Dec 28, 2011


by Libya S.O.S.
Both Pro-Gaddafi citizents and rebels are protesting against new transitional government in Libya.
Pro-Gaddafi protests shook Tripoli and the City of Tarhunah, (88 km south east of the Libyan capital of Tripoli), on Sunday, people were marching in favor of the regime of late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, led by a man named Arafat . The peaceful participants raised green flags, but NTC ’pro-democratic’ security officers battalion attacked protesters with live amo, as a result clashes broke out, and President of the Security Committee was wounded during the clashes.

Leader of the military local council of Tripoli resigned due to the mass demonstrations against him on Monday. Meanwhile, rebel protesters want a "course correction" of the Revolution, by pressuring officials of the city in order to meet their demands.

In respect of the events in Tarhunah, a witness from the city, said in a telephone conversation with the "Arabs today," that after a clashes broke out, angry demonstrators burned the building of local radio in the city and blew up a vehicle of the Supreme Security Committee, and siezed a range of weapons and three four-wheel vehicles.
The source, who preferred not to be named, said that head of the security committee was injured as a result of hostilities between the NTC battalion and pro-Gaddafi protesters, result was that a number of fighters from NTC battalion called "loyal Tarhunah" got killed.

Also, an armed group of unsatisfied Pro-Gaddafi citizents attacked the headquarters of the local rebel military council in the Sakra, city of Sabha, with RPGs mortars, at least on person was killed.

It is noteworthy that several similar incidents occurred during the last period in a number of Libyan cities, following the occupation of the capital, because of the huge support for Gaddafi’s Jamahyria, and great resentment and anger among the citizents over new NTC government, which is called ’traitor government’ on the streets of Tripoli.

People can’t forgive NTC government for inviting NATO to bomb their country and kill their children with depleted-uranium.
Libyans can not forgive

Some of the events , such as yesterdays fights between Libyan green resistance and French force in Ras Lanuf, shows that Green resistance is still very active in kicking the foreign invader out of the country.
O yes, if people didnt know, NATO (mainly US, Qatar and French troops) are still in Libya, and yesterday French Mirage planes were flying since dawn above Tripoli, in God knows what kind of mission, probably bringing ’peace and democracy’ to the country.

In the mean time, President of the Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdul Jalil said that Gaddafi’s children still pose a ’threat to the stability’ of the new Libya, pointing out that there’s no place for Gaddafi and his children in Libya today.
Mustafa Abdul Jalil

Who is Jalil to say that there’s no place for Libyans in Libya?
Who is he?
A Cia agent who lived 20 years in USA, came in Libya to say to Libyans that they are unwelcome in Libya?
How dare he??
The most unpopular man in Libya today, Jalil, who brought NATO bombs and depleted-uranium to Libyan citizents, said that Gaddafi’s children pose a threat to the stability of Libya? !?
What is next in the America’s witch hunt?
I mean they already killed 3 babies (Gaddafi’s grandchildren), does the remaining grandchildren/ babies pose a threat to Libya???
Disgusting murderors!

They already killed sons and grandchildren of Gaddafi, while Gaddafi’s wife , children Aisha, Mohammed and Hannibal, and grandchildren went to Algeria, Saadi Gaddafi is in Niger, Saif al-Islam is with Alzentan tribe. 
Non of Gaddafi’s children comitted any war crimes, let alone 2 years old grandchildren, and yet CIA stooge and ’great democrat’ Jalil wants ’all of their heads’.
Heroic Family Gaddafi
Meanwhile mass protests around Libya entered its second week, demanding a resignation of Jalil, and this call comes from his ’previous supporters and fighters’.

For example, Mohammed Allagui, a leader of the "Coalition of the Libyan rebels" said that the Local Tripoli Council is illegal, and has not been elected, they „forced themselves into their positions, to manage the affairs of the city without a mandate from the Libyans."

"The Arabs today," received a copy of the statement of the rebel demonstrators (which shows how naive they are), some of the demands are:
Taking into account a public opinion and informing the people about frozen funds, amounts and places where they are held, and about the efforts made to release them.
- Activating the Audit Bureau and informing the people of the state revenues from oil and gas, accountability fot it, from 17th february up untill now.
- ’Friendly’ countries and the international community have no right to interfere in the sovereignty of Libya and any Libyan conference must be held in Libya, with Libyan media coverage.
- Information must be broadcasted through channels in each city and national media must be free.
- The judiciary must investigate death of Major General Abdel-Fattah Younis.
- Interest in the scientific side must be considered, giving scholarships without mediation or favoritism.
- The exclusion of members from the National Transitional Council which have dual nationality. Etc etc

Although these ’demands’ sound naive at best, there are many more demand which look like they were written somewhere in NED’s office abroad..

But these demands are the most ridiculous „friendly countries and international community have no right to interfere in the sovereignty of Libya „ and „members of Transitional Government which have dual nationality should be excluded from the governemnt “ 
Come on, for God’s sake! 
They are all foreigners! Quazi –Libyans, born or raised in UK, USA, France..

You called invaders, don’t be naive, now deal with them, shut the F up and enjoy the colonisation!
Or join the resistance! .. 

There’s no third path, third path is just an illusion created in the offices of NED and other civil society organisations owned by Soros..
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