May 24, 2014

Libyan Tribes Respond to US Ambassador Deborah Jones

Open Letter to The Shameful US Ambassador Deborah Jones from the 5 million  Legitimate Libyan Citizens! 
In rebuttal to her deplorable statements made today May 21, 2014, at the Stimson Center in Washington DC. 
You can listen what Deborah Jones said about Libya here

The US continues to move forward with its plan to own the World. Libya has been the biggest foreign policy disaster in the history of the World.

According to you, the current US Ambassador to Libya; “Libya is a strategic goldmine. Rich in natural resources and only  a few million Libyans to deal with, who are incapable of running their own country, only simple tasks can be completed by the Libyans”. Our Libya is the number 1 African prize for this Monster USA plan for One World Dominance.

plunder of Africa

You, Ambassador Jones, dare to act like you know Libya when do not even mention the great Tribes of Libya. The great Tribes of Libya are the shadow government of Libya; they have been for thousands of years. Many of the tribes including Werfalla the largest tribe have refused to meet with you because of your ties to extremists terrorists groups in our country.  

You said we as a people do not need or want a great leader, who are you to speak for us? We will have a great leader again, Libyan people love their leaders and obviously you have not met any real Libyans if you can make such a false statement.

You dare to suggest that the people of Libya and the Great Tribes of Libya should work with radical Islamists. These terrorists that were not allowed in Libya under the past government. 
Why do you think the radical Islamic Libyans lived outside Libya before the false revolution in 2011?

 The  4% who were radicals were not welcome in Libya. 
You dare suggest that we, the Libyan tribes would ever agree to work or live with these psychopaths? Belhaj was in Guantanamo, Ali Zeidan (your great friend) is a German Spy and favors the Muslim Brotherhood. Magarief the CIA puppet put in place by your government was a thief and a spy. 

You dare speak of a constitution in progress. Every Libyan knows that there will never be a constitution under extremists.
Plunder of Libya

The great Tribes of Libya have a fully written Constitution that was finished in August of 2011. This is a constitution for the people of Libya and has nothing to do with you, your country or your extremist allies.
Libya has been a thorn in the side of the One World Order devils since the “bloodless coup’ de etat” which ousted the US/FRANCE/BRITISH installed; pedophile sham of a despot; King Idris, in September 1, 1969. Since that time until February of 2011, the Libyan People flourished. From the poorest and least developed country in Africa to the most developed and highest standard of living in all of Africa and envied by most countries because Libya had no debt and more than 500 billions of dollars of reserves in cash and precious metals.

The USA planned to  overthrow the Legitimate Libya government in 1980 and hired a traitor Libyan  military officer named Khalifa Hefter, trained him and several thousand mercenaries to destroy the Qaddafi government. The change of government in Chad made the USA stop that planned overthrow. Hafter and his band of traitors were moved to the USA near Langley Virginia where Hafter et. al. worked for the CIA for 20 years.

Again in February 2011 the USA using 250,000 Al Qaeda mercenaries and about 30,000 radical Islamists from Libya and the bombing force of NATO, put their new-plan to overthrow Libya into effect. They planned and executed the theft of Libyan riches and strategic ownership of Libya from the few million Legitimate Libya citizens.

False statements were presented to the UN and NATO and immediately accepted as factual. Resolutions were  passed which guaranteed the destruction of our beloved Libya. You should know that by a great majority perhaps 85% the Libyan people were against the false revolution, if you don’t know that then you don’t know Libya.
The destruction of Libya

Now 3 years later. Libya is a failed state. No rule of law and no hope in sight. The US mercenaries have been unable to break the will of the Libyan people because of our 8000 year old Tribal Culture. You meet  only with your paid mercenaries Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to determine the future of Libya. 

You talk about the million Libyans “living” in Egypt as if they are there by choice; the one million in Egypt are in EXILE madam and you know that fact. There is another 1 million in Tunisia, Algeria and other countries.

How can the USA think it has the right to take our country from us? Send in its spies and unlimited arms and air support to bomb and destroy our country. 

How dare you say that Libya had no government before the US invaded our beautiful homeland? 
You  madam are a sham of a stateswoman; you meet with Al Qaeda and every other terrorist entity in Libya. You are not an ambassador for the good people of the USA. You talk as if you do not know General Hafter, when in fact h is the selected military front for the USA-CIA military division in Libya. He receives all his orders from Langley Virginia as do you. Hafter took refuge in the US Embassy in February of this year when his first coup attempt failed.

Has the USA not done enough damage to our country?
 Know this fact Deborah, we will never allow you or any other foreign entity to own our precious land. We suffered under the rule of foreigners for thousands of years. Our best days were the 42 years under Qaddafi. We all pray that we again will be able to prosper as we did then. Yes we had political troubles! Thieves and criminals in our government. 


Your government approval ratings are 7%. Qaddafi was always at 85% or better. There was corruption; but this is OUR LIBYA! OUR BIRTHRIGHT not yours!

Take your phony generals; your political lies and deceptions and go back to your broken country. 
We will clean our country of all the radical Islamists in our way. 
We will heal our people. 
We will rebuild our country without your phony help.
We are the Proud and Brave People of Libya, and we want nothing from you and your Kind.

Signed by:
The Tribes of Libya who represent 98% of all the Libyans Worldwide.

Only Green Libya is Free libya
Only Green Libya is Free libya

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