Jan 14, 2012

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [14.01.2012.]

NTC gods

(1) Two large weapons depots have been exploded by the green resistance inside Tripoli bandits camps, explosions also shook Hotel Jewel in the corner and noise of gunfire rocked the place.

 (2) Abdul Jalil the master mice is alive, he is in Tunisia for a traitor time.

(3) All the dangerous military despots of North Africa have lined up to visit rebels in Libya, including Egypts military ruler Tantawi the new imperialist version of democracy in North Africa.

(4) Gangs in Gharyan are killing little girls by shelling their homes with rockets, heavy mortar and aircraft shooting munition, do these gangs have any feelings of guilt and remorse?.

(5) Traitors want to withdraw the 50 Libyan gold standard dinar from the central bank, they detest the image of colnel Moammar Al Gadhaffi on the banknote.

(6) France, USA and NATO nations that encourage the killing of Libyan leadership have now become NTC GOD, they are lining up unwelcome UN blue helmets to enter Libya without consulation of Libyan tribes.

(7) Americans have never had respect to other nations that seek to differ with super power version of imperialism, 4 American soldiers were videographed urinating on the body of deceased Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan.

(8) Resistance is every where in Libya, when we don't release news, it's an indication of too much happenings on the ground.

Libya Green, Libya for Libyans.
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