Dec 17, 2011

Libya Liberation Frontline News [17.12.2011.]

(1) Returning Libyan people from the South of Libya to Sirte found their homes demolished, have no food, no schools, no hospitals, no money and no basic services in the city, people complained of no government assistance having reached Sirte, the people demonstrated for lack of help, prompting an old disturbed and stressed resident of Sirte to burst into tears due to the deception and destruction brought on the city, green army engineers battalion has commissioned to send in assestment and field team to start immediate repairs in Sirte for housing and resident units that can be salvaged, variety of methods and plans of assistance have been worked by the green army to provide adequate relief to affected people of Sirte.
(2) Another son of Haftar has been shot four times on the leg while attempting to rob Aman bank in Tripoli, he was attempting to steal $5 billion transfered to the bank by green army via Zintan brigades, Saddam Haftar tried to force his way into the bank guarded by members of the Zintan Brigades and his comrades were heavily armed, demanded $2 billion on military orders at gun point, Belgacem's brother Saddam was also wounded in his attempts to rob banks stocked by green army to support the displaced people of Sirte, Bani Walid, Sabha and other suburbs of Tripoli. The $3 billion came from African Prestige for the displaced people, vacuum of law and order has made Haftar sons belligerent as if they own Libya.

(3) Rebels are demonstrating again against NTC for the unpaid $100 000 each promised to them if they depose Gadhaffi and the Jamahiriyah system of government, they are shouting about bring our money, bring us our money, bring our money, perhaps treacherous tendencies don't always pay that well, they betrayed their own country for personal ambitions, and they have not been paid for their destructive efforts and the hundreds of thousands of people they have killed.

(4) More than 7000 people in Benghazi have been diagnosed with tuberculosis, effects of germ warfare.

(5) Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Azim was beaten, tortured and head injured by NTC animals at Haram Street, he was in a meeting for a group of Islamic scholars, the meeting turned out to be filled with hateful radical Islamists. It's the equivalent of the sham Libya dialogue group, where political opponents are often hanged and strangled in these meetings.

(6) Aljazeera Television office in Tripoli has been thrown in a hand grenade.

(7) Green Resistance from the South has supplied units of Zintan brigades that are friendly with ammunintion after Zintan made clear they were having shortages of ammunition, militias are attacking each other in attempts to regain more ammunition and territory. Green army also continues to supply Tarhouna green resistance to fight North Misrata brigades.

(8) Huge protests were contacted in Zawiyah for the liberation of Saif Al Islam, there are no specific demands by Zentan from Saif Al Islam, not to mistake issues of security, Saif has been treated very well by the Zentan brigades, he had surgery on his hand, he is recovering, Saif is not on handcuffs, he is allowed to go in and out with guards wherever, whenever he wants to within Zentan, he cannot leave and get out of the Zentan territory, there are no symbols of abuse and torture with Saif, he seems remarkable well and improved, Qatar TV Aljazeera has been insulting Zintan brigades, naming them Gadhaffi goons, this is major shift from Qatar against Zintan.

(9) Meeting of militia groups in Tripoli was cancelled, many green resistance related militias refused to take part in the meeting.

(10) Black pro green tribes from Chad sent in tribal forces to the Libya border, they arrested many fighters and gangs paid by France, Israel and CIA that cause trouble in the border, convoys from the South passed safely to Sabha and Bani Walid. NATO contacted many strikes and air raids in the South, tribes in Chad brought in security for the people of Libya in the border.

(11) Abdel Jalil's message of resignation are still being recieved with pessimistic feelings by the green army, all evidence leads to suggest, he is been asked by the Americans to stay.

This is all for today, stay tuned and always green with Libya.
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