Jan 25, 2012

(+18) Report Libya 25. January 2012.

by Libya S.O.S.
00h/ #Libya #Shocking #News #Photo -man was found dead and tortured by the road near the dumping site, member of Abu Salim battalion found him. It is obvious that he was tortured, burned and bruised. NTC gangs are cruel, and civilians are afraid of them

24h/ SABHA - An hour ago there was sniper shooting in Sabha, one #NATO mercenary was wounded and was taken to the hospital
23h/ #TRIPOLI ( #Reuters ) - #Libya recognized a tribal-based local government in the Bani Walid on Wednesday, illustrating the power of tribal leaders over the fragile interim government.Fighters from the Warfallah tribe -- the dominant tribe in Bani Walid and the most populous in Libya -- drove out a pro-government militia from the town this week.
A tribal-based local government in the Bani Walid 
Salah al-Maayuf, a member of the Warfallah Elders Council in Bani Walid, said his tribal body appointed a new local council on Tuesday and that Defense Minister Osama al-Juwali recognized the body during all-day talks on Wednesday.
22h/ Rishvana raising a green flag
Rishvana raising a green flag

Visit Osama Aljowaily of the Directorate of Security in Beni Walid, and an inspection of a cadre of security and the meeting was held in the presence of: -
- notables and dignitaries and WArfali
- the presence of Colonel Salem Allowaar Warfali
- Minister of Defense Osama Aljowaily
- Directorate of Security Bani Walid - the distinguished Committee to resolve the problems in Libya - Area President Western national security,
"Fathi Fernana" - head of the military Petrhona "Habashi" battalion of the Military Order of the faithful in the presence of a crowd of media and channels of local and global

20h/  SORMAN -
Sorman city, clashes started beacuse of Green flag who was post on Institute of Electricy,rebels started with provates and fighting... Civilis reacted, and clashes unitil to the evening, contune. The emergency ambulance cars , ciculate all the time.
Events Sorman Today: lifted free of the silks Sorman green flag at the Institute of Electricity and when he heard by one of the committees Allamnah rebels under the leadership of the inventory (Col.) "Arafa Alnobar" Colonel graduate of prisons and the biggest criminals came for the girl free, beaten and following the rules of engagement have free to contact Bachutea and Ja brothers and they beat him severely and after massage income to take care of severe and went also to strike his brother "Mackie Alnobar" in his legs and did the sons of the girls free to stand with her and her brothers and prevented any of the relatives of this offender from entering until the area and the atmosphere turbulent sounds ambulance, lead sporadic until the moment.[ We are all Muammar Gaddafi]
19h/ Elders in Bani Walid said they were appointing their own local government and rejected any interference from the authorities in the capital, Tripoli. On Monday, the fighters drove out militias loyal to Libya's ruling National Transitional Council (NTC)
About 200 elders who gathered in a mosque decided to abolish an NTC-appointed military council for the town and appoint their own local council, in direct defiance of the authority of the government in Tripoli.
19h/ Google's arrogant  director Jared Cohen standing on top of Bab Azyzia (demolished Gaddafi's house)
Google's arrogant  director Jared Cohen 
18h/  BENGHAZI -  Eyewitness cries with joy as he hears "Allah, Muammar, Libya o bess".
 [ Algeria ISP]
17h/   DR ABUZAID DORDA HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED by the milita that was guarding him in the hospital. he has been kidnapped even though his health is still in a critical condition. If he is away from the hospital for too long his life will be in grave danger. We do not know where he is only that those who were torturing him are amongst his kidnappers. PLEASE CONTACT Red Cross, Red Crescent, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International etc and get their teams on the ground to talk to whatever authorities in Tripoli can help [ Lizzie Phelan]
Last update 07.11.2011.

Dr. A.Dourda reported still in jail still not transferred 2 hospital 4 medical treatment although heavily&seriously injured. It was not an accident.It was torture,heavy beating and clattering.His arms,legs,all his bones were intentionally broken. Doc.not allowed fixing bone fractures.Pain killers & analgesics r refused to him.Doc even not allowed to visit&treat him. [we receive message]

16h/  EGIPT -  -Evacuation of Libyan plane at #Cairo airport after bomb alert. Egyptian authorities have landed a Libyan passenger plane at Cairo International Airport which was preparing for the departure to Tripoli, because of suspicion of the pilot about the presence of a foreign object on board.
The security authorities at Cairo airport had received a communication from the pilot Bachtbaha about the presence of a foreign object on the plane, and that was 56 passengers capacity plane.
Then went in civil defense forces and bomb disposal experts into the plane for the emergency re-examination and re-inspection of the aircraft, using sniffer dogs for detection of explosives.
After examination, they have found an object which looks like a gas bomb inside the "toilet" at the rear end of the plane.[13:20 h]

16h/ Demonstrations and Frustration against the country’s interim leadership have flared into violence and sparked resignations.[Washington Post]
16h/  Two Areas , Brak and Gerah in the south of Libya raised green flag everywhere on houses , schools , hospitals , police stations , buildings , streets , and on Big Mountain .
15h/  Warfalla are urging loyal Tarhuna elders to try to resolve the problem with the remaining armed gangs which have some members from Tarhuna among them, and are blocking the road to Tripoli for Bani Walid families
14h/ It seems that negotiations of Bani Walid elders with the pro-NATO brigade which they besieged, have been succesful up untill now, lot of the brigade "May 28th" vehicles are leaving the city
The brigade "May 28th" 

12h/   TRIPOLI - clashes in #Tripoli in the area of easten plateau still ongoing, they started at 12:30h
11h/  TRIPOLI - God suffices, and yes, the proxy  -
Was arrested and for the second time - Warfali Mohammed Hussein and his brother Mohammed Bahr al Warfali In Tripoli, and without any apparent reason. And were arrested by those who call themselves national security and is well known that the brothers Bahr and Hussein have nothing to do in any of the brigades and formations of the Council. Note that the their brother Warfali has not been released so far and the duration of his arbitrary detention is exceeded by two months without no obvious reasons for the arrest [ The Great Rafla]
10h/  BANI WALIDWise elders of #BaniWalid after peaceful efforts to resolve the crisis succeeded in negotiations, and released 19 members of the battalion "28th of May", including their commander Abdul Salam Alzizi, (this guy was falsely pronounced as killed in the news yesterday). The truth is that he was released in good health ..
Tribute to the peace efforts undertaken by the Sheikhs of the town of Beni Walid, and disgrace to all the Libyan TVs broadcasting seditions which were miserably unleashed and malicious rumors which were circulating to undermine the dignity of the city.[ Bani Walid today]

(note: Some of the guys in May 28th brigade are originaly from Bani Walid, and the aim of Bani Walid elders is to unite their people as much as possible in the common aim of dignity and not living under the dictate from NATO's NTC. Their peaceful mediation efforts and methods have up untill now proved to be successful. The thing is that in a civil war brothers are fighting against brothers, neighboors against neighboors sometimes, in those situations it is better to resolve some things without the spilling of the blood whenever it is possible, and make every effort for people to come to their sences in a peaceful and wise manner)
07h/  BANI WALID  -  NTC units have been making checkpoints in last 2 days around Bani Walid. Considering that Bani Walid is calm and nothing is happening there now,it is unlikely that the clashes will occur
04h/ BENGHAZI - A large convoy of vehicles (around 150 cars ) surpassed in Jamal street , wandering around the city. We don't know where tehy will go.
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