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Libya news [backup libyasos] 25. November - 01. December 2011.

Libya resistance news: 01.  December  2011. 
 "Outrageous and indefensible" was Britain's massacre in Libya  - David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, has stated that the attack on the British Embassy in Teheran was "outrageous" while the Foreign Secretary William Hague has called it "irresponsible". So how shall we label the British massacres in Libya as terrorists were backed to overthrow the government of a sovereign state?
  Was it then "acceptable" to commit war crimes by bombing civilians so that a bunch of terrorists could seize control of the country? Was it "acceptable" to strafe the country's water supply? Was it "acceptable" to bomb the factory making the tubes to repair the system? Was it "acceptable" to target Libya's civilian telecommunications network? Was it "acceptable" to take out the energy supply, so that babies would die in incubators, so that old folk would not be able to have access to electricity, to "break their backs"? Was that acceptable?
00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News -> 
Muammar Al  Gaddaffi is a Pan African Revolutionary icon.
22h/ Muammar Al  Gaddaffi is a Pan African Revolu
tionary icon. GHANA -  Pan African Council petitions Ghana’s Parliament to fight neo-colonialism - “We cherish and admired Gaddaffi’s valor and commitment to his convictions and Pan Africanism he fought to prevent his country and Africa from falling prey to Western economic strangulation and resisted the unjust and evil geopolitical machinations of inserting Libya into their strategic geopolitical design and today he is a Pan African Revolutionary icon. - >
21h/ YOU HAVE TO SEE - Interview with Gaddafi about Palestina,Jasser Arafat  ... After a tense two weeks in Libya - a week more than she expected to stay - Jana Wendt has scored a rare personal interview with Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi, sometimes described as 'the world's most dangerous man', treated the meeting as a chance to announce his position on the latest Middle East crisis. ->
20h/ LIBYA:complex of Ras Lanuf industrial 29-11-2011. - >
19h/ "Outrageous and indefensible" was Britain's massacre in Libya [Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey]  - David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, has stated that the attack on the British Embassy in Teheran was "outrageous" while the Foreign Secretary William Hague has called it "irresponsible". So how shall we label the British massacres in Libya as terrorists were backed to overthrow the government of a sovereign state?
  Was it then "acceptable" to commit war crimes by bombing civilians so that a bunch of terrorists could seize control of the country? Was it "acceptable" to strafe the country's water supply? Was it "acceptable" to bomb the factory making the tubes to repair the system? Was it "acceptable" to target Libya's civilian telecommunications network? Was it "acceptable" to take out the energy supply, so that babies would die in incubators, so that old folk would not be able to have access to electricity, to "break their backs"? Was that acceptable? - >

17h/ Humanitarian War in Libya & NGOs Behind the War on Libya [Julien Teil] -This document makes it possible to understand how international law and justice works, but mostly how its basic principles can be bypassed.
The resolutions passed against Lybia are based on various allegations : notably on the statement claiming that Gaddafi had lead jet attacks on his own people and engaged in a violent repression against uprising, killing more than 6000 civilians. These allegations were spread before they could have been verified. Eventhough it was on the basis of this claim that the Lybian Jamahiriya governement was suspended from the United Nations Human Rights Council, before being referred to the United Nations Security Council. - >

16h/ Uncertain future for returnees in Sirte - More than a month after the fighting ended in this coastal town – Qaddafi’s birthplace and the last to be liberated from his rule, or defeated, as the people here see it – many of its streets are no more than piles of rubble and burned buildings sprayed with bullet and rocket holes – up to 1m in diameter. Broken lampposts hang precariously over the roads. “Even the trees are wounded,” one aid worker noted.
Schools are closed. There is no mobile phone network. Very few shops are open. Most of the population of some 65,000 was displaced. - >

15h/ Responsibility to protect: the liberation of Sirte  - According to NATO  figures, coalition aircraft delivered 415 key strikes on the town of Sirte between Sunday 28th August and Thursday 20th October. We have compared this to the bombing of Guernica and other comparisons have been made to the widely condemned levelling of Grozny.
In addition, the rebels, described in NATO circles as a ‘proxy army” were allowed by NATO to indiscriminately shell the town with tank fire, heavy mortar fire and artillery. Here is some footage from the ‘Information Office of the Misrata Mujahid Battalion’ to illustrate the point: ->

14h/ Saddam, Gaddafi and the Arabs: - THE news has it that Saif al-Islam was arrested in Libya without being brutally killed like other members of his family. The media have published gory and offensive images of the killing of his father and former Libyan leader, Muammar Ghaddafi without warning for discretion.
Viewers, including children, have been treated to disgusting, sickening and barbaric display of how Gaddafi met his untimely death after he was brutalised, slapped, tortured, sodomized with a knife (gay-like) and shot with bullets. His body was later dragged on the road and kicked by a jeering and cheering crowd of rebels. - >

13h/ Dr Saif Gaddafi's LSE thesis makes a case for the action that crushed him
Libya is a case of intervention justified by specific circumstances. Go beyond that, and you have a disaster like Iraq - >

12h/ Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre: The Dead Outside the Shed  -
A CBC News report by Susan Ormiston somehow misses these victims, but is quite interesting in other ways. She spoke with a witness I'd missed before in my big cataloguing of alleged witnesses. She says there were 153 there at the time they were burned with grenades. Gravely, she notes only "nineteen got away." The rest were "murdered here last monday night. The youngest, 16. The oldest, 75." Her witness al-Siddeq specifies he was flanked by a doctor and an engineer. The youngest, oldest, best and brightest - perfect targets for a cartoon villain. - >

11h/ African migrants suffer  - "The new Libyan authorities cannot just stop investments in Africa because those are Gaddafi's legacy."
On the way back from school to his home, Mr Gaye says he doesn't know whether Libyans are ready to accept black Africans back on their territory. - >

10h/ Report Saif: Saif al islam is in Good condition and had a Surgery on his finger done. but he is being kept in Good Conditions at Zintan.
Report Libya: there was Riot in Benghazi as people attacked Supply Warehouse. The people were having Shortages blamed NTC of Hoarding food.
 Baniwalid and Tarhuna and Sirte and Parts of SOuth libya are Under Green Control. also Tribes formally rejected the NTC.
Did u know that Jalil and Fatah Younes had always fights against each other during Gaddafi's regime
3 days ago a17 YearGirl was abducted together with her brother in Streets of Tripoli in Middle of Day.The Rats raped Girl in Groups
NATO interrogators and Misrata Brigade gaves prisoners Options either Sodomized by Knife and electrocuted or Raped by Guards and prisoners [SomaliaSupport2.]
09h/ Abdul-Jalil Escapes Assassination
Mustafa Abdul-Jalil was shot in his left hand during an assassination plot against him. Saraya Al-Haqq announced its responsibility for this and they said that sooner or later they will be able to assassinate him. ->

08h/ The US government continues exporting tons of tear gas to Egypt, which is being used by the military junta to crack down on protesters across the North African country. - >

07h/ The name "Arab Spring" is a catch phrase concocted in distant offices in Washington, London, Paris, and Brussels by individuals and groups who, other than having some superficial knowledge, know very little about the Arabs. What is unfolding amongst the Arab peoples is naturally a mixed package. Insurgency is part of this package as is opportunism. Where there is revolution, there is always counter-revolution too. - >

Libya resistance news: 30.  November  2011.
00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News -> 

24h/ Tripoli - Bandits stoled today ,in the gold market,  millions Libyan dinar.
24h/ A Libyan friend sent us these images about war crimes that bandits are still making [Libyan Free press] ->

 21h/ Noam Chomsky - "10 strategies of manipulation" by the media ->

20h/ MOSCOW, November 30 (Itar-Tass) — NATO is ready to take part in a programme for strengthening security in Libya, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy Stefanie Babst said. [What surprises lol]- >

19h/ Belgium courts agree to hear the case of the Libyan citizen against NATO for the murder of unarmed civilians  - In a first of its kind may represent the beginning of a claim of thousands of Libyans affected by military operations launched by the Treaty (NATO) against the regime of Colonel late Muammar Gaddafi, agreed Criminal Court of Belgium to consider the case submitted by the President of the World Organization for Peace, Care against the alliance
Khalid Hamidi, which accuses the NATO bombing of his home last June, three American bombs weighing 1,000 pounds Type 83 MK and five missiles, according to a report NATO for the operation that killed his pregnant wife Safa Ahmed Mahmoud as well as the death of his daughter, Khaleda (5 years) and his son Khuwaildi (3 years) and the daughter of his sister Peace, Mohammad Nouri (6 years) and his aunt Njie Hamidi and his cousin, Mohammad Mohammad and others of his relatives and neighbors, as well as citizens are the two Arab (Aisha Cleih) from Morocco, (Bashir Ishaq) of the Sudan. ->arabic link

Story is here  - > SORMAN MASACRE by OTAN - heart is broken ->

18h/ (Reuters) - Turkish security forces killed a Libyan gunman who shot and wounded two people with a pump-action rifle in the courtyard of Istanbul's historic Topkapi Palace on Wednesday, Turkish officials said. - > 

17h/ More questions than answers about NATO's Libya role [Do you think we will forget?] - >
16h/  Preparing the Chessboard for the "Clash of Civilizations": Divide, Conquer and Rule the "New Middle East"  -The name "Arab Spring" is a catch phrase concocted in distant offices in Washington, London, Paris, and Brussels by individuals and groups who, other than having some superficial knowledge of the region, know very little about the Arabs. What is unfolding amongst the Arab peoples is naturally a mixed package. Insurgency is part of this package as is opportunism. Where there is revolution, there is always counter-revolution.  - >

15h/  According to reports from Tripoli arrived in the country dedicated to the special squad NATO abduction Gaddafi's son Saif. His power to deliver the plan to the ICC. Intelligence chief has left the Libyan Jamahiriya.

According to reports from Tripoli to the country came to a special squad of NATO, whose task is to forcibly release the son of Muammar Gaddafi – Saif Al Islam. NATO detachment must deliver to… the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Now he is in town Zintan and elders of the town refused to give out.

Authorities have issued a statement Zintana they would not tolerate violent arrest Saif Al Islam Gaddafi and ready to resist and the Provisional Government of Libya and NATO troops if they try to arrest the son of Colonel Gaddafi. [Konstantyn Scheglikov]
14h/  UNPOPULAR CIA GOVERNMENT IN LIBYA  - The role of NATO’s so-called Special Forces (SF) units:
There also exists high-profile testimonies of how Danish and French SF-units engaged in and set up a policy of publicly decapitating black libyans in order to terrorize the civilian population of Tripoli into submission under the capital’s newly installed military dictator Bel Hadj. - >

13h/ NEW CAHNNEL THE TRUTH OF SIRTE !  the death of dozens of civilians in Sirte a result of NATO bombing and the rebels to revive the city .....

12h/ Please sign the Nato War Crimes in Libya Petition:

Help save Dr Dorda, previous Libyan ambassadar to the UN. Dr Dorda is being tortured while in captivity by Libyas new government forces:

Please sign – Help save Saif. Saif’s lawyer was unable to see him and he badly needs medical attention.

11h/ Confirmed reliable sources from the city of Sirte that the members of the battalion thunder and Taqrvat fighterS converged blew up a tank belonging to the Ras Lanuf night Bareh and reservoir, located between the industrial park and port Alphippa oil in particular, received a violent clash between them and Jerdan Almqmorin within the industrial complex of Ras Lanuf from 12 pm until the time 3 am was kidnapped at least two of the French troops charged with protecting the site

Libya resistance news: 29.  November  2011.
00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->

24h/ Tripoli - Ali al-Issawi, a former number two in Libya's National Transitional Council, is a suspect in the assassination of a top general in July, Libyan TV reported on Tuesday. - >

During the three years that followed, the LIFG attempted to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi on four occasions and to establish a guerrilla in the Southern mountainous region. Following these operations, the Libyan army - under the command of General Abdel Fattah Younes - waged a campaign to eradicate the guerrillas, and the Libyan judicial authorities issued an arrest warrant against Osama bin Laden, disseminated internationally through Interpol as from 1998.
According to UK counter espionage agent David Shayler, the development of the LIFG and the first assassination attempt on Gaddafi by Al-Qaeda was funded by the British MI6 to the tune of 100,000 pounds - >

(+18) SHOCKING! The body of Abdel Fattah Younes, Libya ->

23h/ Conditions in the prisons run by the NTC are inhumane, according to reports from international agencies. The U.N. human rights office has found evidence of torture in the prisons, where NTC bandits take revenge on anyone they suspect of supporting the resistance.
A leaked report by Manki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, indicates that more than 7,000 detainees are currently being held in NTC jails with "no access to due process." [ but noone havn't to help  to Libyans CIRCUS GONE IN SIRYA]
22h/ FLASH BACK [28. Feb 2011.] The BROTHER HERO LEADER said TRUTH like always! HISTORY WILL BE JUDGE!- >

21h/ Ankara, TNC Libyan' soldiers arriving by private aircraft, for war wound treatment respond with physical and verbal abuse [They even tried to rape a pregnant nurse. According to one Turkish guy, they are constantly smoking marijuana at the hospitals]
For the most part these soldiers are only lightly wounded Those TNC Libyan who did not want to be treated in Turkey were taken to Cologne
While they are in Ankara, the state hospital the Adana Numune Training and Research Hospital which performs 20 heart surgery's a week is closed it is said!
However the Adana Ankara Chamber of Physicians Secretary said only outpatient surgeries have stopped
... Nurses and health workers complain they were harassed by the TNC Libyans who in one case attacked a nurse with a syringe Hospital security officials had to deal with threats and intervene on a number of occasions
Each floor like a computer room with internet cafe, and they demanded plasma televisions in every room said one worker

20h/ all banks in Tripoli and Zawiyah have been closed... now you cant even pick up the 200 dollars from your account...
- foreign fighters from AlQAEDA have increased in Libya.Terror increased in Cities..Mosques destroyed..[SomaliaSuport2]

19h/ "Under Gaddafi everything was great. And now there's nothing," he says, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution by forces loyal to the National Transitional Council (NTC), which led the revolt against Gaddafi.[uruknet]->

18h/ The Saudi regime has used tanks and snipers to kill protesters. Amateur videos and photographs showed that a tank has run over protesters while snipers targeted unarmed people. - >

17h/ Bomb voyage: 600 Libyans ‘already fighting in Syria’  - The fighters have joined “the Free Syria Army”, the militant group carrying out attacks on government forces in Syria, reports the Egyptian news website Al-Ray Al-Arabi citing its sources. The report says the troops entered Syria through Turkish territory.
The alleged incursion happened with the consent of the chairman of the Libyan National Transitional Council (NTC) Mustafa Abdul Jalil. The NTC allegedly welcomed volunteers to join the surge. - >

15h/ Crisis: The stupidity of the western approach - Are these people stupid, or what?
It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that the man dying of hunger in the street must be treated by providing him with food and water, it goes without saying that the trapeze artist has to work in safe conditions, in a work-easy environment which will allow him/her to perform to the best of his/her ability. - >

14h/ November 29, 2011: Fresh links between Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and the British government have emerged as it is revealed Labour defence minister, Adam Ingram, gave him £100,000 in donations. The revelations are source of fresh embarrassment for the British government as it has already come under scathing criticism after its hypocritical side was revealed when British officials welcomed Saif's arrest despite earlier considering him an agent of democracy. ->

13h/ Libyan resistance news [ 28./29. 11. 2011.] Aisha Al Gadhaffi compared the heroism of martyr Mutassim Al Gadhaffi to Che Guevara of the Arab anti colonial world!! - >

12h/ Libyan journalist by phone Syrian TV El Rai, he confirmed his refusal to reconciliation of Libya with the rebels.
- The first group of rebels Misrata Zenten and Turkey to the entry into Syria. - >

11h/ S.O.S from Libya -
Freedom for thousands of people are being illegally detained in Libya Women, children and thousands of teenagers are illegally jailed in Libya This is to urge you to support and help the thousands of people who are illegally jailed in Libya persons. The more worst that even some farms and rest houses have become a place for inhuman treating and turned to be jails. They burnt people with cigarettes, beat their feet, and hung them by their arms, forcing religious people to stand and dance and do things for bidden and pulling people toenails out and more worst. Accordingly; those people urgently need your voice, help and support as Libyan transitional national government have shown no power to stop and protect thousands of civilians who are illegally detained in Libya especially women and children. [Konstantyn Scheglikov]
10h/ "World Jamahiriya" radio
News [28-29.11.11]
Russian and German redactions.
Новости на радио "Всемирная Джамахирия" (29.11.11)
Русская и Немецкая редакции.

Libya resistance news: 28.  November  2011.
00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->
  24h/ “I was a sniper and I killed a lot [Libyans],” he admits. ”I did many things, and I’m very happy that I did,” says Mohammed – as he stands in the remains of a vegetable market. - >
‘Proud of my role’: Teen sniper’s( killer) view of Libya conflict
22h/ NGOs Behind the War on Libya - Julien Teil on GRTV. 
"The Humanitarian War" is a film about the demonization of Gaddafi in the run-up to the war in Libya. In this carefully researched documentary, Julien Teil examines the documents and interrogates the NGOs behind the campaign to oust Gaddafi, and shows the lack of evidence for the alleged war crimes that supposedly justified UN intervention. Join us for this week's GRTV Feature Interview with documentary filmmaker Julien Teil as we discuss the lead-up to the war on Libya, and whether it can happen again in Syria.

19h/ News about Saif Al Islam Gadhaffi & the demands from Zentan [26./28. 11.2011.] ->
18h/ Breaking News - Brother of Abdel Hakim Belhadj Killed in Bani Walid  [AfriSinergy] - >

16h/ Report Libya: - Caller says "CIA And m16 have arrived they are different.. Many believe it is to Attempt to kill Saif"
- mass Grave discovered at Sirte. but yet no comment by UN or any organization.. "human rights" has become a Running Comedy joke
-Tobruk and Derna and East Libya areas preparing for a Fight with NTC and Salabi Brigade..
- Derna Tribes have rejected all claims that Supposed man from derna Represents them in NTC..they were never consulted
-  Ajdabiyah Brigades attacked Benghazi brigades... Ajdabiyah has Declared it Rejects the NTC
- Heavy fighting in South of Libya. between Sabha brigades and MIsrata brigade... Misrata using Heavy fire on Civilian areas
-  Militia Attacked International Airport and NTC offices in Tripoli.
- after all Prisoners are freed..Tribes will Create Government and Arrest Militia looters and Put them before courts like before

14h/ Belhaj,  made up of a heavily-armed force of about 25,000 men
Last week tensions between the rival groups surfaced when Belhaj was briefly detained at Tripoli International Airport as he set off on a trip abroad, with airport officials, controlled by fighters from Zintan, saying he had a problem with his passport. The problem was resolved with the intervention of National Transitional Council chairman Mustafa Abdul-Jalil who ordered his release.
In the interview with Reuters Belhaj refused to answer questions about the airport incident, and asked about tensions between rival groups.

15h/ Abdulhakim al - NATO Belhadj, head of the Tripoli Military Council and the former leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, "met with Free Syrian Army leaders in Istanbul and on the border with Turkey," said a military official working with Mr Belhadj. "Mustafa Abdul Jalil (the interim Libyan president) sent him there."
The "covert operation" was immediately laid bare when a rival Libyan rebel brigade detained Belhaj at Tripoli airport, accused him of travelling on a fake passport, and declared they would jail the senior military leader. NATO bandit  Belhaj also discussed sending Libyan fighters to train troops->

13h/ ALGERIA ISP / Now In Libya (Pro NTC), Osama Gowaili, Minister of Defence asked the Military Prosecutor General to take all necessary measures to investigate the events of Bani Walid, the last Wednesday and consequences and identify responsibilities.
The town of Bani Walid witnessed the unfortunate events last Wednesday with the rebels of Souk Jomo which has killed and wounded on both sides.
The letter from the Minister of Defence to the Attorney

Libya resistance news: 27.  November  2011. 
00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->
23h/ CAIRO, Nov. 27. / ITAR-TASS /. In the Libyan capital on Saturday was an attempt on the Prime Minister of Libya Abdel Rahim al-Kiba. It is reported today the Spanish news agency EFE, citing sources close to the Libyan government.
From these data, Abdel Rahim al-Kib and a group of his party was attacked  on the outskirts of Tripoli at the time when they entered the building located there state radio.
As a result of an attempt Libyan Prime Minister was not injured, but two members of his delegation were killed and five - were wounded.
It is reported that security forces apprehended two militants involved in the assassination.
so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.
Information about the incident appeared only today. On Saturday, about the attempt Libyan and other sources do not report
Its certainly confirmed that Belhaj is no longer in Libya at this point in time.

22h/ ALGERIA ISP / Alwatan According Libya (Pro CNT), a reliable source confirmed that there were negotiations under the auspices of Turkey between the Syrian and Libyan officials, led by
Abdelhakim Belhadj for the delivery of weapons to the rebels of Syria and to help them overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad.
On the other hand, the newspaper "Telegraph", the rebels announced that Syria had held secret talks with the Libyan authorities new, to secure the shipment of arms and money to counter the regime of President Bashar al-Assad .
The newspaper adds: At the meeting, held in Istanbul, the Syrians have sought assistance to Libyan officials, who will provide them with weapons and volunteers.
The paper quoted a Libyan source, "there are plans to send arms and perhaps fighters from Libya to Syria .. there is a military way .. In a few weeks we will see that." 

21h/ TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — A senior official in Libya's outgoing transitional government has sharply criticized the country's new leadership as an unrepresentative "elite" supported by outside powers. He accused them of being "supported from the outside by money, arms and PR."
Tarhouni said that more than 90 percent of Libyans are not represented by this new leadership. "It is about time that we hear the true voices of the masses," he said.
Earlier this week, the chairman of Libya's National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, also indicated that Qatar was meddling in Libyan affairs. [ what is wish of this traitor ?]-

20h/ ALGERIA ISP / Libyan banks have withdrawn from circulation bank notes of
The portrait of Libyan Omar Elmokhtar and they were replaced by monuments or animals.

19h/ AFRICAN LEON  Gaddafi in Niger 2\2  - >
19h/ AFRICAN LEON Gaddafi in Niger 1\2  -

17h/ Racism of the new Libyan government unveiled : premise of a civil war?
16h/ Report Libya: People calling are constantly angry saying that NTC are all having Suits living in Hotels but libyans are starving and looted.
 - Right now heavy fighting Tripoli In many areas and Highways are blocked. Rebels infighting also Green resistance attacking
- Tribal council was Arranged by Tribes themselfs and not by the NTC.. This is another Media spin Created by mass media
Unity of Tribal Council shines thru agnst illegitimate NTC. 
 - NTC officials were pushed out of the Tribal congress meetings. and meetings took place without them according to a source
- Zintan are having problems bringing Saif to Hospitals in Libya because its not safe.. but they do not want to send him abroad
- Officially said by Yusuf Shakir Jamahiriyah and On ARRAITV.. Sheik Tantush was abducted with UN involvement  [SomaliaSuport2] - >!/SomaliaSupport2
14h/  The Government, Parliament and military forces of Sweden reported for war crimes in Libya -
13h/ Abd Jalil has visited Turkey... alot of Visits to Turkey recently also by Bel Instability in Libya increases we see Qatar and Turkey
Abd Jalil has Turkish passport. Is he seeking for asylum in his new home country? :)
Reports that Bel haj visited turkey to place his stolen loot in Turkish banks.. and then moved today to Doha for talks with Turkey and Qatar
- Souq Al juma'a Brigade.. a Group linked to Bel haj ALQAEDA group have admitted they lost many men and lost the fight at Bani Walid
- Bel haj brigade were fighting each other in Large clashes over several days in Tripoli. infighting and disputes.
no reports about Bel haj being in Syria. he is far too important for Qatar to travel to syria.. Bel haj is losing in Libya
- Sirte has pushed all Misrata brigades out of their area. and is rebuilding its resistance groups. [SomaliaSuport2] - >!/SomaliaSupport2
12h/ Tunisia , Libya  - Oddly the US propaganda outlets still refuse to report on the ongoing fighting in and around Tripoli, the situation is so bleak that Tunisair has decided to end all flights to Tripoli. Tunisair spokesperson stated that flights have been stopped due to security reasons, refusing to give details.

It was reported earlier that protesters blocked an Airbus A320 from taking off, they were apparently protesting the ongoing fighting in Bani Walid between NATO Mercenaries and Resistance fighters.  - >

Libya resistance news: 26.  November  2011.  
00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->
24h/ URGENT: SAVE Seif Al Islam of gangrene
Seif al-Islam Gaddafi has already lost three fingers of his right hand is in danger of losing the whole arm if emergency surgery is performed to stop the rot
ICRC lied about Saif Gaddafi, he desperately needed medical treatment for his hand, and he was being refused -- he must be freed to have a chance to live.
UN fails to act to protect Saif al-Islam, ICC prosecutor even cooperates to allow him to be tortured.
23h/ The Green Army  sent a 25 member delegation of doctors, nurses, negotiating team, councillors and neutral Jamahiriyah federation chiefs to Zentan with a private jet to visit Saif.

The Zentan brigades laid a series of demands for prisoner exchange or extradition.
Saif Al Islam
22h/ On November 22, 2011 ICC Judges Sanji Mmasenono Monageng, Sylvia Steiner and Cuno Tarfusser decided to terminate the Case Against Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi 'because of the changed circumstances caused by his death'. What about the crimes committed in Libya by the other side? Who will take responsibility for it? SPREAD THE WORD:

21h/ In Tripoli, destroyed a convoy
During the attack on British convoy was reportedly "" was destroyed a few jeeps with soldiers. Russian officials, for their part, argue that the representative was killed by the British Parliament.
Note that the official international media about this news is not communicate. Apparently, the destruction of Muammar Gaddafi's arrest and his eldest son, Mr. ... e brought to the consent of Libya.
In addition, bloggers from Libya reported a number of attacks on checkpoints of the Transitional National Council of Libya in Tripoli. According to them, in the southern Libyan capital had been undermined by three checkpoint at soldiers then opened fire with automatic weapons. Eyewitnesses report that the attacks had been destroyed by the military commander brother of Tripoli, a member of al-Qaeda Abdulhakima BelHadja, who was on inspection checkpoints.->
20h/ Truth Libya Full / Правда о Ливии  - >
20h/ Zintan, Libya - The Troubling Case of Saif Gadhafi [by FRANKLIN LAMB]
Despite the claims of the National Transitional Council of Libya (NTC)  that  Saif al Islam Gadhafi, the apprehended subject of an International Criminal Court arrest warrant that ordered his transport to The Hague, is in a secure hidden location near Zintan, Libya, a town approximately 85 miles southwest of Tripoli, this is not the case.

Neither are the assurances by Steven Anderson, spokesman for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) who on 11/23/11 announced that Saif al-Islam’s injuries had been “taken care of,” nor his profuse assurances that Saif is in good health.  In point of fact, following the ICRC assurances, the Ukrainian-born Doctor Andrei Murakhovsky who lives in Zintan reported that “Saif’s wound is covered with gangrenous tissue and necrotic tissue.”  He added that “This wound is not in good condition and requires amputation. His index finger has been ripped off at the level of the middle phalange (finger bone), the bones are all shattered. It’s the same thing with the thumb of that hand.” Dr. Murakhovsky told the Reuters news ->

17h/ Libya – A copy of the false passport used by Abdelhakim Belhadj to leave Libya AND TO FLY IN Turkey- >
16h/ Libyan Imam 'Tantush' abducted & being tortured by NATO Coward Misrata Rats, Nov. 2011, Libya  - >

15h/ "Arab Springs" are not as spontaneous as the Western mainstream media would have us believe.
Isn't it rather odd that after long decades of slumber, starting in early 2011 millions upon millions of Arabs throughout North Africa and the Middle East suddenly woke up, took to the streets, violently clashed with police and security forces, overthrew their governments and in one instance - Libya - managed to deliver their country to a perverse alliance of foreign terrorists, local thugs, CIA operatives and NATO bombers, eventually murdering their own exceptional leader, Muammar Gaddafi, live on global TV? Question: just how spontaneous are these major social convulsions that lead to revolution, chaos, battles on streets and squares, thousands dead and injured, and the violent overthrow of entire governments? To a certain degree they are, no doubt, spontaneous: people are growing weary of their national governments' growing inability to resolve vital collective problems. ->
13h/ PROOF - NATOs servant Jalil Executed 32 Prisoners as Justice Minister - >

10h/ Update news Libyan Green Resistance:
Baniwalid is free,but is again surrounded by rebels.Resistance is now organizing and preparing for something big !
[by a Libyan Resistance fighter] – Some fight last night in Tripoli, when special forces of the Resistance attacked some armed rats.
Few Nato-rebels were killed, but the Resistance of LLA had 3 martyrs.
There were also some sporadic fires in Sabha.
Resistance is now organising and preparing for something big.
Rats are at the moment fighting between each other.
Meetings throughout Libya are underway between commanders and officers about Resistance.
The men of the Resistance (LLA, also named as LLF) have everything they may need: food, shelter, water, weapons, and what they want now is just to win as soon as possible
Source Libyanfree press.
Libya resistance news: 25.  November  2011. 
Moammar Al Gaddafi  
 Limited Libya Frontline news:(1) Qatar Al-qaeda forces have lost control of their Southern most point of Libya base linking Zentan and Sabha prompting Hakim Belhaj to flee the country.
(2) 235 Al-qaeda forces were killed in the battle to oust them out of the near Sabha base, including a Qatar general commanding them.
(3) Limited Alliance has been formed between green intelligence forces, tribe Warfallah and Zentan brigades to exchange a number of prisoners.
(4) 17000 Libyan Green Sniper forces have succesfully infiltrated CNT forces by driving in CNT flagged vehicles in Bani Walid resulting in the killing of 93 TNC soldiers in Bani Walid and taking 42 prisoner.
(5) The Green army has discovered the entire TNC leadership is not operating inside Libya, but out of Malta, Doha Qatar and Ankara Turkey.
(6) Hakim Belhaj the Al-qaeda king of Tripoli flew out of Libya with not just Libyan stolen money, he also stole $190 million that was to be used as payment for the CNT or TNC militia.
(7) The new Libyan Resistance front leader Gamal Longe has insisted on the establishment of green liquidation brigades to function within the ranks of Zentan brigades and to allow green squads unlimited access to carry on operations against foreign elements inside Tripoli.
(8) The Amazigh are proposing a new territorial agreement to allow them local autonomy as that of Quebec Canada and Kirkuk Iraq, and they also want the establishment of their language Tamazight as national language in Libya, spoken second to Arabic speaking areas in Libya. The drawing board of Libyan National front rejected this idea of the Tamazigh in collaboration with Touareg and Werfallah due to the known large presence of Mossad Israeli Zionist forces operating within the Amazigh forces.
 (9) Green Army has decided to allow powerline connection, medical, food and fuel trucks to move from Sabha to Bani Walid under the guide of Zentan brigades and Werfallah tribal forces.
(10) 13 French gladio mercenary forces were killed in Sabha when they were spotted driving Red Cross Vans.
(11) Green force Libya has increased additional secret cells to monitor foreign NATO embassies inside Tripoli from 52 cells to 108 in order to locate exact movement of Al-qaeda linked foreign forces inside Libya.
(12) The Green Army has given green light to the people of Sirte to hang every captured foreign NATO, French, Al-Qaeda and Qatar mercenary forces on the electric poles without waiting any court order or without waiting for the arrival of green army.
Libya news [backup libyasos] 04 jun - 24 jun 2011.
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