Jan 30, 2012

Report Libya 30. January 2012.

24h/ BANI WALID – URGENT - Night police cars "so-called national security" are deployed  in Bani Walid, more specifically in central market, apparently in accordance with the statement by the NTC's Ministry of the Interior.
Night police cars "so-called national security"   in Bani Walid
 Police Mission officially starts tomorrow Tuesday, 1-2-2012 and the NTC's Ministry of the Interior also made clear that the task of the police and the 40 policemen are maintaining the security and stability of the city.It is said that these procedures were approved by the elders and notables under certain conditions, and when these patrols leave, a number of five Cars will stay for police station in Bani Walid

23h/ Libya Update - Partial - Jan 30 2012 [108morris108]
… Next, electricity is on and off every day in Tripoli. Food in Tripoli is VERY expensive, this is a shock for the people of Libya who are used to living in an environment of subsidized food, fuel, energy, etc. The NTC has done nothing to bring about stability for the people of Libya. The people are angry and there have been signs seen on the streets carried by Libyans (even some past rebels) saying "We want to go back to the way it was before the war". Please take us back to our time before the war. People are suffering and there is no help.

23h/ Salim Elhassi has just come straight from America on the payroll of the CIA and is now head of LIBYAN INTELLIGENCE! CIA is running Libya, no ifs buts or maybes.

22h/  TRIPOLI - “There is no safety,” said Amal, a teacher who declined to give her last name, who was shopping in the capital. “There are fights between one area and another,” she added, describing how violence can quickly escalate when bandits aka fighters  occasionally turn to the heavy artillery they acquired during the war.
21h/ BANI WALID  - After the recent events between Warfala fighters and rebels in Bani Walid and despite the removal of Defense Minister in Bani Walid. The situation is still volatile.
The rebels from all regions (from Misrata, Tripoli, …) are waiting on the outskirts of the city awaiting the green light to attack Bani Walid and exterminate the population.

One of the Libyans of Bani Walid says that if the police in Bani Walid is led by the Ministry of Interior, we let it worked in Bani Walid. If they are rebels, they will never stay at Bani Walid.[ALGERIA ISP / Dhida According Yawm 17 fibrayr Fi Libya]

20h/ Intro - The Complete Truth about Libya & Gaddafi - GreenLibya LLF Resistance Revolution NATO NaziNATO [Chris Sedlmair] -> http://youtu.be/uaRN-0DVTUc
19h/  BENGHAZI - Crminal's aka  militias from Benghazi kidnapped a person who works in the interior ministry named Abdulsam Alsharksy .... His corpse was later found with burn marks, some of his fingers were caught off. He was killed in alqaeda style.
TRIPOLI - Employees storming the headquarters of the Maritime Transport and the Ministry of Transportation in Tripoli 
DR HAMZA -  Dr.Hamza said that if NTC can't cope with & subordinate one town of Bani Walid, how would they cope if more towns behaved the same way, claiming their independence from NTC?
Dr.Hamza said that Libya minister of health (with Irish passport) stole millions for her personal gain (and her family), they even bought a luxury house during the Libyan conflict.
Dr.Hamza said that helicopters were flying over Bani Walid - when they asked why, they got the answer that foreign soldiers are strategizing the best way into Bani Walid
BANI WALID  - Peaceful city of Bani Walid is surronded, and more NTC mercenary enforcements are coming in. What they want now? 
To start another slaughter of innocent residents?? 
Warfalla (according to Dr.Hamza) are urging other tribes not to come to Bani Walid to help, but instead to do in their towns what Warfalla did in Bani Walid, that would be a better help.
DERNA -  Very heavy rain and flood which haven't been seen in the last 30 years caused a mayham in the city. Big material damage to the buildings, lot of traffic has stopped, some schools and institutions didnt work today. This is a stronghold of Libyan Al Qaeda, for those of you who didnt know, and the city which produces more suicide bombers than Riyad in Saudi Arabia according to official statistics of US West Point Study,it is the first in the world in terms of numbers of suicide bombers. 

18h/ NewAmericanPress says that according to #UN Report: #NATO ’s #Libya War Armed #AlQaeda
 What is new? 
THIS VIDEO IS FROM APRIL / MAJ 2011. listen carefully what NATO mercenary said
NATO carrying ammunition and weapon in MISRATA
Libyan rebels from the Feb. 17 armed coup attempt to overthrow the Libyan government had brand new weapons since the first day of the uprising. These weapons were of non-Libyan origin and had already been secretly imported into Libya in advance of Feb. 17. There are millions of dollars worth of technically advanced light and heavy weaponry.  -> http://youtu.be/PvQnrt3vcUQ
NATO carrying ammunition and weapon in MISRATA
17h/  TROTURE by NTC killers -   Horrible evidence of #Torture in #Libya by the rebels - victim is Dr Omar Brebish -an academic (tortured to death)

16h/ NTC rejected a resignation of Goukh,a Vice President who pointed gun at students-Vice Pres Goukh not allowed to resign-after pointing gun at students?? Splendid NTC democratic record.
NTC Gou kh and US BOSS M'cCain
Vice President beaten again, after pointing gun at students
15h/ Serious traffic accident last night on the coastal road Ziltan- an overturned truck.

14h/ Health Report from Libya -Deterioration in the health sector because of the acute shortage of medicines and major deployment of Chinese medicines in pharmacies, health centers, due to their price and ease of smuggling in the absence of oversight and inspections by Customs and pharmacies.
We ask everyone to be wary of these anonymous medicines -> http://youtu.be/pgPY1fQP_SY

13h/  We are continuing to show you extreme Photos of propaganda used by Libya NTC .. And we ask the traitors who gave you all this money for propaganda material which you dont even know how to spend properly??? You are ridiculous clowns, and you dont even realize it!! 
The Princess of Benghazi
12h/ Son of the minister of defence -Osama Juwaily - strange way of driving a car - This video has been removed by the user. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3amoD7G9nko 
11h/  Explosion in a hotel in Jordan (Amman) has caused an injury of some Libyans. Explosion happened at three in the morning. Injured Libyans were transfered to the hospital,and the other Libyans were transfered to another hotel. The official explanation is that there was some problem with heat generator downstairs.
10h/  We present a photo  of meat to a majority of Libyans who forgot how it looks like [cause it is very difficult to find it in Libya now, and if you manage to find it, it is too expensive. ]

09h/ Report from 01/27/2012 Operations of the Battalion (Alsqraloouhd).
1_ four rebel snipers in the area (Ashimikh) where traitors are gathering to make a siege on proud Bani Walid.
2_ the destruction of two vehicles loaded with medium weapons of Misurata Battalion, causing death and injury to their fighters as well.
3_ Liberation of 5 Tlat prisoners from the armed forces on a U.S. naval base ...
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