil sector and 11 are monitoring situation.

Feb 16, 2012

NTC supports ethnic cleansing of black Toubou tribe in Kufra

Ahvah Nagy: "What is happening now in Kufra is the process of ethnic cleansing of Toubou tribe, in every sense of the word".
12 wounded NTC fighters flown back to Benghazi from Kufra 16-02-2012
Many NTC fighters came from the eastern part of Libya to the southern town of Kufra to fight against Toubou tribe, fuelled by the new wave of media disinfo about "Chadian mercenaries" which are supporting  Toubou  tribe. 

Saif Gaddafi not to be handed over

Saif Al-IslamGaddafi with the nephew 

 The Chief of the National Security Authority in the western region, Libya, Tarek El-Kafali, said that the handover to the governing authorities of the son of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Saif Al-IslamGaddafi, is not expected to take place for the time being, as the parties involved are not ready to conduct the trial and the juridical authorities are not established yet.
El-Kafali explained to Russia Today's Channel that the revolutionists who helped "free Tripoli" will remain there until the state is established in full with all its military, security, and juridical institutions.
Saif-Al Islam Gaddafi is still detained in a secret location in the town of Al-Zentan, north-west of Libya, after three months since his arrest in the far south while he was trying to flee to Niger.
Chief of the National Council Mostafa Abdul-Jalil declared earlier that Saif-Al Islam Gaddafi will be transferred to a prison in Tripoli to be trialed. He added that the government is about to complete the construction[?]  of a prison in the centre of Tripoli, where Saif Al-Islam will be sent to within two months as he is still undergoing interrogations.

Observers say that keeping Saif Al-Islam for such a long period without trial reflects the strength of the local tribesmen, also, the observers say, reflects the weakness of the central government that has not started the trial yet.  - > 
Source:    http://www.arabstoday.net/en/2012021590118/saif-gaddafi-not-to-be-handed-over.html
Read also:
News about Saif Al Islam Gadhaffi [crossfire of information] -> http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/11/news-about-saif-al-islam-gadhaffi.html

Feb 15, 2012

Counterfire’s role in the war effort against Libya [by Agent of Change]

by Agent of Change

Did Counterfire ever mention important achievements of the post-1969 period (which are confirmed by UN, the World Health Organisation, etc)? 

Did Counterfire ever mention the massive pro-Qaddafi demonstrations (of over a million people)?

Did Counterfire ever call clearly for the DEFEAT of NATO forces in Libya?

Did Counterfire ever mention the fact that the flag adopted by the rebels represented the totally subservient feudal backwardness of King Idris? 

Did Counterfire ever seek to understand the reasons why such widely respected anti-imperialist left leaders such as Chávez, Castro, Morales and Ortega spoke out in support of the Libyan government? Or does the editorial staff at Counterfire place more value in the words of William Hague?

Did Counterfire ever mention the prominence among the rebels of CIA-funded salafi sects that have been organising against Qaddafi for decades (offended not by lack of democracy but by his dislike for religious extremism)?

Did Counterfire ever support efforts led by Venezuela and South Africa to bring about a mediated solution to the conflict? (I doubt it, because Counterfire’s preferred outcome was the removal of Qaddafi, which was not the likely outcome of dialogue)

When did Counterfire first mention the lynching of black Libyans and migrant labourers, which had occurred from the very start of the rebellion? 

Feb 13, 2012

Tripoli: Racist mistreatment of the ambassador from Niger

Libyan racist NATO mercenaries have expelled honorable Niger's ambassador in Tripoli because his government accepted Saadi Gaddafi [who was btw not involved in Libyan war], and who's only "crime" has been a recent call to AlArabya TV in which he warned of an uprising in Libya, reffering to the situation on the ground and the mood of Libyans which are unsatisfied with a new government.

It seems that new "democratic" government of Libya can't handle the truth well.

They obviously can't handle having any sort of oposition also. How's that supposed to fit in the definition of a democratic society? Please remind me of the reason for overthrowing Gaddafi? 
O yes, they wanted DEMOCRACY..

Feb 12, 2012

Report Libya 12. February 2012.

**NATO mercenaries have expelled honorable Niger 's ambassador  in #Tripoli Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim, treating him in their savage manner which we got used to. These racist who killed thousands of black Libyans were yelling  to the  ambassador Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim. -> http://youtu.be/qG-18J6RFL8

Feb 11, 2012

NYT - From Michelangelo and Benetton to the Arab Spring

by Libya S.O.S
“The World Press Photo jury has selected a New York Times photo taken in Yemen last fall as the photo of the year for its encapsulation of the anguish that accompanied the Arab Spring uprisings,” says Dylan Stableford , a senior media reporter for Yahoo News.

"A thin man rests his head on the shoulder of a burqa-clad woman, the pair collapsed together against a wall," Kerri McDonald writes on the New York Times Lens blog. "The expression on her face can't be seen. But her body language (right arm wrapped tightly around his neck, left hand clinging to his arm)conveys everything her expression cannot.”
New York Times photographer Samuel Aranda took the shot (which the Times describes as having "the mood of a Renaissance painting") at the entrance to a mosque-turned-hospital.
Koyo Kouoh, one of the jurors, added: "It stands for Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, for all that happened in the Arab Spring.”
Now let’s see this “spontaneously”-taken, pathetic-sounding photo of the year:
Photo of the Year 2011 - Muslim Style Pieta
For Imperialist propaganda purposes maybe?
I mean for a start, it looks painfully obvious that the inspiration for this pose was Michelangelo Buonarroti’s Pieta sculpture. 
Origin of the term Pieta: 
"It was associated by Romans with the duty humans owed their gods".


Broadcaster: If you actually do have supporters inside and are in communications with them, why did you leave the country in the first place if these supporters could have protected you?
Saadi Gaddafi

Saadi: Firstly, I am not looking for security personnel or anything like that, I am saying that the Libyan people should rise against this chaos and the militias who are running the situation on the ground in Libya. The NTC are an illegitimate Government and has not got the capability to control the country and the militias. And actually, this uprising will actually be at the hands of these militias, you will see and so will the world very soon.

And I call upon everyone to be ready for this uprising and the zero hour, because this time the uprising will be the decisive one.
Read more --> 

Feb 10, 2012

Report Libya 09. February 2012.

24h/ Misurata rebels decided to keep their weapons. They say they are in fear of other militias [hardly possible, cause they are the biggest criminals around]. They said they do not trust ministry of defence nor ministry of interior. [well if they do not trust the people who they put in power, who else can trust them?]
[in addition] In Jordan, Libyans who have betrayed and destroyed their country and were wounded in the pseudo-revolution have gathered to protest. They want a bit of comfort and a lot of money. The promises of the CNT / NATO did not materialize..
23h/ TARHUNAH - Electricity black-out in Tarhunah and hence the black-out on coverage of the events in the center of the city

Feb 7, 2012

UK Journalist raped by Libyan rebels in Benghazi - Libyan Liberation Frontline News [07.02.2012.]

Update 10.March 2012.

The Algerian agency ISP has confirmed today in an official dispatch the authenticity of the video that shows the savage rape of a Western journalist by rebel soldiers in Libya. AD was the only Spanish in the news despite strong pressure being to prevent their publication. 
The Algerian agency notes that the images were transmitted from the communication center of Darna (Pro CNT), and anticipates that the perpetrators of the rape and murder of journalist battalion belonging to the rebels “Himayat Benghazi.”
The Information center Darna (port city in eastern Libya) has filed a complaint and discloses the French origin of the victim. 
Algerian sources also surprised the Gallic indifference of the authorities to this case, and would even suggest the existence of factors related to the election campaign that live France. In this sense, the traditional parties of the neighboring. 
Republic have agreed not to cover the news for not benefit electorally the party identity of Marine Le Pen. 
France was one of the main actors in the war that brought down and murder of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.
After AD broadcasting, video of the wild rape has now become one of the most visited social networks in France. [http://patdollard.com/2012/03/obama-supported-libyan-rebels-rape-murder-french-journalist-story-ignored-by-msm/]

To whom it may concern
A raping crime happened in Benghazi Libya by the rebels who were supported by US and NATO
the crime shows a rap against western journalist
Please take an action to verify who did that.
 Sorry about the disturbing images but the truth and justice must be fulfilled
One of monsters
Video is here 
Western Journalist being Rape By Rebels Of Benghazi. This is The Meaning Of The NATO Intervention On Libya! This is The  Values Of  NATO backed Libyan Rebels! This Is The Reality of  Women in Libya now
 It's Time to STOP THEM! Demand Responsabilities To Human Rights Watch ( That still Hide This events By Rebels Of Misrata and Benghazi) and for The Sponsors Of Libyan Criminal Intervention: France, UK, U.S [F-Se!]
This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech. ..and we will delete this ugly ugly truth, but it will be on our HDD

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [06./07.02.2012.]

(1) A group of eleven foreign fighters, putting pressure on the Green Army in the western mountains Ubari and south of the country fell into an ambush prepared by the Green Army. They survived for a long time fighter jets chased after managed to knock one of them, he fell into the sea on the border with Tunisia, the enemy fighters fled to the north of Israel. The fighters flew at very high speeds, so it is difficult to identify. We suspect that this is a French aircraft, or Israeli origin, the two nations besides the U.S. and the UK have the largest number of fighter pilots and mercenaries in Africa. It is often difficult to establish the identity of mercenaries, as they fight for money. The UN has never come to claim the dead body of mercenaries, adventurers, and all they have.
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