Dec 30, 2011

Libya news [backup libyasos] 19. December - 25. December 2011.

Libya resistance news:25.  December  2011.00h/ Many good articles you can find on LibyaS.O.S. Daily News -> 
Happy Birhtday DAUGHTER OF LION - Long life AISHA GADDAFI 
24h/ Libya, Gheryan  - Gangs of thieves and the rebels cut off communications cables.- Interruptions in telecommunications Gharyan city resulted from the gangs of thieves and the rebels to cut off NATO communications cables south of Tripoli and reported the theft of batteries, some communications towers located between Gharyan and Tripoli.
- The  gangs are active in the last period in the agricultural areas surrounding Tripoli.
23h/ Confirmed the news channel reported that the U.S. aircraft launched from a base in southern Libya 
U.S. drone aircraft came from a U.S. base in southern Libya and assassinate the leader of JEM, Khalil Ibrahim, with a number  of his troops, in the region,  of North Kordofan,
... The plane had circled the skies above  Saturday afternoon has not been identified on the identity ..[24.12.2011.]
The aircraft that have been monitored over south of Libya

[25.12.2011.] There is photo evidence of the aircraft that have been monitored over south of Libya yesterday, which has ignored calls by the control tower ?!!
What are doing  French or US air planes  -in southern Libya?!!
Are there more targets for the aircraft in the region? Will Libya  turned to the colony completely such as Qatar?!!
22h/ Hero Motassim With his brother Hannibal and his sister Aicha with her husband
Heroic  Family Al Gaddafi
 21h/ NATO Forced to Admit Air Strikes Killed Dozens of Libyan Civilians, - C.J. CHIVERS: NATO has withheld details on most of the errors and labored to portray its role in the war as all but flawless. Until this month, it insisted it had not confirmed the killing or wounding of a single civilian. - >
20h/ LIBYA TODAY - Welcome to "new" Libya  - Armed gangs are continuing terrorize Libyans  - a so-called bodyguards local council in Tripol, Use  their guns and threatened the demonstrators, who chanted against him in his car ->

19h/LIBYA TODAY  Began a conflict between the Libyan "authority" and armed gangs - WHO will take more of unfrozen Libyan money. The European Union has confirmed the release of deposits Libyan worth an estimated 150 billion $. Robbery can start
It is expected to reach the amount in Tripoli. [paper was printed in Germany ] And, of course, the force which controls the airport will have a share of this money, before they are deposited in the Central Bank.
18h/LIBYA TODAY  The National Transitional Council is facing a wave of criticism, expressed in thousands of Libyans who took to the streets in recent times, demanding his departure. And military forces tried to storm the airport, but the fighters Alzentan are stood up  to the attack and ended up at the first checkpoint, and wounded in the clash, militants and stopped flights for some timeToday is the birthday of Lion Daughter 
17h/ Hugo Chavez : Obama ! You are the shame of black people , leave us alone ->

16h/HOGWASH TODAY  Libya was  puppet of UK, Italy and France  with  IDRIS. .. FOR WESTERN boss IT WAS GREAT TIME - NO DOUBT . See how the criminal weatern media flooded the world with disinformation and schizophrenia dirt! According to this disinformation dirt when Gaddafi seized power in 1969 ... Warning: "was destroyed" the country ..... But now the descendants of criminals "King" would build the country and return again ... "democracy"! This media commits a crime against humanity !!!
15h/LIBYA TODAY  Special seminar by Dr. Youssef Shaker at 10 p.m. seminar can be viewed via iLibya.TV
14h/ LIBYA TODAY Amazing-Our brave soldiers removed Flag of Shame - and applyed GREEN !!!!
Libyan resistence army controlling the gate of Wazin ( near of Nalut) theat is Libyan-Tunisian's border.
Today 24 / 12 / 2011 was the large clashes bettwen resistence and rebels (rats ) there. Thanks God, our brave soldiers winning.

13h/  OPERATION #FREE LIBYA Breaking News
Brave resistance in Tarhuna controlled all the City now. Radio Broadcast revolutionary songs of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. [Via Millions Supporting Al Gaddafi]
12h/ The Libyan Resistance needs your help, if you have photos, information and dates of people killed in Libya by the rebels & NATO, please send all photos to Africa Majestic, or post them on my wall. We are compiling cases to charge and prosecute NATO, rebels and NATO mercenaries in Libya, they will face prosecution by the resistance in Libya, even those stealing from Libyan people,... history will be pitiless towards NATO & the rebels. We want you to send us every thing you know, see, heard, documented, researched and can easily find, we need all photos of criminal activity by NATO and rebels, so when the resistance prosecutes them without merit and mercy, it's well found, well documented. This resistance movement has become, invisible, lethal, well organized and well co-ordinated, sentences can be carried as little as 15 minutes against NATO soldiers, foreign aggressive mercenary organizations that are exerting oppression against Libyan people, and those found guilty of crimes against humanity.

Libya resistance news:24.  December  2011. 

22h/ World Revolution (Muammar/Green Lantern) Voice of millions - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !- >

21h/  Putin 's approval rating via the independent (and anti-Putin) polling center, Levada was still 64% - far higher than any Western leader could ever dream of. The protesters are a liberast fringe - representing politically 5% of the Russian population
20h/ Four terrorists got killed in southern Libya in Sebha . They were terrorizing patients in the local hospital, ppl were very scared and complained to green resistance,which arrived at 3 AM to hospital, and dealt with terrorists in quick manner.
19h/ Video Evidence of Torture of Abu Salim prisoners by new government , with  electricity !!!! Very disturbing!!!!  - >

18h/ Opening of first market for #alcohol and #wine in #Libya #Tripoli in the evening hours. First time, since Idris. Great imported #democracy , I guess that rebels are satisfied now, they got everything they wanted.. alcohol, drugs, cannabis
They got everything they wanted.. alcohol, drugs, cannabis
17h/ Libya -Son of Khalifa Haftar, Saddam, talks about armed robbery incident at Security Bank and lying grossly about it ->

16h/ U.S. ambassador: Russian call for Libya probe ‘cheap stunt’- United Nations (CNN) — Russia’s call for an investigation leisure activity civilian deaths caused by NATO in Libya is a “cheap stunt,” the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said Thursday.
“Obviously, the United States and NATO partners reminiscence any loss of civilian lives, but we amassed know that these are investigated, including by the Human Rights Council’s commission of inquiry,” Susan Rice told reporters. “We welcome that.
We note that neither the Libyan government nor a majority of the members of the Security Council expressed any interest in additional investigations,” she said. “And frankly, it’s not an expansion to say that this is something of a cheap stunt to divert priority from other issues, and to obscure the success of NATO and its partners, and indeed from the Security Council, in protecting the people of Libya.” ->
15h/ Abdelhakim Belhadj wants to recover 16.850 kg of gold [ Turkey ]- A must see
Document  "signed by the military governor of Tripoli Abdelhakim Belhadj" the Libyan Embassy in Turkey on 1 November 2011 informing them that Mr. 'Ali Amar Amar Elfakih "whose passport No. 140452, with the rebels. He carried with him a quantity of gold. He as a destination in The United Arab Emirates transiting Turkey aimed to sell gold and with the money to finance “the care of the injured.” He was arrested in the hall of the airport in Istanbul.
Abdelhakim Belhadj, asked the Libyan Embassy in Turkey to intervene to free him and to recover the gold which the quantity seized is estimated at: 16 kg and 850 gram.
He ended his message with "that Libya is free." [Algeria/ISP]
Abdelhakim Belhadj wants to recover 16.850 kg of gold
 14h/ Killing 30 rebels Misrata after an ambush on the road to Zliten.
The green resistance fighters prepared a trap for the best Misrata battalion, the battalion of Ossoud Misrata. The fighters green planted dozens of mines on the road when they heard the arrival of the rebels. The balance of 30 rebels killed.
13h/ The capitulation of New Libya. The Minister of Economy - Tahar Charke, the Vice Minister Ahmed Salem Al Köchli Vice and Deputy Minister -  Salah Idriss Al-Sharif RESIGNED.
In 2008, at the time of the Libyan Moammer Al Gaddafi , Tahar Charke was The General Secretary of General People's Committee (minister) Libyan Economy, Trade and Investment
10h/ U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta acknowledged the day after Gadhafi’s death that “it was a U.S. drone combined with the other NATO planes that fired on the convoy” in which Gadhafi was traveling outside the city of Sirte. But the Pentagon has denied that any U.S. forces were on the ground in a combat role in Libya [CNN]
It was an operation to eliminate the Libyan leader, planned by the North Atlantic alliance (I)  - >
09h/ Case “Lockerbie “ - Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was released from a Scottish prison suffering from cancer.  Abdelbaset al-Megrahi has given what he described as his “last interview” and again denied any involvement in the Lockerbie bombing.
Megrahi is the only person to have been convicted in connection with the 1988 attack, which killed 270 people. He was released on compassionate grounds in 2009, after being diagnosed with cancer, and returned to Libya.
Megrahi said: “I am an innocent man. I am about to die and I ask now to be left in peace with my family.” ->

08h/ Separatism grows in Libya - Amazigh people put pressure on the NTC.
Libya's Berbers feel rejected by transitional government becouse Amazigh [Berbers] had been fully ignored in the new Constitution
Fathi Ben Khalifa: In the Constitution draft approved on August 6 there's no mention at all about us, the Amazighs. Neither our language nor our presence in the country are recognized. Now they're saying that we have to forget about such things for the sake of stability in the country, that we can "discuss the issue later" .How can I be a citizen in a country which does not recognize my existence?
Islamic parties shouldn't be a problem as long as they get their representation through a democratic Constitution but the latter is not what they're looking for. They want an exclusive Constitution based on Islam. Moreover, they're talking about sharia - the Islamic law [DeuicheWelle]
Separatism grows in Libya - Amazigh
Less wholly known: sky blue, bright yellow and luminous green, with a curious red symbol, like a doubled-ended pitchfork, emblazoned in the middle.
It is the flag of Libya’s Amazigh, as the Berbers call themselves. They consider themselves the original Libyans.
This flag represents our identity and our culture,” explains Hisham al-Hares, an Amazigh gone rebel fighting man from the Nafusa Mountains, to the south-west of Tripoli.
07h/ Rice described the Russian demand to investigate the deaths of civilians as a "cheap ploy to divert attention from other issues, for covering up the success of NATO and its partners and the Security Council on the protection of the Libyan people?!"
Russia's U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin said a council-mandated investigation is essential "given the fact that initially we were led to believe by NATO leaders there are zero civilian casualties of their bombing campaign."
U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice, who stepped to the microphone after Churkin, said: "Oh, the bombast and bogus claims."
"Is everyone sufficiently distracted from Syria now and the killing that is happening before our very eyes?" she said.
"I think it's not an exaggeration to say that this is something of a cheap stunt to divert attention from other issues and to obscure the success of NATO and its partners — and indeed the Security Council — in protecting the people of Libya," Rice said. ->

Libya resistance news:23.  December  2011. 
23h/ Arab spring - winter swimming. Absolutely incredible!
Around 60 Africans made to the shores of Spain by swimming last night! Many of them are under - age and only one young man of those brave swimmers had to be hospitalized because he suffered of hypothermia.
Another ship with 56 men from the countries of Maghreb reached Granada last night, too.
Meanwhile Moroccan patrol boat intercepted a boat with 150 Africans trying to reach the European coast. ->
22h/  /UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - U.N. experts are urging Libya to get rid of a large cache of "yellowcake" uranium because the warehouse where it is being kept is neither safe nor secure enough for long-term storage, the U.N. envoy to Libya said -
21h/ DISGRACE The USA government acknowledges that U.S. military forces were involved in “armed conflict” this year in Libya , but it does not acknowledge that they were engaged in “hostilities.”
Earlier this year, StateDepartment legal advisor Harold H. Koh attempted to parse these distinctions, which have significant legal consequences, and to deflect some pointed questions from members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
20h/ Ones TRAITOR always TRAITOR - Libya's ex-oil minister criticizes new leaders - Tarhouni said that more than 90 percent of Libyans are not represented by this new leadership. "It is about time that we hear the true voices of the masses," he said. ->
Shoof Libya Caught in the Act The Bitter Truth of Mustafa Abdul Jalil's Intentions | AbdulJalil thought that the microphone is closed, but listen to what he said about whether he would be Dictator, his problem with Democracy, and his hope to get personal support from Revolutionaries and Fighters

18h/ Saif Al Islam -  trial next week   -  Libyan National Transitional Council President Mustafa Abdel Jalil, said that next week the trial will start of Muammar Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam, caught last November in Libya's south.
Jalil also said that other trials will be held charging other persons with links to the Gaddafi regime. ->
one of Comment:  Saif al-Islam will receive a fair trial starting next week when he has not even got a lawyer yet ... how is that going to work in terms of being fair as a lawyer needs time to prepare the case???
17h/ Best humanrights product of ArabSpring == Sharia ! Lucky women !
Shari Law  - Best humanrights product of ArabSpring
16h/ House of Ali Aujali - traitor ambassador of Libya in USA // SHOCKING LUXURY (he had a reason to rebel?) - >

15h/ Libya: 10 months of imperialist war leave chaos - After 10 months of sanctions, a naval blockade, the destruction of the infrastructure by militia attacks and U.S.-­NATO bombing operations, the once prosperous and stable state has been nearly destroyed. -
14h/ Libya, Benghazi, the demonstrators were dispersed by gunfire. The rebels fired into the crowd with arms.
The protesters are calling for a demonstration “Maliouniya” one million Libyans to denounce the NTC and demand the departure of Mustapha Abdeljalil. [ALGERIA ISP / Elmokawama According to Akhbar ]
13h/ Where is Libyan money? ask NATO, traitor of Libya , slaves NTC ->

12h/ TRIPOLI - People start breaking the silence -
Today in the Capital Tripoli , inside the bank one man Said we miss Gaddafi and his Days , we wasn't waiting this much time , gangs heard him. Militia beaten him and they took him to one of the schools ( schools became Prisons ) man's relatives come and they start repeating Allah Muammer Libya Bass and such words which were people saying when they Marching for Gaddafi as they challenge these rats then they liberate him and some people were Prisoners in that school .
11h/ The Irish women ( New Minister of Health in rats government ) visiting the University today with her rats forces
10h/ Jalil recognizes that no control of the state's money
“NEW” Libya is building two large prisons in Tripoli and Benghazi
Jalil said that NATO  didn’t not kill civilians in Libya

Libya resistance news:22.  December  2011.  
00h/ Many good articles  LibyaS.O.S. Daily News -> 
24h/ I vote for Muammar Gaddafi – HUMAN RIGHTS HEROES  Amnesty International USA
The Brother Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi
 23h/ Libya elicits lawlessness in geopolitics. - The ICC very much would like to get a hold on Saif Islam al-Ghadafi, while the case for an investigation into the purported murder of Muammar Ghadafi is stalled. One should make one simple comparison, ask one simple question, to understand the problems with the ICC.
Is the ICC an institution of the United Nations ? Was the United Nations by virtue of UNSC Resolution 1973 instrumental in facilitating  NATO´s aggression against Libya ? Then ask yourself the following question. - >
22h/ Libya – The vice foreign minister of Libya green, Khaled Kaaim is still imprisoned and tortured - This is a good man, he did nothing wrong, the NTC gangs of RATs are completely uncontrolled, they loot, kill, torture and destroy anything good in Libya - this is a world tragedy, thank you NATO
21h/ Airport controlled by gangs of Zentan, Hafter is big bandit and America agent he is leading bandits of the east, they are fighting to control airport, why they are fighting? Because they want to welcome the money that was frozen in EU banks.
20h/ 1. Report Libya: Green Resistance of Baniwalid is fighting in Tripoli and also in Baniwalid. They are putting Pressure on Souq juma'a Brigade.
2. Report Libya: heavy fighting in Tripoli at night.. Few shots and clashes are heard overday.. But much of the major fighting is at night.
3. Report Libya: Source in Tripoli says "we hear every day Gunshots many of them.. we do not always know if its clashes or Looters and at night we hear constant gunfire in many areas..there is always some militia group fighting outside"
4. Report Libya: Libyan Tribes decided to combat Qatar and its militia's and also the tribes have officially all Rejected the NTC. We are seeing in action now as Mass protests Spread trough libya against NTC and QATAR
5. Report Libya: Abd Jalil is trying to cut deals with Militia Brigades as he has no Support of any group. Militia Brigades are angry at NTC. Abd Jalil is Trying To patch up relationships with Militia Brigade as many militia's call for his Removal and now he is Meeting with all Militia brigades and some have rejected his offers. Abd Jalil is afraid since Mass protests in Benghazi and he also meeting with Bel haj AlQaeda brigade and Salabi Alqaeda brigade.[ Mea Lux Veritas Via SomaliaSupport2 Libya]
19h/ SIRYA - 1D4TW STRATFOR sources in Damascus received multiple text messages from a US phone number calling on them to strike on syria
... Missteps in the Syrian Opposition's Propaganda Effort
Syrian opposition groups are mounting a propaganda campaign to create the impression that the Alawite community is splintering and that the Syrian regime ...
by: Zero Anthropology
- They are using the exact same techniques used on Libya! dirty BANDITS  instigating trouble, bombing and destroying!
18h/ US media silent on US and NATO training Syrian opposition in Turkey [They are using the exact same techniques used on Libya! dirty BANDITS instigating trouble, bombing and destroying!] -
16h/  [CNN] War crimes court leaves Gadhafi probe to Libya - THE  WAR  CRIMES  COURT   IS  A  FARCE.    IT  DOES  NOT  METE  OUT  JUSTICE.    IT  IS  A  TOOL  OF  NEO-COLONIALISM.    IT   PRACTISES  SELECTIVE  PROSECUTION  BASED  ON  WESTERN  COLONIAL   INTERESTS. U.N. war-crimes prosecutors are leaving an investigation into the death of Moammar Gadhafi to Libyan authorities for now, they said Tuesday. [NATO have been  involved in murder , no one didn't expects that western machine will open Pandora's BOX]- >
14h/ [CBS] Libyan leader returns to his [?]  U.S. university - One morning last February, Ali Tarhouni, a professor at the University of Washington's business school, gave his microeconomics students some startling news: He wouldn't be teaching them anymore. He was off to help with the Libyan revolution... Within 15 seconds of getting back in his car, though, he realized Gadhafi was no longer on his mind. There were other things to think of.  - >
     About “opposition “ [frebruary 2011]
   Individuals who are put forward - mainly lawyers, professors, academics - are actually not accurate representatives. The priority is to those who speak English and know how to communicate with Westerners and the media.
The NTC therefore includes both longtime opponents of the regime and those who have defected recently.The NTC is not homogeneous, some of its representatives conceal their identity for questionable reasons, its leaders are people with a very notorious past. In the present state of things, they offer no real guarantee of “democratic” leadership.
So effectively what Dr. Tarhouni was doing was simply lying through his teeth.
And now he comes back to America to beg for more money from Congress. The Libyan Contact Group pledged 250 million dollars for their little CIA backed war, but that money is slated for “humanitarian aid” so Tarhouni says he needs more to buy bigger and better weapons so they can kill more Libyans in the cross-fire. [April 2012]
12h/ NATO's Depraved Disregard for Libyan Civilian Casualties - The New York Times claims its own investigation has uncovered between 40 and 70 civilian victims of NATO, a ludicrously low number in an air offensive that struck scores of Libyan cities and villages, in a war that NATO’s Libyan allies claim killed 40,000 people. The Times and its western corporate media colleagues have no moral authority in this matter, having acted as megaphones and virtual agents of NATO’s massive psychological warfare operation against the Libyan government. They reported fictitious tales of massive rapes by Libyan soldiers as fact, and fanned the flames of race war by spreading the lie that the Libyan regime was protected by legions of black African mercenaries. Thousands of black Libyan citizens and African migrant workers are dead at least partially as a result of western media lies. - >
10h/ ALGERIA ISP / According to the information center Darna (Pro CNT), the Minister of Finance said in a television interview that Libyan 700,000 Libyans are unemployed and they receive a pension worth one billion and 300 million Libyan dinars monthly. Our opinion: This means that it's over the holidays! They will regret the guide Maoummer Gaddafi.

Libya resistance news:21.  December  2011. 
00h/ Many good articles you can find on LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->
00h/ Libya: Ensure Gaddafi Son’s Access to Lawyer - Human Rights Watch visited Gaddafi in Zintan, Libya on December 18, 2011. Libya’s general prosecutor, Abdelaziz al-Hasadi, who is investigating Gaddafi's case, granted permission for the visit. The Zintan Military Council, which has physical custody of Gaddafi, allowed Human Rights Watch 30 minutes with the detainee in private. Al-Hasadi and members of the Zintan Military Council said contact with family and friends was not possible at this time due to security concerns. However, the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners say all prisoners are to be allowed regular contact with family and friends, both in correspondence and through personal visits. Some restrictions are permitted for security reasons, but these need to be the minimum necessary concerning the particular individual, and should not amount to a complete ban. ->
23h/ Jalil: "On 24.12. will be announced a large process of consolidation of the rebels, state agency has adapted their situation and WILL GIVE THEM PRIVILEGES of the work and life." GREAT DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES..dear new privileged caste of Libyans enjoy the Hollywood moment, you probably gonna get extra snickers with NTC logos and other promotional material.. oh, and the right to keep what you stole.
22h/ 2012 US government terrorist identification chart ->
2012 US government terrorist identification chart
 21h/Bani Walid sent a delegation to Misurata exJews demanding the release of their captives ((belonging to BaniWalid )). Waiting for Misurata's exJews response.
20h/ BENGHAZI  - Preventive Security Services intercepted a car in one of Matthys Golden streets near Benghazi tree field and members of the so-called Preventive Security were hit by a car which they shot in the windshield. There were bullets fired on protestors and smashed glass on a bank nearby as well. Situation calmed now, but what they are trying to do is to suppress the people.
19h/ TRIPOLI - BRAINWASHING in Libya is moving up one level,becoming institusionalized - Al-Fateh University and University of Arab countries are cooperating in the 'quality programs'
Libya Al-Fateh University, 24 held a meeting to discuss ways to find a direct mechanism for cooperation between the Al-Fateh University and the Arab League through quality programs at the university.
Special programs and program management at the University of upgrading the Conqueror, in addition to create a scientific and educational programs developed through quality programs at the university.
18h/ SHOCKING TESTIMONIES FROM BENGHAZI PROTESTERS - NATO 's NTC promised them 50.000 din if they fight against Gaddafi, but NATO didnt pay them in the end,and now Benghazis are angry and 'sorry' about revolution- THEY WERE RENTED TO KILL.. disgraceful, naive, immoral fools - >

17h/ In Libya, death and disappearance still stalk the land - People are vanishing in broad daylight in Libya, as the country’s new rulers continue to settle accounts with their opponents. Widespread insecurity means the families of the kidnapped can do no more than hope that their loved ones are still alive.
After the NATO-backed rebels overran Gaddafi’s home town of Sirte, staring death in the face became an everyday experience for residents of the loyalist stronghold. Local men, young and old, were captured by the winners, who delivered a summary verdict – the Colonel’s countrymen were labeled “Gaddafi dogs” – with the associated deadly consequences. - >
16h/ According to Akhbar Libya , Tripoli , 3 students were kidnapped from the Institute of Medical Sciences in the area of Salah Edin on Saturday. They were raped by the rebels and than thrown into the street. They are now in Al Jala hospital
15h/ Jalil said on El Arabya TV that protests in Benghazi are organized by Saadi Gaddafi. Its amazing that NTC just cant handle the truth ! Libya dislikes you and your criminal government, that's why they protest Jalil !
14h/ Shops in Libya are witnessing a great disorder in the prices of essential consumer items, in the absence of uniform pricing, a lot of the prices have reached their peak. For example, price of meat is at its highest levels, because a huge number of livestock farmers fled out of the country.
13h/ Report 27.10. about atrocities committed by Misurata exJews brigade in Sirte , describing such offences as war crimes. More than 400 people had been executed, hands tide behind their backs. This is a proof of the brutality of Misurata exJews, Libya mercenaries employed by Benghazi 's NTC , which should be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. ->

13h/ Flash back : #Massacre in  #Sirte . Video shows Libyans alive, photos show them dead - > DISTURBING IMAGES , WATCH THEM IF YOU NEED TO IDENTIFY SOMEONE - >
12h/ LOL -for a devastating loss in Arab sports games held in Qatar , Libya 's NTC accuses Gaddafi !!!??? They said failure happened because the trainers are all officers and colonels of Gaddafi!! How far can they go in their stupidity?? 
Arab sports games held in Qatar
11h/ BENGHAZI - Protesters from Benghazi Libya say somebody shot at them with snipers. It seems that NATO has same snipers ready for each and every FalseFlag or ScareFlag - >

10h/ ZINTEN - Salabi shot at when tried to vandalize the place of Guardian saint in the city of Zliten Libya
09h/ BENGHAZI -  Demonstrators are breaking into the so-called local Council of Benghazi, and surrounding its members, which resulted in Bboshna suspending the membership of each of employees of the local council, so as not to be able to implement any demonstrator's demands through them
08h/ TRIPOLI  -  A strong explosion in Tripoli last night in the area of the airport road.This area is monitored by Zenten rebels who are still in conflict with the army of Khalifa Haftar
07h/ Libya, TRIPOLI - On 19.12. evening dozens of green prisoners escaped from 'new' prison in Tripoli .Informed sources said that security forces and rebels arrested only three of the escaped prisoners,one of them wounded by gunfire.The sources said that security forces and the rats were able to regain control of the prison. The sources pointed out that operations are now under way of combing the neighbooring ...area of the prison. Prisoner's revolt which occurred inside led to the escape of dozens of people.
On the other hand, the same sources revealed that violent armed clashes happened
in new residential buildings in front of the tobacco factory between the regions of Got Alhaal the Muslim Quarter and the city of Tripoli. Pointing out that these clashes resulted cause some people tried to take over these unpopulated buildings.[ newspaper Jermanyh]
06h/ Against AFRICOM - Cynthia McKinney on GRTV - Established in 2007, the United States African Command (AFRICOM) has been at the heart of the US agenda to secure the continent and its resources against America's supposed enemies. Now, many are questioning AFRICOM's role on the continent at all. - >
05h/ Libya , TRIPOLI - Portest people of Tawargha - NTC make  genocide of Black peole of Tawargha - >
04h/ BREAKING- AlQaeda trying to impose their rule in Sirte Libya !
An eyewitness from Sirte : Armed militants belonging to an extremist Islamic faction (Al Qaeda), are controlling a former building of Homeland Security, working to impose their agenda by force, increasing the harassment of people in Sirte. These Al Qaeda militants are led by someone named Sheikh Osama from the eastern city of Derna. (This city of Derna is famous Al Qaeda stronghold, and has largest number of suicide bombers in the world, even more than a much larger city of Rijad in Saudi Arabia!) . Now when Gaddafi is gone, there's noone to contain Al Qaeda in Libya [Libya S.O.S. facebook ]- >!/pages/Libya-SOS/297509086955875
Libya resistance news:20.  December  2011.
[problem with Internet conection]
00h/ Many good articles you can find on LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->
00h/ Libyan terrorists from Belhadj brigade in Syria -

24h/ Libya: Est. caused by NATO-led rebels & NATO: 100,000 Libyans killed, 240,000 wounded, 78,000 missing, 10,300 rapes, and 350,000 refugees.
24h/ Some Libyans and also foreigners are looking for gold and money that are believed to be hidden somewhere in the Libyan desert. Two Libyans working for the US company have been arrested in Niger when they were trying to enter Libya. Thier task was to find the high-raking commander close to Gaddafi who allegedly know where the 'treasure' is. According to Algerian newspaper Al-Khabar also the French secret agency is hunting on gold and money with the help of special planes.
---There is a U.S. aircraft looking for the alleged treasure in the desert .. [This crap ... Why not investigate the crimes committed by NATO against the civilians of the Libyan children and women???.]
24h/ Russia’s UN envoy urges probe into NATO’s attacks on Libyans - TV - Churkin’s statement came after the New York Times published its investigation on Sunday, claiming up to 70 people were killed in Libya during NATO’s eight-month military operation.

"We hope that the alliance will investigate this issue [casualties among peaceful Libyans]," he said, adding that the United Nations may assist with the investigation.
“NATO holds a purely propagandist vision, saying there are no victims among civilians in Libya.” ->
 23h/ The NTC BRITAIN imposed on the Libyans reigns by terror and raping. 3 med/science students in Tripoli were abducted/ raped now in hospital
22h/ QATAR WANTS SAIF al ISLAM IN ICC. Who is Sliman Bouchuiguir?
Being aware of the discharge of Saif al-Islam by the tribal court of Zentan, given the unanimous vote of judges and acceptance even of CNT, the Qatari authorities are urging Zentan tribes to deliver the son of Gaddafi, Saif, to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Indeed, Saif Al-Islam was accused by the current illegitimate Libyan ambassador in Switzerland, a former leader of the Libyan League for Human Rights (LLDH), and most importantly a pathological liar, Dr.Sliman Bouchuiguir.
21h/ Libyan Liberation Front: Territorial Control & Analysis [19.12.2011.]
This is what is happening in the war theatre. The war has moved from conventional to none conventional methods, war of attrition and proxy means has become common practice and paramount value, below will describe level of activity via proxy means: ->

20h/ Libya, Benghazi - 2h ago, Preventive Security Services intercepted a car in one of Matthys Golden streets near Benghazi tree field and members of the so-called Preventive Security were hit by a car which they shot in the windshield. There were bullets fired on protestors and smashed glass on a bank nearby as well. Situation calmed now, but what they are trying to do is to suppress the people.
19h/ SCANDAL!  NATO rejects criticism over Libya; says operation ‘saved lives’ Oana Lungescu said. “And we repeatedly warned civilians to stay away from military installations and equipment.”His remarks came after The New York Times claimed up to 70 people were killed in Libya during NATO’s eight-month military operation.
Lungescu said NATO took claims of civilian casualties very seriously, and was looking at such evidence carefully.
However, any such claims are the responsibility of Libya’s new government, she said.
“There is now a legitimate government in Libya, and the primary responsibility for looking into such claims and for follow-up action lies with the Libyan authorities.”- >
18h/ SHOCKING VIDEO - #Libya #Ajdabia today after implementation of western 'freedoms' - theft, murder, looting

17h/  Libyan Minister of Health NTC Hamroush Fatima explains that the number doctors in Libya beyond the need of the country and will require that these doctors are changing careers or they leave Libya to work abroad.
Those doctors who were spoiled by the guide Maoummer Gaddafi will meet probably a dishwasher in a restaurant or distributor of flyers in Europe.[
16h/ Zintan: Saif al-Islam acquitted by court. As announced yesterday, Saif al-Islam Quadhafi - now officially free! [unconfirmed]
... As last week in an ordinary criminal court in Zintan, negotiated. He ultimately was freed. Lack of evidence.
Due to the not yet desirable state of health also his immediate release was ordered... ->
15h/ LIBYA - On track you can read ALAHU AKBAR! Track is full of alcohol for “new” Libya. Is it “democracy” ?No it is  Shame for Libya. This is NOT BETTER FUTURE !

14h/ Bandits aka Militias wield real power on Libya's streets  - “Libya could enter the Guiness Book of World Records, it has so many weapons,” Al-Juwali said. “By the time this government ends, we will have the weapons under control and in safe places, and the revolutionaries (former rebel fighters) will help collect them.” - Reuters -
13h/ NATO/ALQAEDA/NTC  commander  sues UK -  Belhaj's lawyers say that in 2004, he was living in Beijing with his wife Fatima Bouchar after leading a low-level insurgency against Gaddafi's regime in the 1990s as leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. - >
12h/ Libija, Tripoli, Belhadj  -  Just try to be emphatic about how insecure he must be feeling – how much he needs to have control after being tortured, after knowing that the hand that has betrayed and abused him, and used him is the hand that is feeding him now, now where he is at the pinnacle of possibilities.
Poor Libyans, poor political and military rivals, poor Libyans who are under suspicion of opposing him.
He “must” have an intense need to control in order to feel somewhat safe!!
That makes him very hard to work with – it´s a ring that is reenforcing it´s own dynamics. - >
Libya resistance news:19.  December  2011.
01h/ Excluded / Libya - Qatar will deliver Seif Al-Islam Gaddafi to the ICC  - Made aware of the acquittal of Seif al-Islam by the tribal court of Zenten, given the unanimity of the judges and the very acceptance of CNT, the Qatari authorities are urging tribes to deliver the son Zenten Kadhafi, Seif, to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Indeed, Seif Al-Islam was accused by the current ambassador to Libya illegitimate in Switzerland and former head of League Libyan Human Rights (LLDH), Dr. and especially pathological liar, Sliman Bouchuiguir. - >
Saif AL Islam
00h/ Many good articles you can find on LibyaS.O.S. Daily News ->
24h/ The military governor of #AlQaeda gang #Tripoli Abdelhakim #Belhadj has filed a complaint against the British security services in Britain. They are accused for their extradition to the Libyan authorities at the time of the guide Maoummer Gaddafi..[Algeria/ISP]
23h/ The sword of Islam Saif Al Islam appeared in front of peoples court in Zentan, he was acquited of all charges from murder to incitement of violence, he was immediately ordered released from custody by the tribal judges due to health of his hands, additional charges are unknown if ever any does exist, he was switched from a prison villa to a hotel room in Zentan.
22h/ EGYPT  - LIBYAN BANDITS aka rebels marched through the streets. They say they are poorly treated in hospitals. It's amazing, no land or no people support them! [Turkey, Tunisia, Maroco, Greece and now Egypt] - UGLY FACE OF BANDITS will see all the world
GREECE - Libyan vandals aka rebels  - As a result of NATO mercenaries residing at a hotel in the city of Thessaloniki, a Greek student harassment in the elevator and try to protect her colleagues, an altercation occurred between them and their impact were great for street flags ignominy and shame ... But once the view NATO police, mob rage, where they began throwing various objects at police and closed down the road ...

21h/ BENGHAZI, PROTEST  - NATO slaves aka NTC are in  trouble - -> 

20h/ Dr. Hamza Touhami is alive but sick
19h/ This video shows the infidels officers and soldiers of the State of Sudan handed over weapons and equipment for NATO mercenaries .. And help in the dismantling of weapons and show the joy of fighting with them against the Libyan army . -

 18h/ Ugly truth  [My garandpa said ONCE TRAITOR – ALWAYS TRAITOR]
Traitors and westerns slaves "Libyan" rebels and NTC
 17h/ Schools in Libya: lesson one - PROUD TO BE TRAITOR and SLAVE -  Who is Idris? Who is Gaddafi? -
16h/ 20 JUNE: In the vicinity of Tripoli: 1 Command & Control Node, 8 Surface-To-Air Missile Launchers,
1 Surface-To-Air Missile Transport Vehicle.  In the vicinity of Misratah: 3 Truck-Mounted Guns, 2 Self-
Propelled Anti-Aircraft Guns, 1 Tank. In the vicinity of Tarhunah: 1 Military Equipment Storage Facility. In the vicinity of Al-Khums: 1 Military Vehicle Storage Facility. In the vicinity of Zintan: 1 Rocket Launcher.”
Oddly, NATO records for June 20th as well as subsequent reports of bombing attacks listed for June 20th and June 21st in its daily logs have never included the bombing attack on Sorman or the attack on the Al-Hamedi residence which indisputably killed 15 civilians.
15h/ Video of #Greek #police beating drunk #Libya rats in #Greece who attacked Greek girls,instead of staying in hospital ->
14h/ #Libya : four #Misurata rats were arrested in #Sirte , captured at #gas station
13h/ #Journalism, Not Truth, Is The First #Casualty of #War  - WAR IS a well-produced reality show. Embedded journalism is the star cast. Yes, there are innocents dying, but why let that interfere with what the boss wants reported? - >
12h/ Using Human Rights as a Pretext for War: The #LLHR and its Unproven Claims
One of the main sources for the lies that Gaddafi was killing his own people is the Libyan League for Human Rights (LLHR) (whose president was Soliman Bouchuiguir, todays Libyan ambassador in Switzerland). On February 21, 2011 the LLHR got the 70 other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to send letters to President Obama, E.U. High Representative Catherine Ashton, and the U.N. Secretary-General Ban-ki Moon demanding international action against Libya invoking the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine. Only 25 members of this coalition actually assert that they are human rights groups.
The letter is as follows:
"We, the undersigned non-governmental, human rights, and humanitarian organizations, urge you to mobilize the United Nations and the international community and take immediate action to halt the mass atrocities now being perpetrated by the Libyan government against its own people. The inexcusable silence cannot continue…
11h/ Libya: Saif Al-Islam has been innocent, and that is acknowledged now. A small detail that does not go unnoticed is that the tribal courts, like that of Zenten, are recognized. So what will happen tomorrow?  - >
11h/ According to the criminal  Reuters false! - Occupiers looking for hidden gold and money!?
1) Who are these "special Libyan" intelligence?
2) What the hell who show private foreign intelligence and criminal organizations .... in Libya? And look what? - The wealth of the Libyan people hidden by the occupiers and prepared for the Liberation of Libya!
And if it an open .... WHAT? - But will it stolen Jewish banks !!! Why not seek the gold of the citizens that terrorists and mercenaries plundered more during the genocide against the Libyan people! And among other crimes against humanity apparently no investigation ?! ((( dirty bastard ))) s
10h/ The United States Long History of Lying to Start Wars
This film exposes how every major war in U.S. history was based on a complete fraud with video of insiders themselves admitting it. Battleship Maine, Sinking of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin , USS Liberty, and 911.

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