Dec 1, 2011

Libya news [backup libyasos] 02. November - 07. November 2011.

Libya resistance news: 07. November  2011. 
00h/ List  of NATO crimes  - we will not forget ICC -  
00h/ LibyaS.O.S. Daily News -> 
23h/ Belarus Prepares to Confront NATO Military Aggression -     ““There was an act of aggression and the national leaders, including Gaddafi, were killed. He was not killed on a battlefield. NATO security services helped abduct the national leader. He was tortured and shot and treated worse than the Nazi did in their time. Libya was destroyed as a sovereign state”
The Belarusian president went on to denounce the role of the UN in tolerating what he described as NATO’s vandalism in Libya - >
 23h/ The Brutal Murder of Gaddafi and the Implications for All Those Who Stand in the Way of the War Criminals. Gaddafi died a martyr, murdered by the war criminals of US, France, Britain and NATO led by President Obama, President Sarkozy and Prime Minister Cameron. Although NATO spearheaded the military campaign against Libya, the strategic planning was prepared by US Africa Command (AFRICOM). [Matthias Chang is a distinguished Malaysian lawyer, author and adviser to former Prime Minister Dr. Tun Mahathir Mohamad] ->

 21h/ Speaking to a Green soldier in Tunisia[108morris108] -> 
20h/ Libyan Diplomat unloads on Qatar - The tiny Persian Gulf state of Qatar, a Connecticut-sized thumb of a nation sticking out of the side of Saudi Arabia, played a huge role in the overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi, pushing for a no-fly zone and sending significant amounts of weapons, advisers, and supplies to support the Benghazi-based rebels. Qatar's Al Jazeera satellite channel cheered on the rebel fighters and hosted prominent opposition figures on its airwaves. The country also helped set up a satellite channel for the interim National Transitional Council, and provided its leaders with housing in swank hotels in downtown Doha. Last week, I attended a victory party hosted by Qatar in the capital city's restored souq, which was festooned with banners congratulating  the new Libya on its liberation.->
19h/ TRIPOLI - Please beware, O Mujahideen of Tripoli - certain diversion:
We received reports that the Council of traitors in Tripoli is Deploying spies and observers to follow the resistance forces and the armed people in Tripoli, they want to entrap them by joining the resistance and then transfer their news to the Council and then arrest them.The Council of traitors in Tripoli are talking about information on the resistance fighters in Tripoli.
I found this statement of the President of the Council of traitors in Tripoli:" Information about the activity which may be done by pro-Gaddafi cells "
Private sources. [undersigned: Almira]
19h/ The last-cited Russian official warned: “I think that the entire world should watch today the published photographs and video records of Gaddafi’s murder. It is not just a dead former leader of Libya. It’s the symbol of the sovereignty of an independent country that was torn to pieces by Americans.” -
18h/ NIKE company is ALREADY profiting from the Libyan war. Shame and disgrace
War is good bussines

17h/ Testimony of a Libyan man who has filed a lawsuit against NATO for killing his family" - My name is Khaled K. El-Hamedi, I am Libyan and I run an international charity for children called the International Organization for Peace, Care and Relief (IOPCR). We have done work helping children affected by conflict including helping orphans in Bosnia and Gaza, Palestine, where I also helped with reconciliation efforts between Hamas and Fatah. - >
17h/ SORMAN MASACRE by OTAN - heart is broken - - Nobody noticed that, among the guests, a spy had sneaked in. He was pretending to twitter his friends. In reality, he had just marked the targets and was relaying them through the social network at NATO Headquarters. NATO fired eight of them, of 900 kilos each. The spy had placed markers in each house, including the children’s bedrooms.->
17h/ Dr Abuseid Dorda suffer because honest and not corrupt. How long will he be alive? email list is here - >
*** Appeal of Brother of Abuzaid Dorda Former Libyan Minister  - >

If any news agencies wish to contact #Abouzaid #Dorda family just contact me [LibyaAvengers on twitter] I was able to get his brothers phone number! Please spread this LibyanAvengers LibyanEagle!/LibyanAvengers

16h/ Benghazi : Rebel brigades are mass arresting people in Street because They Fear Uprising. due to Horrible living conditions of people
Tripoli : Misrata brigade clashed with the Bel haj brigade in Souq al Jum'a District. Mortars were used Hitting Residential areas
Libya : People of Tobruk attacked checkpoints and 4 Rebel pickups and 2 trucks were burned and Shootouts lasted for several hours
- Misrata brigade insulted benghazi brigade.. and said all socalled NTC army of Benghazi was Wiped at Tarhuna.
- Benghazi Commander insulted Misrata brigade and said they had no Men anymore because they got wiped at Wadi al Haya'a
- rebels closed all mosques and did not allow people attend EID prayers in many areas. especially Zawiyah.
- Al-shabab are curse Sent by CIA and al-shabab "ALQAEDA" are killing muslims.. We all Know that NATO supports ALQAEDA even in Libya [SomaliaSuport2] -!/SomaliaSupport2
15h/ #Benghazi #Zintan & #Misrata #Rebels refused to leave #Tripoli and to give up thr weapons, strong clashes between zintan n Musrata too!
- 40 different buildings in #Zawiya are being used as prison cells and thats nothing to the number in #Tripoli [LibyanAvengers LibyanEagle]
 14h/ Victory! Three Cities Back in Our Hands -

The cities of Tajoura, Tarhouna and Bani Walid are under the control of the mighty green Libyan civilians lead by Libyan leader Saif Al-Islam Al-Gaddafi.  [The Daily Libyan Post] - >
13h/ America's Imperial Arrogance - Fake threats provide pretexts for militarism, wars, occupations, higher defense budgets, domestic repression, and elevating national security state priorities above others.
America is a rogue terror state, an imperial predator. Unchallenged global dominance is planned. All nations it doesn't control are targeted. It was Saddam's undoing, Gaddafi's also as well as others post-WW II, including democrats, despots and others in between.[Steven Lendman] - >
12h/ Libya dispatch: as lawlessness spreads, are the rebel 'good guys' turning bad? "You could see them driving round in their pick-up trucks with big machine-guns going round the bungalows, picking up freezers and flat-screen televisions," said one of the witnesses to the Zintan fighters' looting spree. ->
11h/ How Gaddafi improved the situation of the Libyan women. Central to the Al Fateh revolution was the empowerment of women. The Jamahiriya government made efforts to advance female emancipation. It encouraged women to participate in Libya's political life and several cabinet posts were allocated to them. Women were also able to form associations. - >
10h/ The Zimbabwe Mail in a post entitled Libyan rebel ethnic cleansing and lynching of black people reports on how ”Some of the hatred of Tawergha (an indegenous black African Libyan ethnic group) has racist overtones that were mostly latent before the current conflict. On the road between Misrata and Tawergha, rebel slogans like “the brigade for purging slaves, black skin” have supplanted pro-Gadhafi scrawl.” ->
09h/ HRW has documented rebels from the Misratah brigades terrorising residents of Tawergha, a town of about 30,000 people, mainly immigrant workers from central Africa. While some of these workers fought with the Gaddafi forces, it appears any former resident of the town - they have now fled across the country - is liable to be tortured, beaten and killed.
HRW investigators have documented that 1300 former Tawergha residents have been seized and some have been shot, even though unarmed. They have had their homes looted or burned, been tortured with electric shocks and severely abused. ->
08h/ Green Victory continues to prevail; those Rats and NATO will not be in Libya for long - Their foreign policy is the biggest load of garbage ever in the history of foreign policy beginning to wonder why they ever entered in to global politics in the first instance -- it is disgusting. - >
07h/The law case of the century: Indictment against NATO military and political leaders - Understanding that international law exists and that it is systematically broken by certain powers with impunity, understanding that such a situation is unacceptable and that the same set of laws should apply to all, equally, with the same sets of weights and measures employed in upholding it, I hereby accuse NATO and the below-mentioned individuals, party to its acts in the Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya from February to September (ongoing) 2011, of breach of international law; [by Timothy Bancroft Hinchey]- >

Libya resistance news: 06. November  2011. 
00h/ List  of NATO crimes  - we will not forget ICC -
24h/ Tajoura a Nato/NTC bandit's checkpoint and a small camp have been completely destroyed 24 hours ago. Unknown number of dead bandits.
Sebha outskirts. The rest of the bandit's garrison are trying to find way out in order to save their lives.[STOP THE WAR IN LIBYA. WE DEMAND IT]
 24h/ - Al-Qaeda leader Abdul-Hakim Belhaj has decided to execute 300 improsined brave volunteers that took action in defending their city, Tajoura, against NATO's mercenaries and rats.

- The Libyan national resistance had a meeting earlier today and assured that they will fight for the revenge of the Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. [ Daily Libya Post] ->
23h/ ALGERIA ISP / Zengtena According to the fighters of the cell "Raed" of the army for the liberation of Libya menu operation targeting a convoy of pick-ups in the region Ganim heading south. They destroyed six pick-ups and killed the occupants.
 22h/ Libyan Resistence created new cell "El Nousor"
ALGERIA ISP / According Zengtena, colon AM, informs us of the creation of the new cell "El Nousour" of the Liberation Army of Libya. It consists of officers from all the tribes of Libya.
To date, more than 23 officers and soldiers of the Libyan army have integrated the cell.
The first target of the operations will all regions and Tripoli of Libya
 21h/ Muammar Gaddafi was more of a foreign minister and leader of the revolution more than anything. HE did not take any decision without consulting tribal leaders.

By violating the "charter" Jamahiriya, they will find themselves faced with serious problems and realities that they can not overcome.
Benghazi:Botulism is in the company of renegades from Benghazi. Behind him, a sign written in English: "No more tribal system, we are one large tribe." If this were true, it is not. Because, in the field, Libya "liberated" by the dialectic morbid and lethal predator is hunting tribes that are not in eastern Libya and black.
Without consulting tribal leaders, a prime minister, Abdel Rahim al-Kib was appointed by NATO.
 It was based on his alleged membership in Tripoli. What amateurism!
Sirte: Two days before, a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a gathering of fighters CNT around the city of Sirte, causing several deaths and injuries. The suicide bomber is part of the largest tribe in Libya "Warfala" (1 and a half million Libyan).-> Allain Jules
 20h/ - Tribal meeting soon to make clear position against NATO occuppation and sign charter supporting of Jamahiriyah government.
- NTC rebels attacked people of Derna and Tobruk in the east of Libya. also rebels fired at crowd protesting in Benghazi.
- Shelgham of NTC stooge said "Who does Qatar think they are ? They want to arm Belhaj and disarm the rest of the brigades. We NTC had more injuries than entire resident population of Qatar," which is 1 million.
- NTC rebels had sent millions of barrels of oil abroad... no payments have been received ... Yet NTC asking for IMF loan for less.
- City of Tarhuna is completely free and people are walking with green flags.
- ARRAI TV said: "Green resistance will increase its activity and u will hear many things after the days of Eid."
 20h/ Protests in Tripoli by Rebels who don't get paid (November 6, 2011) ->

19h/ BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY or BHL, French members of the Israeli lobby - A philosopher who’s never taught the subject in any university, a journalist who creates a cocktail mingling the true, the possible, and the totally false, a patch-work filmmaker, a writer without a real literary oeuvre, he is the icon of a media-driven society in which simple appearance weighs more than the substance of things.
BHL is thus first and foremost a great communicator, the PR man of the only product he really knows how to sell: himself. - >
18/ SIRTE: "Who can celebrate Eid at a time like this?" grumbled Ali al-Saadeq
"People don't have money to buy sheep," said al-Saadeq, noting the going rate was still a hefty $200-$300 a head. "People don't even have money to buy bread for their kids. Who has money now? The banks were all destroyed in Sirte."
Taher al-Mansuri, a 33-year-old engineer, said he would make a purchase, but this year only to share a sheep with a neighbor.
"It's not the right time for someone whose house has been destroyed or has lost a relative, blown up or shot," 
Sirte, Libya - Eid ul Adha 2011.
Surveying the ruin of what had been his minimarket, 22-year-old Mohammed Mahfouz was in despair: "How can I fix this? There's no electricity, no water. It's beyond repair.
"A revolution that comes like this, wrecks buildings, steals and loots and writes obscene things on the walls of people's homes and destroys everything in its path and sets fire to houses, is this a revolution?
"I don't feel like it's Eid. It's just a normal day, a depressing day."
17h/ TRIPOLI: Hundreds of Libyan bandits protested outside a hotel in the capital Tripoli on Saturday evening, asking for salaries from the ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) “We need money to buy food for our family ahead of the Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday as food prices increased sharply compared with the same period last year,” said Ahmed Hamaza, an NTC fighter. "The revolution is not over"they told - >
16h/ Rebel brigades held Large Protests against NTC in Benghazi and Misrata and Zawiyah as well as Tripoli
Report Tripoli caller : Recently rebels fired Mortars In order to Celebrate.. they landed in Family homes and market places.
Zintan Brigade and Bel haj brigade are arresting each other and Forcing Checkpoints to move or Disperse.
People stuffed in recently built Jails even no space to sleep in most of them. regularly torture and most disappear
Rebels standing on Roofs of buildings with snipers in tripoli fire Randomly on Civilians or Near them.Causing terror
There is constant gunshots in Neighborhoods some far away and some really close but there is always Shooting.[SomaiaSuport2]
15h/ Report Libya: More volunteers arrived in Baniwalid and the City of Tarhuna. also Large Celebrations in Tarhuna for being green and free
Rebels are arresting Relatives or Tribe of anyone they seek to arrest. Then executing them brutally.. extreme lawlessness
Official Green resistance will start After EiD a muslim celebration day and tribes will make official statements. .[SomaiaSuport2]
14h/ LIBYA: Food prices gone Trough the Roof ..Groceries are 200 dollars a day. NTC brings no food. only smuggling and Food AID Russia
It is announced that People will get 250 Dinar a month and Past records are forgotten. Greatest Bank robbery In history.
Analyst said "they made big mistake they don't have brigades loyal to them at capital Tripoli ".NTC breaking apart.
30 rebels were found bound up and killed in Zuwara near tunisian Border. Zintan Brigade accused Rivals of the executions
Benghazi : Rebels stormed Offices in Benghazi looting the city. After they were not paid. Shoot outs ensued for few hours.
14h/ WASHINGTON — A secret history of the United States government’s Nazi-hunting operation concludes that American intelligence officials created a “safe haven” in the United States for Nazis and their collaborators after World War II, and it details decades of clashes, often hidden, with other nations over war criminals here and abroad.  ->
13h/ Obama: Libya War Proved NATO Is World’s Most Effective Alliance - This showed more nations bearing the burdens and costs of ***peace and prosperity***, he said. “And that’s how our alliance must work in the 21st century,” he added. ->
12h/Belarus: NATO’s Murder Of Gaddafi Worse Than The Nazis - GRODNO REGION: NATO was worse than the Nazis in its treatment of ex-Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Friday.
“There was an act of aggression and national leaders, including Gaddafi, were killed. He was not killed on a battlefield. NATO security services helped abduct the national leader,” he said. - >
Libya news: 05. November  2011. 
Update 06.11.2011.The prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno Ocampo says his office will investigate alleged crimes committed by NATO during the civil war and intervention in Libya along with those of the Gaddafi regime and the rebels.
23h/ BENGHAZI Munitions stockpiles in eastern Libya remain for a large part unguarded, despite pledges by the NTC/ALQAEDA government to secure the country's massive arsenal. Open-air arms bazaars thrive. At one in central Benghazi, small arms are bought and traded easily after Friday afternoon prayers, with assault rifles being sold for 1,100 Libyan Dinars ($900) and up. [and finally sooo SAD STORY OF NATO puppets]
"We are selling oil but still don't have the liquidity needed for this -- funds frozen abroad under Gaddafi have yet to be fully released," NTC spokesman Jalal Al NATO Al-Galal said

22h/ BENGHAZI - Libyan WOMEN in Benghazi's House for Social Protection   NTC is calling 'PROBLEM GIRLS'. Living two and four to a room, the women say their monthly stipend  was cut by NTC/ALQAEDA "govetnment". Their food reduced to mainly eggs and cheese. The women fear their difficulties will be forgotten by the NTC/ALQAEDA "government"
One man burst into the main office, shouting and tearing at his shirt to show frustration at social payments he called a pittance.
"I'd like to study, but I can't have a life," one girls said, tears in her eyes. "I had a pushing fight with someone and a prosecutor ordered me into a dark cell the size of a closet for 12 days, with no change of clothes or toilet."
21h/ SIRTE - Libyans are seething with anger and fear, warning bad blood will poison Libya for years to come. "Would you forget if someone killed your son unjustly? No you won't forget. People here will never forget," said Hajj Abu Mohammed
"Armed NTC gangs stole our furniture, burned our house and took our car," said Umm Khaled, as she sat in a tent that she shares with dozens of her family in the desert.
People in Sirte are particularly hostile to gangs from Misrata who are vandalizing of the graves and much of the destruction and killings in Sirte -- including that of Gaddafi himself.
Next to graves Next to it, freshly sprayed graffiti reads "Committee for Statue Demolition."
Sirte November 2011.
 Hundreds of families with no place to go to after their houses have been demolished in the war are now scattered in villages around Sirte. Some stay with relatives. Others live in tents in the desert, deserted shacks and old school buildings.
Libya - Libyans still keep Leader Gaddafi's photos tucked secretly among their belongings, Libyans a refer to  him as the "Martyr Leader"
"We only have four things in life, do you understand me?" said one young girl "We lived in security with Muammar, we never thought we will end up living in a school," she said.
She then took this correspondent's notebook and pen and wrote "Allah, Muammar, Libya. And ... that's all."
 "Look around you, do you see any food aid from organizations or any officials visiting us? No one."
20h/ ISTANBUL - Libya plans to purchase nearly three million tons of gasoline alone, worth close to $3 billion at current prices.Across a plush hotel lobby, highly focused competing teams from big oil companies such as BP and ConocoPhilips brushed shoulders with Italian, German and Turkish rivals before heading into meetings.
"Everyone wants to deal with Libya," said one oil man.
Companies that played a big part during the war think they should be big players now
Offers  would be submitted on Friday and the final agreements would be sealed by fax. Either by mistake -- or in effort at transparency -- at least one mailing list of invited parties was visible to recipients.
The NOC's fuel bill for the war totaled nearly $1.6 billion the interim oil and finance minister said in October, and close to $1 billion was still unpaid. ->
19h/ Libyan chemical weapons stockpile intact: inspectors. Libya's stockpiles of sulfur mustard agent and chemicals used to make weapons are intact and were not stolen during the NATO/NTC/ALQAEDA war with Libyan people.
18h/ NATO & Al-Qaeda War Crimes In Libya. This page is dedicated to exposing the war crimes being committed in Libya by NATO and the NATO backed “rebels” otherwise known as Al-Qaeda.  The pictures, videos, and info are all coming from inside Libya, from refuges, civilians and independent (non-government) aid organizations.  The only goal is to get the truth out about the people we as a country are backing and the real results of NATO’s continued bombing raids on the densely populated cities inside of Libya. ->
17h/ My colleague, a member of the Gadhafi tribe from Sirte explained “More than 800 organizers have arrived from Libya just to Niger and more come every day”. An officer in uniform added, “It is not like your western media presents the situation, of desperate Gadhafi loyalists frantically handing out bundles of cash and gold bars to buy their safety from the NATO death squads now swarming around the northern areas of our motherland. Our brothers have controlled the borderless routes in this region for thousands of years and they know how not to be detected even by NATO satellites and drones.” Libya’s new Liberation Front organizing in the Sahel [By Franklin Lamb] - >
16h/ Sabha - The arrival of the first batch of shipments of chemical weapons safely to the Libyan Tuareg in the south, and states that these weapons has Mujahid of Sabha seized by agents of NATO and was hidden on a farm in the city.
Chemical weapons were hidden in a farm. The rebels took weapons.
Now, the Mujahid Sabha seized the chemical weapons from the rebels.
15h/ TRIPOLI: Today, at 3 o’clock in the morning, fighters of the cell “El Mzar” freed loyalist prisoners from the military camp at Umm El Koroune El Aziziyah.
This was in collaboration with the cell “Soukour Tadmait”, who handled the cover to prevent support of rebels from the outside. Finally the cell Soukour Tadmait attacked the checkpoint at the village of Saleh and killed 5 rebels and burned two rebels in their pick-up.
Clashes in Tripoli’s Green Square, clashes between the rebels gangs with heavy weapons. Stray bullets killed a 13 year old child and injured another person.
13h/ Tripoli - The release of the former bodyguard of Kadhafi  – Last night, on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, many prisoners were released from the prison in Tripoli. One of the prisoners, Mr. Eshteiwi Ahari, is the bodyguard of the Libyan leader. An official source from the prison declared that surveys made on Mr. Ahari have confirmed he was not involved in cases against the rebels.[Libyan Free Press] -> 
12h/ Tripoli - Residents of Tripoli are preparing to organize mass demonstrations to oust Alzentan of the city.
In Zawya al Dahamany (its 1km from green square) some rebels are fighting against each other again.
11h/ NTC man Fathi Raiab: "Companies which played a major role in #Libya war, should play a major role now when oil deals are shared" KILL-4-OIL
10h/  Libya - Tajoura fell to the pro-Gaddafi - The collapse of the device Gaddafi is imminent, they said. No, he outdid they collapsed. But the surprise came yesterday Tajoura after Friday prayers. According to the testimony of several people of Tripoli, as Tajoura is located 14 km but is part of the district of Tripoli, violent clashes took place in the city, near the Mosque of Murad Agha.
No media dare talk about it. The NATO planes to bomb no longer there, these brigades want to head for Tripoli. We will know a little more in the day. Apparently, therefore, the starting signal of the reconquest was, I think he was given by Seif al-Islam.[Alain Jules] ->
05h/ NATO and genocide i Tawergha
NATO air support for the assault on Tawergha
The NATO bombing in support of the attack is recorded in the NATO press releases from the time:
The actual assault was from 10-13 August so we can see NATO played an important role in the ethnic cleansing of this town, an ethnic cleansing of which they had been forewarned and in which they decided, nonetheless, to participate.
Reports indicate the rebels were ordered by NATO to paint their vehicles red and yellow just prior to the assault. - >
04h/  According Nessbook - Libyan sources, multiple sites or Facebook pages of loyalists to Libya and loyal to the Green Guide Maoummar Gaddafi in Libya, have been blocked.

Libya news: 04. November  2011. 
01h/  and don't forget list of NATO crime  - A Letter To Ocampo: OPERATION UNIFIED PROTECTOR - NATO in LIBYA - >
00h/ Report NTC: Misrata brigade furious Some Benghazi brigades received More money from NTC but did no fighting. Zintan are angry at both too
There were 10 rebels only in Zawiyah later in day 500 Rebels arrived to Protest against NTC for not paying them.
Some Brigades in Benghazi got 1500 dinar.. Some in Misrata 1000 dinar. other brigades got 500 others in same city got Nothing
NTC has not paid many Brigades.Most of all it has ignored left Zintan brigade unpaid many of them joined protests against NTC
BENGHAZI - Violent clashes taking place now, small arms and mortar fire from a prison near Benghazi
TRIPOLI - 5 NTC bandits  got killed in Tripoli by green resistance 24h/ The Libya I Once Knew. A Meeting with Muammar Gadaffi - I was in Libya in September 1979 on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Revolution that brought Gaddafi to power. I was accompanied by camera-man Luis Manse and operator Nagra Nelson Belo (where would they be nowadays?). We were there to make the Special TV program for Globo, of which I was the director in Sao Paulo ...This all happened in the 70's, when Libya was very rich and wealthy, with only 3 million inhabitants and nearly 1.8 million kilometers square of land...He also pushed for the creation of the United States of Africa (USA) to rival the U.S.A and EU. He fought for an Africa united: "We want African troops to defend Africa. We want a single currency. We want one African passport." Unfortunately forgot the Atomic Bomb. And paid for it. Those nations intending to empower themselves too had better think about it. - >

URGENT MESSAGE We receive question. But we don't have' any information!!!! Yet!!!
@Libya_SOS Abuseid Dorda suffer because honest and not corrupt. How long will he be alive?...
A short while ago you wrote something about Abuzeid Dorda. He has a very good reputation, he is neither bribable nor corrupt. G closed the ESDF and EDB funds suspecting corruption (Jibril embezzled/stole 2 billions of these funds). G did not arrest them but ordered an investigation. It was soon clear that Jibril had embezzled the money. ESDF Fund was intended for the reconstruction of Libya and there were several JVs with foreign companies. G wanted the work to go on and gave Abuzeid Dorda (at this time he was with HIB) the responsibility for both funds because he was neither corrupt nor bribable. I remember that many foreign companies wanted to bribe him to get some projects directly from him. But they had not a chance, they all had to do it via Aicom ( US consulting company that was also under his responsibility).

According to information received today by phone from Tripolis, the rebels wanted an official statement from him saying that he had changed sides and supported the rebels. Initially he gave a statement that he supported G, that he had not broken the law or ignored it. The rebels had nothing on him as he had not participated in military operations. He is still alive but in agonising pain as they broke every bone in his body, not only his arms and legs.
@Libya_SOS @SomaliaSupport2 Do you have more information about Camilliah? Whe was G?s first bodyguard. According to my information the rebels abducted her when she was in Triopolis. The rebels came, abused and raped her and she has not been seen since
23h/ Libya armed gangs  taking law into own hands - The word “Zintani” has replaced the word “thief” in Tripoli street slang.
Growing numbers of ordinary citizens fail to see why fighters should still be tearing around in pickup trucks with antiaircraft guns mounted in the back.
Bandits from Misurata have chased the residents of Tawargha all over Libya, arresting them in refugee camps and jailing them in Misurata. Last week, they began burning houses in Tawargha to make sure that nobody returns. - >
23h/ Italian oil company Eni said on Wednesday that its joint venture Mellitah oil and gas resumed gas production from the field of marine Sprath in Libya, a step towards the resumption of all production activities in the country licking the wounds of civil war.
11-13 million cubic meters per day in November with the re-operation of all wells fifteen field gradually. - >
22h/ AL QAEDA FLAGS IN PRO-SHARIA LIBYA  -  In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi repeated his claim that al Qaeda was responsible for plunging the country into chaos and denied media reports of mass killings.
21h/ AFRIKA WAKE UP!! [Lee Roy] CIVIL Disobedience, Africa will not handle and goods for export to NATO...NATO kills AFRICANS ...remove all AFRICOM MURDER DRONES OUT OF AFRICA !! AU DEMAND!!! UNIONS, MINE WORKERS PUT DOWN YOU TOOLS do not work for imperialist murderers!!  
20h/ Saif El Islam has now renamed the Libyan Army,the new Liberation Army in Libya
The war in Libya has just begun!
As a reminder, Saif El Islam has renamed the Libyan Army,the new Liberation Army in Libya.
Former members of the Libyan army, patriots, supporters were asked to join this new army to free the country from the clutches of the rebels, NATO and Qatar.
The war has just begun![  Genet Tadesse ]

19h/ TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Libya's acute cash crisis is set to get worse and its Libyan banking system requires a complete overhaul that will be guided by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, the central bank's recently appointed governor said. [NO DOUBT they will FIX it]] - > 
18h/ SIRTE - Libya Sirte Inside, 03 10 2011, NATO destroy the entire city, cruel war crimes - >

Sirte with  Moammar AL Gaddafi [Sirte before the Slaughter & Destruction by NATO - >

18h/ SIRTE - During the invasion of Sirte by the rebels from Benghazi and Misrata, they entered the houses, apartments, shops, companies, …. They stole everything. These goods are now exposed to the Souk of Benghazi to the lowest price. There are even sheeps! ->
17h/ BANIWALID -Zengtena – According to the Libyan Resistance fighters of Saraya battalion Rayat Welded “Mujahideen of Warfala”, two Gariyenes rebels were abducted and then they took them to Bani Walid, where are sentenced to death for high treason.
DARNA - Persecution of black-Africans in Darna – Zengtena – A campaign of arrests of Africans in the city of Darna is going on. The “rebels” are accusing them of selling weapons, but the truth is that  rats are retaliating and discriminating Libyans African blacks. They took all of them to jail.
TAJURA - A new operation of the Libyan Resistance cell “Touyour Jarih” .Yesterday morning, the fighters of the cell “Touyour Jarih”, of the Liberation Army of Libya, killed three rebels of the battalion “Rajbane”.
After the operation, the fighters “Touyour Jarih” have put up posters of green Libya on  cars of the rebels. Before yesterday, the fighters of the cell “Touyour Jarih” killed a ‘pro-rebel-colonel’… [Libyan Free Press] ->
16h/ Another American Sniper Fighting Alongside NATO Rebels in Libya  - >

15h/ LIBYA, TAJURA - Car bomb exploded aimed at foreign troops in Tajoura this morning.
ALGERIA ISP / According Nessbook - Source Libyan fighters this morning the army of liberation Libyan performed an operation against foreign troops without specifying their nationalities.
The four soldiers were in an unmarked car so as not to be noticed. They were identified and then targeted by fighters of the Liberation Army Libyan Tadjoura on the road to Tripoli.
The four foreign soldiers have died.
Car bomb exploded aimed at foreign troops in Tajoura this morning. 
Four foreign soldiers were killed
14h/ SUDAN - In Sudan was arrested the leader of Libyan NATO-led rebels - Chaoh Khalid, who was interviewed by the newspaper Dar awrah Libya, where he was one of the biggest opponents of the policy leader Gaddafi and raised the flag of shame in the Libyan Embassy and the light tower has been open a hotline with Jerdan. According to our information that Chaoh facing charges, including a big fraud in the official papers related to his country and the disposition of the lands subject to the Sudan ->
13h/ LIBYA, FEZZAN - NTC armed gangs seem to have been stopped from reentering Fezzan after they abandoned it several weeks ago. We have to thank our Fezzan brothers for supporting the cause and for being in cohesion with the commander and leader of the resistance forces. The things you will not know from the international media are that the south of Libya is green and the flags of the only real government are flying high.  
12h/ Libya - Attack against the former general secretary of the Ministry of Labour who joined the CNT (yeserday) - Former Secretary General of the Ministry of Labour, Mr. Lamine Manfor El Menfi was killed tonight in the Bayda area after a shot of fire targeting his car, which was reversed. He died instantly.
At the time, Mr. Lamine Manfor El Menfi asked Dr. Saif al-Islam permission to go attend a conference in Switzerland and when he left Tripoli, he announced his defection, and he joined the CNT. -
11h/ LIBYA, TAJURA - heavy snow in city of Tajoura on 4th of november
Libya - heavy snow in city of Tajoura on 4th of november
10h/ SOUTH LIBYA - Tuareg fighters have attacked the rebels in the city of Chouiref south of Libya. They released the city after a sweep. The city went to green, the color of the green e honor Libya.
09h/ More Al Qaeda flags in Libya
Al Qaeda flag in Libya
08h/ LIBYA - Terribly Disappointed with the achievements of February 17::
_ Increasing taxes by five percent Mieh this decision issued today (Please note that these requirements were previously exempt) ..
_ Central Bank of Libya issued a decision to allow each Libyan citizen to purchase foreign currency from banks and exchange firms in the value which does not exceed $ 2000. (on the basis that Libyan currency dumped the market) ..they are only trying to entice dealers to buy the currency it is clear that (the money is Mhenash)
_ today a terrible and surprising rise in food prices ..
some things went up from last years 350 d.'s to 1000 d.
07h/ LIBYA, DERNA - Flooding in Derna yesterday caused a demolition of houses in the valley and the dam is threatened with collapse
Rising water level in the dam and valley of Derna, and the opening of relief valves in order to avoid the collapse of the dam, led to an influx of large amounts of water through the stream in the valley . ->

06h/ LIBYA, TAWERGA - Few remaining black residents are living like animals, and in constant fear, after 35.000 of black Libyans were ethnicaly cleansed from their hometown by racist Misurata NATO traitors.
35.000 of black Libyans were ethnicaly cleansed fromTawerga, Libya
05h/ NATO INFORMANTS IN LIBYA WERE JOURNALIST - This is the first time a NATO official admits that foreign journalists in Libya were assets of the Atlantic Alliance. "The intelligence came from many sources, including the media who were on the ground and provided us with a lot  Lieutenant-General Charles Bouchard, who led Operation Unified Protector in Libya - >
Libya news: 03. November  2011.

Sharia Democracy in "New Libya"


The prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC), Luis Moreno Ocampo says his office will investigate alleged crimes committed by NATO during the civil war and intervention in Libya along with those of the Gaddafi regime and the rebels.

NO PROBLEM SIR WE CAN START... I will make  first list of crimes ... ->

23h/  [today] The official leader of the resistance is the son of Muammar Gaddafi Saif al Islam. In his last message, he voiced the main goal - the destruction of transportation routes and infrastructure that CTN can not to use - primarily airports and oil terminals.
The strategy that Saif El Islam has announced in his last message is to target all the infrastructure of NTC "airports and oil platforms

Today, the Libyan resistance fighters attacked the international airport in Tripoli. A group of rebels and their armored vehicles were attacked at the airport and next to it. According to witnesses heard several explosions and gunfire from automatic weapons. The airport is still on fire, the rebels have blocked access to the airport perimeter. Several ambulances were dispatched to the scene.- >

22h/ Report Libya: Clashes between Green resistance and Rebels in Gharyan - zawiyah - Zlitan - Tobruk - khums - ash shatri – Nalut

  - Tripoli : many Bel haj Rebels have been captured by Zintan brigade. Bel haj brigades then entered hospitals and Grabbed Zintan people

-  Clashes continued in Busaleem and Hadba and Salahideen and hai Damascus and Souq al Juma'a

- People of Tawaragah Were Protesting in Tripoli abuses and Racism by Misrata brigade... Also Fighting happened in Tawaragah

AJE interview Bel haj "we will not release Zintan Prisoners unless we know ours men are alive and if they are not then..."

Brigades declared that all People will get 300 dollars from Their bank account and no more... old records of Money cannot be found.

Zuwara : near Tunisian Border 3 Truck carrying Fuel were Burnt after it got Ambushed by Green resistance.[Mea Lux Veritas via SomaliaSuport2]

21h/ Confirmed intelligence source, al-Qaeda bought 1500 SAM-7 from NTC (Jalil) for Chechnya ->

20h/ WHY GADDAFI MUST DIE & Muammar Al Gaddafi ... Who is this man?

19h/ NATO faces ICC war crimes probe - The prosecutor for the International Criminal Court (ICC) says his office will investigate alleged crimes committed by NATO during the civil war and intervention in Libya along with those of the Gaddafi regime and the rebels.->
17h/ Gaddafi established the Tripoli Women's Military Academy in 1979 to advance women's emancipation. The Amazonian Guard passed through this academy.
"I promised my mother to improve the situation of women in Libya," he reportedly said at the time. His mother, a Bedouin tribeswoman born when Libya was an Italian colony, was illiterate.
"Without the leader, women in Libya would be nothing," Fatia, a 27-year-old bodyguard trainee in Tripoli, once told a researcher.
"He gave us life. I am ready to die for him. He is a father, a brother and a friend to whom you can confide. You have no idea how humble he is."
16h/ Anti-Qaddafi Forces Flew al-Qaeda Flag During Siege of Sirte
[ John Rosenthal ] -  A journalist from the Algerian newspaper Echorouk reported seeing a number of anti-Qaddafi fighters at Sirte "wearing Afghani cloaks and … holding the black banners and flags of 'There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger,’ the Islamic Caliphate flag."
According to a translation provided on the "Roads to Iraq" blog, a journalist from the Algerian newspaper Echorouk reported seeing a number of anti-Qaddafi fighters at Sirte "wearing Afghani cloaks and … holding the black banners and flags of 'There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his messenger,’ the Islamic Caliphate flag." A photo accompanying the Echorouk article appears to show a vehicle of the anti-Qaddafi forces flying the black Caliphate flag.
 One of the military commanders of the rebellion, Abdul Hakim al-Hasadi, now Belhaj has admitted to personally recruiting many of the Libyan al-Qaeda members. ->

Anti-Qaddafi Forces Flew al-Qaeda Flag During Siege of Sirte
15h/ The Muslim Brotherhood in Libya?
Yes, of course. Abdul Jalil is from Muslim Brotherhood.
It is Tunisia with the elections had, as a result, a big win of the Muslim Brotherhood. Nahda Party is Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood political movement.
Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq, Saudi they are the next one. The Muslim Brotherhood was born in Egypt, they are very strong there, so it is very natural. Libya – we have the Muslim Brotherhood, Syria – we have the Muslim Brotherhood.
In Italy we had Tunisian-Italian candidate for Al-Nahda
the Muslim Brotherhood to say “we represent Islam”. They usually say this “we represent the true Islam”, their motto in Egypt was “Islam is a solution”.
The Muslim Brotherhood they have plenty of money, they know people, they reach people and of course people vote for them. Turkey -  Erdogan Party is a party linked to the Muslim Brotherhood as well. So, these are all shades, you know, different shades of the original Muslim Brotherhood, but their final aim, their final objective is the same - it is the unified Islamic nation. 
14h/ LIBYA,TRIPOLI -  Despite repeated announcements, the government has not begun to collect weapons. In Tripoli, pickup trucks with anti-aircraft guns and other heavy weapons mounted in the back are a common sight. Three NTC bandits used their vehicle recently to pick up pizza from a fast-food restaurant.
Rival military commanders jockeying for positions seem reluctant to be the first to disarm.
 Mukhtar al-Akhdar, a commander of gang who captured Tripoli's airport during the war and now controls it, said it's not yet time to hand over weapons because the city remains insecure. Al-Akhdar, who commands of gang several hundred bandits from the mountain town of Zintan, is one of several gangg chiefs who have carved out areas of control in the capital.
Pike said disarming Libyans will take time. "In times of insecurity, who would want to be the first person to hand over their weapons?" he said.
AJE asked  Belhaj "What about all Foreigners with Weapons and without registration how will things work" Belhaj answer " We need them"
Belhaj said too: "The Zintan brigades have to leave all the areas they captured from us.. leave the things they captured as well".
13h/ LIBYA, TRIPOLI - Human Rights Watch researchers found an unguarded weapons site with thousands of crates of rocket-propelled grenades and anti-aircraft rounds in the Libyan desert.
Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, Libya's interim leader, asked the international community Wednesday to release more of the Gaddafi’s regime's billions of dollars in frozen assets to use in programs to disarm fighters and control weapons.
Abdel-Hafiz Ghoga, a member of Libya's National Transitional Council, said Libya is seeking help from friendly countries, including Qatar, one of the earliest supporters of the anti-Gaddafi uprising, to secure the borders.
NATO puppet aka The UN chief Ban Ki-moon visited Libya on Wednesday to personally deliver his concern about the unsecured weapons
Nato  big boss  Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that while individual Nato members might be willing to help.
The United States has previously sent weapons experts [mercenaries] to Libya and has contributed about $40m toward destroying surface-to-air missiles, which can be used to shoot down planes.
12h/ LIBYA, UN, TRIPOLI  - NATO puppet aka UN chief Ban Ki-moon said on Wednesday the United Nations would stand by Libya's side on its path to democracy. "The United Nations will be your partner in turning those hopes to reality,""And we recognised the centrality of human rights and the rule of law," NATO puppet aka the secretary general said. - >
11h/ RUSSIA - Partnership with Russia should bring cash to Libya - Gazprom Neft has become the second Russian company which has returned to Libya in the past two weeks. Gazprom, which cooperates with Germany`s oil and gas giant Wintershall, was the first to come back.
Russia`s presidential envoy to Africa Mikhail Margelov stressed the importance of resuming cooperation on the projects related to the development of the infrastructure, primarily those initiated by the Russian Railways state-owned company. The issue will be on the agenda of Mr. Margelov`s meeting with the new Libyan Prime Minister scheduled for the middle of this month. - >

Libya news: 02. November  2011. 
24h/ Libya Report Tripoli : People furious at Murder Martyr Gaddafi went and Killed 300 Misrata rebel and Rebel hospital and Military camp destroyed

- In some places rebels fought one another. In Zanzour civilians fought against rebels.
- At the harbour there were fights between NATO soldiers and rebels
- During the last 2nights there were heavy fights in several places.Not as before in 2 to 6 places,but heavy fights in several places
- In most places with Green supporters the net was turned on. Today rebels are trying to rear as many checkpoints as possible.
- Thousands Rebels of Zintani Brigades and Bel haj Brigade were clashing at North of Tripoli Over the Appointment of New PM
Zintan Brigade is now Having Problems as it is Supporting itself it is losing Favor with NATO masters.
Zawia:  Last night in Zawya a big explosion was heard near the harbour (near refinery) at midnight.
Zawya after the explosion Afterwards, there were fights until 4 a.m. Grenades and missiles were fired.
Misrata : Misrata brigades declared they would kill Abd jalil For not informing them over the secret Vote forced by NATO rasmussen
Nobody supports American PM of NTC... he was Placed the same day "rasmussen of NATO" made special Visit advised them on it
Bani Walid : many Rebels retreated at Outskirts of BW after overnight fighting at Desert. Green resistance Captured Weapons supplies.
-  Many Libyans from South have arrived in Bani Walid to support them against NTC agression. the Green volunteers entered Few days ago
23h/ Cities in the South which are now fully liberated are Ubari and Murzuq! Rats are now searcing the homes of residents in the city of Mizdah fearing the arrival of heroes to the city, which are preparing for a day of victory and the full liberation, God willing,full liberation of the south is just the begining for our heroes, waiting to liberate Tripoli, God willing, God is great
23h/ It seems that the British police are busily preparing for new cases of angry people out onto the streets - from Datong company they acquired a special device that can identify and if necessary turn off all mobile devices within a radius of 10 km.
The system also can "intercept" any call or SMS message, and locate and identify the user
22h/ Tunis: extradition of Libyan former MP Baghdadi to be examined November 8 - >
 22h/ Nato operations in Libya: data journalism breaks down which country does what
How many Nato attacks took place over Libya - and what did they hit? Here's the most comprehensive analysis yet of who did what  [and of course .. The UN's new body in Libya has not been able to compile any accurate figures for the number of civilian dead. ] - >
Dr. Moussa Ibrahim
20h/ The Patriots  killed 142 Misrata rebels and were able to commander 20 tanks.
Patriots resistance Libyan tribes Kdadfa, Maedene, Wled Wafi, Ziyaniya Ferjan and the city of Sirte attacked the rebels and recovered the airport of Sirte. - >

The Tunisian newspapers of today have as tiltles : " Is it the beginning of the civil war in Libya?
19h/ New Libyan “PM” is Big-Oil Goon - Associated Press recently reported that Libya's rebel militants have named a new "prime minister" this week. AP depicts the latest unelected Western proxy, Abdurrahim el-Keib, as a progressive academic who has spent decades in the United States [35 years] teaching at Alabama University and leading the local Muslim community. Mentioned briefly as a "former employer," however, is the Petroleum Institute, based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and sponsored by British Petroleum (BP), Shell, France's Total, the Japan Oil Development Company, and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. El-Keib is listed as a "Professor and Chairman" in his Petroleum Institute profile which also describes extensive research conducted by him sponsored by various US government agencies and departments over the years.
And so begins the farce that is Western "democracy." One corporate-fascist puppet, Mustafa Abdul-Jalil, steps down, another, Abdurrahim el-Keib, takes his place. In reality, it is NATO-states and their corporate sponsors that now determine Libya's fate.
In essence, el-Keib, like his predecessor Jalil, is Libyan in name only and has been working for Western corporations, governments, and institutions for decades. Like Jalil, or Egypt's Mohammed ElBaradei, el-Keib is yet another agent of Western interests masquerading as an indigenous leader in a foreign land.
That his rise to power was paved by thousands of NATO strike sorties in a 7 month military operation spearheaded by the United States and at the cost of tens of thousands of Libyan civilians makes his ascension to power in Libya ever more a desecration of Libya's sovereignty.* [Tony Cartalucci] ->
18h/ The London Telegraph reports NATO-backed rebels turned their weapons on each other yet again in Tripoli, with hundreds of fighters exchanging fire near a hospital after one armed faction tried to murder a patient they had injured the night before. The report also cites a growing list of atrocities being committed by rebel fighters before noting the "unprecedented" nature of NATO's "victory" in Libya.*
[ Arab Eagle, LibyanAvenger Arab Eagle, 31 Oct ]
16h/ The Transitional National Counsel has “elected” Abdurrahim el-Keib for the post of Prime Minister, replacing Mahmoud Jibril. El-Keib has dual Libyan and US citizenship. The fact that el-Keib has dual citizenship is not surprising for a number of reasons. Some of the most prominent are that numerous members of the US Senate or US Administrations have dual citizenship. Predominantly dual citizenship of Israel and the US. Why not have a Libyan Prime Minister and Vice Roy of Libya with dual citizenship, so Libyans have no reason to doubt where the new Prime Ministers loyalty is. Another good reason for el-Keib´s dual citizenship is that el-Keib has been living and working in the USA for years. ->
15h/ Libya news: 1 - sons of Sirte are fighting for the control of Sirte airport,they killed more than 200 rats there and seized 20 tanks
2 - fierce clashes on the coastal road and the refinery Alrabash and Aharhh and progressing into city by the angle.
3 - a demonstration in support of Gaddafi in the corner Aharhh
4 - violent explosions in Tarhunah
5 - targeting NATO/NTC/ALQAEDA bandits radio broadcasting vehicles
6 - Chtbakat violent clashes in Bani Walid
7 - Tripoli : Powerful explosion in Algararat..... 4 of ANTO/NTC /ALQAEDA bandits  killed in the clashes, including the clash near Tripoli International hospital.
Known Information:
***** U.S. troops landed at a base west of visitors wattage ****
***** Rats are concetrated near the police station following Ferdan bridge at the refinery in the corner *****
13h/ [TIMING TIMING TIMING]Out of control: NTC militias run amok in Libya - Human rights groups say the number of revenge killings by revolutionary forces in Libya is escalating sharply. HRW suggests NTC fighters are terrorizing displaced residents of the coastal town of Tawergha for supporting the old regime.Human Rights Watch reports that the entire town of 30,000 people has been abandoned, with some of it ransacked and burned. Meanwhile, Misrata brigade commanders say the residents of Tawergha should never return. - >
12h/ THE ASSASSINATION OF GADDAFI [ GRTV Backgrounder ] Although the document that Moreno-Ocampo urges the public to read to understand the evidence of Gaddafi’s crimes is indeed public, and is 77 pages long, the version available has been heavily redacted. In fact, of the 77 pages, 53 of them have been redacted, comprising the entire section of the document dealing with the evidence for the charges for themselves. - >
11h/ Tripoli :Clashes between rebels and green resistance in Abu Saleem, Adrebe, Salahedin and Bellashhar
Outskirts of Tripoli there was heavy fighting and in Ben Gashir.
Zawya : heavy fighting continues in the city of Zawya many ALQAEDA rebels were killed and two oil tankers of AQ destroyed
Libya : NATO Rasmussen arrived in surprise visit to force the vote of US Libyan man as PM. Many rebel factions are furious
People are arrested for belonging to tribes even if claim NTC rebel support. They arrest for belonging to pro-Gaddafi tribe
Misrata : North misrata infighting has started once more it was sparked by disputes over turf between brigades.
Tobruk : rebel convoy was was hit by a car bomb at city of Tobruk.
People are arrested for belonging to tribes even if claim NTC rebel support. They arrest for belonging to pro-Gaddafi tribe
10h/ The flight has become, it seems, the favorite activity of the CNT and its accomplices Libyan. As you can see, therefore, the theft of Libya (gold, silver, art objects etc.). By renegades from CNT or Benghazi, is simply a precautionary measure, unfortunately at the expense of the Libyans, to get quickly protected in case of major attack loyalists. A scam of losers who talk now of negotiation, because they are no longer protected by 24 since the terrorist organization called NATO.  - >

- The Western media: In Libya, was elected head of the transitional government
Libya's interim authorities have named Tripoli  Abdurrahim al-Keib [who  is living in USA last 35 years]  as the new prime I guess he really is just the job for Libya..
Abdurrahim El-Keib -
   * B.S. (Honors): University of Tripoli, 1973;
    * M.S.: University of Southern California, 1976;
    * Ph.D.: North Carolina State University, 1984
Dr. Abdurrahim El-Keib joined The University of Alabama as an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering in 1985 and became Professor in 1996. He has taught at The University of Tripoli, North Carolina State University, The University of Alabama, the American University of Sharjah, and recently at The Petroleum Institute in UAE.

- Gaddafi Convoy hit by NATO in Sirt 20/10/2011 [A US defence official said a Predator killer along with a French killer jet had attacked a convoy that Paris believed was carrying Leader Gaddafi ] plan A was always to capture and kill him There was no plan B.. - >

- Look @him,my question is does he understand geopolitical power games?does he have any knowledge of nato's intention?does he undstand what he'z done to African unity dream?does he undstand the rule of law?yeah your gues is right,he does not!he is simply an empty headed rat savage![coment of reader]
 This is the monster who killed Martyr.
His name is Sanad Al-Sadek al-Ureibi , 22 year old. [ The truth about Libya - الحقيقة من اجل ليبيا ]
Libya news [backup libyasos] 04 jun - 24 jun 2011.
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