Dec 10, 2011


by All4Peace & Libya S.O.S.
An exhibition of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s personal possesions was opened in Netherlands on Thursday. According to International Dutch Radio, these acquisitions were provided by Dutch reporter Harald Doornbos who 'got them' (stole them) from the homes of Gaddafi family in Tripoli and Sirte during the fights, pointing out that these acquisitions (well at least some, the invaluable ones) will be 'returned' to the Libyan (NATO puppet) ambassador in Netherlands, after the end of the show. They include collections, which have been labeled by Dutch thief Harald Doornbos as "a historical junk", i.e the school bag of Gaddafi’s daughter Aisha from her childhood, family photos and a passport of "cat Dodi", as well as other personal items.
Did you  ever mention important achievements of the post-1969 period (which are confirmed by UN, the World Health Organisation, etc)? photo by
Harald Doornbos explains that these acquisitions which he took with him to Netherlands are not stolen, and that he 'took' it in order to 'save' them from getting burned or destroyed by the Libyan rebels.
Did you ever mention the massive pro-Qaddafi demonstrations (of over a million people)?by
Libyans are very angry and offended by plundering and looting of this thief, who revamped himself as a philantropist.

But hey, he is Dutch, 'ex and wanna-be-again' imperialists, whose one of the traditions is 'philantropy',i mean, stealing from colonies and exibiting their imperialists trophies back in Dutchland.

In some countries this would be called 'war profiting' or 'grave digging' .. 
Can you imagine this little scum packing hundreds (to be more precise – 20 kilos!) of someone elses private items in his bags and truck, while the bullets are flying above his head in a foreign land, torn by war. 
And hey, he did it again, in Sirte as well.. always in a right place at the right time, we might say.
O, by the way, how many of the items did he sell, up to now? Noone will ever know, nor ask, cause he went public, 'out of the closet', after an angry public outcry, and made an exibition to white-wash his thievery. 
Did you ever call clearly for the DEFEAT of NATO forces in Libya? by
 This low-life Harald Doornbos says: "dont expect gold and diamonds, Its passport of Hana's cat, some plane tickets, various pics etc, photo album etc :)

I call this stuff: "Garbage with a story...." 

Well, Mister , Libyans are calling YOU ‘a garbage with a story’. 
And this story begins with the question : SO WHERE IS THIS GOLD AND DIAMONDS WHICH WE EXPECT, MISTER GARBAGE? 
You were obviosly a man in the right place at the right time, when the looting of all Gaddafi's houses happened,SOOOO____ where is it? (Mr. Garbage please fill in the blanks)

Oh, he says: "also saved Gadaffi's large Africa map! can you imagine: Weird king of Africa standing in front of it and dreaming of an empire

Mister Dutchman, Harald Doornbos quazi-journo, you obviously have no idea how many good things Gaddafi did for Africa, well how would you know, you are just a quazi-journo and a proffesional thief.

Harald Doornbos  were among US soldiers who killed unarmed Iraqi man called Idan
Among other things you are also famous for making videos of USA soldiers killing unarmed Iraqi citizents and doing NOTHING to stop it. Just standing there and making movies out of it, for example when you were among US soldiers who killed unarmed Iraqi man called Idan, you, a little-low –life, did nothing to stop the murder, you just ran around to make the best shot, shoulder to shoulder with a US killer.
as commentators on Mathaba said about him :

"This person thrives to get attention by going through the life of somebody famous who is now dead (the image of a necrophiliac came to mind - not in its worst form but still there as some kind of a mild tendency). There is definitely a sickness in this. Remember, people do many things to get into the media for a variety of reasons. He got his (s)lime light and it does not look good. he is a sorry one, indeed”

“now they share the spoils of war at galleries, what a sick way to enjoy the trauma done to Libya...”
If bulgary is an official Dutch crime, anyone can inform the Dutch penal persecutors and demand a penal case to be started against that journalist and the director of that museeum.
Otherwhise: Only a relative, an heir, or a representative of an heir, is legitimated to demand those goods back and to tell that man to whom he has to hand them over.” 

“Another question is: How did this journalist bring the stolen goods over the border(s). Did he falsely declare those goods as his possession?
What about the museeum exploiting stolen goods - knowing that they were stolen?  
And what about the visitors of that exhibition: What if their private goods would be exhibited in public? 
Did you ever mention the fact that the flag adopted by the rebels represented the totally subservient feudal backwardness of King Idris? by
What if someone would commit a bulgary in the house of that journalist and in the house of the director of a museum? That someone would certainly be sentenced and jailed. The mentality of the involved people is alarming. It shows that they think that they can commit anything against Gaddafi and his followers - and even exhibit their crimes! “
Further question: Why did the Dutch police and States Attorneyship not intervene? It would have been their official obligation
What would the world think if NATO’s deliberate terror-bombing of the Libyan people’s national water supply was common knowledge?by

Oh, what happened to the great Dutch human rights and juidical system, such as ICC, of which they are so proud of?? LOL
If the whole country of Netherlands is like ICC and this low-life thief, than it is probably the most corrupt country in Europe.

Ok, there were not just Dutch misdeeds that we saw in Libya, there were other ‘media’ vultures as well , for example this vulture Tyler Hicks
I assume that it would never come to those shoddy 'reporters’ minds to make an exibition out of SIRTE MASSACRE. Massacres of whole families, and horrors which were sown by NATO bombs and Western Al Qaeda mercenaries, the worst massacre since WWII. 

Are the people who live in Western NATO countries really that brainwashed or  support the wars that will profit their industry which directly raises their living standards.  
Whether the profit counts as the only success in life? Do any of the residents of the countries which killed Libyans ever pause to think "What if something like that happened to me as well"

Now WE KNOW how many girls Saif had, and where Mutassim spent his holidays. We know that Aisha had a green bag (because it is of vital importance for the development of democracy).
 When did you first mention the lynching of black Libyans and migrant labourers, which had occurred from the very start of the rebellion? by

But WE DO NOT know how many children were killed in Libya by NATO (because it does not matter), nor how much of Libyan infrastructure was destroyed (because it does not matter). 

We do not know how much this country retrograded cause of this war, a country which had the highest standard of living in Africa. And in particular, it does not matter that the western military coalition participated in the killing of the leader of a sovereign country. 

This shows the mentality of those who report on what is happening there. It's also completely irrelevant to shoddy journalists, such as mister Harald Doornbos, that someone from another continent came and threw bombs on someone elses land, sowed death to thousands of families, polluted (a foreign) country with depleted-uranium. 

And that's why we are announcing a piece of Perfect contemporary western war journalism!
Coming next:
Exibition of excerments from Gaddafi family, collected by Harald Doornbos professional journalist
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