Jan 2, 2012

Libyan Liberation Front News [02.01.2012.]

(1) Libyan National Resistance movement attacked the bases of NATO's merecenary new prison, what was uncovered was a rubble inside the complex, numbers of refrigerated trucks loaded with piles of dead bodies stuck and stuffed in the trucks, boxes of imported Johnie Walker whiskey, vodka and thousands of bottles of liqour in small trucks, containers full of name brand beer, piles of condoms and a stinky execution chamber with floating fresh blood. 42 guards were killed at the entrance to the prison. The number of Libyans murdered and massacred in NATO's attempt to retain control of Libyan mineral resources has exceeded the 175 000 mark after discovering the gruesome details of the new prison system, they are a torture and bloody execution chambers unmatched to any previous regimes, and governors of Libya.

(2) Number of Turkish mercenary trainers, assasin squads and lynch mobs were observed arriving in Benina International Airport Benghazi to train members of Libyan gangs and mercenary brigades.

(3) Libyan Green Resistance Army El-kanas Mutassim fought the renegade soldiers of rebel battalions, killing 109 in a four hour battle, this made the rebels to seek re-enforcement of heavy armored divisions, tanks and higher caliber weapons from Benghazi. Rebels were defeated on the battle fronts, many surrendered to the green resistance.

(4) Sounds of ambulances were heard heading to the new prison due to the intensity of fights that continued over night, 28 rebels dead at the vicinity, 6 clients without being clearly identified were also killed inside a Pickup, news said that members of the armed people were attempting to remove relatives from the new prison system, and this is the largest attacks organized by Libyan armed people of it's type.

(5) Death of large numbers of rebels were registered at the Eastern Wing of the new prison complex, numbers of killed rebels were unclear on the hands of the brave Libyan resistance, divisions also broke between rebels inside the prison, some of them are smugglers, and the new prison was discovered by conversations recorded via rebels wireless network system.

(6) Rebels have been refusing access for Libyan families to trace lost family members, Libyans have been harrassed, met with cursing, swearing, beating when looking for lost family members and relatives, some of these people are taken direct from neighborhoods.

(7) Boshana Abdel Jalil the master rat married a 22 years old Albrasha girl in white last week, based on documents seized in Benghazi.

(8) Green Libyan Resistance is beginning to unfold features of rebel communication system, movement, organization, and command, these features of decoding rebel game are a necessity and was the greatest victory achieved over the aggressors and disbelievers.

(9) Members of the Libyan national soccer league were made to kiss the rebel rag tags before boarding their bus for play offs and further training.

(10) Aljamaharia will continue with broadcasts and series of new resistance channels are in the process of being established.

(11) Rebels (rats) faced intense resistnace in Abu Sleem yesterday, they encountered resistance with heavy bullets in front of their own military and violent exchange of gun fire, 12 rebels were killed, 5 rebels fled to a house nearby and were followed by the resistance, the 5 insurgents were killed, and one resistance fighter was martyred by the non believers.

(12) Electricity was cut in many parts of Tripoli by the rebels, clashed continued all night in El Hadba and Abu Slim districts.

(13) Clashes were registered in El Jadida prison, this was heard through rebel electronic communication channels, in an attempt to release detainees of El Jedida prison, the alert was at maximum, an intense exchange of fire and thick black smoke was seen covering the prison followed by electricity power cuts. The first ground intelligence made and recorded is the death of members of the security forces of TNC in prison El Jadida. The prisoners were able to recover weapons that were inside the prison complex and were fighting from the inside, the area of the prison was completely surrounded by the rebels, renegades from Souk Jomaa arrived in the prison to support the guards, green resistance was in a process to sandwich the rebels.

Stay healthy, think green, resist imperialism and take control of your own life.
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