Oct 27, 2011


Update 02.09.2012

Dorda - Libya's Ex PM update - Ongoing Hell
Universally known as an honourable man, now injured while in custody. And facing numerous appearances in kangaroo like courts.
From Wikipedia: Abuzed Omar Dorda (Arabic: أبو زيد عمر دوردة‎) (born 4 April 1944) was General Secretary of the People's Committee (Prime Minister) of Libya from 7 October 1990 to 29 January 1994, and as Libya's Permanent Representative to the United Nations from 1997 to 2003.

Update 28.08.2012

The trial of Libya's external intelligence chief and former Libya's UN envoy Bouzid Dorda was adjourned for a fourth time Tuesday as defence lawyers challenged the legality of proceedings in the first case against a top Libyan official.

"We have appealed to the Constitutional Court over the illegality of the procedure by which our client was brought before the court," said defence counsel Ali Mohammed al-Dhabaa.

He also demanded an investigation into the treatment of his client between his arrest on 11 November and his interview with the public prosecutor on 9 April. He pointed out that his client had been in good health at the time of his detention, but was now almost disabled, raising suspicions of torture.

Oun described the case as unconstitutional, on which grounds he asked for the case to be dropped. He then asked if the court might be adjourned yet again, to give the defence time to prepare a list of witnesses. 

"The prosecuting counsel" asked for these requests to be ignored as he said they were simply attempts to waste time and prolong the trial.

"The prosecutor" also presented cases against other defendants who are set to testify against the accused.
The trial of Libya's external intelligence chief and former Libya's UN envoy Bouzid Dorda was adjourned for a fourth time
Libya's external intelligence chief and
former Libya's UN envoy Dr. Bouzid Dorda
A new hearing was set for September 11. It was the fourth adjournment since the trial opened on June 5.

Update 26.06.2012.

The second session of the Court of captive hero Bouzid Omar Dorda under bad security conditions, and murder and liquidation of the men of law and the Libyan judiciary controlled by armed militias.
What justice and integrity are we talking about? And under such circumstances how can a lawyer of Mr. Dorda, and his fellow Arab and foreign lawyers feel safe for their lives and themselves from the bullets of evil?
How can witnesses come forward to testify and risk their lives, in the absence of law and corruption of the justice sector as stated by the Mr. Hassan Zqlam the Minister of Finance, as happened to a media Solomon Dogh of kidnapping and arrested name of the law, which was outside the framework of the law as it came on his tongue, and what happened from the killing of Mr. Kady collected Gazoy, and a lot of what is happening in Libya today ..

Update 15.02.2012.

Libya: Ex-Premier Needs Lawyer, Medical Care - (Tripoli) – Abuzaid Dorda, the detained former Libyan prime minister and head of foreign intelligence under Muammar Gaddafi, needs immediate access to a lawyer and specialized medical care for injuries sustained in custody, Human Rights Watch said today. The Libyan government should bring Dorda, in custody for five months, before a judge and charge him with a recognizable offense or release him, Human Rights Watch said.
The Libyan government should investigate the causes of Dorda’s fall, and hold accountable anyone responsible for wrongdoing, Human Rights Watch said. ->

Update 25.01.2012.
DR ABUZAID DORDA HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED by the militia that was guarding him in the hospital. he has been kidnapped even though his health is still in a critical condition. If he is away from the hospital for too long his life will be in grave danger. We do not know where he is only that those who were torturing him are amongst his kidnappers. 
PLEASE CONTACT Red Cross, Red Crescent, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International etc and get their teams on the ground to talk to whatever authorities in Tripoli can help."
"Je viens de recevoir un mail du fils d'Abuzed Dorda, l'ex représentant de la Libye aux Nations Unies qui a soutenu Kadhafi jusqu'au bout et qui est depuis torturé et retenu par les rebelles. Voici le message envoyé par son fils qui par ailleurs est un ami : " ll semble que mon père ait été capturé par une milice la nuit dernière à l’hôpital. Il est toujours dans une situation critique et ne devrait pas quitter l'hôpital pour préserver sa santé. Certaines personnes responsables de sa torture et qui le surveillaient à l'hôpital font parti des kidnappeurs. Vu la condition physique de mon père, je ne pense pas qu'il survivra longtemps entre les mains des terroristes. J'ai besoin que tu transmettes cette information à autant de personnes qu'il le sera possible. Plus les gens sont au courants, plus les terroristes sont effrayés des retours possibles." Merci de faire tourner cette information au maximum."
" I have just received a mail from of Abuzed Dorda's son, the former representative of the Libya to the United Nations who supported Gaddafi to the end and that is since tortured and detained by the rebels.
Here is the message sent by his son who is a friend: "it seems that my father was captured by militia last night at the hospital." He is still in a critical situation and should not leave the hospital to preserve his health. Certain persons responsible for the torture and who were watching the hospital are part of the kidnappers. Given the physical condition of my father, I do not think that he will survive long in the hands of terrorists. I need you to pass this information to as many people possible. "The more people know, the more the terrorists are afraid of possible returns (reactions).
update 12.11.2012.

Lizzie Phelan interviews son of captive Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda

Independent journalist Lizzie Phelan who has been covering the Libyan crisis since it began speaks to Hamid Dorda, the son of Dr Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda.

Once Libyan Prime Minister, Permanent Representative to the UN and head of intelligence, Dr Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda's life is now in grave danger. In contravention of international law and with human rights organisations and the UN itself turning a blind eye, Dr Dorda has suffered torture, inhumane and severe mistreatment and numerous attempts on his life since NTC forces detained him on September 11. His health is deteriorating and he remains untreated since October 25 for internal bleeding and broken bones. His family are being refused the right to visit him.

Dr Dorda enjoyed a large base of popular support, being seen as one of the least incorruptible figures in libyan politics and society. If he is assassinated or left to die from his injuries, it will be a considerable blow for the already bleak prospects of a stable and just political future in Libya.
An NGO sent me the following appeal.
Below is the name of the woman that must be harassed if anything is to be done to help Dorda and hopefully find Zidan.

Annika Norlin
Head of Sector Africa
Central Tracing Agency and Protection Division
International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC
Geneva, Switzerland
Tel. +41-22-7302119
The ICRC - working to protect and assist people affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence. Find out more: www.icrc.org

Email her constantly/ demand that she reply with verified information, because that is her job at the ICRC. Mari has been staying on top of her constantly but a few thousand more people-pressure must surely help.

SCANDAL OVERSHADOWING LIBYAN INTERIM GOVERNMENT-DETENTION AND TORTURE OF DR. DORDA (en/gr/fr): http://libyasos.blogspot.com/2011/11/scandal-overshadowing-libyan-interim_08.html

Update 07.11.2011.
Dr. A.Dourda reported still in jail& still not transferred 2 hospital 4 medical treatment although heavily&seriously injured. It was not an accident.It was torture,heavy beating and clattering.His arms,legs,all his bones were intentionally broken. Doc.not allowed fixing bone fractures.Pain killers & analgesics r refused to him.Doc even not allowed to visit&treat him. [we receive message]
update 04.11.2011.
URGENT MESSAGE We receive question. But we don't have' any information!!!! Yet!!!
@Libya_SOS Abuseid Dorda suffer because honest and not corrupt. How long will he be alive?...
A short while ago you wrote something about Abuzeid Dorda. He has a very good reputation, he is neither bribable nor corrupt. G closed the ESDF and EDB funds suspecting corruption (Jibril embezzled/stole 2 billions of these funds). G did not arrest them but ordered an investigation. It was soon clear that Jibril had embezzled the money. ESDF Fund was intended for the reconstruction of Libya and there were several JVs with foreign companies. G wanted the work to go on and gave Abuzeid Dorda (at this time he was with HIB) the responsibility for both funds because he was neither corrupt nor bribable. I remember that many foreign companies wanted to bribe him to get some projects directly from him. But they had not a chance, they all had to do it via Aicom ( US consulting company that was also under his responsibility).

According to information received today by phone from Tripolis, the rebels wanted an official statement from him saying that he had changed sides and supported the rebels. Initially he gave a statement that he supported G, that he had not broken the law or ignored it. The rebels had nothing on him as he had not participated in military operations. He is still alive but in agonising pain as they broke every bone in his body, not only his arms and legs.
@Libya_SOS @SomaliaSupport2 Do you have more information about Camilliah? Whe was G?s first bodyguard. According to my information the rebels abducted her when she was in Triopolis. The rebels came, abused and raped her and she has not been seen since

Lizzie Phelan, an independent journalist from Britain, who was reporting from Libya during the NATO bombing and the fall of Tripoli, informed the public about Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda,
  the senior Libyan official, a former UN ambassador who is currently being held and tortured by NTC members, his life being in grave danger. Thus, we are urging international community, humanitarian organizations, UN and CoE to promptly demand the release and guaranties for the life of this respected man, whose human rights are grossly violated, by the 'new democratic' Libyan regime. 

Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda

Lizzie Phelan said:  "The Libyan media have tried to say that Dr Abuzaid Dorda, one of the most well respected members of Libyan politics in recent history, tried to commit suicide. Everybody knows how defiant and strong Dr Dorda is and that this is far from the truth. The reality is he was thrown out of a window and one of his doctors told his family that both of his legs were broken and he has been badly beaten and tortured for the past month. The last person to see him was a woman from Human Rights Watch called Susan a couple of weeks ago who said he was fine! (She has since left the country).  The family has had no contact him since he was detained and they have no way of reaching him at a time when it is clear that now Abdelhakim Belhaj's Tripoli brigade are trying to kill him. A figure like Dr Dorda is important for any future prospects of peace in Libya and the chances of a backlash are heightened if he is martyred. I have received a reliable report that the "rebels" tried to assassinate respected brother Dr Abuzaid Dorda, a senior member of the Libyan government who is held in high esteem by the Libyan people. Dr Dorda will not submit to the torture that they have tried to inflict (both of his legs have been broken and worse) and give over the information they desperately want from him. He used to be an ambassador to the United Nations himself, but now we can expect the United Nations and all other instiutions of "international law" look on while a senior figure of a sovereign state is threatened with assassination by their stooges?"

Read an article on "Turtle Bay" about the dire circumstances of Dr. Abuzaid Dorda's detention that led his son in law Adel Khalifa Dorda write an appeal to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the U.N. Security Council President in which he says among other things: 
"Mr.  Dorda survived a murder attempt last night, 25October, 2011, at the hands of his guards in the building where he was arrested. He was thrown off the second floor leading to several broken bones and other serious injuries. Authorities were forced to move Dorda to Maitiga hospital in Tripoli where as of now he is being held under extremely poor conditions. Dorda is not receiving the proper treatment duly and legally accorded a political prisoner, let alone that required under the terms of human rights and other international treaties." [1]



a) Please call the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Security Council, Ambassador Churkin. The numbers are as follows: +1 212 861 4903 (His Secretary/Assistant) AND +1 212 861 4327 (the Press Office).

b) Please call the Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations Security Council, Ambassador Li Baodong. The number is: +1 212 655 6100.

2. SEND EMAILS (Copy and paste this text or write your own appeal to the following e-mails)

- Email Addresses:

RUSSIA: rusun.press@gmail.com, rusun@un.int

CHINA: ChinaMissionUN@Gmail.com

India@un.int, portugal@un.int, contact@lebanonun.org, delbrasonu@delbrasonu.org, siumara@delbrasonu.org, bihun@mfa.gov.ba, colombia@colombiaun.org, pmun.newyork@dirco.gov.za, perm.mission@nigerdeleg.org, aumission_ny@yahoo.com, presidentrsa@po.gov.za, info@new-york-un.diplo.de, dsatsia@gabon-un.org, LamamraR@africa-union.org, waneg@africa-union.org, JoinerDJ@africa-union.org, gabon@un.int, Nigeria@un.int, unsc-nowar@gmx.com

CONTACT: Amnesty International

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7413 5566
After hours: +44 7778 472 126
Email: press@amnesty.org

Aurélie Chatelard
Responsable du service presse
+33 1 53 38 65 77

EU AMNESTY OFFICE amnesty-eu@aieu.be
AFRICA AMNESTY OFFICE ai-aro@amnesty.org

RUSSIA AMNESTY msk@amnesty.org

Human Rights Watch
350 Fifth Avenue, 34th floor
New York, NY 10118-3299 USA
Tel: +1 212 290 4700, Fax: +1 212 736 1300
Poststraße 4-5
10178 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 30 2593 06-10, Fax: +49 30 2593 0629
Avenue des Gaulois, 7
1040 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: + 32 (2) 732 2009, Fax: + 32 (2) 732 0471
51, Avenue Blanc
1202 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 738 0481, Fax: +41 22 738 1791
2-12 Pentonville Road, 2nd Floor
London N1 9HF, UK
Tel: +44 20 7713 1995, Fax: +44 20 7713 1800
27 Rue de Lisbonne
75008 Paris, France
Tel: +33 (1)43 59 55 35, Fax: +33 (1) 43 59 55 22
1630 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 500
Washington, DC 20009 USA
Tel: +1 202 612 4321, Fax: +1 202 612 4333

Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights
Council of Europe

Strasbourg, FRANCE
+ 33 (0)3 88 41 34 21
+ 33 (0)3 90 21 50 53


[1]   http://turtlebay.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/10/26/libyas_jailed_former_un_ambassador_fears_for_his_life

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