Jan 21, 2012

A letter from USA to Libyan people and the World by Carin S.

... just know that I am not a historian, just a person wanting to love people and beings. Also, right now it occurred to me that the attackers of Libya (and, I refrain from using names because that could be so many forces-some I don't know of), they attacked the water supply.
This in itself, Colonel Gadaffi's greatest achievement perhaps besides trying to ever better implement, elaborate and refine "direct democracy," it, the water destruction, could mean many things but it may lead to a reversal if his accomplishments. 
I mean, what does it really mean to give ancient water to nourish life today?
Water in Libya (and Africa) means "life, bringer of life."
If you destroy water sources, how much good can you afterwards give to the people?
How much trust can you get doing such a thing?
How much love for humanity can you have if you poison their water with enriched uranium, or other chemicals from bombs?
One needs to reflect on the meaning of needless water destruction without assumptions. We must remember, that there was never a person in the history of humanity which brought so much water (life) into the homes of people to refresh their spirit, keep clean, cook, heal others, etc.
It simply never has never has been done (thanks to blood of million of year old ancestor plants and other beings which is O I L = sacred ancient blood). I hurts to see this accomplishments disrespected.

Only a lover of humanity could have done such a great thing in a single generation. See, giving water to all people, even those who disagree and plan harm, is very very generous in Africa. 
So, why are people not grateful? I would be forever and all times.country within 40 years.

That is why he is a hero for he had love for his people, enough as to raise them up and give them "flowing water (even at home)." I wish there would be more leaders like him out there. It sure helped him that they had oil to be given to people. This is a miracle in my eyes to say the least. 
He did something so incredible good that in the future, people will remember. During a time when we humans will suffer more and more from economic constraction due to lack of energy to even rebuild what we destroy from senseless wars (or lack of capacity to get to the energy as it may become to expensive to dig all the oil out of deep oceans, for instance). 
Once there is no profit to be made with oil, it will be harder to implement alternative energies which also are based on oil.
Moammar Al Gaddafi leader of humanity
The reason why Moamer Gaddafi won people's heart is because I do not recall any leader of humanity which raised the standard of living and hence potentiality for spiritual self-actualization to such an extend as this person. He may have had mistakes - or, lets say, I would not have agreed with every singly one of his choices, but I have never seen that a poor country could become a modern

Only a relative objective person, free of ideological brainwashing from any dogma of any culture could write best what this person truly achieved. I am looking forward to such a person writing about Libya and what really happened.
Libyan Oil Feelds

About war
In war there are only loosers - no winners that is because we are meant to spread our goodwill and our happiness not our needs in such a way as to hurt others.
That is why humble life (which is not a poor life) is the future of humanity (if we get through this next phase). When we take so much more than we need we steal from others often. If we steal oil from Libya and water than the people there have less.
That is not right. We must retrofit the World and readjust to sustainable ways. Most people know for sure know that the leaders of the world don't love humanity, otherwise they would invest and be more constructive in their problem solving skills.

The following book is good for politicians and military folks to read:
Controlling People: How to Recognize, Understand, and Deal with People Who Try to Control You 

Hope politicians and military leaders will do some personal growth in future so they have maturity to actually do something good lead humanity into a bright future. It looks to me that hardly any of the political leaders worldwide has done personal work, and really ever looked into themselves: It shows... otherwise the total destruction of Libya could not happen and the destruction of Syria and Iran would not be on the table.
I hope Libya finds a way to truly become free from any exploitation whatsoever and people enjoy again all the benefit which they and all of humanity actually deserve.

About Aisha
Aisha Gaddafi   By: Al Jamahiria - اﻟﺠﻤﺎﻫﻴﺮﻳﺔ
 May you be free one day again and safe sweet young women. You did good things in your life and nobody can take the honor away because of your family name - for the people know what you did. Medals, are worth nothing but knowing goodness and good intention is worth everything. Nobody can take away your good heart and what you did for women.

About  investigation into NATO Libya operation
The truth, will bind the hands of those who want to wage war in the name of liberating humanity from nothing bad to be liberated from (as everything what happened in Libya was based on a twisted lie)... if not, it will show their true intentions even more. Humanity abhors war, so leaders, listen to the people instead of power and war mongers, which are our servants and not our overloards.

About invasion on Libya
Libya has not done anything to anybody.
It got invaded based on lies in order to exploit, steal the countries wealth and resources not caring about the people ever even in the slightest. People wont' be better off.
They will live like the Iraqis to whom the West has only and only brought utter destruction and long long lasting suffering. 
African beauty

I wish the West would rebuild the countries they bomb free of charge and return to all the people of this earth what they stole over the centuries. 
Africa and Libya and the Middle East owes nothing to the West.

Why can we not do decent business based on human respect and cardinal human values again?
I mean why is it so hard to be a decent human being for these leaders?
And, I do hope that Libya will soon do better - I just can't see how based on IMF rules and the rule of international banking cartels. I so wish to be wrong in my assessment and am not at all attached to be right. 
It is hard to see Libya suffering and see this being exported to Syria. 
I think that the people who care about the people are only us. Sending you all so much love.

Thank you Carin S. from Libyan people and all free people in the World [Libya S.O.S]
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