Dec 14, 2011

Libyan Liberation Front News [14.12.2011.]

(1) Saif Al Islam received Touareg visitors at his place of detention in the mountain town of Zentan, he is still kept in the villa with guards, his condition of gangrene at the hands has improved after going through a process of surgery, he is amongst the tribe of Zentan, some are good, and others not. Zentan they are people in the mountains, zintan tribe is related to Ban Walid and to Gadhadffa tribe, they are the tribe of the leader Moammar Gadhaffi, a mixture of Africans, Arabs and Jewish, they are very strong and tough, rest of the rats (rebels) fear them and their real orientations will be clear to everyone latter. This group has many great elements as well as good people, but also gangs walk freely amongst Zentan people, making them very unpredictable.
(2) Certain areas of Gharyan has fallen to green resistance after three days of heavy fighting, heavy fighting still engulfs the city for the liberation of the rest of the city.

(3) Green Resistance in South Misrata captured large quantities of weapons, shoulder fire RPG's, Kalashnikovs in reazonable numbers. The weapons were stored in a farm house used by Misrata gangs, and two of the gangs were killed in the process.

(4) 63 members of rebel Misrata brigades have been arrested trying to kill displaced people from the town of Tawhorga in Ajdabiyah district, they are still being investigated.

(5) Rebel rioting has spread to the city of Misrata, equivalent of more than $1 trillion is missing from all the Eastern Reserve banks, demonstrations have entered in the 5th straight day in the rebel controlled city of Benghazi, rebels are threatening to over throw their NATO appointed government agents due to lack of finances, they were blinded first by greed, Boshanh offered to resign, his actions were not clear as to regain sympathy or a plot to pull off a strategy to attack a hostile public sentiment.

(6) Qatar national tv and Aljazeera have all stepped up attacks on Zentan rebels consistently in their bid to atttempt the extradition of Saif Al Islam to Qatar controlled Belhaj gangs in Tripoli, Aljazeera and newly established Qatar local Libyan tv have been issuing insults and continues attacks against Zentan tribes. Clearly indicating relations not being good between Zentan and Qatar.

(7) Hefter is confirmed in hospital by green army, he survived sniper fire by green forces on the airport road, his American CIA funded militia known as NTC army or Hefter brigade vowed reprisals and revenge attacks on the green army, eventually Hefter will be crushed by the green resistance, he has no power other than that of the American issued democracy.

(8) Green army attacked points of Belhaj army at the Northern port zone of Tripoli, and Souq Jomaa, gun fights lasted for three hours.

(9) Another mass grave has been discovered by the excavation team of green army in Sirte, more mutilated bodies have been piled into holes by NATO sponsored North Misrata brigades.

(10) Misrat militia will suffer big time. They performed the most horrible ethnic cleansing in the modern history against the peaceful town of Tawhoqa just because these people are black, its an empty twon now without visible living signs, now in Tarhounah the ones that fled from Tawhorga took refugee are being threatened to turn them over to Misrata militia or they will savagely invade Tarhouna to kill every living soul in the city, world does not care about this, these does not mean anything to the world.

(11) Green intelligence is very strong but the decision to intervene is taken on priority basis, so our resources do not get exhausted.

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Rats (Libyan rebels ) have been demonstrating since yesterday about they have not received their salaries, their gold standard savings in the bank are missing, they got no money from the social welfare and social security fund, the Commercial Bank, Co-operative Bank, Social Welfare Bank, Libya Sahara Bank, Eastern Agricultural Bank, Bank of Libya, all rebel controlled banks of Libya are empty of cash, not even a single gold or silver coin, petrol backed dinar are also missing, the liquidity of the Eastern banks have been brought to zero, courtesy of rebel looting and Tel-Aviv professional thugs. This is where rebels failed.
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