Dec 18, 2011


" Dear free brothers:

To slightly move away from wrong descriptions and adjectives, and begin a proper dialogue aimed at calming the nation and the citizens and their freedom and independence.. I participated in many battles that we thought were leading to liberation, and my feet are now seriously wounded. I am now sleeping most of the day, I have a family of 3 children, and their mother does not know what to expect in the future.It was important to write these words following the statements made by many NTC leaders, which are now speaking about the flagrant interference in the Libyan affairs by the countries that helped us to liberate Libya!! 
These contradictory statements are obviously used for wrestling for power, these as well as other statements made things worse, more conflicts between tribes emerged,the feuds revived, which means the new blood of Libyans is shed. 
NTC also spoke lately about federalism and the division of the country. Unfortunately, the price for this tragic situation was enabled by us,the simple citizens and nation which did not know in who to trust.

Gaddafi is now moved to the vicinity of the Almighty Lord - to whom alone - he may be held accountable, and there are still questions and we are puzzled in finding answers to them. 

First question: Was is not him and his son Saif al Islam Gaddafi who were honest from the beginning - saying to us where we will be, and that's where we are now precisely? Is it not possible then that they realized the seriousness of foreign interference, informed us in advance and decided to defend the country against them? Thus was it our role to help the foreign occupation of the country? Or that the foreigner is the one who helped us get rid of his enemy (Gaddafi )!!!?

Second question: What is this insistence from some to fight to get rid of the negative effects of colonization, which is accepted by our officials - as mentioned - especially if Gaddafi ended with no more hope of returning our government? If this is what Mujahedins were really understanding (in the text of the Koran)? Are we Mujahideen? If we were not so, do we befriend foreigners who contributed to the intervention in our affairs? Does our national duty require of us to join Mujahedins now to defend our country from colonial powers in our homes?

Third: What is the fate of the oil now after we lost hundreds or thousands of martyrs? The relatives and friends of mine included.

Many questions revolve in my mind, my body is tired and exhausted, and I want satisfactory answers from you. If they are talking of stopping the bloodshed, I would accept it, but not from the same faces that refused to talk about it when requested by Gaddafi and elderly since the beginning of the events.
Please allow me to think aloud, because I contributed to this revolution, and I do not want to continue hypocrisy and lying to others.."

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