Dec 30, 2011

Libya flash news [30.12.2011.]

1 - Continuation of demonstrations in Benghazi (the field of trees)
2 - Prime Minister "Keeb" states that the Council of Ministers operates under extreme and very difficult conditions
3 - financial situation is very difficult and harsh for the Libyan citizen these days and congestions and queues in the banks are becoming symptomatic and obvious .
4 - almost everybody commenting on the FB pages say that protesters in the "field of the trees" launched a campaign against Mr. Chancellor, "Mustafa Abdul Jalil," there are persons in the crowds who are shouting abusive remarks about him, and chanting pro-Gaddafi slogans.
5 - Protesters outside the headquarters of the Transitional Council and Gamal Abdel Nasser Street emphasize the need for the resignation of the Interim Council.
6 - Libyans are very worried about the release of unfrozen funds, because they dont see the government as a consistent one, and they do not trust them at all.
7 - Sit-in protests in front of a hospital were dispersed. . People were threatend with weapons and rape at the hospital (the protestors are saying)
8 - There are many complaints against bankers, people are saying that the currency dealers are destroying them. That's why more and more people are trying to get their money out of the banks and save it at their homes.
9 - In Tripoli,many armed persons belonging to resistance could be seen, as well as escapees from the political Quatanamo-like prisons, many of the green resistance fighters were undercover, dressed in Feb 17 'uniforms'
10 --- There is overflowing number of shopping- stalls ( selling tobacco) which are now selling alcohol, drugs and ecstasy in the country.
11- In Algeria Square (Tripoli St) , NTC security forces tried to provoke protesters who had a peaceful sit-in protest.
12- Private sources confirmed that on Friday, a group of leaders of the tribes of Cyrenaica will head to the Iranian capital Tehran for a conference. There has not yet been possible to know its agenda and its aims. [unconfirmed]
13 - Tarhounah was successful in resisting the assault from Misurata criminals last night. There are unconfirmed informations that there are 25.000 volunteers fighters in Tarhouna, and they are all Pro-Gaddafi
14- Black market in Libya became a main market. Guns, cigarettes, drugs are sold even in front of schools .. Egypt Border guards managed to seize a fishing boat bearing a large shipment of cigarettes , smuggled from Libya by sea yesterday.
[Libya S.O.S. FB page]
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