Dec 15, 2011

Libya Liberation Front Frontline News [15.12.2011.]

(1) NTC have created [pay] a team of hackers, psychological war experts and spin masters in Tripoli to re-assert their control over the media, and loss of power in the uncontrollable circumstances of Libya, people have lost many relatives, property and there is not much to loose any more, the war for the determination of Libya's future has split the country ethnic, racial, tribal and religious lines. Mossad Israeli Zionists JEWISH, a team of CIA trained Al-qaeda operatives and hardcore Salafists are working computers round the clock in their ability and attempts to hack e-mails, pass words, bank details, personal plans, communication, travel itinerary.
NTC model

(2) Armed rebels took people hostage at the Green National Reserve Bank in Korgi in an act of armed robbery inside the bank, the road leading to the bank has been closed, anti aircraft weapons circle the building, more than 10 rebel vehicles were seen in the vicinity. $350 million was transfered to this bank to support displaced people.

(3) NATO indoctrinated rebels executed two youths in Benghazi, attacked the family of the youth on the site, welcome to the Zionist Israeli satanic rituals of white christmass in Libya, speedy transformation of Libya into Palestine, Somalia and Iraq, Afghanistan, and a whole host of failed states with repetition of Sabra and Shatila in Sirte not enough to appease villain souls of Zionist blood thirsty rituals.

(4) Demonstrations in Benghazi against NTC are on going in third straight day, people are continuing sit ins, an assasination attempt has been directed against Mustafa Abdel Jalil with grenade, the TNC NATO appointed rebel president of Libya, all signs point to NTC in it's death bed, abnormal sysmbols abound, Benghazi is haunted every where with new allegations that Abdel Jalil stole more than $10 billion of people's money and the NTC governance is shrouded in secrecy.
Demonstrations in Benghazi against NTC

(5) Libyans have started marching against NTC, with some saying Allah, Moammar and Libya, an indication to NTC fraud, trickery, massive propaganda brought in by Israeli con artsists, nation destroyers and money changers. Israel is very good in bringing nations down to it's knees, very specialized in the art of deception, psychological warfare, with modern computers making it easy to defraud public opinion by encouraging digital deceptive revolutions, manipulated by people on the key boards, media witches, psychological spin analysts and mental twisters.

(6) Discovery of new US drone bases in Libya continue to take place, disputing Washington's claims it was not in war with Libya, and it's involvement in the country was limited to UN's mandate of no fly zone. 915 multiple rocket launchers were fired into Kaltroum Southern US drone base, more attacks will extend into the base till last crusader has been killed, the number of wounded and killed in that base was not established due to Washingtons easy ability to replace it's dead humans without disclosure into secretive base attacks.

(7) Rebel Zentan brigades attacked residents of Mshashia with rocket propelled grenades, 14.5 mm as their weapon of choice, causing damage to residents and people the regions habitat, Zentan has been under enormous pressure from Mshashia tribes to exchange Saif for it's rebels held by the resistant fighters of Mshashia, Qatar and USA are also pressing hard on Zentan to release Saif to their custody or Kangaroo ICC court. 14.5 mm weapons can be obtained in Libya at rental prices of 100 LD ( Libyan Dinar ), good for attacking enermies and also sounds of loss of virginity in wedding parties. Whatever orientation a person chooses to hire a 14.5 mm for, they are available and every where in Libya.
Democracy came in  Benghazi finaly
(8) NATO Islamic radicals continue to Lynch women without trial for cases of adultery and sorcery, clearly importing Wahabi brand of Islam into Libya, Saudi just executed a woman for using herbal supplements and methods for treating diseases, in competition with major pharmaceutical and drug companies, the woman was sentenced to death by beheadin in Saudi Arabia, Wahabis often protect big business, big interest under the guise of religious law, but they are often a big Mafia of the desert in sheep's clothing, their actions hve all been condemned by green Libyan resistance forces.

(9) Islamist hardliners in their attempt to retain power and exert fear to the public, they are holding banners reading, Gadhaffi's soldiers that committed crimes will not benefit from amnesty, who needs a rebel amnesty?. They better worry about the hundreds of thousands of people they have killed in few months than trying to cover their trail by pointing fingers to Gadhaffi, they are muslims day time, in the evenings they meet with death merchants of the temple of Zion to receive their teachings, and pay for the ritual murders and mayhems they have caused. The dirty bearded people with their blood sacrifices.

This is for it today DEC 15 2011, we keep you update when news becomes available. Remember always to keep the earth green, more visible and forever think green Libya.
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