Dec 26, 2011

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [26.12.2011.]

- Demonstrations are gathering pace all over Libyan cities, people are demanding the exit of all NATO rebels out of their cities.
Protests against the Libyans CNT now extend to many cities in Libya, where he lacks everything. No blankets, no water, no electricity, no food. There are riots here and there that the media "mainstream" does not want to cover. And for good reason. In cities of the Jebel Nafusa as Nalut, Zintan, Jadu, Kabau, Yefren, Kalaa, Rojban, Kikla or Riayna, there are continuous demonstrations. Yesterday, it was Misrata, Benghazi, Tripoli, Derna and Tobruk.

- Libyan Green Resistance took the border crossing post in Nalut near Tunisia -Libyan border yesterday, green flags, and green paint adorn the place.

- Green Resistance cells in Tarhouna took over the city from NATO gangs and rebels, Abdul Jalil the master CRIMINAL threatened to level the city with fighter planes, bombers and totally erase it, the people remained firm and in control. The truth remains Libyan people despise and hate TNC.

- Green Libyan resistance made extra ordinary achievements yesterday in Sabha, Tarhouna, Zilten and the war of liberation still continues to take place.

- NATO Crusader still has a fighting department in the country, and is flying their planes, with a secrecy wh.ich is unprecedented in the Arab media, and the world is blind for these events.

-Observers believe that Qaddafi's troops represented in the Green resistance have gained popular momentum. More and more people are turning their backs to NTC. Many people who thought that they will gain something or be represented in NTC,or get payed for fighting, are now discovering what a scam it is, they are getting more and more shocked by the bitter truth every day.

- Events that occur daily tell us that green victory is near, NTC has lost even the moral support of the minority of the citizents, which they had. But many people still fly Idris flags for the fear of NTC/NATO militas which are terrorizing and sending ordinary people to illegal jails, where they get tortured even for one small word. Now, under NTC people have no water to drink, there are massive electricity shortages, and even communication shortages (some say they are deliberate).

- NTC has lost war in moral. They looted the (rich) country and threw it at the bottom in the world. Now those revolutionary naive youth are talking more and more about the mistake they made and about correcting the path - better late than never.

Stay green, think life and resist oppression.
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