Jan 17, 2012

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [17.01.2012.]

(1) Gangs from Gharyan have been found to be abusing detainees from Asabah, bodies of captives and prisoners found beating and torture as common pratice by militia from Gharyan, more than five people died in captivity after being beaten to death by NATO militias and mercenary from Gharyan.
(2) Misrata gangs and militia have been attacking BREGAH seaport for displaced people from Tawhorgha. Earlier yesterday in West Ajdabiyah district, rebels of Ajdabiyah fought each other with the rebels of Misrata, a Misrata battalion coming from the Eastward of Ajdabiyah armed with heavy weapons came with a list of names of wanted Tawhorgha people, the list was rejected by green resistance of Ajdabiyah.

(3) In a rebel to rebel fighting show of power and NATO strength, rebels fro Ajdabiyah will be taking on Benghazi gangs in a fight to dominate Ajdabiyah Benghazi highjway to areas of divided BREGAH seaport.

(4) Green army yesterday checked on Sultan Museum in East of Sirte, and found the museum looted of many artifacts by the guerrillas of East Libya. The museum had it's fair share of tampering and theft.

(5) A foreign military plane of unfamiliar shape has been spotted by the green army intelligence at the Mitiga military airbase, it's believed to be carrying Israeli soldiers.

Resistance to the end countering imperialist propaganda.
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