Dec 17, 2011


Moammar Al Gaddafi
Who is this mysterious killer that nobody wants to denounce by name?
What is certain,it is a well-known and recognized person. 
No, not the little rascal or friends who wriggled like crazy after staging a tasteless barbarism, much less that you suspect as lamplighters. This is not the awful Canadian General Bouchard, a pathological liar, before the Lord and men. No more so than ...
Look, I know, nothing can be hidden. Yes, I know that for a long time.
We French have the art to believe that we are invincible. Moreover, a great journalist from left ran a headline in one of his papers: "Nicolas Sarkozy took the scalp of Gaddafi."
Sure, he believes it even to this day. In that article, he spoke of the success of the operation of a great man. I read the article with interest, nay, with delight. It was a tasteless panegyric.
David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy

Am I bothering you?
You still do not get it?
Do you really believe that, from a height of wedges heels or his elevated heel parts, the little man could single-handedly carry out this demonic operation?
Just know this: he worked as a lamplighter, for a third country.
Dig. Imagine that, Total, in the race for the redistribution of Libyan oil won only the bare minimum. Who would have thought? Who took it all, are those the Yanks or the Italians, with ENI and ExxonMobil. The latter had been bought by the Libyan Oil company before. 
As a result, the typical person will not be ale to speak about this "exploit" during the election campaign, otherwise the ICC awaits. Damn.

But who is this mysterious killer? David Cameron? Not at all.
And if one remakes the game of the assassination?
Well, Gaddafi was assassinated on 20th, after calling for murder of the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on 19th of Oct. You follow?
Hilary Clinton
 Yes? You are making progress. This evil green light led to the murder..
Vladimir Putin has lashed out at John McCain over his threats that the PM may face same fate as the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The Russian premier speculated that the US senator has been traumatized by his POW experience.

Video of an interview with Russian PM Putin on Russia Today.

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