Dec 29, 2011

Libyan Liberation Frontline News [29.12.2011.]

(1) NATO has been bombing green controlled areas of Tripoli chemical, biological, and depleted uranium bombs.

(2) Leaders of Libyan tribes met Saif Al Islam, the tribes of Zintan and Bani Walid had a meeting on the sidelines, Saif Al Islam is fine and well kept. Libyan Resistance have received very good assurances from Zintan concerning the safety and welfare of Saif.
(3) Libyan Green Resistance has captured new videos of the rebels attrocities in Libya, and the brutality, torture and criminal acts of the rebels continue to shock ordinary eyes.

(4) Violent clashes are taking place at the Sorman seaside between the tribes of Ghakbh and etay.

(5) Fighting continued all night around Tripoli in the areas of Andalusia and Gurgen.

(6) Column of NTC gangs battalions have been heading towards Tarhouna and Bani Walid in an attempt to suppress the resistance of Libyan people against imperialism, imposition of Western agression, and resource exploitation.

(7) NTC NATO prime minister, minister of economy and the local NTC in Derna all resigned after many attacks by green resistance and the automatic elimination of many of it's members.

(8) Libya has become hotbed of mercenary training camps, mercenary export, 22 members of terrorist governor of Tripoli's brigade members have been captured by Syrian Arab Army.

(9) Youth of Andalusia attacked rebel check points leaving scores of rebel bodies on the streets.

(10) Dr Mousa Ibrahim has informed the resistance about his steadfastness and commitment to September 1st Alfateh Revolution.

(11) Libyan Liberation youth of Zliten attacked the local NTC propaganda and brainwashing and white washing radio station during interview with bandit commander, the youth captured all the propaganda spreading staff, they replaced the stations airwaves with resistance and patriotic music.

(12) Green Resistance will Launch it's behemoth of truth resistance satelite that will span the globe 24/7 on January 15 2012.

Be happy, open minded, when truth is suppressed, resistance, war and death becomes an option. Always and Forever Green.

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