Dec 3, 2011

It was an operation to eliminate the Libyan leader, planned by the North Atlantic alliance (I)

Only a few days ago, the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, visiting Libya, had said, “We hope he [Gaddafi] can be captured or killed soon.” How many times have we heard the foreign minister of one country proclaiming that the leader of another be eliminated? 
Update 30.09.2012.

A French agent behind the death of Gaddafi [ Corriere della Sera ]
Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra, has reported, citing diplomatic sources in the Libya capital Tripoli, that a foreign assassin killed Qaddafi, and that the assassin was likely to have been French.

According to well-placed sources in Libya, a Frenchman infiltrated a violent mob which was mutilating the captured Qaddafi last year and proceeded to shoot him in the head.

Update 19.01.2012.
[BBC] Inside story of the UK's secret mission to beat[?] Gaddafi - "Instead, as the revolutionaries fought their way into Gaddafi's home town of Sirte, they were assisted by a handful of British and other special forces. Members of the Jordanian and United Arab Emirates armies had fallen in behind the Qataris too.
When, on 20 October, Gaddafi was finally captured and then killed by NTC men, it followed Nato air strikes on a convoy of vehicles carrying leading members of the former regime as they tried to escape from Sirte early in the morning. Had British soldiers on the ground had a hand in this? Nobody will say yet." 

Update 12/16.12.2011.
Saif Al Isalm, Gaddafi's son confirmed that he informed his father that Americans had contacted him. Adding that he last time contacted his father a few hours before his death, when Gaddafi assured him that he had received assurances from Americans during his stay in the city of Sirte, allowing him transition without prosecution or bombing of cities to the south of Libya, but they assassinated him, said the Saif Al Islam .

Update 06./08.12.2011.
[April, 2011]The US and NATO had carried out repeated air strikes on Gaddafi’s compounds in Tripoli and other homes where they suspected he was hiding since shortly after the brutal air war against Libya was launched last March. One of these strikes at the end of last April claimed the lives of his youngest son and three young grandchildren.
This puts paid to NATO’s patently false claims of not knowing that Gaddafi was in the convoy when they struck.
Col Gaddafi killed: convoy bombed by drone flown by pilot in Las Vegas
Gaddafi had been under surveillance by Nato forces for the past week after an intelligence breakthrough allowed them to pinpoint his location.
An American drone and an array of Nato eavesdropping aircraft had been trained on his Sirte stronghold to ensure he could not escape.
Intelligence sources have suggested that in his last days Gaddafi broke his rigid rule of telephone silence and was overheard using either a mobile or satellite phone. Voice recognition technology would have instantly picked up any call that he made.

[a) NATO said that they dind't know where is Colonel? b) Gaddafi had satellite phone with him this day! c) NATO knew  Gaddafi was in convoy ]
MI6 agents and CIA officers on the ground were also providing intelligence and it is believed that Gaddafi was given a code name in the same way that US forces used the name Geronimo during the operation to kill Osama bin Laden.
Since the fall of Tripoli in August, intelligence services have been searching for Gaddafi across Libya and beyond using agents, special forces and eavesdropping equipment.
US and British special forces had trawled through Gaddafi’s former desert stronghold around Sirte and the south of Libya without finding him.
US Predators and French drones have been staking out the centre of Sirte for several weeks trying to monitor what’s going on on the battlefield,” said an intelligence source.

Electronic warfare aircraft, either an American Rivet Joint or a French C160 Gabriel, also picked up Gaddafi’s movements as he attempted to escape.

The Predator drone, flown out of Sicily and controlled via satellite from a base outside Las Vegas, struck the convoy with a number of Hellfire anti-tank missiles. Moments later French jets, most likely Rafales, swept in, targeting the vehicles with 500lb Paveway bombs or highly accurate £600,000 AASM munitions.[2]
[October, 2011.] LibyaSOS  story
Security planners and military strategists of the Obama White House are now cowering in shame on the fallout from the failure of the Libyan quagmire and the exposure of the bankruptcy of the US military and imperial logic. We now know from the reports in the New York Times that, on October 19, 2011, the National Security Council of the White House had debated the execution of Colonel Gaddafi. The article, “Before Gaddafi ’s Death, U.S. Debated His Future”, stated that the White House considered “The killing of Colonel Qaddafi … "

The mere fact that the United States pre-planned for what to do with Gaddafi if he were captured alive strongly supports the perception that the US had great influence with the anti-Gaddafi forces. Although the New York Times, article took great pains to indicate that there were different scenarios under deliberation at this meeting, it ended with the ominous point that the outright killing of Gaddafi was considered.

The day after this 90-minute meeting at the White House, Colonel Gaddafi was killed. 

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen’s sources said Gaddafi was told to surrender to the al-Qaeda rebels besieging Sirte before morning prayers at 5 am, but that it was decided to surrender after the sun was well up in the sky so the white flags would be clearly visible.
 There have been some reports that a truce and a surrender by Qaddafi and his forces was worked out between some rebel leaders and Gaddafi’s entourage through the auspices of the Qaddadfa (the tribe to which Gaddafi belonged) tribal leaders in Sirte.

After the convoy was on the highway heading west, with reported white flags from some of the vehicles, the motorcade, which was not engaging in fire with rebel or NATO forces, was set upon by NATO forces. Witnesses to the surrender and/or safe passage negotiations will be hard to come by, since one of those murdered in his home in Sirte by Libyan rebels was reportedly the chief of the Qaddadfa tribe who was part of the negotiations for surrender and safe passage.

Reports that Gaddafi and his group were trying to make a dash through the offensive lines around Sirte make no sense since the convoy left after sunup and in broad daylight, when white flags could clearly be seen by the belligerents, and the Twitter messages out of Sirte indicated that rebels, pro-Gaddafi forces, and neutral observers could all see the white flags. If Gaddafi wanted to make a break for it, he would have done so at night with headlights out.[1]

More than 6,000 miles away, deep in the lunar landscape of the Nevada desert, American specialists trained to their computer screens spotted  at around 7.30am in District Two. From their windowless bunker, lit by constantly flickering computer screens, the analysts directed their unmanned Predator drones to zoom in on the convoy as it picked up speed and headed west. Nato's eyes were suddenly trained on Gaddafi's convoy.

On October 19, at around 8:00 am in Sirte, a convoy of 70 vehicles departed the heavily-bombed out city, heading west. There were also Twitter messages coming out of Sirte reporting that several white flags of surrender were seen in the city at daybreak.  
Nato's eyes were suddenly trained on Gaddafi's convoy. 
High above Sirte the heavily-armed American USMQ1 Predator drones, which are piloted by satellite link and can provide surveillance or fire missiles in all weather, day and night, had been circling.
The aircraft, which can remain "on station" for up to 18 hours, were being remotely flown from Creech air force base in Nevada. One of the predator pilots had now received permission to attack the fleeing convoy.
Around 40 miles off the Libyan coast a Nato AWAC early-warning surveillance aircraft, flying over the Mediterranean, took control of the battle and warned two French jets that a loyalist convoy was attempting to leave Sirte.
As the convoy sped west, a Hellfire missile was fired from the Predator and destroyed the first vehicle in the convoy. 
After the Hellfire missile struck its target, the French jets were also given permission to join the attack. 
Just then, the French pilot began his bombing run, seconds later releasing two 500lb GBU-12 laser-guided bombs, into the convoy.

According to Nato, a first strike destroyed one vehicle and caused the convoy to disperse into several groups.
One of those groups, carrying Col Gaddafi, headed south and was hit again by a Nato fighter, destroying 11 vehicles.[BBC]

In a Toyota Land Cruiser, Colonel Gaddafi traveled with his chief of security, a relative, the driver and Mr. Dhao. The colonel did not say much during the drive. 
NATO warplanes and former rebel fighters found them half an hour after they left. " said Mr. Dhao

Libyan forces overcome the drones [Sirte 20.10.2011] - >

This convoy did not pose any threat to civilians. It was an operation to eliminate the Libyan leader, planned by the North Atlantic alliance. This would be enough to qualify the incident as "a war crime by Article 8 of the ICC's Rome Statute. 

In addition to NATO planes and,  a U.S. Predator drone, firing on the Gaddafi convoy, which had not exchanged fire with rebels or NATO forces under the white flags of truce, there are now reports that several members of Gaddafi’s convoy who tried to surrender were killed by rebel forces.
The French pilot began his bombing - 500lb GBU-12 laser-guided bombs

@jfoleyjourno: 95 bodies on field from Gaddafi's last battle #sirte, most killed by nato or in battle, 6 or so clearly executed
 Convoy of Leader Moammar Al Gaddafi after 
NATO humanitarian intetvention
Video of Gaddafi 's convoy after NATO bombing, charred body parts scattered around, 
"rebels"  stealing and lotting the cars which were still in smoke.
Chaotic situation? 
But we now know that it had, in fact, been foreseen by the British SAS and their special forces allies, who were advising the NTC forces.
British military sources have told The Sunday Telegraph that  teams of SAS soldiers on the ground in Sirte.
Assisted by other special forces – in particular the Qataris, with whom the SAS have a long relationship dating back 20 years – the SAS tried to impress on the Libyans the need to cover all escape routes.
Recently, the government of Qatar has admitted that it sent hundreds of ground troops to support the “rebels” who overthrew the Gaddafi regime. Now that it is in the open record that Qatari troops were on the ground responsible for "training, communications and strategy". It is only a matter of time before the details of other foreign ground forces will come out in the open. [4]
and NATO troops was there
After Operation Mermaid Dawn in August, British SAS soldiers, dressed in civilian Arab garb and carrying the same weaponry as the ‘rebels’, refocused their efforts towards hunting down Muammar Gaddafi. Furthermore, the British media was replete with reports of this special forces activity on Libyan soil.

In the case of Libya, NATO claimed they were enforcing no-fly-zone mandate of United Nations against Gaddafi forces only for the NATO aircraft to unleash blistering airstrikes with lives and properties destroyed in Libya. The last attacks on Gaddafi’s convoy were from NATO’s aircraft.

The media have published gory and offensive images of the killing  Muammar Ghaddafi without warning for discretion.

Viewers, including children, have been treated to disgusting, sickening and barbaric display of how Gaddafi met his untimely death after he was brutalised, slapped, tortured, sodomized with a knife  and shot with (3) bullets. His body was later dragged on the road and kicked by a jeering and cheering crowd of rebels.[5]

The ambulance driver who ferried him said Col Gaddafi was already dead when he was loaded into the ambulance, around 500 yards from his point of capture.
According to Mr Jibril, the colonel died just minutes away from hospital.[?]

The media reported that Col Gaddafi’s son Mutassim, as well as Gaddafi’s defence minister Abu Bakr Yunis were also reported killed.

Human Rights Watch visited the site where Muammar Gaddafi was captured, and found the remains of at least 95 people who had apparently died that day. The vast majority had apparently died in the fighting and NATO strikes prior to Gaddafi’s capture, but between six and ten of the dead appear to have been executed at the site with gunshot wounds to the head and body.[7]
Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the National Transition Council chairman, insists that Gaddafi was killed in cross-fire between Gaddafi’s convoy members and rebels. However, Jalil is covering up the fact that under white truce flags, Gaddafi’s forces would not have been exchanging fire. It is also important to point out that Jalil served as Gaddafi’s justice minister before defecting to the rebels, so Jalil, the West’s new “ally,” is complicit in the “crimes against humanity” that have been leveled against Gaddafi and his sons. [1]

Update 13.12.2011.
U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Tuesday "With military assistance from the U.S. and NATO, Libyans ousted and later killed longtime leader Moammar Gadhafi earlier this year." [ WashingtonPost ]
The use of white flags to signal surrender is an ancient tradition going back to the Eastern Han dynasty in China and the Roman Empire. Violating the widely accept convention is considered an act of extreme treachery.

Under both the Geneva and Hague protocols of international humanitarian law (IHL), it is forbidden to kill or injure persons hors de combat (outside of combat) and doing so constitutes a major war crime.

With the adoption of the 1977 Additional Protocols to the Geneva Conventions, the two strains of law began to converge, although provisions focusing on humanity could already be found in the Hague law (i.e. the protection of certain prisoners of war and civilians in occupied territories). However the 1977 Additional Protocols relating to the protection of victims in both international and internal conflict not only incorporated aspects of both the Law of The Hague and the Law of Geneva, but also important human rights provisions. 

Basic rules of International Humanitarian Law (IHL)
1. Persons hors de combat (outside of combat) and those not taking part in hostilities shall be protected and treated humanely.
2. It is forbidden to kill or injure an enemy who surrenders or who is hors de combat.
3. The wounded and sick shall be cared for and protected by the party to the conflict which has them in its power. The emblem of the "Red Cross," or of the "Red Crescent," shall be required to be respected as the sign of protection.
4. Captured combatants and civilians must be protected against acts of violence and reprisals. They shall have the right to correspond with their families and to receive relief.
5. No one shall be subjected to torture, corporal punishment or cruel or degrading treatment.
6. Parties to a conflict and members of their armed forces do not have an unlimited choice of methods and means of warfare.
7. Parties to a conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants. Attacks shall be directed solely against military objectives.[6]

By word and action, the U.S. military and its NATO underlings have discarded thousands of years of chivalric military tradition, common practices, and law against a backdrop of ghoulish and pornographic behavior.[1]
Gaddafi's murder videos  Sirte 20.10.2011. [150+ isn't for human beings] (II) ->

Update 16.12.2011. 
Gaddafi's death violating white flag truce international norms

LIBYA: PSYOPS WAR - NATO Tape Warns Gaddafi:”We will kill you”

September 2011.
The whole Imperialist Soldiery against ONE Man [How the hipocricy makes "sense"]  
 We might have once believed  that the ancestors of  Americans, the blaze Anglo-Saxon Europeans, although eager for new conquests, and enrichment at any cost, and otherwise prone to offenses, didn't carry with them over the Ocean that fashionable habit of the rich European "gentlemen" - to gloat and delight over their captured and killed victim, to the extent of the primitive, vengeful winner standing above the weak one, but these days have proved the opposite: there is a similarity between Americans and Western Europeans in that matter. 
That is especially evident in their resolve to catch, at any cost, the man their finger is pointing, just like having his picture on the banner saying-WANTED.- >
 [1] America’s Death Pornography Culture: Celebrating brutal deaths of Qaddafi and Saddam - >
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UK Government admits to military ‘mentoring’ team in Libya, refuses to discuss special forces operations - >
Violating Qaddafi’s white flag of truce/surrender—a flagrant war crime - >
US and NATO murder Muammar Gaddafi - >

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