Dec 22, 2011

Libyan Liberation Front News [22.12.2011.]

1) Green Resistance has expelled NTC fighters from Bani Walid, fought against Souq Jomaa rat brigades and the war has been taken to Souq Jomaa for the first time. Green army is quietly and consistently closing on Souq Jomaa rebels and other NTC terror cells, Misrata and Eastern gangs within them. Hail of irestorm has been raging on the rebels base in Bani Walid since Tueday, they left their bases and abandoned loads of weapons. Werfalla Bani Walid took the fight to Souq Joma Tripoli.
(2) Protests by Libyan people against NTC are spreading now to many Libyan cities, there are protests now in Misrata, Benghazi, Tripoli, Derna, Tobruk, NTC is highly corrupt. Libyan people have no access to electricity, no clean water, the source of main drinking water poisoned by NATO & NTC, green army is in a process of transporting and buying more emergency water for the people affected. It's winter time in Tripoli, situation not good.

(3) Green Intelligence ground team has transmitted information about the large movement and presence of NATO soldiers in Bab Aziziyah and the port of Tripoli. Re-enforcement army has been sent to Tripoli in order to support Zentan brigades, Mshashia and Bani Walid green brigades. Libyan people are protesting about food shortages, rape, looting, robbery, no electricity, water and no money.

(4) NATO & NTC oil transport tankers have been set on fire and destroyed by green resistance army of Ajdabiyah, fighting went on for 2 hours, all rebels and NTC brigades guarding the convoy were killed.

(5) Mousa Ibrahim was granted permission to speak with news outlet for few minutes, he spoke about the resistance determination to oust NTC, and to inform the media about the silent increasing strength of the resistance, and also explain Libyan people understanding of treason, satanic nature of NTC, it's gangs and mercenaries.

(6) Zentan has refused to hand over Saif Al Islam Gadhaffi to NTC, NATO & Qatar for additional charges, claim from Zentan judges and lawyers was insufficient evidence, lack of governement and accountability in Tripoli. Saif will remain guarded in Zentan, allowed to perform his national duties as Libyan citizen, he remains a guest of Zentan people and a holly warrior. Saif will continue to take part in un-announced battles against rebels as a patriotic duty to the nation.

(7) Qatar army and military units have vowed military agression against Saif Al Islam and his followers, Qatar said it will hand over Saif to ICC, details in frontline complecate matters to hand over Saif Al Islam to Qatar, 7215 Qatar soldiers and mercenaries have been killed and hanged on electric poles by the green army around Libya, emir of Qatar, all the armed forces of Qatar and Sheikh Qaradawi are enermies of the green army, inshallah silently and in top secrecy many of the Qatar armed forces and mercenaries that took part in the Libyan battle will all be exterminated. There is no compromise, and there will be no compromise with Qatar. The state of Qatar has taken the path of destruction towards Libyan people and citizens, those agents of Qatar involved in unprovoked destruction of Libya must die, and no Libby will be extradited to Qatar for killing members of the Qatar armed forces, the people of Qatar involved in hostilities against Libya must be dealt with very swiftly, immediate capital punishment applies to all members of NATO armed forces, Qatar and Israel. Death penalties must be carried by Libyan citizens, green army or the red army without notification to tribal authority. Their case is clear, precise and without warning, must be done with accuracy and no reservations, they took part in killing Libyan citizens and capital punishment is automatic.

DEC 22 2011
Always green, HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
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