Jan 10, 2012

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [10.01.2012.]

Mustafa Andul Jalil NTC LIibya  - photo by Libia SOS

(1) International Corrupt Super power court requests information about Saif Al Islam, while they invite their previous wanted man Al Bashir to tour Tripoli and Benghazi, it shows the double standards of ICC criminal enterprise.
(2) Since rebels could not win by themselves and sustain the ability to control Libya, they have extended invitation to boogie man USA in order to bring in 35 000 their best trained killers to chop in the heads of Libyan people who resist oppression, rape and imperialism. The failed Abdul jalil is said to welcome thevpresence of American mercenaries as his only mandate to power depends on their presence.

(3) Germany pledges to cheat Libya again in reconstruction deals after they destroyed the country, coming behind the walls pretending to help after being in service with NATO against Libya.

(4) After killing more than 100 000 Libyan people, the killers want to import 1.5 million Egyptians to cover their crime by offering to recruit, employ and offer jobs to Egyptians.

(5) NTC offers investment incentives to North Sudan, after they asked Al Bashir to take part in destroying Libya, what else could the wanted Al Bashir do in order to purchase his freedom from the mega beasts of the West, he took part in the butchering of Libyans without understanding his days are numbered, ignored honest mediation efforts from the African Union, those that kill without justification too must die.

Debunking the imperialist spin.
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