Dec 13, 2011

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [12.12.2011.]

(1) Chemical and biological effects used by NATO, USA, France, Israel and British Airforce have started to appear on the birth of new children in Libyan hospitals, babies been born with many legs, hands and very unrecognizable as little human beings. Birth defects that took place in Fallujah Iraq, are now common place in Libya.

(2) NATO/NTC bandits have taken demonstrations to Benghazi, they want dialogue between each rebel groups, none is willing to listen, many rebels remain distrustful of each other and are interested in controlling their own territories, classic example of Beirut Lebanon 1980's replaying itself in Libya. The work of Israeli intelligence agency, military, CIA and Aljazeera propaganda machinery.
(3) Fighting is continuing between rebels and Libyan liberation front armed units in Sabha with small fire arms.

(4) NATO appointed NTC vultures are calling for national unity after they have killed hundreds of thousands in Tawhargha, Sirte, destroyed and decimated families, cities and businesses in Libya, to what benefit will exist unit with traitors who called in foreign forces to destroy their own nation?. They killed black people, women and the children of Libya. Why make unity and peace with them?. Can they bring back all that they have killed in the land of free people and the Sahara?.

(5) The order of corruption has become prevalent all over Libyan rebel controlled banks, the governor of rebel controlled central bank unit at entry port of Tripoli is paying his friends 75 000 Libyan gold dinar per month without work being performed, filling bank posts with friends to exploit citizens.

(6) Libyan African Investment Company will continue to issue all it's employees with full salary from the company savings worldwide despite NATO's evil practices inside Libya.

(7) Multiple targets have been hit with missiles by green resistance in Misrata, Benghazi, and Tripoli, ground information contacted on the number of killed rebels is still under investigation by revolutionary forces on the ground.

Stay tuned with the green resistance, very soon will turn back on a new international arabic resistance news, blog and patriotic news station, which is currently operational, but not yet well tested for international broadcasts.

Benghazi: Militias clashed for 2 days over cash and drugs in Benghazi. Social conditions in Benghazi are a disaster.

Tripoli: Green resistance attacked checkpoints of Belhaj fighters in Tripoli, ambushed them and left the scene, all dressed as rebels.

 Zawiya: Green resistance arrived in Zawiyah. They spoke on loudspeaker for people to come out, civilians all attacked NTC rats.
All day there is heavy fighting in Zawiyah. People are attacking pickup trucks unarmed and some are armed. They all hate NTC.

Misrata: North Misrata brigade is running out of fighters. Entering peoples homes demanding for sons or they will burn and rape family.
Misrata fighter spoke to source and said "I was forced to fight because my sister is hostage. They make her call me on phone."

Green resistance freed 50 African laborers from NTC prison, tortured and forced to be slave labor under NTC.
Pro-Gaddafi families are hiding Africans in their homes and helping them escape Libya. All Africans are being lynched by NTC.
Civilians are killed and the corpses of pro-Gaddafi supporters and Africans are just being thrown on side of roads like displays.
Rape is rampant now by NTC militias. Abdul Jalil declared all crimes committed by fighters will not be brought before a court.

Caller from in Libya said: "People carry cigarette packets because some people were killed for not giving smoke to a rebel fighter." 
A person from Zawiyah was killed because he was smoking and when rebel asked him for a cigarette, he said he had none, then was shot.
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