Dec 14, 2011

A letter from Libya to Libya

Rats (Libyan rebels ) have been demonstrating since yesterday about they have not received their salaries, their gold standard savings in the bank are missing, they got no money from the social welfare and social security fund, the Commercial Bank, Co-operative Bank, Social Welfare Bank, Libya Sahara Bank, Eastern Agricultural Bank, Bank of Libya, all rebel controlled banks of Libya are empty of cash, not even a single gold or silver coin, petrol backed dinar are also missing, the liquidity of the Eastern banks have been brought to zero, courtesy of rebel looting and Tel-Aviv professional thugs. This is where rebels failed.
(1) When rebels were very busy fighting, the Tel-Aviv mercenary squad of Pharises and money changers was busy with it's own gangs breaking doors to every bank in Libya they could get their hands on, be it silver coin, gold coins, all was siphoned out to Israel. The same money changers that sold jesus ( Nabih Isah) for 30 silver coins were busy in Libya doing same, Israel never misses an opportunity when nations are having civil wars, tearing each other and properties down, it gives Israel Jewish, especially the zionist types a great camouflage to steal from people and nations at war, no wonder Jewish are one of the richest people on the planet, they don't work, they work in crooked ways and intelligently.

(2) This is the stupidity of Libyan people, they bought into British bullshit corporation BBC through tell a lie to the people vision (tv) in beautiful colorful episodes, Libyans don't think, they believe everything that comes out of Ganzeera ( the pig channel ) Aljazeera without question, repeating the folly of mother Africa, youth are quick to grab a weapon without investigation after being fed with white cocaine powder in a coke bottle, food pumped full of cocaine, dopamine so high, infantuated with shooting fellow country men, while in Tel-Aviv it's another movie episode in play. Young men are promised sex with Angelina Jolie, night in the presidential palace and $100 000 gold dinar after finishing the over throw of legitimate government of Mahmoud Al Baghdad, Libyan people's elected government.

(3) First they came for freedom, and Gadhaffi and the enermy was Gadhaffi, then the harmless, defenseless African people known as mercenaries begging for their lives, and renaming fellow black Libyan citizens who dutifully protect, defend their nation as mercenaries, butchering unsuspecting Libyans in Tripoli, and rebels went to Tawhorgha and every city that was black inside Libya, Surman, then genocide not just in Sirte, Tawhorga, the rebels have become hardcore blood thirsty killers, thugs, they too... the spies of Tel-Aviv will feed stories for their investigation, it's not the first time Israel played this game, they do it for their survival. They done it countless times, it works and they love it.

(4) The stupid rebels had one thing in common, the greed to control businesses and gold banks, at least Gadhaffi was not a thief, he worked hard and left every thing for Libyans, stupid Libyans did thank a man who endlessly worked to make Libya beautiful by crucifying him, classic example of hypocracy at the highest order.

(5) Now Libyans, there is no more basic support in the country, you stupid Jerdan (rats and rapists ) destroyed the nation, will you cross for asylum to Israel and be granted one?. If Libyans do not hang every rebel in that country for treason!!. They want to kill haft of Libby population or the whole country, what are they going to replace Libya with?. Building an artificial nation again in North Africa as second Israel in Misrata and Benghazi with racist people?.

(6) You are a Zionist friend as long you over throw your daddy, bankrupted the country for drugs, many of the rats had pockets full of White cocaine powder, hashish, Euros and dollars, where did all the large sums came from?. If it was not robbed out of Libyan banks?. Blame yourself rats, more than $1 trillion in cash missing in the East, and who knows how much in Tripoli and Misrata? Now you want Boshanh to resign?. Did you just find out how stupid, how far the nation has been destroyed?.

(7) The Zionist Israeli Jewish worship war, death merchants, gold, fools gold and lies, the trickery of asking a man to beat his daddy, broke his hand, kill your own people, betray this and betray that with new game of democrazy or beat his wife to death in order to show his own masculinty and macho character was a well played out fools game pulled on Libyans, the psychological incompetence and savagery was ruthlessly played all over the universe for the world to see, it has happened in Congo DRC, Sudan, Somalia, and Henry Benard Levy could not have a much beautiful day, the art of Israeli mercenary propaganda, philosophy and global political doctrin.

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