Dec 1, 2011

Libya news [backup libyasos] 08. November - 13. November 2011.

Libya resistance news: 13. November  2011.

00h/ Libya S.O.S. – Daily News - >
24h/  Escalating clashes between militia groups near Tripoli have killed several fighters over three days, amid growing concerns about rivalries between the heavily armed rebels who control overlapping areas in and around the Libyan capital.
“There is a big fight now, a new front,” said a bandit from the western city of Zawiyah, who was positioning a rocket on a flatbed truck at the side of the main road 16 miles west of Tripoli. “We are fighting the Wershifanna tribe. " In Tripoli, where the police force is not fully functioning, brigades from a variety of tribes and regions control different parts of the city.“I am now less confident that everyone is on the same mission,” said one Western official who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “There are Misuratans, the Tripoli brigades and Zintanis in Tripoli. The leaders in Tripoli are very forgiving of the Misuratans — they see them as heroes. But they perceive the Zintanis as a problem.”
“As far as we know, most of the problems with the Zintanis are with young, drunk men,” said Khaled al-Shimani, at the Hay al-Andalus headquarters. “But these problems start small and get big.”
23h/ "You’ll never see this in the Mainstream Media", observes Bob Powell.
Although it may be too late for Libya, it will never be too late for the truth to reach public opinion and efforts such as this such be applauded.->
22h/ Flashback: July 2011. Saif Al Islam

21h/ ALGERIA ISP / According to the Algerian daily El Nahar, during the friendly match between the national team of Algeria and the Tunisian team at the stadium in Blida Tchaker Mustapha. 
Algerians came with banners glorifying the shahid guide Maoummar Gaddafi, with the famous slogan "Zenga Zenga" and the famous speech of the head of the Libyan Omar Mukhtar "We will never give up .. we will win or we die."  The minute of silence ...
19h/ News for the battles of yesterday in most western Libya cities:
1/ the front of Al Zawiya: clashes with heavy weapons between the brave free of Warchfana and the NATO/NTC/ALQAEDA bandtis of the western regions, which resulted the death of 3 from the troop of Martyr Gaddafi, but also killed and captured many from thethe NATO/NTC/ALQAEDA bandtis. Those rats now are looking to negotiate how to release their hostage or exchange them, but the answer was “blood against blood and no for negotiations”.

2/ the front of Yafren: resistance green fighters attacked yesterday the barrack in Yafren and killed 4 the NATO/NTC/ALQAEDA bandtis, and got from there too much weapons from light and medium sizes, and munitions (this info is also available on rats’ pages).

3/ the front of Ghariyan: upon hearing about the clashes in Al Zawiya, the people from AL Asabiaa took their weapons and cars and proceeded to every gate, the result was too many killed the NATO/NTC/ALQAEDA bandtis (no exact number) and 10 captured from Kakla the NATO/NTC/ALQAEDA bandtis in the western gate of Al Assabiaa.

4/ the front of Tripoli: strong and fierce fighting around Janzour and Assarii near Serraj took place last night, 14.5 weapons were used, and also in the green square, and Abu Mechmacha Avenue, near to Sidi Mnidher cemetery.
Libya map
5/ the front of Misurata: resignation of the president of Misurata Local Council, after being stormed with the masked protesters and he was pounced in a separate room (this info is also available on the NATO/NTC/ALQAEDA bandtis pages). [Jazira Chuibekova& B Bkr Sami]

6/ Imaya -  Several bandits from the port city of Zawiyah said at least two of bandits comrades were killed by fire from an Libyan resistance fighters which was in control of an area at Imaya, between Zawiyah and the capital.
16h/ LIBYA- Rival Libyan gangs clash near military base - Sunday’s clashes marked the fourth day of confrontations between the two groups of bandits. The fighting has killed four people so far.
Mohammed Al-Hadwash, a local commander of bandits from Tripoli, says gunmen bandits from Zawiya and the nearby town of Warshefana are fighting for control of the camp.
NATO's darlings in Libya
15h/ Lizzie Phelan interviews son of captive Dr. Abuzaid Omar Dorda ->
14h/ 'Gaddafi couldn't kill more people than NATO did' – Syrian deputy FM - Even if Gaddafi had lived for another 100 years, he could not have killed even a fraction of the number obliterated by NATO during its intervention in Libya, claims Syria’s deputy Foreign Minister, Faisal al-Mikdad, in an exclusive interview with RT. ->
13h/ Libya: Media blackout, why? - Would NATO allow the Libyans to include the Jamahiriya in a future election? No, because in a NATO-ruled Libya, no Government which protected the interests of the country would be allowed to participate, only a political force constituted by traitors willing to hand the resources over to foreigners.What do Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy have to say to that? Nothing. - >
12h/ BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY or BHL:The verbal fig leaf for the interests of Zionist [II] -> "Not just anyone can be The Whore of Babylon."
Bernard-Henri Levy stuck his nose into the business of the Arab Spring from the outset. The French philosopher with Zionist leanings made an appearance in Tahrir Square, visited Benghazi to support the rebels, and organized a conference in support of the Syrian uprising in Paris.  - >
11h/ Etihc cleansing in LIBYA  - While the International Criminal Court has announced that it is investigating charges of war crimes against Muammar al-Gaddafi and other members of the Libyan regime, harrowing video evidence has emerged that appears to show atrocities committed by anti-Gaddafi rebels. Among other things, the footage depicts summary executions, a prisoner being lynched, the desecration of corpses, and even a beheading. The targets of the most serious abuse are frequently black African prisoners. The ultimate source of the footage appears to be rebel forces or sympathizers themselves.
10h/ NATO press briefing : Bani Walid & one more crime against humanity - >

Libya resistance news: 12. November  2011.

23h/ Libya S.O.S. – Daily News -
20h/ Libya, ZAWIA - Yesterday anti-aircraft guns were firing in the air in Zawiya. So who is flying and bombing? NATO continues its endless war
Libya, SIRTE - Stealing and burning of a building for construction management planning
A group of terrorists vandalised and burnt a building, Department of Urban Planning in Sirte.
19h/ Libya,Algeria – Call for Algerian and Tunisian fans, get all the green flag of Libya green during the match between Algeria and Tunisia at the stage of Blida ->
18h/ USA -Thursday November 17th  Day of Action. Shut Down Wall Street! Occupy the Subways! Take the Square!->!/OccupyWallSt
Occupy Wall Street -"The american dream" is over
18h/ Gay Saudi diplomat fears for life, denied asylum by US, despite publicly stating that he would “be openly killed” if he were to return to his native Saudi Arabia. - >
An execution in Saudi Arabia - 21th century?
17h/ Arab League suspends Syria ->
16h/ Latest news from Brussels. The Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen talked about the failure to control Libya. Anders Fogh said that in each region in Libya, there is strong resistance. Things have become serious, there is a fear of the Iraq scenario. [and who is to be blamed for this Mr.Rasmussen??]
15h/ Libya ZAWIA - violent clashes with heavy weapons in the region of El Hashanah.
Al Rai TV confirms that the ‘rebels’ have lost control of the city of Zawiya.

Muammar Al Gaddafi - Hero
14h/ At 4 o'clock in the night a loud explosion near Tarhunah was heard. In addition, the car was blown up with ammunition of the rats.
Clashes near Abu Salim between patriots and rebels.
In yesterday's battle, Liberation Army cells killed 14 NTC/ALQAEDA bandits and captured 25 major insurgents. The fighting, in general, was successful for the Patriots. However,there is a great lack of ammunition on all fronts. In Bani Walid also lack of charges.
There was a timely and abundant support from the Resistance Brigade "Raad (Thunder)». They carried out very aggressive and destructive acts in all areas of Tripoli. They are also involved in the fighting units in different districts, townships and municipalities Msallata, Spring, Tourist Valley, Sabrafa, Asbiah, Ben Ghasher Palace,
In the evening there were several explosions. Ambulances were sent to the scene.[ ЗА КАДДАФИ И ЕГО НАРОД]
13h/ Army of Qatar, to whom after the actual departure of NATO, was handed over control of the country, bears losses. 3 helicopters were shot down with members of the army of Qatar on board. Qatari Army helicopters striked the capital of Libya,but Troops faithful to Colonel Qaddafi seized them.
"The mission to resolve the situation in Libya is fully transferred to Qatar. Their power and resources now play a dominant role. But they are bearing the loss. According to our sources, Qatar, who was publicly ''not involved'' in actual combat, has just received a blank check.
According to him, the center of Tripoli and its suburbs are in the hands of the faithful Gaddafi forces.[ Argumenti.Ru]
12h/ ALGERIA ISP / CNT According to the media pro, Libya Now, according to their sources in Tripoli on the events of last night Zawiya. Explosions and violent clashes in Zawiya were between two rebel battalions, the battalion and the battalion Warchfata Zawiya. Each of them wants to commandeer Camp No. 27 or the side of Khamis.
For its part, the president of the unity of the weapons in the Ministry of Defence CNT, General Mohammed Hadiya said what is happening in Zawiya's “just a simple incident” between the two battalions. - >
08h/ ALQAEDA NEWS: Now Abdelhakim Belhadj was military governor of Tripoli, but he wants more, or rather the Qatar wants as president!?
Since this week, Belhadj has replaced his military uniform for a suit, he has ambitions to rule Libya!?
Congratulations Europeans, Americans, Qataris, you want to appoint a member of the Qaeda as a president of a neighboring state in Algeria. This is nothing but a charade, confirming that all the violence of the world and all that chaos created by the same sponsors who live in troubled waters. - >
07h/ Jalil Traitor: Libyans will not allow Qatar to control their country: former NTC leader. “Qatar gave a lot to the Libyan revolution, but the Qataris are playing a role that is bigger than their actual potential. The Qataris possess soft power means, which is money and the media, but when a country stretches itself more than its capacity allows, it will be break in the middle,” Jibril said. [xa] ->
06h/ Putin attacks Britain and US for 'violating Libya resolution'  - The Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, launched a broadside against the Western intervention in Libya yesterday, describing British, French and US action as "a complete scandal and a complete affront to the international community". In "taking the side of one of the warring parties," he said, "they had committed a crude violation of the UN resolution". ->
05h/ NATO Worried by Possible International Criminal Court Probe Over Libya - Officials from the alliance say that between March and October NATO warplanes flew 26,000 sorties, including more than 9,600 strike missions, destroying more than 1,000 tanks, vehicles, and guns, as well as buildings claimed to have housed "command and control" centers. These included facilities such as Moammar Gadhafi's heavily fortified compound in Tripoli, but also residential homes of his supporters -- targets which could be considered outside the UN mandate.
The definition of war crimes, as described by international conventions on the laws of war, includes any destruction of civilian targets not justified by military necessity. It has been invoked in a number of trials dealing with a number of conflicts, including those in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo.->
02h/ Libyan mercenaries arrive in Gaza with Grad multiple rocket launchers - >
01h/ Bombing did NOT end. The south of #Libya (including Touareg camps) bombed &
attacked from the air. The news that Nazi #NATO stopped bombing is a lie

Libya resistance news: 11. November  2011.
00h/ Libya S.O.S. – Daily News - >
24h/ (video) A  member of the Libyan Resistance Army - the calling for  action (11.11.2011), - the resistance will continue until the end. (translation)- >
23h/ ZAWIA - The fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya managed to free 300 prisoners of the tribe Warfala the prison of the city of Zawiya.[ALGERIA ISP / Zengtena] - >
23h/ Niger grant political asylum to Saadi Al Gaddafi
22h/ Bomb, Build, Benefit: UK joins gold rush to patch up war-torn Libya - NATO may have ended its operations in Libya, but the Western presence is far from over - with big companies replacing the warplanes. The countries that bombed the oil-rich country are now getting lucrative contracts to rebuild it. [ lol they open my eyes] ->

20h/ LIBYA: Now children carry flyers, not UXO [unexploded ordinance] - >
19h/ TRIPOLI HOSPITAL - Unknown boy wounded in Tripoli Hospital, maybe someone knows him and can tell his family he's there
Unknown boy wounded in Tripoli Hospital
18h/ LIBYA NOW- A shootout in the region of Tripoli Sabea and the revolution broke out even in the new prison in Tripoli.
- Another shooting on the road to the international airport.
- Violent clashes in front of Bab El Aziziyah in Tripoli between fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya and the rebels.
- At dawn this morning, planes flying over Tripoli, on the following areas: Zawiya Street, bab ben ghchir Road sor, beb Aziziyah, nadi Itihad
17h/ One comment from to day : I hope, this is a little bit better: >> Voice of some city in north of Libya , it is this may help you understand why they continue to fight against the invaders and the traitors:
“Everything is bad in Libya . . . is up side down . . . every day moren than 10 people death because of the “revolution” Mafia . . . they are doing all the bad things: raping girls and boys . . . steal our cars and our farmers agricultural machinery . . . they are very bad . . . last night they killed 6 men, one of them is a child, so young, 14 years old . . . “
NATO and NTC mercenaries created a terror to keep people in fear and deny them the ability to resist. The Libyans need our support. So we must create texts, pictures, videos and support their Spirit
This told Libyans, who live in occupy territory, yes, bandits  stole supplies<<

16h/ Libya - Libya Liberation Front announced that Muammar Gaddafi will speak. ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar El Mokamwama Libya, Benghazi was also visiting for the green men free from the clutches of traitors and mercenaries.
A source confirmed several explosions in the camp of the rebels (barracks) of 7 April. Prisoners were released.
Heavy fighting in the region Elkwarsha.
14h/ 1. Great news were waiting for that Tribal meeting for some days. they have all concluded in favor of war againts NTC and rebels
2. Eastern Tribes took part in Tribal meeting of Libya.. They have declared they reject NTC and Rebels and return Peace under Saif Gaddafi
3. Meeting was being Organized for weeks and in secret. took long time. Tribes took part will be known soon
4. Zintan rebels brigades have mostly fled Tripoli and Returned to Mountains. they are preparing to Rearm for new fights.
5. Bel haj Brigades have slaughtered Zintan Brigade in Tripoli.. The zintan Brigade has only 1 position left many Forces fled to zintan
6. Apparently NATO has decided to Wipe out the ZIntan Brigade and NATO does Support the Misrata brigade and Bel haj ALQAEDA brigade
7. Zintan Rebels are creating Massive army to Return to Tripoli and Fight Bel haj brigade. NTC are exterminating each other.
8. Libya :Chaos Reigns across Libya as Rebels kill each other in streets of Tripoli and zawiyah and Zlitan. rebels mutilate corpses
9. Bel haj Brigade are Celebrating With Body parts of Zintan Brigade.. this has infuriated the Zintan brigade. this is really Savage NATO war..
10. Life is bad with Savage brigades and Totally failing NTC .obvious that sooner later green resistance gets 100% support
11. Rebels will never allow any Elections they know all of them will lose. Biggest tribes are pro-Saif Gaddaf2. Zintan Brigade r furious all people are laughing at them. as they betrayed Gaddafi only to be betrayed by NATO. zintan now gets wiped alone
13. Pro-Gaddafi South Misrata Tribes clashed with North Misrata Rebels in The city of Misrata... NTC looks like civil war that NATO created
14. Report Zawiyah caller : very heavy gunfire in Zawiyah city .. heard over phone.
 [We are all Muammar Gaddafi]
13h/ ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar El Mokamwama Libya, today’s events following the call to the green revolution of November 11, 2011.
Introduction of 10:20 p.m. curfew in the city of Zawiya.
22:15 Release of 10 Libyan army officers of a city prison Khomsa.
22:00: In Tripoli, the fear begins to invade the rebels because of the uprising of the people scheduled for November... 11, 2011. More than 50 heavily armed pickup patrol the area and Abou El Hadaba slim green.
19:45: The Revolution of Libya GREEN just started Bani Walid, the Libyans are released in street demonstrations Rabeh.
19:30: In Tripoli, the rebels have returned to homes in several neighborhoods searching for and trying to disengage the Libyans for tomorrow, the day of El Intifada.
10:42: The Patriots Warfala of the tribe attacked the rebels and they commandeered their pickup armed.
10:30: The green flags cover the regions of Sabki, and Zlaba Mnasla in Bani Walid.
9:40 p.m.: A Zawiya, a shooting inside the camp “Khamis” of the city Zawiya. No information on the grounds as well as violent clashes between fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya and rebels in the center of Zawiya.
9:35 p.m.: Civilians in the city Bani Walid waving the green flags in the region Dawair.
6:15 p.m.: Rebels at the checkpoint at Jomo Souk in Tripoli have been targeted by an explosive device. [Genet Tadesse]
13h/ NATO may have ended its operations in Libya, but the Western presence is far from over - with big companies replacing the warplanes. The countries that bombed the oil-rich country are now getting lucrative contracts to rebuild it. RT's Laura Smith adds up the profits of war. ->
12h/ violent clashes between fighters of the #Liberation Army and the #rebels in heavy tears the rebel camp No. 27 located between the Zawiya. city and the capital Tripoli
The large green revolution has begun and that God will help Army fighters of the liberation of Libya to clean the land of traitors and foreign mercenaries.->

11h/ Reviewing some of what is going on around us - and Libya is never far away. I say surveillance is a Jewish thing, and the Libyans were not so aware of the sophistication that has been achieved. I was told the CIA had been allocated the top floors of the big hotel on the seaside during Gaddafi's time. And isn't the CIA Israel's b*tch? Anyway I go on to say jusaism is simply the Fed, Usury etc. It surely is not egalitarianism. ->
Libya resistance news: 10. November  2011.
00h/ Libya S.O.S. – Daily News - &gt;
24h/ From the social sites we can see that the New Libyan Uprising is scheduled for 11.11.11 at 11:11h

Free Libya is Green Libya
 23h/ Let them pay for their wars ! Libya Costing Taxpayers - - Three days after an international military coalition intervened in Libya, the cost to U.S. taxpayers has reached the hundreds of millions of dollars and continued to climb.
22h/ Morocco: Libyan rebels in the hospital sleeping in rooms with rats.
Libyan writer called the Izz al-Din Alloaj critisizing directly on the air through the channel of free "Libya" situations where there are 50 of the Libyan rebels wounded at the military hospital in Rabat. (It looks they already miss and cry over great Libyan modern hospitals made by Gaddafi and destroyed by Nato) ->
21h/ Al-Qaeda's North Africa branch says got Libya weapons - "We have been one of the main beneficiaries of the revolutions in the Arab world," said Belmokhtar, an Algerian national.
"As for our acquisition of Libyan armament, that is an absolutely natural thing," he said, without elaborating on the nature of the weapons purportedly acquired. Mokhtar Belmokhtar, believed to be one of the leaders of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) - >
20h/ LIBYA , BANI WALID - Ivory (Bani Walid) for: the intifada began in the Bani Walid is the largest, marches out now in the Street winner.Green flags are on areas....
Ivory (Brown Walid) for: Sheep SUV from one of the customers by the heroes and Rafla.
Ivory (Brown Walid) for: green flags fluttering in the primitiae and Alzlabh In Almnashy,Bani Walid
Ivory (Tripoli)Profile: the clients NATO raids and searches desperately for some neighborhoods in the city of Tripoli before the uprising, in pursuit of them to be aborted ...
20h/ LIBYA,ADJDABIA  - French soldiers killed near Ajdabiya - ALGERIA ISP / Zengtena According to the fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya have targeted a group of eight French soldiers near Ajdabiya. There were violent clashes. The fighters have eliminated the whole group.
19h/ LIBYA, MISRATA - The members of the CNT in the city of Misrata resigned - ALGERIA ISP / According to Akhbar El Mokawama Libya yesterday, members of the CNT in the city of Misrata have all resigned from their posts following the discovery of a huge fraud, looting money from the Libyan people, which has forced to retire from politics.
In a short time, the rebels, we showed what they are worth nt: murder, rape, torture and theft.
19h/ TUNISIA - Foued Mebazaâ decides not to deliver Baghdadi Mahmoudi to Libya
From reliable sources we learn that Foued Mebazaa, President ad interim, decided not to extradite Baghdadi Mahmoudi. A decision which rightfully, according to law.
The House of indictments in the Court of Appeal of Tunis, decided Tuesday, November 8, 2011, to surrender former Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmoudi, the Libyan authorities.
Amnesty International has called the end of last week, the Tunisian government not to extradite to Libya former Libyan prime minister saying it may be a victim of "gross violations of human rights" in his country.
The decision to Foued Mebazaâ is undoubtedly in his honor and in honor of Tunisia respectful of human rights and international conventions.->,520,27575,3
18h/ PLEASE CIRCULATE FAR AND WIDE. Pravda activist Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey has compiled charges against NATO, and has now filed those charges with the Hague and the European Court of Human Rights. This is the first steps towards having NATO charged with their war crimes in Libya. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT DOCUMENT, PLEASE SHARE.[ [Sandra Barr]->
17h/ Mahmoud Jibril declares that Gaddafi has probably been murdered on orders from the outside ***He must start from beginning-Everuthing was "oredred" from the -> outside!
16h/ Mercenaries - Egyptians with the rebels - ALGERIA ISP / Guide Maoummar as Gaddafi in Libya helped the Egyptians by offering them work, a house and everything you need to live in dignity. And now, how they return him ? They took weapons and they fought against the Libyan army, they were involved in the destruction of Libya and the Libyans killing civilians.
 The Egyptians are returned home while the Libyans are no longer home.
Congratulations pharaohs, ..!!?? WLED is Lahram - >
14h/ How can 87 qatari mercenaries be said to be enforcing UNUSC1973 and R2P in Libya??
The farce of R2P is shown by these foreign mercenaries attacking a city. [Bodhibrian Souter]
Libyan Resistance shot down two Qatar mercenary Apache helicopters, and killed 87 Qatari troops on the way to Sabha, many bandits were also killed in ambush after they tried to attack Sabha from the East, more than 239 rebels were killed 35 km away from Sabha, the Green Resistance in Sabha are very fierce, well supplied and the resistance strengthened in Sabha. --- The Qatar soldiers are desperate trying to access two oil refineries in Sabha and the 5 Southern oil pumping facilities controlled by green army that puts out 1.3 million barrels of oil per day, and heavily defended by armed people and Libyan Liberation front. The army is also building 11 new temporary on land oil out put terminals with a refining capacity of 200 000 barrels per day, enough to fuel all vehicles and cars in the South to keep the economy going, as well exports via land. [We are all Muammar Gaddafi]
The number of Libyan martyrs & injured & missing, if you count them, is greater than the number of Qatar's residents. 
Does Qatar even have an army? Qatar only has mercenaries, from Nepal & from Bangladesh & from Pakistan.
Libya  map November 2011
13h/ Support the Prosecution of Swedish Government and Military for Warcrimes in Libya - Until March 2011 Libya was a sovereign secular state, ranked by the United Nations as a “High Human Development” country in a global context5 (HDI ranking 53 out 194, ahead of countries like Russia and Brazil) and the most advanced country on the continent of Africa.6 As late as Jan 4, 2011 – just weeks before the war started – several UN members applauded Libya’s continued commitment to upholding human rights.7
Today, seven months later, Libya has – as a result of decisions and actions by individuals i.a. within the Swedish government and Sweden’s military forces – been turned into a bombed out war zone with up to a million refugees under the control of a “National Transitional Council” (NTC) which is in the process of turning Libya into a theocracy regulated by Islamic Sharia law. - >
12h/ The torture Libyan  Colonel Ali Becht - Rebels backed by major European and American Democrats. They torturet the Libyan army colonel Ali Becht. - >

11h/ Libya - The NATO helicopters flying over Tripoli (November 9, 2011) - the NATO helicopters flew over the Libyan coast of Tripoli. Officially, NATO is gone!
After the recent operations by fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya, the CNT is still call for NATO.
10h/ LIBYA , MISRATA  - Misrata rebels have condemned to death and executed 50 members of the Libyan army.
09h/ TUNISIA - The pacifists are invited to Tunis yesterday (November 9, 2011) to the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights to protest against the decision to extradite the Libyan Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi Al-Mahmoudi to Libya.
Libya resistance news: 09. November  2011. 
24h/ Libya S.O.S. – Daily News - >
22h/ Mousa Ibrahim is Very Safe - Green Soldier in Tunisia ->
21h/ LIBYA - THIS MAN IS WANTED BY THE LIBYAN RESISTANCE THE NAME IS "Jibril Osman" HE IS ALREADY SENTENCED TO DEATH "According to the rebels who attacked the Libyan leader with a knife or a piece of iron from behind injuring the Libyan leader. An act immoral. It has been identified, it is "Jibril Osman" is the battalion of 051 Misrata and lives in MISAT. He is wanted by the fighters of the Liberation Army of Libya. He was sentenced to death!
Jibril Osman -the battalion of 051 Misrata and lives in MISAT
20h/ - Confirmed Misrata brigade includes IDF army and Mosad agents brought by NATO and Managed by Bernard Levy.. Zionist that started war on libya
Misrata brigade are easily distinguisable because they include mostly Foreigners and have Flag and Cars marked Misrata
19h/ Report Libya : Benghazi Civilians made mass protest against NTC and Rebel brigades no laws and Poverty grips city. Children beg for bread
- The Benghazi rebels were stated to have been wiped at Tarhuna. and Misrata brigade were hit hard at Wadi al Haya'a
- Zintan Rebels have been mass looting and even Stealing a Large elephant and everything in Tripoli
- clashes between Green resistance of Zlitan and Rebels on Main Road and they attacked Misrata rebels heading to Tripoli-
- Russian Government Official called the "NTC" a Public Farce that did not include any of the libyan tribes or People of libya
Tripoli : Bel haj ALQAEDA brigade beheaded 13 Zintan brigade members and 5 misrata brigade fighters as Tripoli infighting gets worse
- heavy gun fights in Regatta Square two days ago Zintan rebel and those of bel haj. 23 Zitan rebels were killed and 53 were injured.
Zintan: Zintan rebel and Arhabat Zitan rebels fought against each other heavily armed; the reason behind these fights was the stolen goods [SomaliaSupport2]
**Libya S.O.S. – Daily News on - >
The Brother Leader Hero - Muammar Al Gaddafi
Who gave those orders ?-> Former #Libya interim PM #Jibril says #Gaddafi was executed 'on foreign orders'
18h/ LIBYA, SIRTE: Like we reported yesterday - Ahmad Majbari -
the field commander of 17th february brigade NATO/ALQAEDA bandits who participated in the assassination of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has been hanged by Green resistance fighters on tuesday, november 08th near the destroyed city of Sirt.  Another Qatari telecom specialist has been abducted along the capture of Ahmad Majbari. The professional card of the Qatari spec. is displayed below at the left of the picture of the body of Ahmad Majbari, hanging from a high voltage pylon Sirt.
Ahmad Majbari -the field commander of 17th february brigade

17h/  PROOF: US-Sniper in Libya (near Sirte, officially "reporter" but SHOOTING at 3:24) (01oct2011)  ->

orac22 - youtube account - xD. he is posting a lot of vids showing - including - qatari forces on ground. He isnt alone, there are another american with him. His boss will be mad when know he is showing too much...
16h/ Report LIBYA
*** Clashes erupted between bandits in the level of Arafa *****
**** delegation of Alashraat bandits includes only young people with beards *****
**** Dozens of citizens waving green flag ****
*** Tens of Moroccans waving the green flag and say pro-Gaddafi slogans ****
**** Dozens of people with black skin raising the green flag in Arafat ****
**** Bandits tried to intensify the presence of bandits, after the shame in front of television screens, especially since there was only one flag for them in Arafa, written on it "No God but God is not in words but in deeds," and the guy with that one flag moves from one place into another LOL****
*** The Libyan buses worst on record in pilgrimage from TASCO company ***
*** Libyan Mission could not fill more than half of the bus and I saw 6 of the buses LOL ***
*** For the knowledge ..... shame to Delar hotel booking at directly in front of the Haram *** [witness account:]
15h/ Front for the Liberation of Libya -  claimed responsibility for the assassination of the Transitional Council representative in the Netherlands. [Nessbook- Urgent]
Libya November 2011

In red: regions occupied by the CNT.
In black: areas occupied by the Qaida.
In green: the regions occupied by the army e liberation of Libya.

13h/ / Niger's army destroyed a convoy of weapons coming from Libya heading to Mali after fierce battles, in the neighboring region, "Arlette", where fierce battles took place between the parties. Radio "France Inter' said on Wednesday that 13 people, including soldiers from Niger were killed and two soldiers were wounded.
12h/ WAR CRIMES OF QUAZI-ANTI WAR CAMPAIGNERS : from the beginning the Libya situation had the character of a classic colonialist war. At no point did 'Counterfire' call for the defeat of the invading forces; at no point did they guide their readers to the obvious conclusion that, faults notwithstanding, Libya ruled by Qaddafi was a zillion times better than Libya ruled by Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama. While serious anti-imperialists were putting aside their differences with Qaddafi, closing ranks and supporting the Libyan state and people against NATO terror, Counterfire were contributing to the case for war.

It’s fine and great and ever-so-lovely to hide behind the line that “we never wanted intervention”, but is it not clear that, by joining in with the exaggerations about the repression, and by throwing out ill-researched slanders about Qaddafi, Counterfire (along with Socialist Workers Party, Stop the War Coalition and so many others) contributed to manufacturing the public’s consent for this colonial war?  ->
11h/  For all Tunisian, free, proud and that believes in his Arabism
On friday 11/11/2011 after Friday prayers,
We have to be millions, all together, one voice, to condemn the delivery of Doctor
Baghdadi Mahmoudi to the Council of betrayal and destruction in Libya by our Tunisian temporary government
The man took refuge in Tunisia, the sister country, and did not quit to Israel
How to hand him over and he was able to resort to other countries!!!!
This is your chance it does not compensate and to show the world, that we do not belong neither to Qatar nor to NATO, and that we only belong to TUNISIA, ARABS & AFRICA, and that we are the only makers of our decision.
For publication and shares in all pages of the free Tunisian and everyone that was against the war in Libya
Members of the Scottish Parliament's Justice Committee today voted six to three to allow the Justice for Megrahi petition to come back to them at a later date.

Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was convicted of bombing a US-bound flight over Lockerbie in 1988. The petition was brought by the JFM group, which includes the father of one of the victims. Dr Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora died on flight Pan Am 103, believes terminally-ill Megrahi was innocent of the crime.
09h/ Libyan people are shocked with the amount of law lessnes which feb17 brought to their country, they are begging for the following..
Demands to the Ministry of Health:
1 - the prevention of arms inside the hospitals and setting up Hospital Insurance Committees, a security organization.
2 - Exemption of the Steering Committees from most hospitals and health centers, because they are obviously unable to find solutions to emerging problems, which weighed upon the health sector in our country.
3 - the call for collective action and rejection of systematic method of repression and autocratic decision-making in health sector.
(as a reminder, people get shot by NTC fighters in Libyan hospitals, and this happens on weekly basis)
Libya resistance news: 08. November  2011.
00h/ October Revolution March in St.Petersburg (Leningrad) 7.11.
A sea of red flags and Tatiana M. with green one :)
Banner says "Power - to the people"
(activists of "Left Front" and "Avangard of Red Youth").
12.11 , 14-00 (this saturday) pro-Gaddafi, pro-Libya rally will be run in St.Petersburg, Russia (near the "Baltiyski House" theater, Gorkovskaya subway station).
October Revolution March in St.Petersburg (Leningrad) 7.11.
A sea of red flags is green one
24h/ **NEWS - Fighters of Sirt kidnapped Ahmed ALAJBARI one of leaders of Feb17 bandits and they hanged him at electricity tower at the entrance of city. And also kidnapped a Qatari coward and the picture and a video of him will be published soon![ Genet T]

23h/ U.S. - $896,000,000 by July 31st
FR - $441,536,030 by July 12th
UK - $187,530,407 by July 12th
So, by July 31st, the northern demons had spent $1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS on their aggression against Libya...How did Libya last? (An important reminder) ->
22h/ God writes the history book, never Satan - After the criminal and inhumane terrorist attack by NATO and the gangs of bandits, rapists, murderers, looters, arsonists, terrorists and torturers it unleashed against the people of Libya, what is the truth today? We examine the stories coming out of Libya, whose people certainly do not want this scourge thrust upon them as a Government. - >
21h/[hogwash] Dog gone it I missed you! Overjoyed spaniel welcomes home her master as Libya Tornado crews return (read)
He piloted one of nine tornados which returned to RAF Marham, Norfolk  
Perhaps the British people should know about the RAF raid launched on Zlitan in August,(5) which killed 85 civilians including children. This raid was carried out by No. 9 Squadron RAF, based at RAF Marham. This is the very same squadron that is featured returning home, to RAF Marham, in The Daily Mail’s ‘puppy dog’ piece. The pilots pictured are very likely directly responsible for the deaths of those innocent.(read)
NATO killed 85 civilians. Libya, Zlitan, Ramadan massacre 08. August 2011.->
Perhaps the British people should know about the RAF raid launched on Zlitan in August (photo's source
20h/ 5 000 Qatari mercenaries helped to colonize Libyan  - [Does Qatar even have an army? Qatar only has mercenaries, from Nepal & from Bangladesh & from Pakistan. ]
5 000 foreign troops is not compatible with the version imposed by the Atlanticist media to the effect that a popular uprising took place against Gaddafi followed by an international humanitarian intervention. It is compatible instead with the Russian and Chinese media according to which "Unified Protector" was an imperialist war. - >
The International Criminal Court.  -
To submit information about alleged crimes, please write to:

International Criminal Court
Office of the Prosecutor
Post Office Box 19519
2500 CM The Hague
The Netherlands.

Or send information by facsimile to: +31 70 515 8555
18h/ British media uses ‘puppy dog’ imagery to sell genocidal attack on Libya - This contemptuous piece of ‘journalism’ serves as a reminder of how emotion and opinion has been manipulated over the Libya war. Here, the utter criminality of NATO’s genocidal onslaught has been whitewashed by the heartwarming imagery of a pining puppy dog. These are heights of manipulation that this writer previously thought unreachable, even by the most cynically depraved minds.

One has to wonder how the British public would react if the fruits of these pilots’ labours were published instead of this sentimental hog wash. ->
like this - >
18h/ Matthew VanDyke, Journalist, Missing In Libya, Bringing the pleasures of the American way of life - >
LIBYA: declare from battalion (Falcon sole) about targeting a convoy consisting of 30 cars traveling from Tripoli to the western mountain-led criminal Madawa (Ibrahim heme) famous in Tripoli. The Green Resistance made a trap, and cars was heading for the xanthan,and fell into the hands of our fighter.
16h/ LIBYA, TRIPOLI, BENGHAZI: Tripoli burns! The Libyan capital Tripoli suffered a severe tension between the rebels of various regions, particularly the rebel Zentani, Tripoli and Benghazi.
The sources said that the rebels have vowed to invade Benghazi airport Mitiga, after clashes with rebels in Tripoli. The sources said the rebels still want to get rid of Tripoli rebels in other regions that are in Tripoli. 
They find that the citizens of Tripoli are unhappy with the behavior of the rebels in other regions where they suffer from these intruders and require their departure. This regionalism is increasing. Benghazi rebels do not want to recognize that Tripoli is the capital since the citizens of Tripoli and refuse them as foreign collaborators..[ ALGERIA ISP]
LIBYA, ZLITEN: Inventory is killing of leprosy Abuajilah, a leader of the Alandala walls in the city of Zliten
15h/ GENOCIDE IN LIBYA: Tawerga young man tries to avoid persecution, caught by Misrata NATO dogs, NATO Crimes In Libya ->

14h/ ''The refugees came to protest early this week from the barracks of Tarik Matar, a makeshift camp on the outskirts of Tripoli. “We’ve already spent more than two months in those horrible barracks,” said Aisha who preferred not to give her full name. A few days back, she said, “guerrilla fighters from Misrata (90 kilometres east of Tripoli) entered our place and took seven young guys with them. We still know nothing about them.” Several women at the camp have been abducted and raped in recent weeks, she said.''
13h/ I would have thought that Counterfire might at least have attempted to give a little bit of balance to their analysis, but sadly this was not forthcoming.
Did Counterfire ever mention important achievements of the post-1969 period (which are confirmed by UN, the World Health Organisation, etc)?
Did Counterfire ever mention the massive pro-Qaddafi demonstrations (of over a million people)?
Did Counterfire ever call clearly for the DEFEAT of NATO forces in Libya?
Did Counterfire ever mention the fact that the flag adopted by the rebels represented the totally subservient feudal backwardness of King Idris?
Did Counterfire ever seek to understand the reasons why such widely respected anti-imperialist left leaders such as Chávez, Castro, Morales and Ortega spoke out in support of the Libyan government? Or does the editorial staff at Counterfire place more value in the words of William Hague?
Did Counterfire ever mention the prominence among the rebels of CIA-funded salafi sects that have been organising against Qaddafi for decades (offended not by lack of democracy but by his dislike for religious extremism)?
Did Counterfire ever support efforts led by Venezuela and South Africa to bring about a mediated solution to the conflict? (I doubt it, because Counterfire’s preferred outcome was the removal of Qaddafi, which was not the likely outcome of dialogue)
When did Counterfire first mention the lynching of black Libyans and migrant labourers, which had occurred from the very start of the rebellion?  - >
12h/ Rebels to Radicals: Islam extremism sweeps 'liberated' Libya - Libya's post-Gaddafi world is showing a lurch towards radical Islam, with strict Sharia law and Al-Qaeda flags in evidence there. It's barely a week since NATO moved out after the campaign to swap a dictator for democracy, yet the Alliance and the U.S. don't seem too concerned about the shape it's taking. ->

11h/ A gang of rogue Irish travellers is in the 'frame' for the bizarre robbery of €200,000 in cash donated by US spies to Libyan freedom fighters. In an astonishing tale, the cash that was destined for rebels fighting Colonel Gaddafi's forces was stolen from a hot press in a Dublin house belonging to Mahdi al-Harati.!/2011/11/travellers-allegedly-rob-200k-of-cia.html
10h/  [Bodhibrian Souhter] what happened in Tripoli and why it fell? This youtube comment has come to my attention, and is the most detailed and likely account yet:
'I heard the commander of the Libyan brigade charged with defending Tripoli was owned by Nato. He deliberately sent Green forces to the wrong sector, far from the axis of the rebel attack. He then mis-routed critical communications at the critical moment allowing the rebels to enter the city totally unopposed. He then called for reinforcements to be sent in the wrong place. Lastly, he created communications problems by providing his troops with frequencies not used by other officers.'->
09h/ CIA Secret Wars Killed 6 Million People Government Coverup Attacks on 3rd World Nations Third World ->
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