Dec 16, 2011

Gaddafi's murder [part III]

Gaddafi's family demand investigation into his death 

Aisha Gaddafi  is pressing U.N. war-crimes prosecutors to investigate the October deaths of her father and one of her brothers during Libya's civil war.

In a letter released Tuesday, Aisha Gadhafi's lawyer questioned whether the International Criminal Court has taken any steps to investigate the deaths of Gaddafi and his son Mutassim. The attorney, Nick Kaufman, said both were captured alive at a time when they posed no threat to anyone, only to be murdered in the most horrific fashion after their capture.”
A copy of the letter,  said that Muammar Gaddafi and his son Mo'tassim were "murdered in the most horrific fashion with their bodies thereafter displayed and grotesquely abused in complete defiance of Islamic law."
",The images of this savagery were broadcast throughout the world causing my client severe emotional distress," said the letter from Nick Kaufman, who represents Aisha Gaddafi.

"To date, neither Ms. Gaddafi nor any member of her family has been informed, by your office, of the initiation of an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the brutal murders," the letter said.

"If your office is not currently investigating the aforementioned crimes, could you explain why and what steps have you taken to ensure that the Libyan authorities are, themselves, investigating the matter properly and in accordance with international investigative standards?" Kaufman wrote to the court's chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo.

Putin presented  version of how Gaddafi was killed, and it allocates a dubious place for NATO in the scenario.

 All the world saw him being killed, all bloodied. Is that democracy? And who did it? Drones, including American ones, delivered a strike on his motorcade. Then commandos, who were not supposed to be there, brought in so-called opposition and militants. And killed him without trial,” Putin explained.

Mr. McCain is known to have fought in Vietnam. I believe he has enough civilian blood on his hands. Is it that he can’t live without such horrible disgusting scenes as the butchering of Gaddafi?” said the Russian prime minister.

“Mr. McCain was taken prisoner in Vietnam and was put, not just in jail, but in a pit! He sat there for several years. Any person would go nuts from that!” he added.

The ICC suspects the death of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was a war crime. The international court’s chief prosecutor says there were strong indications he was killed in custody.
"The death of Muammar Gaddafi is one of the issues to be clarified – what happened – because there are serious suspicions that it was a war crime," Luis Moreno Ocampo said on Thursday.

Discussing the reports after briefing the UN Security Council, Moreno Ocampo said he asked Libya’s interim rulers what the government's plans were to investigate alleged war crimes by all parties, including the rebels.

[Who will be judge ? ]

[2] Putin presented version of how Gaddafi was killed [ a dubious place for NATO] :
[3] ICC 'suspects' Gaddafi’s death was war crime:
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